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27 March 2023

Gardaí at Irishtown Garda Station are investigating an Aggravated Burglary that occurred at an apartment in the Grand Canal Area, Dublin 4 shortly before 11pm on Saturday 17th December 2022. 

On the night in question, the injured parties had gone to bed for the night and had left a downstairs window of their apartment open.  On hearing a noise, the injured party went to the kitchen area, where he was confronted by a male with a knife.  A struggle ensued between the injured party and the suspect and the male suspect subsequently left the house through the downstairs window, empty handed.

After the incident, the suspect picked up a blue shopping bag from outside the apartment and put on a face mask.  The suspect ran towards the Grand Canal Basin and into an underground car park, continuing onto Macken Street.  The injured party also put on a black body warmer. 

Description of Suspect

  • In his thirties
  • Approximately 5’10/5’11” in height
  • Irish Accent
  • Grey and black jacket, black woollen hat, dark blue jeans, white runners. He later put on a face mask and a black body warmer 

Garda Appeal

  • Do you recognise the man in the Evofit?
  • Were you in the Macken Street / Grand Canal Dock / Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 area of Dublin 2 on Saturday night the 17th of December?
  • Were you on Ringsend Road, Dublin 4 on this night?
  • Do you recall seeing a male in his 30’s wearing a grey and black jacket and carrying a blue bag?
  • Do you recall seeing a male matching this description and putting on a black body warmer?
  • Did you see a knife or notice any person discarding a knife in that general area?
  • Did anybody discuss this incident with you, since the crime occurred? 

Irishtown Garda Station investigating. Tel: 01-6669600


Gardaí at Clontarf Garda Station are investigating an attempted robbery that occurred at St. Annes Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3 shortly before 4pm on Sunday 4th December 2022. 

On the date in question, a young woman walked down the main avenue of St Annes Park.  She was listening to music on her airpods, while holding her mobile phone. The young woman turned to go back as it was getting dark and while doing so, she was approached by 4 male suspects, who pushed her to the ground and hit and kicked her.  One of the males then searched her pockets and demanded money from her.  The males subsequently left the area empty handed, at speed, in the direction of Sybil Hill Road. 

Description of the (4) suspects:

  • All spoke with a Dublin accent. They were all wearing dark clothing and wore gloves. 
  • Suspect 1

6ft tall approximately

             Black Nike Baseball cap

             Silver eyebrow piercing

             Tattoo possible of a cross or something similar below his left ear.

             Green wrist band on left wrist. 

  • Suspect 2

Green runners she believes

He referred to one of the suspects as George. 

  • Suspect 3

No description however held a metal bar about 2 foot long 

  • Suspect 4

Red bike, black bike helmet and kicked the victim. 

Garda Appeal:

  • Have you heard anything about this crime since? Was it discussed in your company by those involved or others? 
  • You may recognise the suspects from the information provided, either individually or collectively as a group? 
  • Did you see the suspects that evening in the park or did you see them on route to or away from the area? 
  • If you think you can assist in anyway - no matter how insignificant you feel it may be investigating Gardaí would greatly appreciate any assistance given. 

Clontarf Garda Station, investigating. Tel: 01-6664300


On this month’s Crimecall, Sergeant Deirdre O’Neill was in studio discussing the increase in car thefts and advice on how to prevent this from happening. 

Theft of vehicles has increased significantly during 2022 with over 4,000 vehicles stolen and it would seem 2023 would be continuing this trend to date.  Theft of vehicles reported in 2022 show that 38% of incidents occurred at residential locations.

When the last 12 months (23-Mar-2022 to 22-Mar-2023) are compared to the same period in 2021/2022, there has been an increase of 37%. 

Some of the makes of vehicles that have been stolen do not conform to EU specifications.  Since 1998 immobilisers are fitted on all new cars for sale in the EU and these work by restricting an essential component part of the engine unless the correct key is used to try and start the car. It has been very effective in reducing car theft.

So if you have a vehicle without an immobiliser you can have it retro fitted and usually for under €300 euro depending on the type.  Many immobilizers now work with an alarm, so if an attempt is made the car won’t start and the alarm will sound.

There are also other security devices that you can fit to protect your vehicles

Steering wheel locks – these work by simply locking onto the steering wheel and this prevents the steering wheel being turned.  There are lots of versions of these available and they also act as a deterrent as they are mostly bright yellow so are clearly visible from outside the car.

There are also external wheel lock or clamps which fit onto the wheel of the car. Handbrake locks, gear stick locks and pedal locks which often have an alarm as a function of the lock.

 All these items act a deterrent and can make your vehicle unattractive for the car thief. 

Keyless Entry

With more modern cars with Keyless entry we have seen relay signal thefts.  This is where the signal of the key is mimicked and used to gain entry to the car. 

Relay signal

You can protect your property by using a Faraday bags ( I have one to show ) or a faraday  box or even a biscuit tin to store your keys at home.  These work by restricting the radio signal from being emitted from the key and reduce the risk of it being copied. 

