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26 June 2023


Gardaí at Tullamore Garda Station are investigating an incident of arson which occurred on the 27th November 2021.  At 7:15am approximately Gardaí received a report of two sheds on fire at Clonmore, Clonbulloge, Co Offaly.  On examination of the scene, it was established that the fire was intentionally started. There was extensive damage to the machinery shed which included a combine harvester, two balers, grazing machine and seed drill.  The shed itself and the machines were extensively damaged.

The second shed a milking parlour with an office failed to ignite. However, one of the milking machines stored there was extensively damaged. It is believed this damage was caused by somebody filling the interior of each piece of machinery with straw and igniting them. The total value of the damage caused is approximately €300,000 to €400,000.

Garda Appeal

  • Were you on the Bracknagh Road into Clonbullogue, on the 27th November 2021, between 4:30am and 7am? Did you see a car in the area or notice any suspicious activity between these times.
  • Gardaí believe that people in the community have vital information in relation to this arson investigation and are urging them to come forward.
  • Did you see anything in the days or weeks leading up to this incident that may assist with the investigation?


Gardaí at Fitzgibbon Street Garda station are investigating an incident that occurred at approximately 2:30am on Sunday 8th January 2023.  The victim had been out socialising and was walking home.  She walked from O’Connell Street, onto Talbot Street and onto Gardiner Street Upper, when she realised a male was behind her. The victim turned onto Mountjoy Square South and then left onto Gardiner Street East.  While on Mountjoy Square East, the male spoke to the victim, attempted to block her path and then forcefully pushed her to the ground.  After this the male got up and ran in the direction of Mountjoy Square North.

Garda Appeal

  • Suspect description: 30s, 5’8”, dark skin, bad teeth. He was wearing a greyish raincoat with a hood and white strings and spoke with a foreign accent.  Do you know him?  Do you know his identity?
  • Are you a taxi driver that stopped and spoke to the victim on Fitzgibbon Street, you may have some helpful information, so please come forward.  
  • Were you the driver of the white van seen on CCTV footage on Mountjoy square east/Belvedere Place at approximately 2:30am on Sunday morning, the 8th January 2023?
  • There were a number of pedestrians and cyclists that were in the area at the time this incident occurred, or you may have been driving. If so Gardaí are appealing for you to come forward.



Gardaí at Waterford Station are investigating a burglary at the Glenview estate in Waterford city between 4-8pm on the 6th of January 2023.  The homeowners were out for the evening when the burglary occurred sometime between 4 and 8pm.  Four unique pieces of Waterford Crystal were taken during the course of the burglary.


Crystal Lamp – Valued at €2500. This is a large lamp and very heavy. This is a one of kind piece. This picture is the same as the one that was stolen. There is a cup like top on the top of the lamp that can be taken off.


Crystal Vase valued at €2000- with leaf like design on the top of the vase. This is also a very heavy piece and one of a kind.


Crystal Decanter– Valued at €2300. This is a large decanter and is very heavy. This is a one of kind piece - hand cut. The lid of the decanter can be removed.


Crystal Vase valued at €2000- with (8) heart design on the top of the vase. These hearts have (8) different initials engraved into each heart. These are of the victims family members. This is a one of a kind piece and is quite heavy.

Garda Appeal

  • Gardaí are appealing for any persons or shop owners who have been offered these items for sale.
  • Any persons that have noticed these items online on any websites that have seemed out of place.
  • These items could have been offered well below their value. They are well designed and have one off designs such as the initials of family members on each heart on the Crystal bowl. If you have come across any of these items, please contact Gardaí

On this month’s Crimecall, Sergeant Deirdre O Neill discussed mobile phone theft /security vehicle security and Burglary advice.

Mobile phone theft is an inconvenience on many levels. Firstly it’s an expensive piece of tech which can be costly to replace but it also serves not only as a phone and our main point of contact but very often the key to a lot of data that we use every day – banking, bills, photos, school and college information even the weather.

During 2022, over 8,700 mobile phones were reported as stolen / lost with an approximate reported value of over €4.5million. 

So far this year, over 2,800 phones were reported as stolen / lost with an approximate reported value of nearly €1.7million.

The average value of a reported stolen / lost phones has increased year on year.  So far this year, the average value is nearly €600.

A high proportion of thefts can be linked to the night time economy, with 24% of all incidents taking place on a Sunday (11.5% taking place between midnight and 3am).  There is a significant increase in recorded cases on Saturday and Sunday, each week.

