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    Gardaí at Bray Garda Station are investigating an attempted robbery that occurred on 7th December 2023 at approximately 11:30am at the Post Office in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.

    On the date in question, shortly after 11am, a black Mazda 3, carrying two male suspects, drove into the village of Kilcoole, from the direction of Greystones.  The car drove around the village a number of times before parking on New Road, adjacent to the Post Office.

    One of the men walked across New Road, onto Main Street in the direction of the Post Office.  He entered the post office and produced a handgun, from his pocket, in his left hand.  He then threatened the staff member.  The suspect did not get any money from the assistant, and left saying he would return. The suspect walked around Kilcoole village for approximately 5 minutes before returning to the black Mazda 3. The two suspects then left in the same direction they had come from.

    Garda Appeal

    • Were you in the Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow area on 7th December 2023 at approximately 11am and do you recall seeing anything suspicious?
    • Gardaí are asking the local community if they have any information about this crime.
    • Do you recall seeing a black Mazda 3 in the Kilcoole area on the 7th December?
    • Can you identify the suspects in the CCTV and below descriptions?

    Description of Suspects:

    Suspect 1:

    • 5’ 8’’ - 5’ 10’’
    • Medium - Stocky build
    • Black jacket
    • Black hat and gloves
    • Black bottoms
    • Black runners

    Suspect 2 (Driver of Vehicle):

    • Blue  fisherman’s hat
    • Hunting/ camouflage jacket with a fur lined hood



    Gardaí at Trim Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred on the 30th December 2023 at Mc Laughlin’s Pub in Ballivor, Co. Meath.

    On the morning in question, at approximately 3:45am, a black hatchback car, which Gardaí believe to be a Renault Laguna, was seen entering the village. The car parked in a nearby housing estate. Two male suspects exited the car and walked to the village, where they spent a considerable amount of time in the vicinity of Mc Laughlin’s Public House - laneways beside the pub and in gardens across the road. 

    The two men then attempted to open the door of a nearby bookmakers using a screwdriver.  They then went to a building site across the road and emerged with two pieces of scaffolding.  One of the suspects returned to the suspect car and drove it from the estate onto the Kinnegad Road where it parked.  The two suspects then went to the rear of the Pub where they proceeded to force open the rear shutter and door. Upon entering, they spent some time in the pub before leaving and returning to the suspect car. The car left Ballivor via the Kinnegad Road. A quantity of cash was taken during the Burglary.

    Garda Appeal

    • Gardaí wish to appeal to anyone who may have been in Ballivor Village, Co. Meath, between 3:40am and 4:40am on 30th December 2023 and who may have seen anyone suspicious in the village during that time.
    • Do you recall seeing a black hatchback car, most likely a Renault Laguna 2007-2014 model in the area? The front left passenger side wheel was a steel wheel as opposed to alloy wheels on the others.
    • Did you sell a similar car in the weeks leading up to the New Year?
    • Do you recognise the two suspects or have any knowledge as to their identities?
    • This has not only impacted a small rural family business, it was an intrusion on a small community at a time when families had come together to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. If you think you can assist the investigation with that critical piece of information - please contact us.

    Description of Suspects:

    Suspect 1:

    • Stocky build
    • Height 5ft. 8 to 5ft. 10 approximately
    • Dark jacket with a light coloured Gillet top, dark jeans and dark runners
    • Most likely left-handed
    • Carrying what appears to be a screwdriver and scaffolding poles
    • Appears to be the man in charge, directing all of the activity

    Suspect 2:

    • Age - late teens/early twenties
    • Height - 6ft. approximately
    • Athletic build
    • Dark tracksuit with lighter colour hood, light coloured socks and dark runners


    Gardaí at Gort Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred between 29th June and 10th July 2023. Entry was gained via a side door to the house which was forced open and damaged. 

    During the course of the burglary, a family heirloom, a distinctive pocket watch with an inscription ‘JOD’ and ‘1885’, was taken. The approximate value of the watch is €2000 to €2600. A sum of cash was also taken.

