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    Gardaí in Drogheda have launched an investigation following the abduction of the wife of Cash in Transit (CIT) official from her home in Monasterboice, Co. Louth on the 6th November 2010.

    At 6am on the 6th November 2010 the woman was taken from her house in a vehicle a silver Mercedes 02 D 43757.  She had been held at her home with her husband since 9pm the previous evening.  A demand was made that the CIT Company official to obtain a sum of money from Brinks Allied, Clonshaugh and await instructions.  It is believed that at least 3 armed people were involved.

    During the course of the morning, Gardaí became aware of the incident and a comprehensive response team was put in place involving both local and national units.

    At 8.30am this morning a silver Toyota Landcruiser Registration Number 01 KE 843 left the Brinks Allied premises Clonshaugh it was seen in the area of Plunkett College Drumcondra and Thatch Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9.  This vehicle was later found abandoned and on fire in St. John's Wood, Ashbourne at 9.30am the morning of the 6th November 2010.  A sum of money was handed over to the armed gang. The suspects wore dark overalls and balaclavas.

    At approx.10am the wife of the official was released from the rear of a derelict house on Howth Road. 

    Gardaí are appealing for information from the public on any activity which they might have seen in the following areas:

    The silver Mercedes 02 D 43757 from 6am this morning from the injured parties  house in Monasterboice  and being located this morning 6th Nov 2010 outside 780 Howth Road  where it was found burnt out at approx 9.30am.

    Any activity either this morning or in the last number of days in and around 780 Howth Road which is a derelict house.

    The movements of the Land Cruiser Registration Number 01 KE 843.  It left Monasterboice this morning sometime after 6am and en route to Clonshaugh it stopped at the Graveyard at Balbriggan.  It then continued to the Brinks Allied  premises in Clonshaugh.  The Land Cruiser then left the premises  at approx 8.30am. Between 8.40am an 9am it was seen in the area of Plunkett College Drumcondra and Thatch Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9.  This vehicle was later found abandoned in St. John’s Wood, Ashbourne and on fire at approx 9.30am 6th November 2010.

    Any suspicious in and around the Brownstown area of Monasterboice in the last number of days.

    Gardaí at Drogheda Investigating                                        Telephone 041 9874200

    An incident room has been set up at Drogheda Garda Station and anyone with information is asked to contact Gardaí on 041 9874200 or the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111or any Garda Station.

    At approximately 6.22pm on the 28th November 2010 four men entered the home of Cash in Transit Manager in the above estate.  He was at home with his wife and three children.  Two of the men were armed with handguns.  They handcuffed the cash in transit manager and his son.

    A passer by noticed suspicious activity at the house and notified the Gardaí.  The raiders made their escape toward Kildare road and fled in a Nissan X Trail with a false registration plate 08 OY 834.  It was found on fire at Hughes Road, South, Walkinstown, Dublin 12.

    Crumlin Gardaí are seeking to identify the person in the image below. (Believed to be Male 1 below)

    • Male 1 - White male of heavy build, possibly in his mid to late 40's and of average height.

    He was dressed in dark waterproof clothing consisting of a jacket and bottoms, dark footwear that had white stripes running down the side.  He was also wearing a dark peak cap, a neck scarf and glasses.

    • Male 2 - White male of average build and height aged in his late 20's - early 30's.

    He was dressed in a white hooded boiler suit and had white footwear that had 3 dark stripes running horizontally down the side.

    • Male 3 - white male of average build and height aged in his late 20's - early 30's.

    He was dressed in light coloured waterproof clothing consisting of a hooded jacket and bottoms. He had white footwear, a dark hat and gloves that were black and white in colour.

    • Male 4 - White male of average build and height aged in his late 20's - early 30's.

    Gardaí at Crumlin are investigating                    Telephone  01 666200

    Two rings

    Gardaí in Ballymun are investigating an aggravated burglary at a hotel, where a travelling salesman was assaulted and had a large quantity of jewellery stolen from him. The salesman checked into his hotel on Thursday, the 28th January. He was in his bedroom in the hotel when just after midnight three armed men burst into his room. He was assaulted by one of the men with a hammer. This man was also carrying a handgun. One raider stayed at the door ordering the other men while the second raider took the salesman’s Samsonite suitcase containing a substantial number of valuable rings and jewellery. The armed men fled in the direction of Coultry Road.

    Gardaí are appealing for any information regarding this incident and would appeal to persons offered these goods for sale to contact them immediately.

    Gardaí at Ballymun Investigating                          Telephone: 01 666 6400

    The Gardaí in Swords are investigating an Aggravated Burglary that occurred at Highfield estate Swords on the 13th August 2010.

    At Approximately 10pm a businessman arrived home to a house at the Highfield estate. His wife and four children were present. The man ate his dinner in the main sitting room and began watching T.V. After a while he fell asleep and was awoken at 12.05 am by three intruders who were standing over him.

    The men were armed with a handgun, hammer and knife. Two of the man are believed to be Asian and the third |Irish. The intruder with the hammer stood guard over him, while the other two moved through the house.

    One of the Asian intruders entered the second sitting room located off the Hallway. There were two daughters of the businessman in there watching T.V and relaxing. The man was armed with a knife and shouted at the two girls in Mandarin. He then spoke in English when he realised that they could not understand him.

    The third man believed to be Irish, spoke with a Dublin accent. He was armed with a handgun went upstairs were he was met by a third daughter who had come to the landing to investigate the commotion. He attempted to grab the girl and take her downstairs, but she refused to go without her mother.

    The gunman accompanied by the daughter went to the mother’s bedroom. As they entered the bedroom the businessman’s wife was shouting out the window while attempting to call the guards. The gunman pointed the gun at her and told her to get off the phone. He then demanded money and was giving a bag of two Euro coin by the daughter. He wasn’t satisfied with this and wanted paper money. He was then given sterling from the wife’s purse.

    The gunman attempted to take the women downstairs. A scuffle ensued between all three during the course of which the daughter succeeded in activating the panic alarm and pulling off his balaclava. He then struck her with the butt of the gun causing injury to her head. He then left taking the coin and paper money.

    All three raiders ran from the house, chased by the businessman, who observed them flee to awaiting getaway car in the adjoining Ballintrane estate.

    Gardaí at Swords Investigating  Telephone 01 666 4700

    The Gardaí at Rathcoole are investigating an Aggravated Burglary that occurred at Red Gap, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin on the 19th October 2010.

    The occupants of the house were watching TV, when at approximately 9pm a knock was heard on the front window of the house.

    The woman of the house looked out the window and saw a man wearing a wig.  The woman’s husband then went to the side of the house, where he was confronted by two raiders.

    One of the raiders was armed with a handgun while the second had a hammer.  The man with the handgun then entered the house and confronted the victim’s wife.  A struggle ensued between the second raider and the victim, during which he was hit on the head with a hammer.  A third raider then kicked the victim in the ribs.  He is then brought inside the house by the raiders.

    Once inside both victims are threatened by the men who demanded to know where the safe is.  They are shown a gun safe by the victim and steal two Berretta shotguns, camera and some jewellery.

    As the men leave the house they met the victims son who had pulled up outside in a blue Van.  One of the raiders fired two shots from a handgun at the blue van.  They them made their escape in a blue Opel Vectra with a 03 KY registration.


    Gardaí at Rathcoole Investigating                                          Telephone  01 666 7900

    CD Fit - Malahide

    The identity is sought of a CD Fit who was involved in an aggravated burglary in Malahide on the 29th September 2010.  Three men entered the house and held a family at gunpoint.  They fired the gun in the house and when leaving in the direction of the house. All three men wore wigs and two wore balaclavas.

    Coolock Gardaí Investigating                                             Telphone 01 666 4200

    On Wednesday the 10th November a robbery took place at the Post Office on Main Street, Nobber, Co. Meath.

    At 10.15am a security van delivering cash pulled up outside to the post office.  Minutes later a silver Peugeot Partner van drove up the main street from the Dublin direction.  The van made a U-turn in the main street and then parked behind the security van.

    As the guard got out of the security van to make the cash delivery to the Post office, an armed raider followed him inside.  The armed raider forced the delivery man at gunpoint to leave the post office.  A second armed accomplice joined them.  This raider gestured for the delivery guard to put the cash box and his keys onto the ground.