Theft and Robbery of Mobile Phones 2022 and 2023:

  • While the number of incidents of theft or robbery of a mobile phones reported in 2020 and 2021 was lower than figures from 2018 and 2019, this is most likely because of the restrictions placed on the country during lock down periods.  The number of incidents recorded increased in 2022 but remains significantly lower than the 2019 and 2018 figures.  
  • However, based on calculations for year to date, the number of mobiles reported as stolen in 2023 has exceeded that of 2022 by 4.8% for the same period (i.e. 1st of Jan to 3rd of May).
  • The months of the year in 2022 with highest number of incidents were March, July (highest), August, October and November
  • The number of incidents of theft / robbery of mobile phones recorded in March 2023 (377) is higher than the numbers recorded in 11 out of 12 months in 2022 (July 2022 being the only exception at 380)
  • In 2022, 75% of mobile phones reported stolen were in the Dublin Region. The figure for 2023 to date is closer to 77%. In 2022, DMR South Central accounts for 38% of these incidents and DMR North Central accounts for 20% of same

Some basic tips to keep your phone safe:

  • Register your Mobile Phone with your Service Provider.
  • Take a careful note of your unique 15 Digit Mobile Phone IMEI number. (The IMEI number is located on the back of your phone underneath the battery, or you can locate it by dialling * # 06 # on your keypad). Consider using the Property App to store the information but reminder to upload it to a cloud server or email it to yourself.  That way you can access the data from another device.
  • Enable the PIN Security feature and keep your Phone locked when not in use.
  • When out and about, keep your Mobile Phone out of public view, be streetwise and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Never leave your Mobile Phone behind in an unattended vehicle.
  • Property mark your Phone with unique personal letters or numbers.
  • Avoid making calls or texting on your Phone while crossing the road.
  • If making or receiving a Mobile Phone call in public, always do so with full awareness of your surroundings so that you can reduce the opportunity for the phone to be stolen. 
  • If you a have a Smart Phone, consider downloading a location finder App.
  • If your Mobile Phone is lost or stolen, immediately report it to An Garda Síochána and contact your Service Provider in order to have your IMEI number blocked, so that it can’t be used.

Mobile Phone Banking Apps Security:

  • Make sure you use two factor authentication on your banking apps, this will reduce the chance that even if the phone is stolen while in active mode there will be a further security layer, hopefully preventing the criminals from accessing your funds.  This usually takes the form of a personal question or a biometric print from your finger.
  • Always avail of the updates for the apps in settings as these often improve the security features and may further protect your data.
  • Never use public wifi for banking, either use your own service provider or wait until you can use a secure wifi network.
  • Consider a physical record of your passwords so that you can still access your apps and data if your phone is stolen or lost.   But this record should be securely stored.

Car Safety 

  • Become familiar with your route before you start the trip.
  • If you have rented a car, make sure it is in good working order. Learn how all the windows, door locks and other equipment work before you leave the rental premises.
  • Keep car doors locked while you are driving.
  • Don’t leave luggage or valuables visible inside a parked car.
  • Don’t leave luggage attached to a roof rack.
  • When visiting city centre areas, park your car in a secure car park and retain the parking ticket on your person.
  • Always lock your car when leaving it unattended, even for brief periods.
  • At night, park in well-lit areas.
  • When checking into your accommodation, always ask about secure car parking. 

Theft from Cars

We are advising the public to take care of their property when parking in remote, unguarded locations:

  • Leave your valuables at home where possible.
  • Choose your parking spot carefully. Well maintained and well-lit car parks are best.
  • Avoid areas with evidence of break ins, such as broken glass or anti-social behaviour.
  • Do not park illegally or obstruct vehicles.

When leaving your car:

  • Take your keys.
  • Secure and conceal valuable property.
  • Leave the empty glove box open.
  • Make sure all doors, windows are locked, and car is alarmed.
  • Report suspicious activity and crimes to 999/112. 

When is it happening?

  • Over the last 5 years, 60% of theft from car incidents, associated with outdoor activities such as coastal and scenic areas, were reported in summer (April – Sept).
  • The majority of thefts from cars in coastal and scenic locations occur on the weekends between 2pm and 7pm.

What’s taken?

  • The average value of cash stolen from vehicles per incident is approximately €330.
  • Jewellery /Trophies were the highest value objects stolen.
  • Tools accounted for the highest total amount of value stolen.

