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18 December 2023


Gardaí in Cavan Town are investigating a burglary that occurred on Saturday 2nd December 2023 in the Creigan area.  On the date in question between 5:30 and 6:20pm entry was gained to a family home. A green cast iron safe with a gold knob handle, was removed from the house.  This safe contained a sum of cash, personal documents and a quantity of jewellery. 

One item of jewellery with huge sentimental value and significance for the family was a gold and white gold chain with individual letters ‘MICHAELA’ included in the design.  Michaela was the family’s daughter who tragically died at 12 years of age in 2002. There was another gold chain that included a photo of Michaela. 

Garda Appeal

  • Were you in the Creighan area of Cavan on 2nd December 2023 between 5:30pm and 6:20pm and recall seeing anything suspicious? That evening the Under 20 Championship Division 3 Final, was held at Breffini Park, which is in close proximity to the victim’s house.
  • Have you seen a green cast iron safe, which may be abandoned?
  • Gardaí and the family of the late Michaela are appealing for the gold and white chain with the letters “MICHAELA”, to be returned as it is of huge sentimental value.


Gardai at Carlow Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred on Friday 29th September 2023 at Kilree Lane, Muine Bheag, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. On the date in question shortly after 8.20pm, an Audi Avant drove up and down Kilree Lane and then parked opposite a house there. Two male suspects exited the vehicle and walked behind the house before returning to the vehicle.  

The vehicle then departed the lane turning right onto Kilree Street.  The car returned a few minutes later, and again two suspects exit the vehicle and force open the front door of the house, using a 12mm tool. They both enter and search the premises. They leave shortly afterwards carrying a cash box and return to the Audi Avant car which drove away turning left out of Kilree Lane and onto the Tullow Road. It is next seen in the Seven Springs area off the Tullow Road Carlow at approximately 9.35pm.

Suspect Vehicle Details:

Black Audi Avant RS4 2005 – 2008 model with cloned registration 05-D-27697

Garda Appeal

  • Did you see the black Audi Avant, or the occupants of this vehicle on the night of the 29th September this year in the Carlow area?
  • Do you recognise the vehicle in the footage?
  • The registration used on this vehicle on the night in question was 05-D-27697. Have you noted/ seen that registration before?
  • Do you know who has a matching vehicle bearing this registration now?
  • Do you recognise the suspects or have any information on any individuals matching their description?

Description of Suspects:

Suspect 1

Late 20's

Stocky Build

Average height

Wearing a black cap, black snood, black jumper, black Jeans, black belt, work gloves, dark runners

Suspect 2

Mid 20's

Slim Build

Average height

Wearing a black cap, Black snood, black jacket (with reflective strips in places), black tracksuit bottoms, black runners with white soles, work gloves


Gardaí at Clonmel Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred on the morning of Tuesday 24th October 2023 at approximately 3:34am.  On the night in question, a red 5 door Seat Leon with registration 06-KK-4230 arrived at Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary.  Two male suspects exited the car and gained entry to Bretts’s Hardware, using a sledgehammer.  The two men left the shop when they heard another car pulling up outside, but then subsequently returned to the Hardware store. 

The two suspects removed a safe from the hardware shop and attempted to put it into the car.  Two other suspects got out of the vehicle to help them.  They were unable to close the boot so the four got into the car and drove off with the boot remaining open.  The safe was subsequently found in the Scotsborough, Callan, Co. Kilkenny area.  The safe had been forced open and a substantial amount of money had been taken.

The registration plates on the red Seat Leon 06-KK-4230 were subsequently found to have been taken from another vehicle in Fethard, Co. Tipperary some days previously.

Garda Appeal

  • Anyone that may have sold a similar vehicle, a red Seat Leon, in the days / weeks before the burglary. A number of witnesses stated it had a loud exhaust
  • Anyone that may have purchased a similar vehicle since the incident.
  • Did you see the vehicle on the night of the 25th October following on after Scotsborough?
  • Did you see the vehicle in the days / weeks leading up to the night of the incident?
  • Do you recognise any of the suspects or have any information relating to individuals matching the description?