    The two armed men grabbed the cash box and jumped into the Peugeot van, making their getaway in the direction of Dublin.  A few hundred metres outside Nobber village, they took a right-hand turn towards Carlanstown.  They took another right-turn, and headed north towards Kilmainhamwood.  The raiders abandoned the van at Whitewood Lake where it is believed a silver-coloured saloon car was waiting.  They set the Peugeot Van on fire and then transferred to the silver saloon car to make their get away.

    The getaway van used was a silver Peugeot Partner van.  It had been stolen at Larne, Northern Ireland in May and was fitted with false 09 LH plates at the time of the raid

     Gardaí at Nobber are investigating                                     Telephone 046 9052182

    The Gardaí in Carlow town are investigating an armed robbery that took place at a filling station on the 15th September 2010 at 5.25 am.

    As a lone shop assistant was disposing of refuse bags, a toyota Land Crusier with three occupants drove into the forecourt.

    Two of the men got out of the car and began to assault the shop assistant with a baseball bat. A struggle ensued during the course of which the assistant succeeded in taking the baseball bat from the raider. He then fled from the forecourt and hid out of view of the raiders.

    The two raiders then ran into the shop threatening another shop worker as they stole cash from a back office. A taximan pulled into the station for petrol. The getaway driver threatened him with a double barrell shotgun. The three raiders made their getaway turing left onto O ‘Brien Road in the direction of Hacketstown.

    Description of Raiders:   1.   Driver - 5’8" tall, slim build, wearing a brown jacket, black hoodie underneath and blue jeans.

    2.   6' tall, thin build, wearing black hoodie top, blue jeans and white runners.

    3.   5’11’’ tall, thin build, wearing red top, grey hoodie underneath with light coloured(grey) track suit bottoms.

    Vehicle invlolved:

    Toyota Landcruiser, black in colour with long wheel base. Registration number 99 Ke3159. Stolen in the course of a Burglary at Piltown, Co. Kilkenny on the 14/9/2010 at 5am.

    Owner states jeep had only about 20 Kms of fuel in tank at time of taking.

    The jeep still remains outstanding.

    Gardaí at Carlow Investigating                                      Telephone - 059 9136620

     The Gardaí at Enfield are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at a filling station located at the village of Clonard.

    At approximately 7am  on Monday 11th January 2010 two males entered the garage. One male was carrying a side by side double barrelled sawn off shotgun. Both men were dressed in dark clothing and wore balaclavas.

    They forced staff and two delivery men into a store room and locked same. They then demanded the keys to the safe from the staff.

    The raider’s then stole a large quantity of cash from the safe. It is not known what type of transport was used.

    Description of Raiders:

    1st male approx. 5ft 8”, slim build wearing black hoodie, black addidas runners and bottoms with a white stripe. He spoke with a Dublin accent.

    2nd male approx. 5ft 4”, medium build and wearing all black clothing and white trainers. He also spoke with a Dublin accent.

    Gardaí at Enfield Investigating   Telephone 046 954 1002

    This month sees the first anniversary of the death of Michael Crowe from Newbridge, Co. Kildare. His wife Elizabeth makes an appeal for information on this month’s programme.

    The Crowe family home in Phairc Mhuire Estate in Newbridge, Co. Kildare was the subject of an arson attack in the early hours of Sunday, the 4th October 2009. Michael, Elizabeth and their son Tomas were in the house when it was set ablaze just after 6am. Elizabeth and Tomas managed to escape through an upstairs front window but sadly Michael did not and lost his life. 

    Gardaí in Newbridge suspect the fire was started deliberately and are appealing for information.

    The family were also awoken at 2 am that morning as a window at the front of the house was smashed by a brick. Gardaí are also appealing for any witnesses to this incident to come forward as it may help their enquiries into the tragic death of 81 year old Michael Crowe.

    Gardaí at Newbridge Investigating                                          Telephone - 045 431212

    The Gardaí at Castledermot are investigating an attempted armed robbery that occurred on Tuesday morning, the 3rd August at Castledermot, Co. Kildare.

    The owner of the Filling Station arrived to open up his premises at 6.15am when a blue Audi A4 with three male occupants drove into the forecourt. Two of the men jumped out of the car and confronted the owner.

    The first raider was carrying a sawn off shotgun, while the second man was armed with a baseball bat. A tussle then ensued during which the bat broke in two. Leaving the owner holding one half and the raider the other.

    Both man then fled to the waiting car leaving the scene empty handed.

    Description of raiders:The first man was armed with a sawn off shotgun, he was approximately 5’ 7’’ tall, heavy build. He was wearing a balaclava, dark jacket, grey tracksuit bottoms and hiking boots.

    The second man was armed with a baseball bat. He is described as approximately 6’1’’ tall, heavy build. He was wearing dark balaclava, grey/brown tracksuit bottoms, white runners, blue and grey striped hoodie with a red t-shirt underneath.

    Both men had indistinct accents.

    Vehicle involved:  Audi A4 registration number 05 DL 5677, stolen on 23/7/2010 from Courtown Harbour, Co. Wexford.

    This car was subsequently recovered at Killerig Castle Golf Resort on the 5/8/2010.

    The Golf resort is located between Castledermot and Tullow at Killerrig Cross.

    Gardaí at Kildare Investigating                                    Telephone -  045 55 52773

    Carlow Photofit

    Gardaí in Carlow are investigating the attempted theft of an ATM machine at a bank on Kilree Street, Muine Bheag (Bagenalstown) on the morning of Holy Saturday, the 3rd of April. A number of men using a track machine were attempting to steal the ATM from the wall of the bank when they were interrupted by two Garda patrol cars.

    The raiders had parked a Scania truck across the road to block on coming traffic. They had a Mitsubishi Pajero parked near the ATM. As the patrol car arrived the raiders fled in this vehicle. They collided with the Garda Patrol car and crashed into a wall. They fled from this vehicle into an awaiting silver coloured Audi A3 and made their getaway.

    The Gardaí have since established that the Mitsubishi Pajero, registration number 07 CW 2354 was stolen from an apartment block in Tullow sometime after 11pm on Good Friday last.  The Scania truck and track machine were stole from a Plant Hire premises at Royal Oak Business Park, Muine Bheag around 5am. The raiders caused thousands of Euro worth of damage by driving the truck through the security gates.

    The raiders fled empty handed but not before they causes thousand of Euro worth of damage at the Plant Hire premises and the Bank on Kilree Street.  Gardaí suspect four raiders were involved. One of the men was described as being 5’9” and stocky in build. He was in his mid twenties with short hair.  All four raiders wore dark clothing and hoods.

    Gardai at Carlow Investigating        Telephone 059 9136620

    The Gardaí in Drogheda are investigation the attempted Robbery of a cash in transit van that occurred at Marian Park, Drogheda on Thursday, the 1st April 2010 at 3.20 pm.

    The van had arrived at a shop to make a delivery of cash to the A.T.M located on the premises. As the security guard exited the side of the van he was approached by a man armed with a sawn off shotgun. The gunman had exited from the rear of a yellow Fait Doblo registration number 03 D 18495.He began shouting at the guard while he threw a black bag at him.

    The security guard then turned and ran away in the direction of the shop. The gunman then fled empty handed to a waiting Golf GTI, which was fitted with a cloned registration number 05 LH 4747.The Golf had pulled up in the middle of the road, just in front of the security van. There was one occupant in the golf who was the driver. The Golf then left in the direction of Plattin rd. It then travelled onto Baymore rd, and continued to the Lagvoureen estate, where the men abandoned it and transferred to a Toyota Avensis 02 reg.

    Descriptions of Raiders:

    Gunman; 5’11’’, med. build, carried shotgun in his right hand. He was dressed in blue clothing with hood covering his head.

    Driver: black jumper and balaclava. Possibly quiet tall.

    This man may have then driven the Avensis. He is described as wearing a black hat and leather gloves, 28-36 years, broad build, and clean shaven.

    Vehicles involved:

    Volkswagen Golf GTI, Black, 3 doors, registration 07 D 48997, stolen from Ashpark Grove, Lucan on the 17th March 2010 3.30am.This vehicle was recovered abandoned at the Lagvoureen estate in Drogheda.