Burglary advice when going on holiday, remember to:

  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Use timer switches or smart apps to turn on lights around your home
  • Cancel home deliveries and consider using a mail minding service
  • Ask someone you trust to check on the property at different times of the day.
  • Tidy up before you go on holidays. Overgrown lawns or shrubs could give the impression that no one is at home.
  • Lock away tools, ladders and other items that could be used to break into your home.

Social media

  • While on holiday be mindful of what you share on social media
  • Avoid posting about upcoming holiday plans.
  • Do not post status updates or pictures from your vacation while you are away


Gardaí at Mountjoy station are investigating a sexual assault that occurred on the 11th of December 2022 at 5.40pm on the North Circular Road, Dublin 7.

On the day in question the victim was walking on the North Circular Rd from Dorset Street when she was approached from behind by an unknown male suspect. The male grabbed the victim, put his hand over her mouth and made comments of a sexual nature. He then let her go and walked back towards Dorset Street.

Suspect description:

  • Late 40’s early 50s
  • 173/175cm tall (5 6” - 5 7”)
  • Round face, brown eyes, thin lips and missing some bottom teeth


  • Baseball cap, hoodie and high vis construction jacket


Gardaí in Ashbourne are investigating an incident of threats to kill that occurred at approx. 4:00pm in Jamestown Park, Ratoath, Co. Meath on March 31st of this year.

 The two males approached the injured party at her home and made threats to kill both her and her son. They were travelling in a grey BMW 3 series Reg 05-KE.

Description of Suspect No. 1

  • Late 20’s / early 30’s
  • Heavy build
  • Round face with red / ruddy cheeks and dark stubble
  • Dublin accent
  • Black baseball cap and a dark bomber jacket


Description of Suspect No. 2 

  • Aged in his 40’s
  • 5ft 9” in height
  • Medium build
  • Oval shaped face with thin lips and pale complexion
  • Brown hair with grey and brown stubble 
  • Triangular nose that was much paler in complexion than the rest of his face 
  • Dublin accent
  • Heavy, dark jacket


Garda at Navan are looking for assistance in locating the whereabouts of missing person Mark Duffy (43).

Mark was last seen on October 3rd 2022,when at 10.50am he collected a social welfare payment at a post office in the Johnstown Shopping Centre, Navan.

Later that day at approximately 2.45pm Mark was seen at a Centra shop on Commons Road, Navan, which is the last confirmed sighting of Mark.

Mark was subsequently reported missing on October 13th by a family member who became concerned when she hadn’t heard from him. A Garda investigation was launched and it was established that there had been no sightings of Mark since October 3rd, nor had his phone been used and he had not left the country.

Gardaí subsequently conducted searches of the Navan and River Boyne area but there have been no sightings of Mark or evidence of his whereabouts.

Description of Mark:

  • 5ft 8 in height
  • Medium build
  • Blue eyes
  • Brown hair
  • Tattoos on the inside of both forearms of his children’s names
  • Walks with noticeable limp


  • Dark clothing with a cream hoody underneath, the hood of which was outside his jacket.

Garda Appeal:

  • Did you see or speak to Mark on October 3rd or in the days leading up to it?
  • Mark was last seen on CCTV at the Commons Road shortly before 2:45pm.  Were you in the area around this time? Do you know where he went after here?
  • It is thought that Mark may have walked along the railway tracks on the outskirts of Navan near to Tara Mines after leaving Commons Road.  Gardaí are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who may have seen Mark at this location?
  • If you think you may have seen Mark or that you may be able to assist the investigation, Gardaí would appreciate your assistance.


Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of thirty-year-old Matthew Carroll who has not been seen since the 8th June 1998.

Matthew, a father of one, was out socialising with friends in the Roxboro area, they were celebrating a recent win for a local football team, Carew Park who had won the Lawson Cup the previous day.

Matthew was last seen leaving the Steering Wheel public house at Roxboro shopping centre at around 8pm to walk the short distance to his home at nearby Rose court.

Matthew never arrived home and has not been seen since, his daughter Trudy and his brother Seamus continue to appeal for information that may assist the investigation.