Descriptions of Suspects:

Suspect 1

6ft in height

Aged - 30’s

Heavy build

Wearing black tracksuit bottom, black hoodie, black runners, black gloves, black cap and light coloured snood

Carried torch

Suspect 2

Late 20’s

Slim / medium build

Wearing grey jeans, black belt, black top, black runners, balaclava / snood, black gloves

Carried torch

Suspect 3

Driver of vehicle

Early 20’s

Slim build

Wearing black hoodie, black tracksuit bottoms, black gloves, black cap, black runners, snood

Suspect 4

Early 20’s

Slim build

Wearing dark jeans, black cap, black hoodie, black gloves, black runners


The Garda Commissioner Drew Harris spoke with presenter Carla O’Brien on this month’s Crimecall and answered questions on a range of topics such as the recent public disorder in Dublin, organised crime, road safety, recruitment and more.

On the serious public order incident in the capital on November 23, the Commissioner said that the situation was dealt with very well by Gardaí who “responded in a very professional and courageous manner to awful circumstances.”

On dealing with any future attempts at similar disturbances, he explained how we have more personnel on the ground and that we have increased equipment to deal with such disorder. He also mentioned how there are learnings in terms of the speed the situation escalated, how social media activity mobilised people so quickly, our equipment, processes and public order tactics.

Speaking about continuing to police by consent, the Commissioner told Crimecall that one of An Garda Síochána's principal strengths is our connection to the local community and that this is one of the differences between this organisation and other police services from around the world. "We have that strong connection, we want to maintain that strong connection", he said.  

Answering a question about rosters and morale, the Commissioner said, "many of the issues that staff associations have flagged up in recent times are well known to us and we had a programme of work addressing those, be it terms and conditions, and representations we have made to the relevant departments is all ongoing." He said that all feedback from the associations, including our computer systems, bureaucracy have been listened to and that An Garda Síochána's systems have been adjusted and will continue to be adjusted.

“We have also put a huge amount of welfare supports in place for Gardaí and this year we have new initiatives including the rollout of mental health first aid training and peer support”, Commissioner Harris said.

Responding to a question about recruitment, the Commissioner highlighted how An Garda Síochána wants to be an employer of choice in a very busy and competitive job market. He highlighted just how rewarding the work is, the training and support provided and how “it’s a job worth doing.”

He said that as a Garda, “you make a huge impact on the society that we all live in. Policing at times can be difficult and we have to make it very clear that we have the support in place so that people can see it’s a good place to work and it’s a good job to do”.

The Commissioner when speaking in relation to organized crime mentioned that An Garda Síochána had worked very hard around the area of drug dealing on a local, national and international level. He explained that while drug dealing is primarily driven by demand, Ireland is seen as a wealthy country which lends itself to being targeted by organized crime groups. The Commissioner said that the drug seizures throughout 2023 are a testament to the work that has been done with our international partners.

When answering a question in relation to road fatalities the Commissioner highlighted the initiatives undertaken by our Roads Policing units who he said have been concentrating their efforts around times that we know collisions are likely to occur. A second important development in this area he said is the extension of the fixed charge penalty notices that provides for increased productivity, allowing Gardaí to spend more time on our roads detecting offences. Finally he mentioned the key lifesaver offences, warning people to be careful not to drive while intoxicated or distracted and to reduce speed – with speed being the main contributory factor to collisions on our roads.


The Gardaí at Finglas Garda Station, continue to investigate the murder of Anthony Campbell (20 years) and Martin Hyland (39 years).

On December 12th, 2006, at approximately 8:30AM, Anthony and his work colleague called to an address at Scribblestown Park, Finglas South. They had been hired by the female occupant of the house to carry out repair work on a number of radiators. They were told that a male relative was asleep upstairs but to proceed with their work.

The partner of the woman, had departed for work that morning and she then left with her child for the school run.

Anthony was working on the downstairs radiators when his colleague departed the house for a local builder supplies shop. On his return he couldn’t get back in as the door was closed shut. Despite ringing the doorbell he didn’t received an answer and then rang Anthony’s phone but there was no response.

