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    Gardaí at Newbridge Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that took place at a house in Pairc Mhuire between 17.15 and 17.30 on New Years Eve, 31 December 2020.

    Aggravated Burglary at Pairc Mhuire, Newbridge, Kildare on the 31.12.20On the date in question at approximately 17:15 to 17:30 an elderly couple were in their sitting room when the doorbell rang. The owner of the house opened the door and noticed a male not known to him, standing at the front door, dressed in dark clothing and wearing what appeared to be a hat and mask. This male pushed past the injured party and went into the sitting room where the second injured party was.

    Approximately four other males then entered the house through the front door, into the hallway and upstairs in the house.

    The first suspect had what is described as a dark coloured baton. The injured party was threatened and hit him in the chest with the baton by the suspect who demanded all the money in the house. The injured party gave him what was in his pocket.

    All the other suspects upstairs then came running down the stairs and left through the front door. The first suspect left the sitting room at this point and also left through the front door.

    During the course of the burglary, an amount of cash was taken from an upstairs bedroom. An imitation firearm was also recovered at the scene by the Gardaí.

    Description of Suspects

    All suspects are reported to have worn dark clothing with their faces covered with only their eyes visible.
    They were tall and had a fit build.
    The suspect that remained in the sitting room spoke with a local Kildare accent and wore black “desert” type boots.


    Gardaí are appealing to anyone:

     Who may have been in the vicinity of Pairc Mhuire between the hours of approximately 17:00 and 18:00 on 31/12/2020 and noticed any unusual or suspicious behaviour by any persons or vehicles.

     Who has a dash cam on their vehicle who may have been in the area to check same or make them available to the Gardaí?

     Were there any suspicious callers to houses in the area that day or in the days or weeks prior to the incident?

     Who may have CCTV footage which cover the roads nearby Pairc Mhuire estate and have not yet been in contact with Gardaí?

     Who may have any information in relation to the incident?

    Gardaí in Newbridge investigating - 045-440180

    Gardaí in Dunshaughlin Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred at a house on the Main Dunshaughlin Road on the outskirts of the village on the night of 17 February 2021. 

    On the night in question at approximately 19:45 an elderly couple were in their sitting room watching television when they both heard a loud bang outside their back door. Their home is a large detached two storey house on the outskirts of Dunshaughlin village. 

    On hearing the loud noise the couple went to investigate and noticed that their ladder, which had originally been in the garden shed, was lying on the ground. While investigating how this came to be, they were rushed by four males who pushed them back into the house and shouted at them aggressively. All four males appeared to be armed with nail bars. The smallest of the males was carrying two bottles of bleach and a bottle of disinfectant spray. 

    One of the males detained the injured parties and was abusive and threatening throughout the incident and was armed with a nail bar. He searched the pockets of one of the injured parties. The other 3 males searched the house and on returning from upstairs, they searched the other injured party’s handbag and stole a quantity of cash from within. Both injured parties were then ordered upstairs, one of them being struck on the back with a nail bar for moving too slow. The injured party’s engagement ring was forced from her finger with what is believed to be a knife.

    One of the suspects then drew the curtains and smashed the locks and handles on the windows. He also pushed the bed in front of the window to block access to same. Blue bleach was poured on various items in the bedroom and on various items throughout the house. The injured party’s then watched from their bedroom window as the culprits made their escape towards Dunshaughlin Village in a car which had been parked in their driveway which is described as a small black 5 door vehicle (CCTV has since been canvassed in the area and has captured a dark coloured VW Golf in the area during the time of the incident).

    The injured party’s called out the window to passers-by who freed them and alerted the Gardai. CCTV footage suggests that the Donnelly’s ordeal lasted approximately 18 minutes.

    One of the injured party’s suffered bruises on his lower back and left arm.

    The second injured party suffered bruises on her shoulders and a cut to her engagement ring finger. 

    Description of Suspects

    Suspect 1 – Male, Thin build, 6ft or taller, wearing all black tight clothing including a balaclava (only eyes were visible) and black runners, Irish accent, blue disposable gloves and was wielding a nail bar.

    Suspect 2 – Male, Thin build, tall, wearing all black tight clothing including a balaclava (only eyes were visible) and black runners, blue disposable gloves and was wielding a nail bar.

    Suspect 3 – Male, Thin build, tall, wearing all black tight clothing including a balaclava (only eyes were visible) and black runners, blue disposable gloves and was wielding a nail bar.

    Suspect 4 – Male, Thin build, smaller than the other 3 raiders, wearing all black tight clothing including a balaclava (only eyes were visible) and black runners, blue disposable gloves and was wielding a nail bar, 2 bottles of bleach and a bottle of disinfectant spray.

    The above suspect’s attire is described as being identical to each other and akin to a uniform.

    Suspect 5 – Driver of vehicle – Male, thin build, blonde hair, approximately 20 – 29 years old. 

    Property Stolen

    1. Sapphire engagement ring (Princess Diana replica)
    2. Gucci watch with interchangeable faces
    3. 9ct gold keeper ring
    4. 9ct heavy curb link bracelet (No picture available)
    5. €300- €500 in cash.