Garda Appeal:

  • If you met, saw or have information in relation to the disappearance of Matthew on 8th June 1998, and have not previously spoken to Gardaí, please come forward and speak to the investigation team.
  • You may have previously come forward but felt you couldn’t provide Gardaí with all the information in your possession at the time. Please contact the investigation team now. With the passage of time, circumstance could have changed and you may be better placed to do so. Any such information will be welcomed by the investigation team and Matthew’s family and will be treated sensitively.
  • Gardaí are appealing to anyone with information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to contact the investigation team

On this month’s Crimecall Inspector David Tiernan was in studio discussing Road fatalities on the context of An Garda Síochána’s shared objectives with the other stakeholders and the role played in implementing the Governments Road Safety Strategy 2021 – 2030.


  • Reduction in the number of deaths and Serious Injuries on our Roads
  • Improve Driver behavior and attitudes


Engage with drivers when on patrol, at checkpoints through our social media platforms and through liaison with other stakeholders, We also have a role in educating people and for example we are currently running  Bike safe workshops nationally where we educate motorcyclists through Classroom based workshop and assessed ride led by our highly trained Garda Motorcyclists.

Of course we have a role in the enforcement of our Road Traffic Legislation and where unfortunately we continue to see breaches.

So far in 2023 An Garda Síochána have issued:





Mobile Phone




Drink Driving


Drug Driving




An Garda Síochána are tasked with the responsibilities mentioned already and we along with other stakeholders such as County Councils, RSA, TII, HSE who all have a role to play in implementing the Governments Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, Irelands 5th,that hopes to achieve a 50% reduction in deaths and Serious injuries by 2030.

Currently in Phase 1 of this plan 2021-2024(15% Reduction in Fatal RTC and 10% in Serious Injury)

Areas of Intervention

  1. Safe roads and Roadsides
  2. Safe Speeds
  3. Safe Vehicles
  4. Safe Road Use
  5. Post Crash Response
  6. Safe and healthy modes of travel
  7. Safe work related road use.


Victims on our Roads are at the heart of our appeal to everyone. Many members of An Garda Síochána have been to these Road Traffic collisions that have claimed the lives of people and have seen first-hand the impact it has on families. This impact lasts a lifetime and therefore we must do everything possible to minimize the risk for people on our roads.

On the 20/6/23 we conducted a Day of action in Mayo/Roscommon/Longford Division in which we targeted the main Thoroughfare through the Division (N5). Multiagency checkpoints were conducted with other agencies of the state and when some Drivers were detected driving their vehicles that may not be roadworthy, without Insurance and at excessive speed.

Advice / Appeal - Summer Time

Summer time is the most dangerous time of the year on the roads - with no obvious dangers, good weather, long days which can lead to a driver dropping their guard.

Children are off schools and I’m asking that everyone take care on the roads and be extra vigilant.

Summer months brings more bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, tourists and Agricultural vehicles onto our roads.

Agricultural Vehicles

  • Wash down vehicles—Don’t carry extra mud and stones onto public road,
  • Careful when transporting material such as silage, sand, gravel to ensure it does not go onto public road
  • Don’t overload trailers
  • Use your mirrors and be aware of what is on the road behind you

I ask that people be patient on our roads, every Road user has a part to play. There are usually extra delays owing to the extra volume of traffic and this can cause frustration

Fatal collisions (33) for June, July and August 2022, currently there have been (7) so far in June.


Ensure vehicle is roadworthy including checking

  • Tyres - High temperatures can exacerbate damage and weak spots so check tyres before driving.
  • Check Oil, water before travelling and check Weather Forecast as given our recent interchangeable weather.
  • Keep the window glass clean and repair any chips and be aware of sun glare. Sun rises in the East and sets in West and people travelling should be cognizant of this.
  • Fatigue—Driver Fatigue is common and a huge risk especially during hot weather —Ensure to take plenty of breaks.
  • Be PREPARED before setting off.

Lifesaver Appeal

  • Reduce speed, Speeding is the biggest contributing factor to road deaths in Ireland, it’s a factor in one third of all fatal collisions. Plan your journey and take your time—Utilise Apps that give driving distances and time.

Motorists driving at 50Km/hr when you hit a pedestrian they have a 50% chance of surviving.

At 60Km/hr and the chance of surviving reduces to 10%.

Speed limit is not a target - Drive at a speed appropriate to the Road and weather conditions, volumes of traffic present and likelihood of hazards present.