    Fitted with False plates 05 LH 4747-cloned registration from a black golf.

    Fiat Doblo van, yellow, registration number 03 D 18495, stolen between the evening of the 31st March and the early hours of the 1st April. This vehicle was recovered at the scene.

    Toyota Avensis, silver 02 registration. This car was used by the raiders when the abandoned the Golf.


    Gardaí at Drogheda Investigating                 Telephone 041 9874200

    Two teenage girls were assaulted in a vicious attack in broad daylight in the Joseph Plunkett Tower at Ballymun, Dublin on 24 September 2010.

    The attacks happened around 6.15pm in Ballymun's remaining original tower block.  A teenager, visiting a friend in the tower, was attacked from behind as she walked down the stairs.  She was hit more than once with an object and fell onto the concrete. 

    Another teenager, hearing screams saw the injured girl fall headfirst down the staircase. She ran to help her.  As she bent over her the attacker struck her over the head too before he fled.

    The 16-year-old and 15-year old were hospitalized after the assault.  One of them sustained serious head injuries. At first there were fears the teenager might have a permanent brain injury but she has recovered.  She has however been left with permanent scarring to her face and head.

    Gardaí at Ballymun Investigating                                                  Telephone  01 666 4400

    Gardaí in Dunleer are investigating a bank robbery that took place in the town on Friday 29th January last, just after 4pm. Two masked men entered the bank and threatened staff. One of the men was armed with a handgun, the other a crowbar.

    The raiders arrived at the bank in a dark coloured Toyota Carina E. It bore the registration number JBZ 67 86. One of the raiders locked the car park gates with a padlock and chain and set the car alight.

    While the robbery was taking place a third masked man waited on the main street in a red Audi A4 estate. It bore a false registration number YF55GWW. This car had been stolen from a house in Ballymahon in Lonford in January 2009.

    Once the raiders fled the bank they got into the waiting Audi. It drove towards Clougherhead. The occupants threw metal spikes out of the car in order to slow up pursuing vehicles. They made their way to St. Finnian’s Community Centre where the car was abandoned and burnt out. They most likely left the scene in another vehicle. Gardaí are looking for any witnesses who may have information on the vehicles used in this crime or if they saw suspicious activity in the area at the time, to contact them.

    Gardaí at Drogheda  Investigating                  Telephone: 041 987 4200

    The Gardaí at Rathdrum are investigating a bank robbery that occurred at a bank in the town.

    On Thursday 22nd January 2010 at 11.15am, three men arrived in the town in a Navy Metallic blue Mitsubishi Pajero. It’s registration number was 95 WW 1116. The vehicle was stolen from an Opel garage in, Mullingar on the 19/1/2010.

    Just before the robbery at 11.10am the Pajero parked outside the bank. After 4 to 5 minutes three men ran from the jeep and entered the bank while the driver remained.

    The first raider with the rifle remained at the door and threatened staff and customers. While raider two with the sledge hammer began hitting the glass partition until eventually it broke. The third raider with the crow bar then vaulted the counter and began to fill the recycle bag with cash from behind the counter.

    The raiders then ran from the bank to the awaiting Pajero. They then drove away from the bank turning left onto Brewery place. The Pajero was seen by a witness overtaking a vehicle further along this road at an area named Fair green. It would have then come to a Y in the road where it could either have gone left down Greenan road or right down Ballinderry road.

    The Pajero was discovered abandoned a short distance away at Wheelers lane. The forensic suits had been set on fire by the gang and the pajero was left with its engine running and the drivers and rear boot door open.

    Description of Raiders:

    The first raider was armed with a rifle. He was 5’ 8’’ to 5’ 10’’and had as light build. He was unshaven and wore a white dusk mask and plain white forensic suit.

    The second raider was taller and carried a sledge hammer. He wore a black scarf and black peak cap under the white forensic suit. He wore gardening gloves and white runners.

    The third man was also tall and carried a crow bar and a green recycling bag. He wore the same overalls, a white dust mask, Black runners and gloves.

    Gardaí at Rathdrum Investigating        Telephone: 0404 46206

    Gardaí in Whitehall are investigating an armed robbery that took place at a Bank on the Swords Road, in Whitehall in Dublin at around 10:50am on the 18th of January last.

    Two armed raiders entered the bank. One of the men carried what appeared to be a small handgun and the other a full size shotgun. The raiders failed to get any money from the bank staff; however during the raid one of the raiders in a particularly aggressive act threatened a customer by putting a handgun to their head and grabbing their throat. Another customer in the bank was eight months pregnant, thankfully she was unharmed.

    The raiders fled to their get away vehicle, a navy Toyota Corolla saloon. It had been stolen from Lusk on the 14th of January. The car bore the original registration plate to the front, 96WW3854, however on the rear the number plate read 98D11859. This number was stolen from a different car.

    The car was driven from the bank to Enaville Road in North Strand where it was abandoned and recovered by Gardaí at 11:35am. A witness observed the car travelling down Gracepark Road and left onto Richmond Road. Gardaí are appealing for witnesses who may have seen the car that morning or indeed seen the raiders abandon the car on Enaville Road, just of Poplar Road in North Strand.

    Gardaí at Whitehall Investigating   Telephone 01 666 4500

    Twenty-year old Paul Byrne was last seen alive on Wednesday, the 15th July 2009.  His mother and girlfriend appealed on Crimecall for information on his disappearance.  Both feared the worst.  They believed he’d been killed.

    On Thursday, the 29th July 2010 two men clearing land at Ballyfolen in Co. Wicklow found a human skull on the forest floor.  The area was sealed off and more human remains were discovered along with some of Paul’s possessions.  Forensic examinations were carried out on the remains and on September the 28th it was confirmed the remains were those of Paul Byrne.

    Gardaí are appealing for information.

    Gardaí at Bray Investigating                                                      Telephone  01 666 5300


    Gardaí are aware of a number of incidents where bogus callers are calling to the homes of elderly people in the general Dublin area in recent weeks.


    Superintendent Sean Ward of Fitzgibbon Street is appealing for information into several of these incidents, in which, these callers represent themselves as employees of Local Authorities indicating that they need to check Gas/ Power / Water supplies etc.  While the elderly person is preoccupied with one of the callers, a second person will enter the house and steal property (Cash & Jewellery)


    To date, four such crimes against the elderly have been committed and are  been actively investigated by Gardaí attached to Fitzgibbon Street Garda  Station.  There have been two other suspected attempts, there maybe other similar crimes/attempts but may not have been reported.  The aforementioned crimes have occurred over a one month period – month of December/early January and the offender(s) typically target old people.  The crimes occur between 9am – 12md and 6pm – 10pm – no later nor earlier.


    Occasionally one lone culprit may present himself at the door – more often there are two persons involved – the first suspect will engage the householder, while the second suspect will commit the crime – completely oblivious to the unsuspecting injured party.  The descriptions are at variance. However a common physical description is as follows -first offender; 5’5’’ – 5’10’’ tall, slim build, 24-26yrs of age, fat face, clean shaven and well groomed with fair short hair, Dublin accent, dark clothing and well spoken – comes across very amenable.  The second offender is described as being smaller than first offender with dark hair, 21 years, he maybe drug addict.


    Suspects purport to be from Dublin Corporation and express a need to check pipes – this is the common means of entry. In other cases, lone suspect asserts that a flood has occurred in some other location and again, there is a sudden need to check pipes.

    In one case violence has been used.

    No direction of travel or mode of transport.

    The areas affected were Thomas Clarke House, Annesley Avenue, Ballybough Road, Richmond Street North.


    Advice to Homeowners with regard to Bogus Callers


    • Home occupiers are asked to request the bona fida of all callers to their homes, to check with the organisation they allege to represent.

    • Genuine callers/traders have no problem in providing photographic identification and organisational details. 

    • Never solely rely on the accuracy of the information being proffered. Verify the information yourself. Keep a list of local authority or service provider’s telephone numbers nearby.

    • Never engage with persons who insist on cash payment for services offered.

    • Never leave strangers, even bona fide workers, unsupervised in your home

    • In cases where the home occupier is in any doubt they should contact their local Gardaí immediately.