Trackers – again as featured previously 

Theft from Cars

We have also seen an increase in thefts from cars and again best advice is to lock and double check the security of the doors.  If you have to store valuable items in the vehicle consider enhancing the locking systems – house alarm sensor can be fitted to the vehicle. For work vans you could consider and internal cage type door.

Safety advice:

  • Buyers should check the security features of their vehicles and make decisions relating to augmenting security
  • For cars without an immobiliser, additional steering wheel lock or chain should be considered
  • Leave expensive property at home, if not required
  • Do not leave valuables on show - A good idea is to leave an empty glove box open, showing would-be criminals that there is nothing for them to steal.
  • Lock doors and fully close windows. Don’t be tempted to leave the windows slightly open.
  • Fit an alarm
  • Fit an Immobiliser or use a physical lock
  • Install a tracker
  • Use catalytic convertor lock
  • Park under streetlights or in a secure car park
  • Park where there is CCTV, when possible
  • Fit theft-resistant number plate fittings

Crime Prevention - Sergeant Deirdre O’Neill

Gardaí at Mountbellew, Co. Galway investigating an assault and theft from a vehicle are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying this suspect.

On the evening of Saturday, November 12th of this year the victim was attending a ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church, Moylough, Co. Galway when he heard a car alarm going off in the car park. When he went into the car park he saw a man interfering with his vehicle.

The victim confronted the suspect and an altercation and struggle ensued. A second suspect arrived at this point the victim received an injury to his head. By being struck with a metal bar.

Both suspects then made good their escape in a black Audi A3 with partial reg: 12-G.

Description of Suspect 1:

  • 5’ 7’’ in height
  • Round, chubby face
  • Blue eyes
  • Short, black hair
  • Heavy, stocky build
  • Dressed in black runners, hoodie and a balaclava

Mountbellew Garda Station – Investigating- Tel: 0909623200


Gardaí at Cavan Town investigating a burglary at Earlsvale Place, in the town on Friday 2 December 2022 are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying this male suspect.

Sometime between 5.10 – 5.30 pm it is suspected that the man forced a locked door and entered the house. Some presses were searched downstairs before he went upstairs where on meeting a female occupant he then left the house empty handed. 

Description of suspect:

  • Age in his mid-30’s
  • 6’ 2’’ in height
  • Round face
  • Wearing a light blue Airwalk cap with white lettering 

Cavan Garda Station – Investigating - Tel: (049) 436 8800


Gardaí at Midleton Garda Station are appealing for information in relation to missing person Tina Satchwell DOB: 30/11/1971 who has been missing from her home at Grattan Street, Youghal, Co. Cork since the 20th March 2017. This year is the 6th Anniversary of her disappearance. 

Tina Satchwell is originally from Fermoy but had relocated to Youghal with her husband Richard Satchwell in September 2016. 

Tina and her husband Richard were at a car boot sale in Carrigtwohill on Sunday 19th March 2017 which they would have attended regularly.  On Monday 20th March 2017, Richard went to Dungarvan at 10:30am and Tina remained at their home in Youghal.  When he returned shortly after 12midday, Tina was no longer there.  Her house keys were on the floor in the hallway near the front door and her mobile phone was in the kitchen.  

Tina was a keen follower of fashion and many people admired her dress sense. 

She had two dogs which she adored. 


Tina is described as five foot seven inches in height with blonde hair and blue eyes.   


  • Gardaí at Midleton Garda Station are appealing for information in relation to the whereabouts of Tina Satchwell. 
  • To date, Gardaí have conducted hundreds of lines of enquiries and are currently exhausting more lines of investigation. From inquiries to date, there is no evidence to suggest that Tina is alive. Gardai are extremely concerned for her wellbeing. 
  • There has been no sighting of Tina since March 2017. Gardai require the public assistance and are appealing to anyone with information to contact them, no matter how small or insignificant they believe the information to be. Many times it is the smallest piece of information that is the most important and relevant. 

Midleton Garda Station investigating. Tel: (021) 4621550


Gardaí are continuing to investigate the disappearance of twenty six year old American woman, Annie McCarrick who is missing since Friday 26th March 1993.  This investigation was upgraded to murder on Friday 23rd March 2023.

Annie travelled to Ireland to study and was living in an apartment at St. Cathryn’s Court, Sandymount, Dublin, with two other friends. On that Friday morning Annie spoke with both her flatmates who left to go home for the weekend.  She did some shopping at Quinnsworth and she left these groceries on the kitchen table of her home.  The last confirmed sighting of Annie was at AIB branch on Sandymount Road.  There have been  

other reported sightings of her at Sandymount Green, on the 44 bus from Ranelagh to Enniskerry and at Johnny Foxes Pub.

Annie was formally reported missing by her mother Nancy, who travelled to Ireland on 30th March 1993.

Annie was described as being 5’8” in height, 10 stone, long brown hair and she spoke with a soft Irish-American accent.  When Annie disappeared, it is believed she was in possession of a large brown leather bag.

Annie was the only child of John and Nancy McCarrick, Annie would have turned fifty six on 21st March this year. Annie’s father John has sadly passed away.