    • Anyone who was present at Main St, Dunshaughlin on 17/2/2021 between 7:30pm and 8:15pm that noticed anything suspicious particularly at the Dublin side of the village and whom Gardaí have not spoken to
    • Anyone who noticed the dark coloured VW Golf shown in the CCTV between 7:30pm and 8:15pm that entered Dunshaughlin village from the Navan direction and left in the same direction
    • Anyone who may have CCTV /dashcam footage and has not yet spoken to An Garda Síochana
    • Anyone who may have been offered the jewellery for sale etc.   The engagement ring in particular is a very distinctive piece modelled on the Princess Diana engagement ring to contact An Garda Síochana.
    • Anyone with any information that may assist An Garda Síochana in the investigation of this serious crime to contact An Garda Síochana at Ashbourne or confidential line 

    Gardaí at Ashbourne Garda Station investigating Tel: 01-8010600


    Gardaí at Ronanstown Garda Station are re-appealing for information in relation to missing person Esra Uyrun who has been missing from her home at Collinstown Grove, Clondalkin since the 23 February 2011. This year is the 10th Anniversary of her disappearance. 

    Esra left her home at approximately 7.15am in a silver Renault Twingo registration number 08D23067. This vehicle was located in a car park at the bottom of Bray Head. Esra was married and had a two-year-old son at the time of her disappearance. She was 38 years old and today would have been her 49th birthday.

    CCTV captured the Renault Twingo turning right from Convent Avenue onto Strand Road in Bray at approximately 8.40am on the 23 February 2011. A Skoda car had to swerve to avoid a collision. The Renault then moved into the left hand side of the road and pulled in to allow the Skoda to overtake it. They both continued down Strand Road in the direction of Bray Head. Later that morning the silver Renault Twingo car was captured on CCTV parked at the car park at the bottom of Bray Head. There has been no activity on her bank accounts or her Facebook page since the 23rd February 2011.

    Esra is described as being 5'3" in height, of normal build with dark green/hazel eyes and sandy blonde highlighted hair. She has a sallow complexion. On the day Esra went missing she was wearing black leggings, a dark top, light brown boots and a green or denim jacket.


    Despite a number of reported sightings, Esra still remains a missing person and the investigation remains open. Gardaí are appealing for anyone with any information whatsoever to come forward to the Gardaí at Ronanstown or Bray Garda Stations.

    Gardaí at Ronanstown Garda Station are investigating tel:  (01) 666 7700

    Esra Uyrun

    Gardaí at Bishopstown Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred at a service station in Bishopstown on Sunday 1 March 2021 between 3.30 – 3.50am.

    On the night in question two males were seen in a yard adjoining the premises. One of the suspects is seen climbing over a fence that boarders the yard and walking around the service station. He then returns to the yard and around fifty minutes later at approx. 3.37am the climbs back over the fence at the rear of the service station. He climbs up onto the roof of the service station and gains entry to the premises by forcing open an upstairs window. He is then caught on internal CCTV walking down corridors and entering private areas.

    At approx 3.46am a female staff member who was working the night shift made her way upstairs and discovered the suspect. On discovering the suspect she immediately turned around and ran outside to her car. Once in her car she called Gardaí and drove a short distance away to wait for their arrival.

    Meanwhile the suspect is still upstairs in the service station. He enters an office where he is seen forcing open drawers that contained cash boxes and trays of money. He fills his pockets and then leaves the premises through a downstairs exit. He returns to the second suspect who was waiting in the yard the whole time and the two men disappear into the yard.

    At 3.54am Gardaí arrive along with the member of staff who previously left the scene. 

    Suspect 1 description:

    • - Tall with a strong, slim build
    • - Black tracksuit bottom, jacket and runners
    • - Black ski mask pulled over face
    • - Holding a blue crow bar


    • Gardaí are looking to speak to anyone who was in the Bandon Road/Wilton area between 2am and 4am on the 1st March 2021 and saw anything or anyone suspicious to contact Togher Garda Station on 021-4947120
    • Gardaí are looking to speak to anyone with Dashcam footage from the night in question that may have been in the area between 2am and 4am to contact them.
    • Anyone who may have used the night hatch at O’Brien’s Amber on the night in question for purchasing fuel/items and saw anything unusual are being asked to contact Gardaí
    • Any business that sold a blue crow bar similar to one used by the intruder in the week leading up to the burglary is asked to contact Gardaí
    • Anyone who may recognise to intruder who ransacked the office in O’Brien’s Amber or know anything about the incident 

    Gardaí at Bishopstown Garda Station are investigating tel: (021) 462 4500


    Gardaí at Gort, Co Galway are looking for information on a burglary of a service station that took place in Kinvara on Friday 8th of January.

    On the date in question shortly before 4am the owner of the service station received a phone call from his monitored alarm system alerting him that a security alarm at his business had been activated.

    He drove to the premises and noticed that a car was parked in the forecourt. A few minutes later he saw the suspect coming out and loading up a car.

    CCTV of the incident shows the suspect gaining entry and searching the premises. He is then seen using a sledge hammer to do damage to the alarm system.

    While he was loading his car with items the owner was driving his van around the perimeter of the service station. The suspect left the scene in a Red Mazda 6 Saloon (reg 07-G-1770) through the village of Ballinderreen towards Clarinbridge.

    The owner followed the suspect and was on the phone to Gardaí who were making their way to the scene. The suspect was followed to a private property, known as the “Ranch “consisting of apartments and some commercial properties that was bordered by farmland. It was here that the vehicle was found abandoned. 

    Description of Suspect

    • - Slim build and approx. 5’11’’ in height
    • - Black tracksuit bottoms
    • - Grey hoodie with fur lined hood
    • - Black runners with white soles
    • - Beanie hat, black gloves and black snood pulled over his face 


    • Gardaí would like to appeal to any witnesses in the area who may have been up and about in the early hours that morning to come forward with any information they might have.
    • Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have seen the red Mazda (reg: 07G1770) in the days leading up to the burglary, especially in the Kinvara area.
    • Gardaí are interested to know if anyone saw a male being picked up or thumbing for a lift in the area on the 08.01.21 at approximately 4am on the Gort side of Kilcolgan on the R348.