    • Neighbours and family friends are asked to be vigilant in this regard and remind the elderly and those living alone of the dangers that these people pose.


    Advice on Bogus Traders/ Callers is available on the Garda website www.garda.ie in the Crime Prevention section.   


    Gardaí in Pearse Street are investigating a burglary that took place at a Jeweller’s premises on Grafton Street on the 13th of February last, around 3.20am. The raiders gained access to the premises through the roof of the building next door; they then smashed their way through an office into the show room. They are captured on CCTV taking a large quantity of jewellery from the showroom display cabinets.

    Gardaí are appealing to the occupants of two vehicles seen in the Anne’s Lane area, close to the Jeweller’s, at the time of the burglary to contact them. The first vehicle was a Dark Blue BMW with 8 spoke alloy wheels which was in the area for some time. The second vehicle was a White Mercedes Sprinter Van which was in the area just after 4:10am.

    Gardaí at Pearse Street Investigating         Telephone: 01 6669000   

    Gardaí in Fitzgibbon Street are investigating a burglary that took place at a restaurant attached to an apartment block on Russell Street in Dublin on Christmas Day last year.

    A large quantity of wine was stolen from the restaurant between 9pm and midnight. The raiders forced their way into the wine cellar and used a fork lift to remove over 3,000 bottles of wine. The wine is uniquely imported to Ireland to the restaurant and Gardaí are appealing to any one who is offered the wine to contact them immediately. 

    Gardaí at Fitzgibbon Street Investigating             Telephone: 01 666 8400

    The identity is sought of the above male in relation to the tendering of a large quantity of counterfeit €100 notes in Howth, Arklow, Thomastown, Abbeyleix, Thurles, Clonmel and Malahide.

    He is described as approx. 6ft in height, well dressed and speaks with an Eastern European accent.

    He has been observed in the company of two other males

    D/Sgt. Matt Sheridan will be in studio to discuss how to spot counterfeit notes.

    See:www.ecb.eu and www.ecb.int/euro/banknotes/security/html/index.en.html

    Sergeant Andrew Haran was in studio to discuss personal safety for shop customers and shop staff. He also had CCTV to illustrate the item.

    The Gardaí in Finglas are investigating a double shooting that occurred on the River Road, Finglas, on the 15th July 2010.

    At approximately 9.20 am two men left Dunsink Lane in Finglas in a white transit van. They were intending to travel to Mullingar. Their route took them along Dunsink Lane, Ratoath Road, and the River road.

    The men drove along the River Road in the direction of Ashtown. They had to stop as there was a beige Toyota Corolla, bearing registration number 94 D 10153, blocking the road.

    A man disguised as a work man wearing a high viz jacket and using a trundle wheel, approached the van and opened fire shooting both men. Both men were brought to hospital, where one remains in a serious condition.

    Gardaí in Cabra are looking for information on a green Mazda 626, Registration 98 D 55209 which was found burned out at a recycling depot on the Ballybogan Road shortly after the shooting.

    Description of Gunman:
    • 5’ 10 to 6’ in height
    • Athletic build/fit looking
    • Late 20’s
    • Brown/fair hair, tight
    • Yellow hard hat
    • Carrying trundle wheel
    • Silver hand gun (right hand)

    Gardaí at Cabra Investigating    Telephone 01 666 7400

    Enter Text Here


    The Gardaí at Santry are investigating the false imprisonment of the post office manager of the post office located at the Omni Centre Shopping complex Santry, Dublin.

    On the morning of Friday the 27th November at 7.40am the post mistress left her house in the Beaumont area to go to work. An Express taxi people carrier was waiting outside. The vehicle involved is possibly a Nissan Qashqai. The office manager assumed this was the taxi she had booked.

    As soon as she entered the taxi, she was threatened with a silver hand gun and was forced to hand over her house keys, her phone and her bag. There was a second man in the taxi.

    The vehicle then drove onto the Beaumont Road, near to the main entrance to Beaumont hospital. As the raiders drove they issued instructions to the post mistress as to what they wanted her to do when they arrived at the post office.

    The vehicle continued on its journey to the Omni; however it managed to avoid the main roads by weaving through some of the nearby housing estates. The taxi sign believed to have been fitted to the bogus taxi was located in the garden of a house at Coolrua Drive, Beaumont. The sign had been stolen from a taxi in the Ardlea Road, Artane area between the 28/9/09and 29/9/09.

    When the post office manager arrived at the Omni shopping centre she alerted one of the security guards as to what was happening. Gardaí arrived at the Omni shopping centre having been alerted by security. The raiders failed to get any money.

    Description of first raider (see photofit):

    Dark brown hair, sallow skin, strong Dublin accent, tattoo on forearm. He wore jeans and a white polo shirt. There is a photo composite below of this raider.


    Gardaí at Santry Investigating   Telephone 01 666 4000

    The Gardaí at Ardee are investigating a case of false imprisonment and subsequent theft at the Post Office in Castlebellingham on Friday, the 26th February 2010.

    At 05.45am the proprietor of a shop in Castlebellingham awoke and walked his dog as usual. He returned after 20 minutes, when he was confronted by three masked men one of which was carrying a black coloured handgun.

    The proprietor and his partner were taken hostage in their home at Salterstown, Dunleer. The three men ordered the female to write a note which was addressed to the post office manager in Castlebellingham. The men then tied the female victim up. The raiders instructed the male victim to go to his shop which houses the post office while his partner was held captive.

    The shopkeeper went to his shop and when the post office manager arrived at 8.45am he told her what had occurred and showed her the note and other proof that his wife was being held captive.

    The post office manager agreed to comply with the instructions fearing for the safety of the shopkeeper’s partner. Both of them put the contents of the safe into a black bag. The shopkeeper then left the bag at an alleyway beside a hairdresser on the side of the street for collection. A short time later the bag was collected by a smartly dressed man who then was collected by a second raider driving a black car. 


    Gardaí in Ardee Investigating           Telephone 041 685 3222


    Sergeant Jim McAllister will be in studio to discuss traffic issues including the consequences of breaking red lights.


    Detective Sergeant Matthew Sheridan will be in studio to discuss the latest attempts by fraudsters to steal money from you by way of E-Mail requests for your personal passwords.

    Crime Prevention

    Sergeant Andrew Haran will be in studio to discuss vehicle security and other crime prevention issues.

    Criminal Assets Bureau

    Chief Superintendent Pat Byrne will be in studio to outline the multi agency approach the Criminal Assets Bureau use when bringing cases against those who profit from criminal activities.


    Sgt. Jim McAllister will be in studio to discuss the latest traffic issues. He also has some footage taken from Garda Traffic Patrol Vehicles from around the country.

    Crime Prevention

    A/C Harkin will discuss Community Safety Week 24th to 30th April and Sgt. Andrew Haran will be in studio to discuss how to mark and identify your property.


    Last week Gardaí announced a new strategy of increasing scrutiny both covert and overt on Head Shops all over the country. Gardaí have sent files to the DPP in respect of some head shop owners selling illegal drugs. Det. Supt. Michael O Sullivan from the National Drugs Unit updates us on what’s going on.

    Fraudulent sale of car - John

    Gardai in Santry are investigating the fraudulent sale of a Mitsubishi Pajero on the 21st of May 2010. The Pajero was stolen in Ashbourne in April.  It had a registration number 06 MH 8994.

    On the day of the sale the Pajero carried a copied registration number 06 LM 1330.  The person purchasing the vehicle had a friend of his, took a picture of the seller on his mobile phone.  Gardai are looking to identify this man, who identified himself as “John”.  He has a distinct turn in his eye - see attached photo.

    Gardaí at The Stolen Car Unit are Investigating        Telephone 01 6663323

    On 20th October 2010 an armed raider hijacked an articulated truck as it brought a load of liquor from a depot in Armagh.

    The driver was on the Greenore Road in Louth when a blue VW golf signalled for him to pull over.  Thinking something was wrong with his load he pulled in at an entrance to the nearby Ballymascanlon Hotel.

    The man from the VW climbed into the truck’s cab and pulling a handgun from under his sleeve ordered the driver to turn the truck around.  The road was very busy, the hijacker very agitated and the driver extremely frightened.  It took some time to turn the truck.

