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20 November 2023


Gardaí at Ardee Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred in the Riverstown area of Ardee on 27th October 2023 at approximately 9:10 pm. On the date in question, a woman in her early 80’s was sitting watching the Rugby World cup, Argentina V England game on television when she heard a noise from the back door. She got up to check the noise and saw figures pushing at her backdoor. Three male suspects entered carrying hurley sticks.  One of the suspects stayed with the victim while two others searched the house.  They stayed in the house for approximately 15 minutes, leaving with a number of items.  Some of these items have been recovered along the L1212 Stabannon Road and on the M1 Southbound motorway.


The three suspects are described as:

  • - Early 20’s
  • - Slight build
  • - Shorter than average
  • - Neutral accents

Garda Appeal:

  • Were you in the Riverstown/Stabannan Area at or around 9 pm on the 27/10/2023?

Do you have dash camera footage?

  • Did you see the items being discarded from a vehicle travelling south on the M1 Belfast to Dublin motorway, again do you have dash camera footage which may have captured this?
  • Were you the driver of a black Volkswagen Golf hatchback car, which may have had only one headlight working? This vehicle was seen on the L1212 Ardee to Stabannan road around the time of the burglary. We ask that the driver / owner of this vehicle to make themselves known to Gardaí – they may be able to assist with the investigation.

Details of items taken:

  • Silver Landline handset
  • Doro 8100 Smartphone
  • Items of jewellery including the injured party’s mother’s wedding ring


On this month’s episode of Crimecall, Sergeant John Fitzpatrick discussed Personal Safety, particularly as the festive season approaches.

Personal Safety

As the evenings get darker and the festive season approaches, everyone should be aware of their surroundings, particularly when they are commuting to/and from locations and when they are heading out with colleagues, families and friends.

When it comes to outdoor safety, individuals should remember that when they are going out they should have PLANS and be “Streetwise”:

  • Plan night out, how you are getting there and back?
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you’ll be back.
  • Avoid walking alone in dark areas. Where possible, try to walk in numbers and stick to busy streets with lots of lighting and traffic.
  • Never attempt to reason with drunk or aggressive people and be
  • Streetwise - get to know the locality and the surroundings, and mind your valuables.

It’s a good idea to upload emergency contacts onto your phone and activate find my phone on your device. Keep a record of your IMEI number (Dial *#06# to get it) Take a screen shot and email it to yourself or record it somewhere safely. This will help An Garda Síochána to return your device to you if it’s located or handed in. A lot of people now use their phone as a method of payment, if you leave your phone down it could be like leaving your wallet down – always know where your property is.

Plan your trip out and home. Find out about public transport timetables and/or where you can park vehicles or bikes securely. If possible, have a designated driver or a “buddy” with you for support. If you plan on drinking, never accept a drink poured by someone you do not trust.

If you are the designated driver, lock you vehicle and leave it in a well-lit area. Don’t leave any valuables inside. Never ever drive while under the influence of an intoxicant!

Overall, watch out for one another. If someone is too intoxicated – make sure they get home safely.

Intoxication, public order and assaults

In 2022, there was a considerable increase in the number of incidents of Drunkenness

Offences (31.6%) and Public Order Offences (12.9%) between November and December, which is most likely the result of more people socialising over the festive period, attending Christmas parties and family gatherings where alcohol is being consumed.

In 2022, the number of incidents of assault offences increased between November and December by 1.4%, which is significantly lower than the increase seen in the pre-covid 2019 figures where there was an increase of 19.4%. These increases may be attributed to individuals socialising more and drinking to excess.

Drinking to excess can result in poor decisions that can impact on both you and the lives of others. Intoxication can lead to arguments and behaviour that would not usually occur. Do not try to reason with drunk or aggressive people and always remember to “Use your brain not your fists”.

Sergeant John Fitzpatrick, Crime Prevention


Gardaí in the Bridewell (Dublin) Garda Station are investigating a criminal damage incident which occurred on 13th September 2023 at approximately 1:45 am.  A male suspect is seen in the Fitzwilliam Place North / Grangegorman Lower / Stanhope Street area for approximately 45 minutes. The suspect is seen on CCTV with an implement and also picking up a traffic cone and attempting to damage some vehicles.  Another vehicle is then set alight. The suspect then leaves via the North Brunswick Street / Smithfield area.

Suspect Description

  • - Height – approximately 6 ft.
  • - Slim build
  • - Aged in his 20’s
  • - Wearing dark grey tracksuit bottoms, white runners, grey hoodless tracksuit top and a grey beanie hat.