    Gort Garda Station investigating Tel: 091 842870


    Gardaí in Drogheda Garda Station are investigating a cash in transit robbery that occurred at Ballsgrove Estate on 2 December 2020.

    Cash in Transit Robbery at Ballsgrove, Louth on 2.12.20On the morning in question at approximately 9am two men were seen cycling around Ballsgrove Estate. The two men left their bikes in a laneway and split up, walking in different directions. Suspect 1 was seen walking to the pharmacy and then hunkering down tying his shoe lace. Suspect two stood outside the Health Centre, smoking.

    At approximately 9.30am a Cash in Transit vehicle stopped outside a local shop to make a cash delivery. During the course of the delivery, the two suspects tried to grab the cashbox from the delivery driver but were disturbed by passers-by. The two suspects ran down the road towards the laneway, got onto their bikes and cycled back into Ballsgrove Estate passing the Holy Family Boxing Club.

    Description of Suspects

    Suspect 1

    Male on a red and black mountain bike carrying a sports bag. He wore:

    • Dark runners with white sole
    • Wine/purple Tracksuit bottoms
    • Plain black hoody with full length zip down the front with white strings from the hood (no logo)
    • Carrying a black and grey sports gym bag (no logo)
    • Possibly a black “overhead snood” under the hoody as opposed to a mask or scarf

    Suspect 2

    Male initially had a bike and was wearing:

    • Grey runners
    • Black Northface hoody with logo on the center chest area
    • Navy Nike tracksuit bottoms.
    • Possibly a black “overhead snood” under the hoody as opposed to a mask or scarf


    • Did you see the two suspects arriving to the Ballsgrove shops on bicycles, one of whom carried a sports bag?
    • Prior to the robbery, the first suspect was seen loitering outside the Health Centre before crossing the road and sitting on a wall. The second suspect was observed around the front of Ballsgrove Shops. This second suspect has a distinctive walk when he paced the above area. Did you notice either suspect?
    • Did you see the suspects running from the scene to the rear alleyway behind Ballsgrove Shops?
    • The two suspects left the alleyway near the Holy Family Boxing Club on bicycles. Did you see where they went from here?
    • Any persons with information or knowledge of this robbery can come forward and will be treated in sensitive manner.
    It was a bright and sunny Wednesday morning and there were plenty of locals walking around and going about their daily business. Perhaps they saw these two individuals and have information they could provide to An Garda Síochána.

    Gardaí at Drogheda investigating - 041 9874200

    Gardaí in Crumlin are investigating a cash-in-transit robbery that took place at a post office on St. Agnes Road on the 11 February 2021.

    On the date in question at approximately 11.45am a security guard was making a cash delivery to the post office. He was in the process of delivering the second cash box when a man dressed in a green An Post jacket followed the guard into the post office and a gun was produced. The gun was pointed at the security guard and a demand was made that he “Drop the box”. The cash box and the security guard’s phone was then taken before the suspect ran out of the post office. He ran to a bicycle which he had earlier locked to a fence located to protect a tree. The suspect made his escape via Windmill Rd in the direction of Kildare Road, Crumlin with the cash box balanced on the handle bars of the bike.

    Gardaí also believe that another man who was in the area at the time was also involved in the robbery by acting as lookout. This man was wearing a grey tracksuit, was also on a bike and left in the same direction as the main suspect following the robbery. 

    Description of suspect 1

    • - 5’10” or 5’11”
    • - Stocky build
    • - Well covered up
    • - Wearing an authentic green An Post jacket 


    • - Gardaí would like to appeal to any witnesses to this crime to please come forward with any information that they might have. Anyone who was in the Crumlin village area between 10am-12.30pm on Thursday the 11 February may be a possible witness.
    • - They are especially interested in anyone with dashcam footage of suspect on their bike either before or after the incident.
    • - If you remember seeing someone in a green An Post jacket on a bike with a cash box balanced on the handle bars please do get in touch.
    • - Also anyone who may have come across bank notes with green dye on them should please come forward.
    • - Gardaí would like to remind retailers to be alert to the possible circulation of these green stained notes and to notify Gardaí if they come across any notes like these.

    Crumlin Garda Station investigating Tel: (01) 666 6200


    On this month’s Crimecall Chief Superintendent Declan Daly from the Garda National Protective Services Bureau discusses the increase in Domestic Abuse since the Covid-19 Pandemic commenced.

    Chief Superintendent Daly will also discuss the following:

    • Operation Faoiseamh which is a proactive protective measure which was launched with the aim of providing information, support and protection to victims by:

    1. Communicating and Reassuring victims of abuse that An Garda Siochana was committed to addressing the issue of domestic abuse and that we would be taking a proactive approach to ‘Keeping People Safe’ during the lockdown period.

    2. Increasing call backs to victims of domestic abuse which takes place within seven days of a domestic abuse incident.

    3. Providing a second layer of proactive call backs to all victims of domestic abuse who had engaged with An Garda Siochana since the start of 2020. The purpose of this extra layer was to provide information, support and to identify risks to individual victims. The project aimed to use both Gardaí and Garda staff to ensure the best use of available resources during a time of increased demand. This measure also gave victims the opportunity to reach out and seek help.

    4. Ensuring the protection of victims through the investigation and detection of all Domestic Violence Act Court orders. COVID-19 presented unprecedented risks to victims of domestic abuse.