    The driver drove southbound on the M1 and took the Castleyblaney exit as instructed.  He was shaking badly and became too nervous to drive.  The hijacker tied him up and put him in the foot well, continuing on the journey north.

    Eventually the truck stopped and it was probably then that the trailer was unloaded.  The truck driver was bound hand and foot and thrown into the boot of a car.  He was then driven at speed down bumpy roads and thrown out onto the side of the road in Carrickastuck in Hackball’s Cross. 

    A local farmer helped him into his house where they called the Gardaí.

    The trailer was since recovered at 7:30pm on the 22nd October 2010 in Donaghmoyne, Co. Monaghan.  The Tractor unit was recovered in Momoney in Monaghan at 3:55pm on 31/10/10.

    Gardaí at Dundalk Investigating                                                  Telephone  042 9388416

    Aengus, better known as ‘Gussie’ is the youngest in a family of four and lived with his parents Bob and Nancy at Ashrook, Ennis road, Limerick.  He was an employee of Dell, Castletroy, Limerick.  He has been missing from Limerick since 11th February 2000.

    Gussie finished work on Friday afternoon 11th February 2000.  Family or friends had not seen or heard from him over that weekend and concern grew regarding his whereabouts.  When he did not return to work on Monday the 14th February 2000 his family reported him as a missing person to An Garda Siochana.

    Inquiries have established that Gussie went to Coopers bar in St Joseph Street, Limerick with friends on that Friday afternoon.  He was due to stay that night with friends in St Joseph Street but did not do so.  It has been established that he left the bar on his own at 10.30pm and walked from there onto Carroll’s Row, which connects with Barrington Street.  That is the last sighting we have of Gussie.

    Description: Height – 5ft 10ins, Build – thin, Weight – 10stone, Complexion – pale, Hair– fair hair cut short.

    When last seen he was wearing blue jeans, black shoes and a navy top with lapels.  He has a three quarter length white and navy jacket which also had a thick red strip across the shoulders and down the back of each sleeve.  When last seen he was carrying this jacket in his hand.

    Gardaí at Roxboro Road Investigating          Telephone:  061 214340

    Missing Person - Anna Larkina

    50 year old Anna Larkina is missing since 15th November 2009 from the Navan area. When last seen she was wearing a cream coat, jeans or tracksuit bottoms.

    She was only recently living in Johnstown in Navan having lived for several years in Dunboyne.

    She is described as being 5’3” in height and 11st. She has brown hair and brown eyes. 

    Gardaí at Navan Investigating   Telephone 046 907 9930




    Enter Text Here

    Deirdre O’Flaherty at Kinnego Bay on the 11/1/09

    At 10.40am on Sunday the 11th January 2009 at Kinnego Bay, Moville, Co. Donegal the abandoned Silver BMW X5 Jeep Reg. No. ADZ-100 of Deirdre O’Flaherty (nee Donnelly) DOB; 16/3/1962 was found on the beach.

    An extensive search of the area has failed to locate Deirdre O’Flaherty and she remains missing to this date.

    Deirdre O’Flaherty is married and has 3 Children. She is a medical Doctor and she worked for the Western Urgent Care Out of Hours service based in Derry. She practiced under her maiden name, Deirdre Donnelly.

    Gardaí at Buncrana Investigating   Telephone 074 932 0504

    Missing Person – Imelda Keenan

    The Gardaí in Waterford are investigating the disappearance of Imelda Keenan who was reported missing by her brother Edward from the town on Tuesday the 4th January 1994.

    Imelda was originally from Mountmellick, Co Laois. She had initially gone to stay with one of her brothers in Cobh, Co Cork, but left it after as short while when she went to stay with two other brothers in Waterford City.

    Imelda soon settled down in Waterford and after a short time she moved in with her boyfriend Mark Wall. Both lived in an apartment in the town which was located on William Street. Imelda attended the Central Technical Institute in Waterford where she undertook a computer course for a short period.

    On Monday 3rd January 1994 Imelda told Mark that she was going to the post office. Imelda left the flat at 1.30pm and walked down William Street onto Lombard Street. The last definite sighting of Imelda is at this time when she was seen crossing the road by a local doctor’s secretary who knew her well. The secretary and a friend observed Imelda crossing the road at the corner of the Tower Hotel and Lombard Street.

    There have been no further positive sightings of Imelda, despite a lengthy Garda investigation into her disappearance which has continued up until this day.

    Gardaí at Waterford Investigating    Telephone 051 305 300

    Gardaí in Kilmainham are appealing for information regarding the whereabouts of 28 year old James Kenny (aka McDonagh).  James, who is from Islandbridge Court, Dublin 8, was last seen in the Bluebell/Ballyfermot area around 3pm on Wednesday the 27th October 2010.  He was driving a Wine Coloured Mazda 6, 02 D 68758.

    James’ Family and Gardaí are concerned for his safety following the discovery of his car, which had been burnt out, at a Lay by on Lock road, Milltown on the evening of the 27th October.

    Gardaí are appealing for witnesses who may have seen the Mazda 6 in the Newcastle area or where it was burnt out between Polly Hops Public House and Peamount Hospital.

    Gardaí at Kilmainham are investigating                                 Telephone 01 6669400

    Patrick Lawlor was reported missing on the 20th December 2004 by his mother Alice Lawlor to Coolock Garda Station. Patrick who was 23 years old at the time was last seen on the 16th December 2004 leaving his home.


    Patrick left home in a motor car which was recovered on the 20th December 2004 at the rear of Dublin Airport (Forest Road).  An investigation commenced and a number of places and premises were searched by Gardaí for him. To date Patrick Lawlor has not been found.

    Gardaí at Coolock are investigating                                           Telephone 01 6664200

    The Gardaí at Ballina are investigating the disappearance of twenty eight year old Sandra Collins who went missing on Monday the 4th December 2000 from the small village of Killala, Co. Mayo.  She had lived in the village with her Aunt who she looked after for a number of years.  Sandra left her Aunt's house at Courthouse Street, Killala on the Monday evening at 7.30 pm.  At 7.45pm she arrived at a local shop where she bought some groceries for her Aunt and a neighbour.  She was last seen at the local takeaway at around 11:15pm that night.  Four days later on the 8th December 2000 her fleece was found on the pier in Killala.  A half pound of sausages that Sandra bought in the shop earlier where still in the pocket of the fleece.

    Sandra’s sister Bridie and brother Patrick believe something bad happened to their sister that night either intentionally or by accident.  They appeal for information to help them find her body, to let them bury their sister.  Crimecall also interviewed Superintendent Peter O’Boyle he explains the impact of such a case on a small community like Kilalla and appeals for information.


    • When Sandra arrived at the Chipper her clothing was dry despite the fact that the night was wet and windy.  Where was Sandra for the intervening period between 7.45pm and 11.15pm?

    • Where did she go after the chipper? (Sandra purchased enough food for two people).

    • On the day of her disappearance Sandra made some phone calls from a phone kiosk located outside a local shop (Mc Gregors).  Who did she talk to?  If Sandra spoke to you or if you know who she did speak to, come forward.

    • Anyone with information relating to the disappearance of Sandra to come forward and speak to Gardaí in confidence.


    Gardaí at Ballina are investigating                                        Telephone 096 20560

    Missing person Trevor Deely (including age progesssion)

    Gardaí are seeking public assistance to help trace the whereabouts of 22 year old Trevor Deely who has been missing since 8th December 2000.

    Trevor is originally from Naas but residing in the Dublin area.  He was last seen at Haddington Road in the city on the 8th December, wearing a yellow and brown shirt and beige cord trousers.

    He is described at 6ft in height, of slim build with short red/blonde hair and green eyes.

    Gardaí at Irishtown are investigating                      Telephone   01 - 6669600.

    Seamus Flahive

    Seamus Flahive (26 years old) is missing since the 3rd March 2010 from the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey, Co. Wexford where notes were found by Gardaí.  Seamas is 6’1” in height and approximately 15st.  When last seen he was wearing dark blue jeans, a white zip up top and white runners.  Mr. Flahive's car a blue Nissan Almera registration number 99 LK 4401 was subsequently recovered in New Ross. An extensive search is being carried out by New Ross Gardaí.