    Garda Appeal

    • Anyone that may have seen this watch or have been offered this piece for sale to contact Gardaí as it is of huge sentimental value to its owners.

    Internet Safety Day takes place on the 6th of February 2024, the theme of Internet Safety Day – “Tech In Our World” is to create awareness of a better internet for ALL users in particular children and young people.

    In Ireland Safer Internet Day is coordinated by Web wise, a brilliant resource and support for schools, teachers, parents and families. An Garda Síochána work with Webwise around the year promoting online safety. As part of the Garda Schools programme we visit schools around the country to talk to children and young people about safe and respectful communication online.

    Safer Internet Day is a community-wide initiative which sees children, teens, teachers, schools and clubs lead online safety campaigns in their own communities.

    One part of the school’s programme features internet safety which is delivered in conjunction with Webwise – Connect with Respect which offers step by step advice to post primary school students. (www.webwise.ie) 

    The internet is very much a part of our children and teens lives, with children and teens spending more time online. Familiarise yourself with resources available to you such as Webwse.ie

    Schools, teachers, children, organisations can all get involved Safer Internet Day, there’s lots of great lessons and resources available on webwise.ie.

    Top Tips for Parents / Guardians this Safer Internet Day:


    There’s lots of great resources available for parents - Get started by visiting webwise.ie/parents. You'll find expert advice, how to guides, explainers and helpful talking points for parents.


    Have regular conversations with your child about online activity and the important things to look out for online and any potential risks. Supervise online activity.


    Agree on a clear set of rules in your home about internet use and around screen time. Remember the importance of a healthy balance. Cut off internet access at 8pm for example. There are full instructions on the Webwise.ie with regard to how to restrict access device and limit time. (This can be done by configuring the access control on the wi-fi router.


    Reassure your child that they can always come talk to you about anything that comes up online. If you have concerns, contact your local Garda Station.


    Modelling behaviour is the most powerful way you can influence your child's behaviour. The internet when used correctly is a great resource for children.

    1. JOIN IN

    Browse online together or Play your child’s favourite computer game and discover the online world together.

    Advice to adults - to be aware online: 

    • Consider the information that you intend to share/disclose – Do you have to.
    • Think before you open a link on an unsolicited message.
    • Sharing information about your children.
    • Try to avoid posting publicly about - Holidays, weddings, funerals.
    • Competitions - disclosing personal information

    These educational videos have been supplied courtesy of Webwise: -

    • The Full Picture https://vimeo.com/457720222
    • Be Kind Online - Aines story: https://vimeo.com/448849526
    • Be Kind online Donal's Story: https://vimeo.com/448855325?share=copy
    • Be in ctrl: https://vimeo.com/289090948


    On this month’s Crimecall, Sergeant John Fitzpatrick was in studio to discuss vehicle theft prevention advice.

    Theft of vehicles increased significantly in 2022, with over 4,000 theft incidents being reported. There was a 21% increase in the number of incidents reported during 2023 (4978 incidents reported) in comparison to 2022.

    During 2023, the majority of reported incidents occurred between 6pm and 4am, which accounted for almost 60% of incidents.

    Since 1998, immobilisers have been installed in all new vehicles for sale in the EU. Immobilisers work by restricting an essential component part of the engine unless the correct key is used to start the vehicle. They are very effective in reducing vehicle theft.

    If you have a vehicle without an immobiliser, you should consider having one retro fitted. Many immobilisers now work in conjunction with an alarm. Therefore, if an attempted theft is made to your vehicle it will not start and the alarm will sound.

    Various other security devices are also available that you can consider installing to protect your vehicle:

    Steering wheel locks work by simply locking onto the steering wheel preventing the steering wheel from turning. They also act as a visual deterrent as most are yellow in colour and are clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

    External wheel lock or clamps can also be fitted onto the wheel of the vehicle along with handbrake locks, gear stick locks and pedal locks which often have an additional alarm function.

    All these items act as a deterrent and can make your vehicle less attractive to criminals.