Garda Appeal

  • - Do you recognise the male suspect seen on the CCTV?
  • - Were you in the Fitzwilliam Place North, Grangegorman Lower / Stanhope Street areas on the 13th September 2023? You may be able to assist the investigation.
  • - Did you see a male matching the description of the suspect in the North Brunswick Street / Smithfield area on the night in question?
  • - Do you know the identity of the suspect?


Gardaí in Clara, Co. Offaly are investigating a burglary in the Kilmucklin area of Clara, Co. Offaly in the early evening of October 16th 2023.

On the date in question a black VW Golf with partial reg 162D was seen in the locality of where the burglary took place.

As the victim returned home the three male suspects were leaving his house through the front door. The three men got into the black Golf and left the scene. A number of items of jewellery, with a combined value of €1650, were subsequently reported missing from the house.

The suspect in the evofit is thought to be the driver of the black Golf.

Description of Suspect - Driver

  • Aged in his 20’s
  • Dark hair
  • Heavy build
  • Flat, broken nose

Description of Jewellery:

  • Silver ring with a blue stone
  • Silver ring
  • Silver Seiko watch
  • Gold watch and some necklaces.


Gardaí in Blanchardstown are investigating a robbery that took place in Wellview Park at approximately 5pm on Wednesday October 25th of this year.

The victim was walking through Wellview Park, Blanchardstown when the suspect grabbed his phone and began to walk away. The victim attempted to get his phone back but gave up when the suspect threatened to stab him. The phone was an Apple iPhone valued at €900.

Suspect description:

  • 6ft tall
  • Aged in his 20’s
  • Clean shaven
  • Wearing a brown Canada Goose Jacket with a black north face jacket underneath and grey tracksuit bottoms


The Gardaí at Wicklow Town are investigating all the circumstances surrounding the murder of 26 year-old Steven O’Meara. On August 6th 2009, at approximately 6 pm, Steven left his home at Rose Hill, Wicklow town, and walked down through different walkways along the back of the town to Marlton road, where he was collected by a silver Nissan Pulsar car and driven through Redcross to Ballydonnell wood.

At the woods, Gardaí believe there was a group of male suspects present. Steven was then fatally injured, shot and buried in a shallow grave at the woods. On August 8th 2009, Steven was reported missing to Gardaí by his partner. Gardaí began a missing person investigation, later upgraded to murder, culminating in two individuals being convicted for offences relating to the murder of Steven. The continuing investigation is now focusing on the remainder of the suspects believed to be involved in Steven’s death.

Crimecall interviewed Steven’s parents John and Veronica who appealed for the public to assist with the Garda investigation into Steven’s death and to help them find closure.

Suspect Vehicle:

  • Nissan Pulsar – Silver with a front right wing painted green – Registration number: 95D49899. This vehicle has been seized by Gardaí.

Garda appeal:

  • Gardaí would like to acknowledge the pain and suffering that Steven’s Murder has caused to both family and friends. The countless life events that Steven has missed, seeing his children grow up and the many milestones they have achieved. They would like to thank Steven’s parents, John and Veronica for the strength that they have shown.
  • While Gardaí acknowledge that two individuals have been convicted of offences relating to the Murder of Steven O’Meara, it is their belief that others were involved and they are seeking information from the public to assist in bringing these people to justice.
  • Do you have information surrounding the Silver Nissan Pulsar car, which had a distinctive green wing on the driver’s side? While Gardaí appreciate and understand the practicalities of recalling information from 14 years ago, this appeal is to the people who had knowledge of this vehicle at the time of this offence. Its storage, its movements and persons who had access to this vehicle.
  • An Garda Síochána believe there are people who have information that is key to progressing this investigation. Given the passage of time, they ask that these people examine their conscience and come forward to give Steven’s family and friends the closure they deserve.
  • Did you meet or speak to Stephen in the days leading up to his murder? Gardaí would like to hear from you and can assure you that you will be treated with compassion and sensitivity.

During November’s programme Sergeant Gavin Coleman was in studio to highlight the Christmas and New Year Enforcement Campaign 2023 which commences on December 1st and will continue through to January 5th 2024.

The operation will focus on driving while intoxicated - drink driving and drug driving. It will see increased enforcement in terms of mandatory intoxicant testing checkpoints, where Gardaí have the power to test drivers for the presence of alcohol and drugs.

The number of people arrested for drug driving so far this year is 2,304. The number of people arrested for drink driving so far this year is 4,093. That’s a combined total of 6,397 people arrested for driving while intoxicated this year so far.

There have been 39 Fatal/Serious Injury Collisions where at least one driver tested positive for drugs/alcohol at the scene of a collision so far this year.