    • Coercive control, which is a persistent pattern of controlling and coercive behaviour, and has a serious impact on the health and welfare of the victim. Unfortunately the story provided in the introduction by the victim is a situation that is becoming more and more common.

    - The typical perception of domestic crime is about violent actions, but it’s much more, domestic abuse is of course violence but it is also emotional, physical, financial, sexual or threatening behaviour.

    - It is a cause of serious distress for those who suffer and which has an adverse effect on the victims day to day life.

    - The offence applies to a spouse or a civil or intimate partner, irrespective of gender (Intimate partner does not have to mean being in a sexual relationship), and applies to current and previous partners

    - Examples of behaviour:
    o Monitoring
    o Micromanaging victims actions or interactions
    o Dictating who a victim can call, make contact with or socialise with
    o Emotional and physical abuse
    o Staking and harassment via social media, through technology or through surveillance
    o Sexual abuse
    o The offenders take over huge aspects of a victim’s life

    - We appeal to any person who is a victim of domestic abuse and/or coercive control to make contact with An Garda Síochána and if they require urgent assistance or support, to please contact 112 or 999.

    - We wish emphasis that, if someone engaging in the types of behaviours associated with coercive control are committing a crime and they will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The recent prison sentence imposed for coercive control should be a flag raised for them to check their behaviour.

    • Coercive Control came into law on the 01.01.2019 upon the enactment of Section 39 of the Domestic Violence Act 2018.


    1. 16% increase in domestic abuse incidents in 2020 from 2019.

    2. Operation Faoiseamh 23,785 contacts and attempted contacts were made with victims of domestic abuse.

    3. 24% increase charging of offenders for domestic abuse related crime in 2020. In 2020, 7645 charges for crimes involving an element of domestic abuse were preferred.

    4. 17% increase in breaches of Domestic Abuse Court Orders, with 4323 orders notified to An Garda Síochán in 2020.

    5. Criminal Charges preferred for breaches of DVA Order up 25% in 2020 to 4,036.

    So what this tells us is that there has been an overall increase in Domestic Abuse calls for service in 2020 and An Garda Síochán have responded to that with an increase in prosecutions for coercive control, domestic violence and breaches of court orders.

    On this month’s Crimecall Sergeant Graham Kavanagh was in studio to make the public aware of the recent increase in relation to theft of Catalytic Converters. The increase in these thefts is a reflection of the rise in price of palladium and rhodium metals. 

    Sergeant Kavanagh gave a breakdown of the statistics covering the period January 2019 to December 2020. He highlighted the ongoing Garda operation targeting these crimes and spoke of the recent successes. The public were given advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of this crime and were told that An Garda Síochána are taking a multiagency approach to this type of crime.  

    Catalytic Convertor Thefts

    • €1.8 million euro worth
    • 2800 Thefts
    • 71% in Dublin
    • Car parks: 40%
    • Roadside:  20%
    • Driveways: 15%


    Ongoing Garda Operations / Meath Seizure:

    Ongoing operations:  Targeting the people concerned in stealing catalytic convertors. We are appealing to the public to come forward with any information they have regarding the handling and processing of these items.

    Meath Seizure: On the 11 February, Gardaí seized 110 catalytic converters together with €27,500 euro and £55,000 in sterling during a search operation at a premises in Co. Meath. Investigations are ongoing.


    Crime Prevention Advice:

    • Defensive parking near a wall can make jacking up a vehicle difficult, making this type of theft more difficult too.
    • Encouraging owners to garage their vehicle whenever possible.
    • Park in well-lit busy areas.
    • Encourage installation of security lights to come on automatically when someone approaches a car parked in a drive.
    • Look out for people working under cars and report suspicious activity to Gardaí.   

    Avoid catalytic convertor theft’ 

    Defensive Parking

    Park in Garage

    Park in Well-Lit Busy Area

    Security Lights

    Report Suspicious Activity

    www.simi.ie for advice on catalytic converter fixes


    An Garda Síochána Engagement and Enforcement with Metal Industry

    We are engaging with the motor, recycling / scrap metal industries and are encouraging premises or businesses engaged in the handling of catalytic converters to ensure the provenance of same.

    Regarding the disposal of these items we would like the public and the metal industry to know that:

    • The waste metal industry is a national waste enforcement priority for 2021
    • Unauthorised sites will be closed down.
    • Focus on how high value waste streams such as batteries and catalytic converters are being handled and who is supplying these items to the authorised industry.
    • Coordination with Local authorities / Revenue/ Dept of Social Protection and An Garda Síochána.

    On this month’s Crimecall Sergeant Graham Kavanagh highlighted the problem of sheep worrying incidents, with around 400 such worrying incidents occurring annually during lambing season, (January to late April). These incidents result in the death of some 3000 to 4000 sheep. These incidents cause financial loss to the farming community as well as distress to those involved.

    Crimecall went on patrol to the Cooley Peninsula, Co. Louth, to spend the day with sheep farmer Ciaran Sheelan who has a sheep farm with 80 ewes which he rears with his father. He talked about the impact that sheep attacks have had on his farm and what the public can do to help prevent this from happening.

    We also interviewed Local Dog Warden Padraig McKeown on recent attacks in the area and Sean Dennehy of the IFA who highlighted the issues farmers face every year when their livestock is attacked by dogs. He also highlighted the IFA’s new campaign 'No Dogs Allowed' which farmers are adapting in an effort to prevent these attacks from occurring.

    Sergeant Kavanagh’s key message focused on dog owner’s legal obligation under the control of dogs act, to obtain a dog licence, to act responsibly, keep their dog under effective control, know its whereabouts at all times, and the need to have their dog microchipped.