    Keyless Entry

    Many modern vehicles utilise a keyless entry system. They work by sending a signal between the key and the vehicle. Relay signal theft can occur when the signal of the key is mimicked and used to gain entry to a vehicle. In order to prevent the key signal transmitting while away from the vehicle, the key can be placed in a Faraday bag or box or even a biscuit tin for storage. By doing so, these items restrict the radio signal from being emitted from the key and reduce the risk of it being copied.

    Theft from Vehicles

    In order to mitigate against the risk of theft from your vehicle always lock and double check the security of the doors and windows. You should remove all valuable items from your vehicle. However, if you must store valuable items in the vehicle consideration should be given to enhancing the locking systems and installing a GPS tracker. In addition, a sensor linked to your house alarm can be fitted to the vehicle and activate when you are at home. Consideration could also be given to fitting a secure locked storage chest or cage vault within vans.

    General vehicle safety advice:


    • Buyers should check the security features of vehicles and make decisions relating to augmenting security
    • A visible steering wheel lock or chain should be considered
    • Leave expensive property at home or work, if not required
    • If you must leave valuables in a vehicle, do not leave them on show - A good idea is to leave an empty glove box open, showing would-be criminals that there is nothing for them to steal.
    • Lock doors and fully close windows. Don’t be tempted to leave the windows slightly open.
    • Fit an alarm
    • Fit an immobiliser or use a physical lock
    • Install a tracker
    • Use a catalytic convertor lock
    • Park under streetlights or in a secure carpark
    • Park where there is CCTV, when possible
    • Fit theft-resistant number plate fittings

    On this month’s Crimecall, Sergeant John Fitzpatrick was in studio discussing retail theft and Operation Táirge, an operation that supports operational activity aimed at detecting and preventing Organised Retail Crime.

    In the year to date (to 20th of March 2024) there have been 6,772 “Theft from Shop incidents” reported to An Garda Siochána, this is an increase on the same period in 2023 of 6,288 reported incidents.

    Theft from Shop incidents reported to An Garda Síochána very often have associated crime incidents reported, whereby a staff member may have been assaulted, threatened or had goods damaged.

    For example, in the year to date (January to March 2024) there have been 49 reported Assault incidents, 54 Public Order Incidents, 19 Criminal Damage incidents and 13 Possession of Offensive Weapons incidents associated with Theft from Shop reports to An Garda Síochána.  


    Working in the Retail Industry

    Working in the retail industry can be a rewarding career and retailers provide an essential service to so many communities. All individuals involved in the retail sector deserve to work in a safe environment along with their customers.

    Retail is generally a safe environment to work in; however, retail theft is not a victimless crime. Retail theft has an economic impact on the retail sector and it can also impact on the personal safety of retail staff who deserve a safe workplace. An Garda Síochána endeavour to support retail workers and assist businesses in preventing crime through positive engagement. An Garda Síochána also wish to raise awareness regarding the consequences associated with retail theft for the offender and the communities in which they operate.

    An Garda Síochána are taking a strategic approach to address the issue of retail crime. The introduction of a new operation, Operation Táirge, will see An Garda Síochána provide reliable and effective high visibility and targeted patrols in addition to utilising an intelligence-led approach to identifying criminals engaging in retail crime. This will help to provide a safe and unhindered shopping experience for members of the public and retailers alike.

    Operation Táirge

    Operation Táirge is an operation that supports operational activity aimed at detecting and preventing Organised Retail Crime (ORC). The Operation has been established as part of An Garda Síochána’s Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy in an effort to reduce the detrimental impact which criminals can have on retail businesses when they steal their goods.

    Operation Táirge was launched in December 2023 by Assistant Commissioner Paula Hilman, Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee T.D. and Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Neale Richmond T.D. The launch was also attended and supported by a number of retail representative groups.