    Please contact Gorey Garda station 053 9430600 or New Ross Garda Station 051 426030


    Daniel McAnaspie 

    Gardaí in Blanchardstown are issuing a further appeal for information on the whereabouts of 17 year old Daniel McAnaspie who has been missing since February 26th.

    Commenting on the investigation, Superintendent Dave Dowling said: 

    “We have made a number of appeals for information about Daniel’s disappearance and we are grateful for the help we have received from the community to date.

      At this point in time, Gardaí now have serious concerns for Daniel’s safety. A full investigation is underway including house to house inquiries and searches using our divisional search teams and national resources including the Garda helicopter. As with any investigation, our efforts are greatly enhanced by assistance from the public and for that reason I want to appeal again today for anyone with information about Daniel to contact us.”

    Daniel McAnaspie was last seen in Whitestown Avenue, Blanchardstown at 3.30 a.m. on Friday, 26 February 2010. He is described as 5'7" and slim build.  He has short brown hair and was last seen wearing a navy tracksuit bottoms, navy jacket and white runners.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Blanchardstown Garda Station on 01 666 7000.

    Milan Kisik

    Gardaí in Midleton are seeking the publics’ assistance in tracing the whereabouts of Mr. Milan Kisik, aged 47yrs.
    Mr. Kisik was last seen on the 21st August 2009 at Ard Na Greine, Midleton, Co. Cork. At approximately 00.20 hours he left this address driving a Grey Opal Ventra estate registration number 06 D 16233. When last seen he was wearing a black Adidas jacket and black pants.  He is approximately 170cms in height and 85 kilos in weight.

    Mr Kisiks’ vehicle was located at Ballycotton Cliff Car Park, Ballycotton, Co. Cork on the 10/9/09. A search of the area was carried out involving the coast guard which proved negative.

    Gardaí are appealing to anyone with information to contact Midleton Garda Station on 021 4621550

    The Gardaí at Naas Garda station are investigating the murder of 47 year old Dessie Fox, who was shot dead at Healy’s Bridge, Prosperous, Co Kildare on 30th September 1990. Mr Fox from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, worked as a Course bookmaker. On the morning of 30th September at 11.15am he left his home in Dungannon. His intention was to attend a race meeting at the Curragh in Co Kildare. He drove a white 250D Mercedes, Registration number MJI 7055.

    Route travelled:
    • Bush Road to Armagh city via Moy
    • Carrickmacross via Keady and Castleblaney.
    • Navan via Ardee, Slane
    • Scene via Dunsany, Kilcock and Prosperous.

    At approximately 1.20 pm 30/9/90 Dessie Fox was seen coming out of Connolly’s Newsagents shop in Prosperous Village. He had a newspaper under his arm. He then got into his car which was facing toward Dagwelds. As Dessie Fox approached Healy’s Bridge a red car was seen travelling behind.

    Investigators believe that this car was a red Carina bearing registration number 90 G 2506.The occupants of the Carina opened fire on Mr Fox’s car causing damage near to the right rear indicator and the front left tyre, which was deflated. Two bookmakers bags located in the boot of the car were also damaged. Examination located a number of shotgun pellets. Investigators believe that there were only two raiders in the Carina; one of them wore a puma cap which he discarded near to the scene.

    Mr Fox attempted to reverse away, however his car ran off the road and was forced to stop. The raiders then caught up and as they approached fired one shot from a handgun through the open passenger door. The bullet entered the deceased’s left leg, passing through his right leg and lodging in the door. This injury proved fatal and Mr Fox died at the scene.

    The raiders then stole a black leather briefcase containing a large quantity of cash, canvas money bag, billheads with name, Motorola cellular portable car phone and car keys. (Canvas bag and phone were later recovered).

    Vehicles of interest:
    • Red Carina car bearing number plates 90G2506.
    •  This car’s correct number is 89 D 25125.It was stolen from 12 Ashfield Avenue, Ranelagh village between 2.15 and 4pm on 26th September 1990.
    •  Vehicle located at 12 noon on Monday 1/10/1990 in a field at Powerstown, Blanchardstown.
    • Grey Mitsubishi Gallant 87 or 88 Registration with either 11 or 14, seen travelling in convoy with Red Carina at O Grady’s Filling station, Palmerstown
    • Front passenger of carina seen climbing into rear seat of Gallant, wearing Puma cap
    Gardaí at Naas Investigating     Telephone  045 884300

    Gardai are appealing for information in relation to the fatal shooting at a licensed premises in Cabra, Dublin 7 on the 23rd April 2010 at approximately 10pm.

    Investigating officers are anxious to speak to persons who were inside or outside the premises either before or during the incident, particularly between the hours of 8pm - 10pm.

    They are also looking for information on a silver coloured saloon car, which was outside the premises shortly before the shooting. It is described as similar to a Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Passat.

    Anybody with information is asked to contact the Incident Room at Mountjoy Garda Station on 01-6668600, the Garda Confidential 1800-666-111 or any Garda Station.

    Gardaí at Roxboro Road, Limerick are investigating the murder of Jeffrey Hannon which occurred sometime between 3.00am and 3.35am on the morning of Thursday, the 22nd of November 2007.

    Jeffrey Hannon had attended a bonfire in the O’Malley Park, Southill, Limerick area on the night of Wednesday November 21st through to the morning of Thursday November 22nd 2007.  Jeffrey Hannon was found dead with serious head injuries in O’Malley Park on the morning of 22nd November  2007.

    Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station are appealing for anyone who was in the vicinity of O’Malley Park, Southill, Limerick on the night of Wednesday November 21st through to Thursday November 22nd 2007 to contact them or any person who may have any information to contact them.

    The investigating Gardaí have received tremendous assistance from the public in their investigation to date and we wish to extend our appreciation for it.  However, there may be others who can offer assistance and we appeal to them to make contact.  Nothing will be considered too small or insignificant. 

    Gardaí at Roxboro Road Investigating                                     Telephone  061 214340

    The Gardaí at Coolock are looking for the public's assistance in relation to the murder of 29 year old John Paul Joyce. He was a native of Coolock having lived with his family at a halting site at Grove Lane, just off the Malahide road. He was the father of two children a girl of 6 and an 18 month old baby boy.

    John Paul Joyce was last seen shortly after 7pm on Thursday 7th January 2010 after leaving a house on Ferrycarrig Road, Coolock, where he had been staying with his fiancée.

    When he failed to return within a short period of time, his fiancée then reported him missing to the Gardaí.

    Mr Joyce’s body was subsequently discovered at 1.30 pm on Saturday the 9th January by a member of the public at Dunbro Lane, St Margaret’s, Co Dublin, close to Dublin Airport.

    Gardaí are appealing to anyone with information or anyone who may have been in the vicinity of the Ferrycarrig /Glin areas of Coolock at or prior to 7pm to come forward in confidence.

    Gardaí at Coolock Investigating   Telephone 01 666 4200

    The Gardaí at Tallaght have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of Ken Fetherston’s remains at Military road in the Dublin Mountains on Saturday 31/1/2010.

    Ken Fetherston, a 26 year old man had been missing since Tuesday, the 22nd September 2009. Ken was the father of a 3-year-old daughter and had worked as a coach driver prior to breaking his leg on holidays lasts August. He’s originally from the Tallaght area.

    On Tues 22nd September 2009 at 8.30am he left his apartment at Tallaght Cross Hotel in his red Honda Civic. He then drove to Luke Lawlor’s Filling Station and bought 10euro of petrol. He drove to Landy’s garage ‘Hispec’ a panel shop located at Landy’s Industrial estate on the Knocklyon Road to get work done on his car.

    On Saturday 26th September Ken’s friends found his car in a lay-by on the N11, near the Gorey bypass. The driver’s door was unlocked and there was no key in the car. Gardaí know that the car was abandoned there between 11pm on Tues 22nd and 10am on Wed 23rd. Ken’s mobile phone has not been used since 9.30am on Tues 22nd Sept.

    On Saturday 31/1/2010 two people out walking at Military road in the Dublin Mountains discovered what they believed to be human remains. The remains were subsequently been identified as those of Kenneth Fetherston.