    Sergeant Kavanaghs final message was in relation to dog theft, which is a worry for many dog owners, but how by taking some steps this type of crime can be prevented.

    He sought to reassure the public that although these incidents get a lot of media coverage when they occur there has not been a surge in the number of incidents and offered the following preventive advice. 

    • Microchip and Register your dog
    • Regularly check home and perimeter security
    • Consider installing CCTV around your property
    • Report suspicious vehicles/behaviour to Gardaí
    • Join a Neighbourhood Watch / Community Alert Scheme
    • Use Community Text Alert scheme to inform neighbours.

     More information is available here

    On this month’s Crimecall Sergeant Graham Kavanagh Crime Prevention Officer discussed the decrease in the number of incidents of thefts from cars / vans in retail car parks due to the Covid-19 restrictions being in place and giving the criminals less opportunities to target cars.

    Sergeant Kavanagh examined the statistics on when the incidents are occurring most frequently, how the criminals are gaining access to the vehicles and what is being taken.

    Advice was given to viewers on safe parking including the following:

    • Ensure your car is parked in a busy, well-lit secure area.
    • Secure all doors, close all windows and ensure your car alarm is set
    • Double check that all the doors of the vehicle are locked
    • Ensure you take valuable property with you. Do not leave the property on view inside the car.
    • Report all thefts from cars or suspicious activity to Gardaí and notify any car park attendants or security staff.

    Sergeant Kavanagh also discussed Bank Jugging – this occurs when customers go into a bank, they are watched by persons who wait patiently for them to come out with a bank bag, coin box or bank envelope that looks like they may have a large amount of cash. They then follow the customer and break into their car or steal from the victim directly.

    These types of crimes usually occur at the destination the victim stops at after leaving the bank, such as their home, shop or restaurant. When the customer attempts to leave their vehicle they become a victim and the cash is stolen.

    Bank Juggers often park where they have clear visibility of the front door or the ATM. Bank Juggers will change parking spots if their visibility is obstructed.

    Preventing Bank Jugging:

    - Be aware of your surroundings, especially if something seems strange as you enter the bank.
    - Conceal your bank deposit bags, coin boxes or envelopes as you enter and leave the bank.
    - Take your bank bag or envelope with you into your next destination. Don’t hide it in your vehicle.
    - Always vary your routes and times for cash drops and collections.
    - Consider using electronic funds transfer rather than depositing or withdrawing cash.
    - If you feel like you are being followed, call 999 and drive to a Garda station.

    Always be aware of your surroundings and report anything suspicious to avoid getting “Jugged”.

    Gardaí at Kevin Street Garda Station are investigating an Aggravated Burglary that occurred at Ardee Street, Dublin 8, on the 19 February 2021 at around 6pm. 

    During the incident several knocks were received to the door of the premises. On opening the door a firearm was produced and pointed at the female victim. A demand was made for cash and the victim was made lie on the floor. A sum of cash was taken and the suspect left in the direction of St. Lukes Avenue. Gardaí believe that the suspect arrive to the scene from the same direction. 

    The suspect is described as being around 5’8’’ in height, with a thin build, pale blue eyes and discoloured / stained teeth.

    He spoke with a Dublin accent and was wearing a grey beanie hat, baggy black jacket, blue jeans and black runners. 

    Gardaí at Kevin Street Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 9400


    Gardaí in Raheny are seeking information on the above individual in relation to an attempted robbery on the 3 December 2020 at 6.20pm.  The victim was standing at a bus stop on Kilbarrack Road, Dublin 5, near Kilbarrack Fire Station, when a demand was made to hand over his phone, to which he refused. During the robbery man became the victim of an assault. The suspect fled the scene on a mountain bike in the direction of Tonlegee Road.

    Suspect Description:

    • 28 – 30 Years Old
    • 186cm in height approx.
    • Pale skin with a brown short stubbly beard
    • Wearing a black beanie hat and a red jacket with a white stripe across the chest 
    • Black tracksuit bottoms 

    Raheny Garda Station investigating Tel: (01) 6664300


    Gardaí in Enfield Garda Station are investigating a robbery that took place at Enfield Leisure Park, Canal Road, Enfield at around 12 noon on 3rd November 2020.  

    During the course of this incident, the injured party was taking pictures when she was pushed onto the ground from behind by two men.  She had her camera bag around her shoulder and the camera was around her neck.  The two men managed to get the camera bag but failed to get her camera. 

    Description of Suspect 

    In addition to the evofit, the first suspect is described as follows:

    • - 30 years old
    • - Black / dark brown hair
    • - Slim build
    • - Lighter coloured blue / green eyes
    • - Very dark eyebrows which stood out making his eyes appear narrower looking
    • - Clear skin with reddish cheeks.

    There is no evofit for the second suspect but he is described as follows:

    • - Red bomber jacket
    • - Baggy bootcut blue jeans
    • - Dark mustard hoodie and he wore the hood up 

    Gardaí at Enfield Garda Station are investigating tel: (046) 954 1002


    Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating a robbery from the person that took place in Tyrellstown on 20 July 2020.

    The victim was walking home at around 11.30pm when during the course of a robbery, he was hit with either a steel rod or pipe and was threatened with a 6” knife, and was knocked to the ground.

    The suspects are believed to have come from Tyrellstown Playground at Park Boulevard. During the struggle the victim managed to remove the mask of one the suspects. The two suspects then ran away along Park Boulevard towards Mount Eustace estate.