1373 Safety Camera Zones Nationwide. (Identified High risk Locations

  • Ensure everyone wears seatbelt - Where it was possible to establish the use of a seatbelt or not among drivers killed in 2022, a total of 19% were found not to have been wearing a seatbelt.
  • Use of Mobile phone - Statistics show that making a call makes a driver 4 times more likely to be involved in a collision and texting makes a driver a staggering 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision.
  • Don’t Drink or use Drugs and Drive.
  1. Never, ever drink / drug drive
  2.  Book a taxi or use public transport
  3. Nominate a ‘designated driver’
  4. Make sure you are alcohol free the next morning 
  • New Drug Wipe 6s - have seen an increase in the number of Arrests for Driving while under the influence of Drugs

    On this month’s Crimecall Inspector David Tiernan was in studio discussing Road fatalities on the context of An Garda Síochána’s shared objectives with the other stakeholders and the role played in implementing the Governments Road Safety Strategy 2021 – 2030.



Gardaí at Blanchardstown are investigating the unlawful killing of Adnan Asic during the early hours of Saturday 22nd October 2022.  Adnan originally from Bosnia, had been living in Ireland for over 30 years.  He attended an event in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre area and shortly after 2.15am left with a friend, to return home.

He was seen on CCTV walking past Starbucks Café and the Crown Plaza hotel, in the direction of the Blanchardstown slip road. He was later found with serious injuries at the junction of the Old Navan Road and Blanchardstown Road North and was pronounced dead at Connolly Memorial Hospital.

Garda Appeal

  • Any person who observed Adnan and his friend in the vicinity of the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in the early hours of the 22nd October 2022
  • Did you see or talk to Adnan or his friend from the time he left a social event at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre until Adnan was discovered lying in the road at the junction of the Old Navan Road and Blanchardstown Road North.
  • Were you in the vicinity and / or did you observe Adnan standing at the junction.
  • We are appealing to all road users who may have travelled through this junction which is close to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Mulhuddart Village and Corduff and it also leads onto the N3.  Do you recall passing through this junction?
  • Gardaí are aware that a male pedestrian who was walking from the Corduff direction along Blanchardstown Road North towards the junction where Adnan was found in and around this time.  Was this you or do you know who this person is? Can you come forward to help us with our enquiries?
  • We are also aware that a car travelled down the Old Navan Road from the direction of where Adnan was found and this vehicle travelled into Mulhuddart Village before it turned right up Church Road.  Was this you or do you know who this person is? Can you come forward to help us with our enquiries?
  • We are aware that numerous taxis were in the area at the time, some of whom have come forward and we are appealing for Taxi Drivers in this area who have yet to contact us, to do so now. 
  • Gardaí would like to thank the wider Blanchardstown Community for the assistance they have provided to date with this investigation.
  • Gardaí require the public's assistance and are appealing to anyone with information to contact them, no matter how small or insignificant they believe the information to be. Many times the smallest piece of information is the most important and relevant.
  • Gardaí would like to speak to a taxi driver who may have observed the incident.
  • Gardaí are also looking to speak to the occupants of a black WW Golf also believed to have been at the scene at the time. 

The Gardaí at Ballyconnell Station are investigating three bomb explosions that occurred at Belturbet Co.Cavan, Clones, Co.Monaghan and Mullinagoad, Pettigo, Co.Donegal. On the evening of December 28th 1972 the explosions occurred without warning and within 50 minutes of each other.

Following the publication of an R.T.E. Investigates programme, called ‘The Belturbet bomb; an atrocity that time forgot’, a review of the Belturbet bombing investigation was initiated on 3rd August 2021.On completion of the review, and following consideration of the review report, on 19th September 2022, a Senior Investigating Officer was appointed to lead the investigation and an Incident Room was established at Ballyconnell Garda Station.

The Belturbet explosion resulted in the deaths of two children, Patrick Stanley(16) and Geraldine O’Reilly (15), who were killed instantly. Tragically, a local man from Clones, Patrick McCabe also died on 4th January 1973 when he fell from a roof that he was repairing that was damaged during the Clones explosion. His death left a widow and eight children without a father. Numerous other people were injured during all three explosions to such an extent that they required hospitalisation.

Belturbet, Co Cavan:


On 28th December 1972, sometime after 5pm the suspect car in the Belturbet explosion, a red Ford Escort, was stolen from outside the home of its owner in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. (Note: The Gardaí are aware of the registration number of this vehicle but are not releasing it as they want to focus on another vehicle later on in the appeal)

A Garda check point was in operation on the border between Co. Fermanagh and Co. Cavan at Aghalane Bridge Customs Post. At approximately 9.05pm the red Ford Escort, approached the check point from Northern Ireland and was stopped by the Gardaí on duty. Unknown to the Gardaí, the red Ford Escort had been stolen from Enniskillen earlier that day. The Ford Escort then proceeded to Main Street, Belturbet, when at 10.28 pm a bomb contained within the car exploded outside Farrelly’s Bar and McGowan’s Drapery.