    Gardaí at Tallaght Investigating                    Telephone: 01 666  6000

    Gardaí are making another appeal for information to aid the investigation surrounding the circumstances of the death of 42 year old Liam Murray. Liam was discovered at his home in Rockbrook Cottages in Rathfarnahm on Friday the 20th of March 2009. A Post Mortem confirmed he died as a result of gunshot.

    His family had not seen him for a number of days and asked a friend to call in on him. His friend found him and immediately called the Gardaí. Investigations have shown that Liam spent a large part of St. Patrick’s Day 2009 in the Headline Bar on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin before making his way towards his home in Rockbrook Cottages at around 6.20pm. Liam was driving a black Mitsubishi Pajero. Gardaí are appealing for witnesses who may have seen Liam on that St. Patrick’s day or if they noticed any suspicious activity around his home between St. Patrick’s Day and Friday, the 20th March 2009.

    Gardaí in Terenure Investigating         Telephone 01 666 6400

    Gardaí in Coolock are investigating the murder of 27 year old Noel Deans. The father of one was gunned down at approximately 10:20pm on the 16th January last on Ferrycarrig Road, Priorswood in Coolock, Dublin.

    Noel had just left a Public House in Priorswood intending to visit a house on Greencastle Avenue. He was dressed in a grey track suit bottoms and grey hoodie, with a white T-Shirt underneath. As Noel approached the Grotto of Our Lady on Ferrcarrig Road, a person, armed with a hand gun walked up to him. He was shot a number of times and was fatally wounded. A witness on hearing the shots alerted the Gardaí.

    Gardaí are looking to identify a man, dressed in dark clothing, and seen walking down Ferrycarrig Road around the time of the shooting. They would like to identify the driver of a silver or white Saloon car, possibly a Toyota Altezza or a Lexus IS200, which was seen on Macroom Road that night. Finally if anyone in the community has any information in relation to this murder they should contact the Gardaí in Coolock.


    Gardaí in Coolock Investigating           Telephone 01 666 4200

    The Gardaí at Lucan are investigating the Murder of thirty year old Robert Ryle which took place at Foxdene Park, Lucan on Sunday, the 24th October at approximately 8:30pm.
    Robert Ryle was shot several times outside a house in Ronanstown.  He was taken to Tallaght Hospital where they operated on him but he died from his injuries three days later.

    Robert Ryle had spent that Sunday tending horses with his friend in Co. Kildare.  They returned to Robert’s house in Ballyfermot and at around 8:30pm were calling to a house at Foxdene Park in the Foxdene estate, Lucan.  When they arrived at the house, they turned into the drive Robert got out of the car to move a child’s bicycle to the side of the house.

    A lone gunman appeared from shadows at the side of the house and shot Robert a number of times.  As Robert’s friend reversed out of the driveway the fleeing gunman got caught between the car and the garden wall.  The driver believes the gunman was injured and saw him stumble from the scene.  Gardaí later recovered the handgun used in the shooting on the footpath outside the house.


    •  Anyone who may have been in the Foxdene estate between the hours of 6pm and 8.30 pm on 24/10/2010.

    •  Anyone who may have seen anything in and around the Foxdene estate and who may have seen a man matching the following description; 5'9'' to 6'1'' - Dark clothing.  Face mask similar to scream type mask.

    •  Any person seen to have sustained an injury which left them with a limp or other injuries.

    •  Anyone with information regarding the Murder of Robert Ryle to come forward to be dealt with in confidence.

    Gardai at Lucan  investigating                                                 Telephone 01 6667300

    At approx 6.50pm on Sunday evening, the 21/3/2010, Seamus McMahon, 318 Greenacres, Dundalk, was visiting a friend at 27 Bothar Chroinn, Saltown, Dundalk.  The deceased was in the bathroom, while his friend, whom he had been visiting, was standing inside the front door of the apartment, at the sink in the kitchen area of the apartment.  

    Two men in dark clothing entered the front door of the house, which was unlocked.  They ran into the bathroom, where Mr. McMahon was, and fired two shots at him. They then ran back out of the house, and across the street, one scaled a fence into a back garden, and the second ran out the street, eventually making their way onto Bellewsgridge Road, to an awaiting car.  This car was being driven by a third person. The car then fled towards the Toberona / Fatima area away from the scene.

    Seamus McMahon was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda following the shooting, but was pronounced dead at 8.15pm. 

    Firstly, investigating Gardaí wish to acknowledge the assistance given by residence of the Saltown Estate, Bellewsbridge Road, and Fatima area of the town, and the response given by all those people during the house to house enquiries conducted in the area. It is very much appreciated.

    Gardaí are now appealing to anyone who was in the area of Bellewsbridge Road / entrance to Saltown Estate between 6pm-7pm on Sunday evening last, the 21/3/2010, and who may have witnessed anything or anyone acting suspiciously in the area, no matter how insignificant they may consider this information, to contact them.

    The Gardaí are also anxious to eliminate from their enquiries, the following vehicles observed in the area of Saltown / Bellewsbridge Road:

    (1) A white Toyota Corolla Hatchback
    (2) A blue/green Ford Focus Hatchback
    (3) A Silver or White Estate car, similar to an Opel Astra/Vectra Estate.

    These vehicles were observed by witnesses in the Bellewsbridge Road / Saltown area at the time of the shooting, and the occupants of them may have seen something, and have vital information concerning the murder. 

    There were a lot of pedestrians out and about that evening, at the time of the shooting, and Gardaí are appealing to any of those not yet interviewed by Gardaí to please come forward in the strictest of confidence.

    Description of assailants:

    No. 1 - 6’ tall, athletic build, wearing dark clothing and dark head gear.
    No. 2 - was in his 20’s, approx 5’9” thin build, wearing dark tracksuit bottoms, and white runners. He wore a black hoodie.

    Gardaí in Dundalk Investigating          Telephone 042 9388400

    The Gardaí at Store Street are investigating the murder of 32 years old Stephen Byrne shot dead on Lower Sheriff Street on13th July 2010.

    On 13th July at 4.45 pm Stephen Byrne was fatally wounded by a man armed with a handgun. The scene is located at the junction of Sherriff Street and St Laurence’s place, at the rear of St Laurence’s church, opposite Mariners Court. The gunman arrived to the scene on a bicycle. He then walked up to Stephen Byrne and shot him with a handgun fatally wounding him. The gunman then left the scene cycling back down St Laurence’s place, turning left onto Seville place.

    • Investigators wish to speak with anyone who was on Seville Place between 4:30 and 5pm on Tuesday 13th July 2010.
    • When stopped in traffic on Seville Place they may have made an observation which means nothing to them but could be vital to the investigation.
    • Investigators believe the offender went to and from the scene on a bicycle along Seville Place and that an interaction occurred with an accomplice on the street.
    • Anyone who observed a person on a bicycle in clothing which hid the facial features can assist. People watching the programme may recall such interaction.
    • A montage of bicycles similar to that believed used has been provided for viewing. Potentially witnesses could have seen this bicycle being acquired prior to the attack or disposed of following the murder.
    • To the residents of the Sheriff Street area who have specific information relative to the culprits actions following the murder or any information whatsoever to contact the programme.

    Gardaí in Store Street Investigating   Telephone 01 666 8000

    One year on, Gardai investigating the murder of Matt Farrell at the Gaelic Bar, Daingean, Co. Offaly on the 1st of April 2009 are renewing their appeal for information from the public.

    The body of Matt Farrell, 64 years, was found in his pub on the morning of the 1st of April. A post mortem examination carried out later that day found that Mr Farrell died as a result of head injuries.

    A murder investigation has been ongoing for the last year and Gardai have made a number of arrests.

    Inspector Pat Murray of Tullamore Garda Station said "Gardai are appealing for any person who has any information to come forward and to consider the family of Matt Farrell, who are seeking closure in the case."

    The public are reminded that Crimestoppers are offering a reward in this case.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Tullamore Garda Station on 057 9327607.

    Gardai in Shankill and Tallaght have recoved property that they would like to return to the rightful owners.


    The Identification of the the male suspect who is sought in connection with a robbery from the person on the 29th September 2010 at 21.50Hrs and subsequently the unauthorised taking of her car, a Black Mercedes 99 D 3542 in Dublin 9.