    Description of suspect 1:

    White with blue eyes Short light brown hair with a receding hairline Approx. 5’9’’ Wearing a black hoodie and black face mask Aged 30 -35 years Square face Eastern European accent

    Description of suspect 2:           

    White skin Approx. 6 feet tall  Aged late 20’s Black Hoodie and face mask Eastern European accent

     Blanchardstown Garda Station investigating Tel: (01) 666 7000 


    	Evofit - robbery that took place at Enfield Leisure Park, Canal Road, Kildare on the 3.11.20Gardaí in Enfield Garda Station are investigating a robbery that took place at Enfield Leisure Park, Canal Road, Enfield at around 12 noon on 3rd November 2020.

    During the course of this incident, the injured party was taking pictures when she was pushed onto the ground from behind by two men. She had her camera bag around her shoulder and the camera was around her neck. The two men managed to get the camera bag but failed to get her camera.

    Description of Suspect

    In addition to the evofit, the first suspect is described as follows:

    - 30 years old
    - Black / dark brown hair
    - Slim build
    - Lighter coloured blue / green eyes
    - Very dark eyebrows which stood out making his eyes appear narrower looking
    - Clear skin with reddish cheeks.

    There is no evofit for the second suspect but he is described as follows:

    - Red bomber jacket
    - Baggy bootcut blue jeans
    - Dark mustard hoodie and he wore the hood up

    Gardaí at Enfield investigating - 046-9541002

    Evofit - trespass at Kiladreenan, Wicklow on the 2.2.20Gardaí at Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow are investigating a case of trespassing that occurred at a private residence at Kiladreenan at approximately 6pm on December 2nd 2020.

    During the course of this crime a suspect entered the injured party’s premises without permission and was approached by a family member. At this point the suspect quickly left the scene in a Pajero-type jeep that was waiting nearby.

    Description of Suspect:

    In addition to the Evofit the suspect is described as 5ft 10 in height with brown hair, stocky build, wearing dark jeans, and dark v-neck jumper with a black polo shirt underneath.

    Gardaí at Newtownmountkennedy investigating - 01-2819222

    Gardaí in Midleton, Co. Cork are investigating the discovery of remains that were discovered by workers at a construction site on the Midleton to Youghal Greenway, just off the Shanty Path at Roxborough, Midleton, Co. Cork on Tuesday 5 January 2021. 

    On the date in question, building workers from Cork County Council were clearing an area just off the railway which had been used as an illegal dumping ground for a number of years.  This area was not accessible as a walkway and it was overgrown with shrubbery trees and weeds.  

    The workers were in the process of clearing the site with a digger on 5th January 2021 and at approximately 4.30 – 5pm they discovered the human remains.  

    An extensive Garda investigation is currently under way lead by Superintend Adrian Gamble.  A full post mortem was carried out. DNA samples were obtained but when set against the National DNA Database, a match was NOT obtained.  The services of the Missing Persons Unit and the Garda National Protective Services Bureau were engaged. Items of evidence are currently being examined by a Forensic Scientist. Carbon dating and all available scientific resources have been engaged as part of the investigation. 

    Description of deceased: 

    • Remains believed to be that of a female aged approximately 70 years +
    • Height approximately 5’0 to 5’2’’ (when alive)
    • Large framed
    • Suffered from arthritis
    • Wore dentures
    • Was wearing a faded white garment on the upper body

    Gardaí Appeal: 

    • Someone in the community must know how the female skeletal remains came to be at this locally known “tipping point” off the Shanty Path at Roxborough, Midleton, Co. Cork
    • An Garda Síochána are determined to formally identify the deceased and treat her with the respect and dignity that she deserves
    • An Garda Siochana want and need to provide closure for a family that, at this early stage, remain unknown and ensure that the remains are brought to a final resting place
    • House to house enquiries have been undertaken in the local area, local missing person records have been reviewed as have missing person records retained by the Garda National Missing Persons Unit.
    • The investigation is ongoing and further scientific resources, including Carbon Dating have been engaged as part of the investigation.
    • Gardaí are appealing to the public for any information, no matter how small, they might have to help. 

    Gardaí at Midleton Garda Station investigating Tel: (021) 4621550


    Missing Person – Gheorghe VirvaraOn 28 December 2020, Gheorghe Virvara, aged 36 years, was reported by his wife as a missing person to Coolock Garda Station.

    Gheorghe Virvara is a Romanian national but has been living in the Burnell Court area off the Malahide Road. He was last seen by his wife Alexandra, at Father Collins Park, Clongriffin, Dublin 13 on 27th December 2020. They went for a walk together at 4pm but left separately, with Gheorghe leaving on foot. Alexandra then received a telephone call from Gheorghe at approximately 6.39pm where he told her he was going to get a taxi home. He did not say where he was at that time. Gheorghe never returned home.

    Extensive searches have taken place. The Irish Coast Guard has searched from Portmarnock to Red Rock in Sutton. Garda Air Support Unit have carried out searches in the Howth area.
    Ground searches have been carried out by Garda Search team on the Howth Cliff walk.
    All hospitals have been contacted and CCTV has been canvassed extensively of all public transport to and from the area.
    There has also been a number of Press release and social media appeals carried out.

    Gheorghe’s brother Laurentiu will be giving an interview via video link.

    Gheorghe is described as being 36 years old, approximately 5 foot 9 inches tall and stocky build. He has bald hair and brown eyes. When last seen Gheorghe was wearing a black winter jacket, dark blue cotton trousers and blue Nike runners.