Garda Appeal

  • Annie McCarricks last confirmed sighting was at approximately 11am on Friday 26th March 1993 at the AIB on Sandymount Road.  Do you recall seeing Annie in the Sandymount area on that day? 
  • Gardaí wish to thank the members of the public who have come forward and assisted with this investigation so far, but as we are starting a new murder investigation, we are exploring all other possibilities into where Annie went that day. 
  • Gardaí would like to speak to anybody who has information on the disappearance of Annie McCarrick and her murder on or about the 26th of March 1993. 
  • Gardaí are appealing to anyone who has any information in relation to Annie’s disappearance and murder, who haven’t yet spoken to Gardaí, to come forward.  We would like to reassure anyone that while they may not have been in a position to tell Gardaí everything they knew, at the time, that their information will be treated sensitively. 

Donnybrook Garda Station investigating. Tel: 01-6669200.


Currently in Ireland Motorcycles represent 1.4% of the total number of registered vehicles. However in 2022 they accounted for almost 15 % ( 23 fatalities) of the total number of fatalities on our roads. To date in 2023 two motorcyclists have lost their lives on our roads.

The majority of incidents involving motorcycles are avoidable and all too often, are simply the result of basic errors made by riders. Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. They are six times more likely to be killed on the road than any other road user. 

Motorcycle PPE

There are several types of important PPE which are essential for motorcyclists. In the past we focused on helmets and last year we spoke about airbag vests.

While researching for this year’s motorcycle segment, I was made aware of injuries suffered by motorcyclists because of a lack of a Back Protector and the wearing of inappropriate footwear. As a result, I have chosen to focus on these two pieces of essential PPE for the motorcycle rider. 

Back Protectors

It is commonly known that a motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of personal protective equipment when it comes to motorcycling.

A motorcycle back protector is the second most important piece of PPE and is something that a significant number of riders go without. A back protector is a piece of body armour designed to protect the spinal column in the event of a collision. It works by dissipating impact energy in the event of a fall.

Back protectors come in different shapes, sizes and fitments. The most common are inserts that slide into a pocket in the back of your motorcycle jacket. These are the easiest to fit and generally they are designed in combination with the jacket. There are also standalone back protectors which the rider puts on before their jacket and they generally fit with waist and shoulder straps to keep the armour in place.

Whilst most motorcycle jackets come with shoulder and elbow protection, they regularly do not come with back protectors. There are approximately two motorcyclists per week receiving life changing injuries in Ireland which are often spinal injuries. Whilst legally you are not obliged to wear a back protector, they are a smart option as they protect the spine in the event of a collision.


When purchasing a back protector, it is important to choose one that is suitable for you and your style of jacket. It’s also important that it has been tested and meets the current CE standards. Motorcycle PPE which has been tested and meets the current standard will have a label similar the one below.


Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are another item of PPE that many motorcyclists seem to go without. Especially in the summer months we see a lot of motorcyclists wearing shoes, runners and even flip flops. Again there is no legal obligation on a motorcyclist to wear boots which have been specifically designed for motorcycling but they will offer greater protection in the event of a collision.

Motorcycle boots will typically provide protection with the use of rigid material. They will provide structural strength to prevent your feet and ankles from being crushed, wrenched or twisted in a collision. When purchasing boots, it is important to ensure they have been designed for motorcycle riding and that they meet current CE standards. 

POWDER check should be carried out by the motorcyclist prior to each journey. 

P - Petrol. Important to have enough petrol to complete journey as running out could leave motorcyclist stranded. Know if the motorcycle has a reserve tank or a warning light.

O - Oil. Know how to check the oil level on your motorcycle. Making sure the motorcycle has the correct amount of oil in the engine – which will reduce engine wear and prevent engine seizure which could lead to a collision.

W - Water. Know how to check the coolant level. Is motorcycle water or air cooled? Modern machines will have a warning light to alert rider of a problem.

D - Damage. Check the motorcycle for signs of obvious damage, such as indicators, brake and clutch levers. Light lenses and mirrors should also be checked. Is there any noticeable damage to wheel rims or tyre walls? Are there any drips or pools under the motorcycle?

E - Electrics. Are you sure all your lights and indicators are clean and working? Horn and brake lights should also be checked. Know where the fuses are and how to replace them.

R - Rubber. Your tyres are an essential component of motorcycle safety. Ensure they have adequate tread depth (1.0 mm is the legal limit in Ireland). Make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure and defect free.

More information on this can be found on the RSA website www.rsa.ie.

In June 2021 Gardaí from DMR Roads Policing at Dublin Castle launched BikeSafe on a pilot basis.

Bikesafe is a workshop that includes a classroom workshop which covers topics such as collision causation, cornering, positioning, overtaking, observation, braking, hazard perception and use of gears. This is followed by an observed ride out with an advanced Garda motorcyclist who provides feedback to identify strengths and areas for development. This gives the rider an impartial assessment of their motorcycle riding ability. BikeSafe raises awareness of the importance and value of bridging the gap and progressing on to accredited post-test training.

Due to the success of the BikeSafe pilot and the overwhelming number of applications received, the 28th March 2023 will see BikeSafe launched and made available at 14 centres nationwide. More information can be found on the Garda website. 

Garda Adrian Corcoran – Roads Policing Unit