The Garda on duty at the checkpoint gave a detailed description of the driver of the stolen Red Ford Escort, from which this photofit composite was compiled.


Suspect Ford Cortina:

At approximately 9.50pm, prior to the explosion, a Ford Cortina, was seen double parked outside Hunt’s pharmacy on Main Street. It is believed that this was in fact a lagoon blue Ford Cortina registration number BIA 477 which was stolen from Main Street that night. On 2nd/3rd January 1973, this car was found by the R.U.C. at Crumlin, Co. Antrim. It was bearing registration plates of another car.

The lagoon blue Ford Cortina, registration BIA 477 had been noticed initially on 31st December 1972.When it was still there two days later, the R.U.C. called in the British Army who carried out a controlled explosion. The car was subsequently destroyed by fire.

The original registration plates for the lagoon blue Ford Cortina, registration BIA 477, which was stolen from Main Street, Belturbet have not been found to date and are subject of today’s appeal.

(The registration plates are similar in appearance to these, but may have been white in colour with black writing)


Description of occupants of the Ford Cortina:

Description of Driver:

  • (1) Male, 18 years old 5’8” thin build, long thin pale face, long dark brown hair (curly), curls all over head, hair well-groomed and coming almost to chin, staring type eyes, very conspicuous nose, very pale complexion, delicate looking, wearing a dark blazer with shinny buttons, double breasted with wide lapels, maybe silver buttons plain design, collar and tie, light coloured shirt and dark tie, neatly dressed, appeared to be a clerical worker, wore a silver or steel band around his wrist – maybe a watch.

Description of female in rear of car:

  • (2) 18-19 years old, fairly tall, blonde hair coming down over shoulders, parted in the centre and pushed away from forehead, sharp featured, pale complexion, good looking, very light eyebrows, long dark overcoat (maybe red), polo neck pullover.

Nos 1 and 2 look like they could be related

Description of Men who got into the same car:

Both dark haired, hair not as long as the driver’s hair, both about 20 years, (appeared taller than (1) above dark conservative clothes, well groomed, Northern accents, thought to be Belfast, both taller than driver. All appeared to be well dressed as if they were going to a dance or some function.

Victims Patrick Stanley and Geraldine O’Reilly:

Patrick Stanley:


Patrick Stanley (16) was from Clara, Co. Offaly. Survived by his parents, Teresa (RIP) and Joe (RIP) and ten siblings. A keen hurler, Gaelic footballer and soccer player, Patrick had recently won an All-Star award for Gaelic football with his school, Árd Scoil Ciarán. He had applied for a cadetship in the Army and, at the time of his murder, was temporarily employed by local businessman, Pat Jennings. 

Patrick was employed as a helper on a Calor Gas delivery lorry. On this particular evening, there had been a problem with the lorry; he and the driver decided to stay in Belturbet overnight. When the bomb exploded, Patrick Stanley was in the public phone kiosk on Main Street, trying to telephone his parents to tell them he would not be home. He was killed instantly.

Geraldine O’Reilly:


Geraldine O’Reilly (15) was from Drumacon, Staghall, Belturbet, Co. Cavan. Survived by her parents, Mary Kate (RIP) and Joseph (RIP) and seven siblings. Geraldine was the youngest of her family and had completed her Group Certificate examination the previous June, gaining six honours and intended taking up a career in nursing.

Geraldine O’Reilly had come into town with her brother Anthony to get some chips for her family. The bomb car was parked directly opposite the chip shop. The explosion occurred while she was in the shop. She too was killed instantly.