He then sat back into the van until the woman returned shortly from the school run. She opened the door and discovered Anthony lying on the floor in the front room. She called for Anthony’s colleague while she then exited the house as she had a child with her.

The emergency services were then called and attended the scene. It was also discovered that the male relative sleeping upstairs had also been fatally shot.

The Crimecall team went on location and interviewed Anthony’s mum Christine Campbell - Holman who made a heartfelt appeal for information to assist with the investigation and bring justice for Anthony.

Garda Appeal:

  • Inspector Dara Kenny acknowledged the immense grief experienced by Christine Campbell during the last 17 years, which he said was a particularly difficult time of year for families experiencing such trauma.
  • While the resources typical of a murder investigation have been made available over the years it has not resulted in that critical piece of information required to progress the investigation.
  • Inspector Kenny emphasised that the Garda investigation is still live and with that he stressed that the answers are out there, in the Finglas area and beyond.
  • He urged those who may feel that at the time or in the interim they were unable to assist the investigation to do so now. He wanted to ensure them that they would be treated with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.
  • Perhaps you were confided in by those responsible or privy to conversations during which the murders were discussed and that with the passage of time loyalties and associations may have changed.

Suspect vehicle:

  • A black VW Passat bearing false registration plates 06-D-27432, which was found on fire at Glasilawn Avenue, Finglas East shortly after 9. 30am.The correct registration of this car is 05-D-68043, and was taken from outside its owner’s home in Newbridge, Co. Kildare between 30th November and 1st December 2006.
  • In relation to the VW Passat – Do you know who had possession / use of this car from the time it was taken from Newbridge, Co Kildare until it is destroyed by fire at Glaslawn Avenue, Finglas.

What your Learner Permit Allows you to do:

A learner permit allows you to drive on all public roads, except motorways, for the purposes of learning to drive and only when accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or someone who has held a valid driving licence in the same category for more than two years.  

It also means that you can take Essential Driver Training (EDT) with an ADI, but you must display L-plates at all times on any vehicle you drive.


What you can't do with your learner permit

As a learner permit holder, you are not permitted to;

  • Drive on a motorway in any vehicle category  
  • Carry any passenger for reward 
  • Drive while towing a trailer if you hold a learner permit in vehicle categories B, C1, C, D1 or D (cars, buses and trucks)  
  • Carry a passenger if you hold a learner permit in vehicle categories A1, A2, A and AM (motorcycles or mopeds)  
  • Carry a passenger if you hold a learner permit in vehicle category W (work vehicles or land tractors) unless the vehicle is constructed to carry a passenger and the passenger holds a driving licence for a continuous period of two years. 

The Clancy Amendment

On 22nd December 2018, The Clancy Amendment was enacted to strengthen powers of the Gardaí to deal with drivers who contravene the conditions of their learner permit. The Clancy Amendment as it is known amended Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act 1994 to provide a power of seizure of a vehicle driven by a learner permit holder who is unaccompanied by a full licence holder. This Amendment was introduced after a campaign from Noel Clancy, whose wife and daughter were killed in a road traffic collision in December 2015 involving an unaccompanied learner permit holder.

As we approach the 5th anniversary of the amendment a total of 4708 vehicles have been seized from unaccompanied learner permit holders, and 8149 FCN’s have been issued for driving while unaccompanied.


Driving While Unaccompanied and the Clancy Amendment

It is against the law for you to drive unaccompanied on a learner permit. Under the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system in Ireland, a learner permit holder must be accompanied at all times by someone who has held a full, valid driving licence in the same category for a minimum of two years.

If you are convicted of driving unaccompanied or you allow your vehicle to be driven by an unaccompanied learner driver, the following penalties apply:

  • If you are an unaccompanied learner driver, you are liable to have your vehicle impounded and you face a fine of €160 and 2 penalty points
  • If you are an unaccompanied learner driver but not the vehicle owner, the vehicle is still impounded and the owner faces a prosecution and a fine of up to €1,000.

So far this year, there has been 11 Fatal Collisions (7%) and 66 Serious Injury Collisions (6%) which had at least one confirmed learner* driver.

(Learner drivers include both learner accompanied and learner unaccompanied drivers, but exclude motorcyclists)