    • Gardaí would like to thank the public for their assistance to date. However, despite an extensive investigation both Gheorghe’s family and An Garda Síochána are still hoping that the public can provide information that can assist the investigation.
    • Did anyone see Gheorghe after leaving Father Collins Park on the 27 December 2020.
    • Did anyone see Gheorghe in Howth on the evening of the 27 December 2020 or since then?

    Gardaí at Coolock investigating - 01-6664200

    Gardaí from Clondalkin are investigating the murder of John Cunningham who was 26 years old when he was seriously assaulted with a snooker cue and knife, by a group of men at the junction of the New Nangor Road and the Fonthill Road, Clondalkin on the 4 November 2005. John Cunningham later died in hospital on 6th November 2005 as a result of his injuries.  

    John Cunningham was married to Mary and they had two children with a third child on the way.  

    Gardaí have been investigating Johns murder since 2005 and over 200 witness statements have been taken to date. 


    • With advances in forensic science, Gardaí believe they are close to solving this case; but need the public’s help to ultimately do that. This murder featured on Crimecall in April 2006 and we got a great response. We are hoping for that again tonight and we are keen to speak to anyone with information in relation to this crime. 
    • It is hoped that people who may once have had loyalties that prevented them coming forward initially, can do so now due to a change in circumstances over the past 15 years. 
    • Gardaí are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who, at any time over the years, was confided in by those responsible for John’s death, or anyone who may have heard someone speaking about their involvement in the attack, even in a social setting. 

    Gardaí at Clondalkin Garda station are investigating tel: 01-6667600


    Gardaí in Raheny are investigating a robbery that occurred at An Post, Kilbarrack Shopping Centre on 27 July 2020.

    Post Office Robbery at Kilbarrack Shopping Centre on 27.7.20 - locationOn the date in question at approximately 16.30, three suspects arrived on a silver Yamaha motor cycle registration 00-C-12051 to the Grange Park View entrance of the Kilbarrack Shopping Centre. Two of the men got off the motor cycle and ran into An Post located just inside the Kilbarrack Shopping Centre entrance. A customer who was in the Post Office at the time was grabbed by one of the suspects who then pointed a semi-automatic machine gun towards her. The other suspect started hitting the security screen to the post office with a lump hammer. The customer managed to move to the side of the Post Office. The two suspects then started demanding money from the Post Office staff.

    After getting a significant amount of money, the two suspects left the Post Office and ran back out to the final suspect who was waiting on the motor cycle, and pointing a gun into the entrance of the building.

    On exiting the building, all three suspects boarded the motorcycle and left, turning left in the direction of Kilbarrack Train Station.

    Description of Suspects

    Suspect 1

    Suspect 1 was the driver of the motor cycle and carried a semi-automatic machine gun. He was approximately 6ft tall and was 20 – 30 years old. He was wearing a grey Nike hoody, a camouflage snood, a yellow and black AGV Helmet, navy Puma tracksuit bottoms and white with black and gold Nike Air270 runners.

    	Post Office Robbery at Kilbarrack Shopping Centre on 27.7.20 - suspect 1Suspect 2

    Suspect 2 carried a lump hammer into the Post Office. He was 20 – 30 years old. He was wearing navy Calvin Klein tracksuit bottoms, grey with white and orange Nike Air270 runners, a grey / green Puma hoody and was carrying a black Adidas backpack with white writing. He was wearing a grey snood.

    Post Office Robbery at Kilbarrack Shopping Centre on 27.7.20 - suspect 2

    Suspect 3

    Suspect 3 stayed on the motor cycle and carried a hand gun. He was 20 – 30 years old. He was wearing a light grey hoody with the hood up underneath a black hoody, a black face mask and black with white Nike Air270 runners.

    Post Office Robbery at Kilbarrack Shopping Centre on 27.7.20 suspect 3


    Post Office Robbery at Kilbarrack Shopping Centre on 27.7.20 - footwear


    • Did anyone witness this incident? Can you remember seeing three people on a motorcycle in the vicinity of Kilbarrack Shopping Centre between 4.15pm and 4.45pm on Monday 27th July 2020? Did anyone see a motorcycle with three people on it at this time in the vicinity of Donaghmede, Donahies, Malahide Road, Priorswood Road or Darndale area?

    • The three suspects wore distinctive clothing and distinctive footwear

    • This was a particularly traumatising event for the customer in the Post Office and I would appeal to anyone who may know who the culprits are or recognise any of the clothing worn by someone they know to contact us.

    Gardaí at Raheny investigating - 01 6664300

    Gardaí at Blackrock Garda station are investigating a robbery that occurred on Sunday 14th February 2021 at approximately 9.40am (this was Valentine’s Day when there was rain in the morning). 

    Circumstances - Male shop assistant had a firearm pointed at him and was forced to open the cash tills. A second female shop assistant arrived from the rear of the shop and she also had the firearm pointed at her as she went behind the store counter and began emptying the cash drawer. 

    The male assistant had the firearm pointed at him for a second occasion and further demands were made for cash. The suspect then left the store passing another customer at the door entrance. This male then ran in the direction of Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock. 

    Description of suspect  - Male, 5 6” to  5 7”   in height, 25 to 35 years old, skinny/thin build, long face, blue eyes and spoke with a Dublin accent. Male was wearing black hooded padded jacket, black bottoms, black runners with white rim on bottom and sole, black hat and scarf / balaclava under his hood and black gloves.  

    Firearm Used – black metal handgun which the suspected offender loaded / racked whilst pointing it at the shop assistant. 

    Vehicle of Interest – black Mercedes C-Class, possibly a 08/09 registration. This car is black in colour with chrome rim around windows. 