Descriptions of unidentified males in Belturbet:

These three men were not known locally, and thought to have Northern Ireland  accents, were seen in Belturbet on the night of December 28th.Gardaí would like to identify these men and speak to them to see if they can help/ assist in progressing the investigation.

a) 25/28 years, 5’11” to 6’0” approx., dark brown or black bushy hair, not too long, combed across forehead in a short fringe, sidelocks, broad/round face, fresh smooth complexion, very well built, wore black leather or plastic ‘wet look’ jacket with zip fastener, high collar turned up at back, side pockets, the word ‘DUNLOP’ in white ¾” lettering on breast or sleeve of jacket, large grey or white squares on trousers, spoke with northern accent

b) 23 to 25 years, 5’7” or 5’9”, straight dark coloured hair, medium length and well groomed, long oval shaped face, pointed chin, light build, wearing expensive looking black jacket with zip, also described as having buttons, side pockets, bell bottom trousers, collar and tie. He wore a watch with gold bracelet.

c) Somewhat similar in description to No 2 and witnesses were of the opinion that No’s 2 and 3 could have been related.

Garda Appeal Belturbet:

Occupants of Ford Escort:

  1. Do you know the identity of the person depicted in the photofit - the driver of the stolen Ford Escort stopped by the Gardaí at the checkpoint at Aghalane Bridge? There may have been a female front seat passenger in the car? Do you know the identity of either/both of these individuals?
  2. The Ford Escort was stolen in Enniskillen earlier that same evening. Do you know the identity of the person(s) involved? Do you know where it was parked/stored from when it was stolen?

Occupants of Ford Cortina:

  1. Do you know the identity of the person depicted in the photofit – the driver of the blue Ford Cortina stolen from Main Street Belturbet ?

Photofit of Driver:


  1. Can you identify the other occupants of the Ford Cortina?
  2. Gardaí believe that the female passenger and driver may be related? This is on the basis that they are described as being of similar in appearance. Can you identify them?
  3. The lagoon blue Ford Cortina registration plates (number BIA 477) have never been recovered. Do you know who may have removed these original plates from the car or who had possession of them?

Descriptions of unidentified males in Belturbet pub:

  1. Can you identify the individuals who were in a Belturbet pub on 28th December 1972, one of whom was wearing a distinctive ‘DUNLOP’ jacket?
  2. Finally can you assist with any aspect of this investigation? Let the investigation team assess whatever it is that you have to offer? Sometimes the smallest piece of information can prove critical to developing leads with an investigation.

Clones, Co. Monaghan:


At 10.01 p.m. on 28th December 1972, a bomb which was contained in a car exploded in Fermanagh Street, Clones, Co. Monaghan, seriously injuring two men.

The car that contained the Clones bomb, a blue Morris 1100, registration 431 LZ, had been stolen from a car park in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh between 6.30pm and 7.35pm on 28th December 1972.

Gardaí have received information that a person who is missing some fingers was observed driving a stolen blue Morris 1100 on 28th December 1972 in Co Fermanagh.

Gardaí would like to identify this man to speak to him to see if he can help/ assist in progressing the investigation.

Patrick McCabe:


Gardaí would like to remember a local man from Clones, Patrick McCabe who died on 4th January 1973 when he fell from a roof that he was repairing that was damaged in the Clones explosion. His death left a widow and eight children without a father. Patrick’s death highlights the grave and far reaching implications of the Clones explosion.

Garda Appeal Clones:

  1. Do you know the identity of the man described as missing some fingers?
  2. Do you know anything about the Morris 1100 stolen earlier that evening?
  3. Do you know the identity of those involved?
  4. Finally can you assist in any way with this investigation? You may know some small piece of information that may prove critical to progressing the investigation.

Pettigo, Mullnagoad, Co Donegal:

At 10.50 p.m. on 28th December 1972, a bomb exploded outside a licensed premises called Britton’s in Mullnagoad, near Pettigo, Co. Donegal.

The device had been left beside the pub in a container. A female victim was injured as a result.

Garda appeal - Pettigo

  1. Do you know the identity of the person(s) who placed this device/container outside of the pub?
  2. Have you any information that may assist with the investigation?

General appeal:

Maybe you haven’t been able to speak to Gardaí at the time or since for whatever reason. But perhaps now due to relationships and loyalties having changed, with the increasing passage of time, you may now feel better placed to do so. Gardaí would like you to know that your call will be dealt with great sensitivity and compassion and urge you to do so before the opportunity to finally bring closure to the families of those killed and injured is lost.

Finally, anyone with information in relation to the Belturbet, Clones or Pettigo, or indeed any other similar crime, to make contact:

  • Crimecall 1800 40 50 60
  • Ballyconnell Garda Station incident room 049 9525580
  • Garda confidential line Free-phone 1800 666111
  • Crimestoppers 1800 250025 or Crimestoppers Northern Ireland 0800 555 111.