Since April 2017, Gardaí have the power to carry out roadside drug testing. This is done by analysing a saliva sample at the roadside and if it shows the presence of drugs the person will then be arrested and taken to a Garda station where they will be required to provide a blood sample. This is then sent to the Medical Bureau of Road Safety where it is analysed and it is the result of this examination that is used by Gardaí as evidence in court. 

Since December 1st 2022, Gardaí have begun using an updated drug testing kit, the Drugwipe 6S, a portable device, much like an antigen test, which Gardaí use at the roadside to test for five different types of illegal and prescription drugs that affect a person’s ability to drive.

People convicted of driving under the influence of drugs will receive a disqualification from driving for one year. This can have serious consequences for people often resulting in loss of employment. All Roads Policing members can now check the status of a person’s driving licence through their mobility device at the roadside meaning that if a driver is driving while disqualified they will be detected and will face a court appearance as a result.

Our figures show that over 4,093 people have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving since January 1st this year. Penalties for drink driving range from 3 months to 6 years disqualification, a fine of up to €5000 or 6 months imprisonment. Alcohol is a factor in 38% of all fatal crashes.

I would ask people going out socialising this Christmas to plan ahead. Leave the car at home. Over the years I’ve seen where people drive to their destination, with the intention of leaving the car behind and getting a taxi or public transport home. They come out and it’s raining, there are no taxis and suddenly they are behind the wheel driving home. Leave the car at home - it removes the temptation to drive home.

A lot of people will visit relatives over the Christmas period and may have a drink. I would like to remind people that house measures can often be larger than pub or restaurant measures and it’s something that often catches people out.

People should also be mindful of driving the next morning after a night out. Make sure enough time has elapsed to allow the alcohol to pass through your system.


  • Never, ever Drink/Drug drive
  • Book a taxi or use public transport
  • Nominate a Designated Driver
  • Make sure you are Alcohol free the next morning

We will be on the roads on a 24/7 basis over the Christmas period, focusing on all lifesaver offences, but particularly driving while intoxicated. We will intercept drink and drug drivers, please don’t be one of them.

Sergeant Gavin Coleman, Roads Policing Bureau

So far in 2023 year to date, there have been 689 reported incidents of Shopping / Online Auction Fraud, total stolen €731,436.90 - 24% increase in this type of fraud compared to 2022.

Since 2020, there have been 2907 incidents of Shopping / Online Auction Fraud reported with a total value stolen of over €4.5 million.

In the lead up to Christmas and with the approach of the Black Friday sales promotion period, Detective Sergeant Wayne Donnelly was in studio to encourage SAFE ONLINE SHOPPING by customers and offered the following advice:

Online Shopping fraud:

  • - Where the buyer does not receive the goods after making payment.
  • - They receive counterfeit goods or goods not as described.
  • - The seller can also be conned, having sent their goods, they do not receive payment.

More and more businesses are using the internet as the primary channel to sell goods and services. Although it is convenient for both consumer and retailer, it presents opportunities for fraudsters.

Many people are being deceived by shopping on cloned websites or on legitimate second sales sites or where they are persuaded to go off-site for a cheaper cash deal. Businesses can find themselves engage with customers and other businesses who are often unknown to them.



  • Use Secure Websites / Trusted Sources

.           Make sure the website you are on is real – not cloned or fake.

.           Make sure your internet access is secure.

.           Make sure there is an "https" at the beginning of the web address and a padlock symbol displayed beside the website address before the purchase is made - this indicates a secure connection. Padlock symbol alone does not make a website legitimate.

When the beginning of the retailer’s website address changes from ‘http’ to ‘https’ before a purchase is made it means that you are using a secure connection.

  • Check Reviews and Ratings – Especially for unknown stores and sellers
  • Look for the Trust Seals – Trust seals are commonly placed on homepages, login pages, and checkout pages. They are immediately recognisable and they remind visitors that they are secure on this page. YOU CAN CLICK ON THEM TO SEE IF REAL.

Examples of Trust Seals:


  • Always use Credit Cards When Purchasing Online – They have a Strong Customer Protection Policy or use an online payment option of which there are many.
  • Do not send money direct to someone you do not know – You would not give money to a random person on the street, the internet should be no different.
  • Never send your credit card details including PIN number or any other information to any person by email.
  • If you do not complete a purchase do not submit or save your card details.
  • Never purchase through social media or where the ‘offer’ came to you via social media.


  • Advice For The Retailer – Know your product (Is there a history of it being attractive to fraudsters?)

Know your Customer / Implement Safe Payment Method / Keep Data Secure.

 Detective Sergeant Wayne Donnelly / Garda National Economic Crime Bureau