    • Were you at Carysfort Ave, Brookfield Terrace, or Avoca Ave prior to 9.30am and or at 9.45am approx? Did you see any other persons who may be of assistance to investigators?
    • Did you see a black Mercedes C-class or its occupant(s) immediately prior to or during the robbery?
    • Did you see a male customer, (person of interest), who made a purchase at the shop at 9.15am approx.? Did you see him walk to or from the shop?
    • Do you have any knowledge of this crime that may assist the investigation or in relation to those responsible? 

                                      Garda at Blackrock Station investigating Tel: 01-6665200

    Gardaí at Balbriggan Garda Station are investigating an Assault Causing Harm that took place at Balbriggan Football Club grounds on Bath Road on 15 January 2021.  

    On the date in question at approximately 6pm, the victim went out walking from her home.  She went to the locality of Balbriggan Football Club towards the Astro Turf football pitch.  She then went under a tunnel around Bremore Castle and back down by Balbriggan Football Club in the direction of the beach. 

    At one stage the victim passed a number of teenagers described as being in their late teens.  She was wearing ear phones at the time and didn’t hear any noises behind her. 

    At approximately 6.10pm, the victim was hit on the top of her head by possibly a fist and pushed to the ground. 

    The victim was kicked and punched and her clothing on her right thigh was cut resulting in her leg being wounded. There were three male suspects involved, who left the scene in the direction of Bremore Castle.  

    Description of Suspects 

    Suspect 1         -     Black, male in his late teens, approximately 5'1"0 in height.

    • - Dark Grey Tracksuit bottoms and black jacket.
    • - Face covering.
    • - This male was carrying a knife with a black handle. This blade is described as 5 inches in length and an inch in width that came to a point. 

    Suspect 2         -     Male in his late teens, approximately 5'10" in height, slim build.

    • - North Face Black Jacket, all black clothing. 

    Suspect 3         -     Male in his late teens, approximately 5'10" in height.

    • - Wearing all black clothing.
    • - Wearing White Air Force One runners.

    Garda Appeal: 

    • Where you in the area and did you see these individuals coming to or from the scene?
    • Do you have any information that may assist the investigation?
    • Were you driving in the area and do you have Dash cam footage
    • Direct appeal to the males sought in connection with the assault to come forward. 

    Balbriggan Garda Station investigating Tel: (01) 8010510


    On this month’s Crimecall we went on patrol with Garda Adrian Corcoran and the Roads policing Unit, based at Navan. The central message being, to encourage all drivers to secure their load.

    The Crimecall team filmed Gardaí as they conducted check points encountering different traffic infringements including unsecure loads across a range of different vehicle types, both domestic and commercial. 

    Inspectors from The Roads safety Authority took part in the operation and conducted inspections of a variety of vehicles that resulted in a defective vehicle being prevented from proceeding any further and a decision to take it off the road.

    On this month’s Crimecall Garda Adrian Corcoran was in studio to discuss motorcycle safety. He offered the following advice to motorcyclists in relation to returning to the roads for the summer months ahead: 

    • Getting the bike road-ready after having been parked up for months.
    • Doing necessary checks (chain, oil, brakes, lights) which may require the expertise of a mechanic.
    • Helmet safety standards (what ‘mark of approval’ to look for when buying a good quality helmet).
    • Getting yourself ‘road-ready’ when returning to biking. It is important to ease yourself back in gently.
    • Protective gear such as long sleeves and proper footwear which motorcyclists need to wear at all times. 

    While statistically the danger times are at weekends and Sunday, motorcyclists should exercise caution and slow down at all times.

    On this month’s Crimecall Garda Adrian Corcoran joined us from the Roads Policing Unit with some traffic advice for all motorists in relation to the following:

    Review of 2020 Road Deaths

    During 2020, there were 148 fatalities on Irish roads which is up from 140 on 2019, an increase of 8 deaths.

    · These figures are very disappointing, especially considering traffic volumes were reduced by as much as 70% in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
    · Passengers represent the biggest increase with 26 losing their lives in fatal collisions, up 70% on 2019 figures.
    · Reminder to passengers, both front and rear seat to wear seat belts.

    With rush hour traffic less than normal, we are urging drivers to be on the lookout for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, whose numbers increased during lock downs.

    · It’s up to everybody to ensure the roads are safer in 2021 and road deaths are reduced:

    + Slow down
    + Wear your Seat Belt
    + Never use a mobile phone while driving
    + Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    Clancy Amendment
    • The Clancy Amendment was introduced in memory of Cork man Noel Clancy’s wife Geraldine and daughter Louise, who were killed in a collision with an unaccompanied learner driver.

    • It was introduced in December 2018 and gave Gardaí the power to seize vehicles driven by unaccompanied learner drivers. The legislation also enables the prosecution of vehicle owners who allow their vehicles to be driven by unaccompanied learners.
    Since December 2018

    • 5,927 vehicles seized from unaccompanied drivers
    • 18,017 FCN’s for driving unaccompanied
    • Over 35,000 drivers-on fourth or subsequent learner permit
    • 6,500 drivers- on eleventh or subsequent learner permit

    Current Rules- L-Drivers

    • Category B learner permit is NOT a full driving licence.
    • Must have someone with a full driving licence
    • Display L-plates on the front and rear of the car.
    • Do not drive on a motorway.
    • Do not draw a trailer.

    Advice During Bad Weather

    • There have been a number of cars stolen in recent weeks while people left the engine running to defrost the car while they returned to their house. If you are defrosting your car you should remain inside the car or use water or a defrosting agent.