    The Injured party had just parked her car when she was knocked and given a shock to her face with what appears to have been a stun gun.  The male then grabbed the car keys and drove away. 

    Description:    Early to mid 20’s, 5'3", slight build, light brown or fair wavy hair cut short.  He was wearing dark clothing with a dark or navy jacket.

    Gardaí at Mountjoy Investigating                                          Telephone - 01 666 8600

    Gardaí in Finglas are investigating an incident which occurred on the 5th February at Erin’s Isle G.A.A. Club, where two of the club’s staff were threatened with hammers and relieved of the staff’s wages.

    The staff members had just collected the wages from a bank in Finglas village. They arrived back at the club’s car park at 11.05am. A silver Ford Focus followed them into the car park. Three people were in this car. Two jumped out and stole the money off the staff members. The silver Ford Focus left the car park and drove right onto Farnham Drive and left into Farnham Crescent, where they abandoned the car and made their escape.

    The silver Ford Focus bore a registration number 06 D 51198; this was copied from another vehicle. Its real registration number was 08 D 748. This car had been hijacked from its owner, an 83 year old man, as he was loading his shopping in the car park of Finglas Shopping Centre on Cardiffsbridge Road on the 21st December last.

    Gardaí are appealing for witnesses or information in relation to these incidents.


    Gardaí in Finglas Investigating        Telephone 01 666 7500

    Gardaí in Bailieboro are investigating a robbery that took place at the Bailie Hotel in the town in the early hours of the 12th August last. The night porter was tied up by the raiders. They also removed a safe from the premises.

    The night porter was leaving out rubbish out the back of the hotel just after 1.20am when he was approached by three masked men. They threatened him with a crowbar. They forced him into the hotel and burst open a door to where the safe was stored. The safe was placed in the boot of a dark coloured car, possibly an Opel Astra. This car appears to have been in the back car park since just before midnight on the 11th  August.

    The car left the scene in the direction of the Kell’s Road. The night porter managed to free himself and raise the alarm.

    One of the raiders was about 5’8 in height, slim build and had a black coloured Fila top. The second raider was also 5’8” and slim build, the last raider was taller possibly 6’, he carried a hammer and a crowbar.

    Gardaí at Bailieboro Investigating                                Telephone -  042 9665238

    The identity is sought of the above male in connection with a robbery from the person on the 13th August 2010 in Artane area of Dublin.  He used pepper spray to incapacitate the injured party.  Subject fled the scene on a push bike.

    Gardaí at Raheny Investigating                                     Telephone - 01 666 4300

    Robbery from person

    On the 28th June 2010, in the Phoenix Park a robbery from the person occurred.  The man approached a woman and grabbed her bag, knocked her to the ground and fled in a Fiat Punto, blue/green in colour with a 99 D registration.

    He is described as 33-35years, 5’10” in height, stocky with short blonde to reddish hair. Blue eyes and pale skin.

    Cabra Garda Station Investigating                                 Telephone 01 6667411 

    Sergeant Andrew Haran was in studio to offer crime prevention advice around burglaries, specifically with regard to placing information on Social Networking Sites.

    Chief Superintendent Anne Marie Mc Mahon will be in studio to discuss Community Safety Week. which was launched by the Garda Commissioner at the Ploughing Championship’s in Athy, Co Kildare on Tuesday 21st of September.

    Community Safety Week focuses on personal safety, older people’s safety, shop safety, theft bikes and events around the country and safety message.

    On the 29th May 2010, a lone female was sexually assaulted while she walked alone in Wicklow Town.  
    A male, believed to be a foreign national, came up behind her and put his arms around her shoulders. She brushed him off and continued walking. He sexually assaulted her and she ran to a private house on the road.

    He is described as approx. 5’9” tall, medium build, short brown hair, late 20’s to early 30’s.  He was wearing a bright green or blue shell tracksuit and white tee-shirt.

    Gardaí at Wicklow Investigating                                       Telephone - 0404 60140 

    The Gardaí at Bridewell Station are investigating a sexual assault that occurred at 3am on Saturday, the 18th September.

    The young woman had spent the evening socialising at a pub just off South William Street in Dublin 2.  A short time before 3 am she decided to part company with her friend and walk home to her apartment located close to Arran Quay on the northside of the river Liffey.

    The woman was sexually assaulted as she enterd her apartment complex.  It is believed that her attacker left in the direction of Haymarket, just off Smithfield.

    Description of offender:   Male in his late 20’s, approx 6’tall, light coloured hair/possibly shaved head, fair complexion, normal build, a piercing in his eyebrow with a ring inserted, possibly left handed, wearing a dark jacket (possibly leather), light coloured jeans, dark footwear, scruffy in appearance.

    Gardaí at the Bridewell Investigating                                                    Phone - 01 666 8280

    The Gardaí at Clontarf are investigating a shooting outside a public house in Fairview, just after 12 30am on the 26th July 2010, in which three people were seriously injured.

    Two male customers were standing outside of the pub on the footpath talking to doorman who was on duty. The customers were standing with their backs to the road, when a lone gunman then approached from the direction of Phillipsburg Avenue. He was armed with handgun in each hand and as he approached the pub he began shooting using both guns.

    The doorman and two customers were struck by a number of bullets and feel to the ground. The gunman then ran around the corner to awaiting gold coloured VW Golf, registration number 05 D23932.He got into the front passenger seat and a second accomplice got into the drivers seat. The car then left the scene in the direction of Griffith Avenue.

    Some minutes later the Golf was abandoned and set alight at Verschoyle Court, Dublin 2, off Lower and Upper Mount Street. The gunman and driver jumped out and ran from the Golf across a green area and under an archway onto Mount Street.


    The Gardai in Rathmines sought the public’s assistance following the death of Lily Hastings Bass who was the victim of a hit and run on the Rathgar Road, Dublin 6.

    On Sunday the 26th November 2010, Lily Hastings Bass was crossing the Rathgar Road at approximately 10:55pm when she was struck by a blue or navy coloured two door, hatchback car.

    Lily was a 20 year old English National who had moved to Ireland in September this year to study in Trinity College.  She had been out to dinner with a group of friends in Rathgar on the night in question.  She and some friends crossed the Rathgar Road near the Grosvenor Road Service Station.  Two of her friends got across the road but unfortunately the Blue or Navy Hatchback struck Lily and drove off.  The traffic lights at the junction were red so the driver of the offending vehicle drove through the service station to avoid stopping.

    Lily’s friends rushed to her assistance.  A local Garda from Rathmines was on the scene in minutes and an ambulance was called.  Lily was brought to St. James Hospital were she remained on a life support system until her death on the 7th December.

    On programme of the 14/12/10 we have an interview with Detective Inspector George Mc Geary who explains how this intricate case was solved, ultimately with the assistance of members of the public.

    Investigation Concluded

    Sergeant Jim McAllister will be in studio to discuss driver behaviour on motorways. He will show examples of poor behaviour caught on camera by Garda Traffic Vehicles.

    Sergeant Jim McAllister was in studio to highlight more examples of bad driving captured by the Garda Traffic Corps.

    Sgt. Jim Mc Allister will be in studio to discuss the summer fatalities on the roads, focusing on the 16-30 year old drivers. He will talk about the lethal combination of youth and speed. He will show examples of bad driving captured by the Garda Traffic Corps.

    On November 16th a new network of safety cameras went live.  The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform and the Minister for Transport officially launched this speed reduction campaign on Monday, the 15th November 2010.

    The cameras operate from vans and can be moved around the country as needed.  Five hundred sites around Ireland, the scenes of speed related collisions will be targeted as ‘speed enforcement zones’.  These zones will be listed on www.garda.ie . The focus of ‘go safe’ is to prevent collisions, to act as a deterrent and ultimately to save lives.

    Six thousand hours a month will be spent monitoring these zones.  Mostly at dangerous times – at nights and weekends.  Collision data determines how and when the cameras will be used.

    The sites are selected on the analysis of crash data when speed has been a major factor in collisions.

    A one percent drop in mean speed leads to 2% reduction in injury accidents, 3% reduction in serious injury accidents and 4% reduction in fatalities.

    Full information on zones is available on www.garda.ie

    Sergeant Jim McAllister discussed how it works and the strategy behind it.