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Sexual Assault, Ronanstown, Dublin on the 28/8/16

Gardaí at Ronanstown Garda Station are investigating a serious sexual assault that occurred, on the 28th August 2016 at the Ninth Lock Road, Neilstown, Dublin. Shortly before 3am, a woman was walking with her bicycle to a nearby petrol station to buy cigarettes. After she left the petrol station she continued walking with her bicycle as she was smoking a cigarette. She walked on the footpath in the direction of Ronastown Garda Station, on the right hand side of the Ninth Lock Road. A passing taxi driver saw her at around 3.05am.

As the woman approached a low wall along a patch of waste ground about 20 meters from Letts coal yard, she noticed a man standing on the wall. As she passed the man, he grabbed her and pulled her over the wall into a secluded area, where two other men were waiting in the shrubbery. The woman was sexually assaulted. The three men then fled the scene in the direction of the Neilstown road.

The landscape of the location of the scene has now changed and is currently being developed as a building site.

Descriptions of suspects:

• Suspect who grabbed the woman is described as six foot in height wearing dark clothing,

• Suspected of the assault is described as 21 years old, five foot seven inches in height wearing dark clothing,

• 3rd Suspect is described as five foot eight inches in height wearing dark clothing.


• Gardaí believe that the answers may lie within the local community. Anyone with information, no matter how insignificant they believe it to be are encouraged to come forward.

• Gardaí want to remind the public that while progress has been made with the investigation, their assistnace is still required.

• The location where this occured was frequented by local people drinking in the area.

• After the men left the scene they went in the direction of Neilstown road. Did you see where the men went from here?

• The landscape of the location of the scene has now changed and is currently being developed as a building site.

Gardaí at Lucan Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 7300