    Operation Táirge works on a nationwide basis, focusing on reducing organised retail crime through the following methods:

    • Using an intelligence-led approach to identify criminals engaging in retail crime
    • Disrupting the most prolific groups in operation through the use of organised crime legislation and proceeds of crime legislation
    • Working with retailers to strengthen their security and prevent them becoming victims of this criminality
    • Supporting those working in retail to report a crime
    • Identifying and targeting the areas where ORC black markets operate, and their leadership
    • Working with high risk retailers to enhance prevention, investigation and prosecution
    • Deterring people from becoming involved in organised retail crime by raising awareness of the consequences of committing such offences.

    What can I do as a retailer?

    An Garda Síochána encourages retailers to engage with Gardaí locally and report all incidents of retail theft along with associated incidents, e.g. antisocial behaviour.

    A proactive step a retailer can take is to review the security and layout of their store. This can be carried out with the assistance of a Divisional Crime Prevention Officer.

    Divisional Crime Prevention Officers are available to provide advice to retailers regarding their store layout and security. Crime Prevention Officer information can be found on the Garda website here:


    Information regarding “Protecting your Business” can also be found here: https://www.garda.ie/en/crime-prevention/protecting-your-business/

    What can the Community do to support retailers if they see something suspicious?

    • Notify a staff member
    • Notify a security guard
    • Do not approach or engage with an individual who is acting suspiciously or committing a criminal act
    • In the case of an emergency, ring 999/112


    A 2023 survey found that there are 700,000 more mobile phone subscriptions in Ireland than there are people. Mobile phones have replaced laptops as the primary device we use to connect online - 95% of people have a mobile phone, while almost 90% of people access the internet every day using their phones to connect to the internet, social media and email. At the same time, over 55% of children aged 9-11 own a smartphone which connects them to social media and the internet, often without restriction or supervision.  A survey by Webwise found that 65% of parents are unaware of their child’s online activity. We forget that mobile phones are a storage device, a processing computer, a photo gallery, a navigation aid, a mobile bank and a communication hub all combined. Most people use mobile phones for more reasons than any other device they have access to.


    Because the phone is in our pocket we believe it is secure and safe. But that’s not always the case.They are nearly always on and connected to a network and the Internet. Insecure Wi-Fi doesn’t necessarily encrypt the personal data we send and doesn’t always require a password or other form of credential to be entered. At the same time, our phones are designed to connect to other devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This allows files and data to be shared between devices and transfer files very easily.


    It has been recognised that our phones carry valuable data and are being targeted by organised criminal groups (O.C.G) - resulting in the data being stolen. Mobile phishing emails have increased by 85%, while many O.C.G’s are creating fake apps that are designed to capture your interest and then your personal information. We make that easier if we don’t update our mobiles with official software patches, anti-virus protections or just lock it down by turning off connection apps such as Bluetooth unless you actually need to use them. Around 60% of people update protections on their mobiles regularly, with many workers expecting their IT section organise the updates for them.


    Most mobile phone suppliers provide annual system upgrades and regular updates to software to include patches and fixes for bugs which improve performance and security. Users are asked to permit the upgrade which can be rejected or delayed because it can change features on the phone, but that increases the risk of infection with malware or a cyber-attack. We should always check for updates ourselves.


    Basic Rule of Mobile Phone Usage


    • Treat your phone as a computer
    • Update your phone’s software and virus protections regularly
    • Only install known and trusted apps
    • Avoid using unsecure free Wi-Fi to connect your phone to the internet or a work network
    • Use a separate password or biometric logon such as a fingerprint to lock your phone
    • Turn on encryption on your Android phone. You can find out how by searching on Google (With Android its Settings & Security) iPhones have encryption by default when protected with a password or other lock.

    More Information and help

    You can get more information about mobile security from your service provider, by searching online and from the Garda website or your local Crime Prevention Officer. If your phone is targeted, contact your provider, bank if you store account details on your device, and local Garda Station.


    The Gardaí at Shannon Garda station are investigating all the circumstances surrounding the death of Patrick Nugent. On Friday, February 10th 1984, a party was held in “The Barn” in Bunratty Folk Park, Co. Clare, to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of William & Chrissie Ryan. William Ryan was well- known in the area and held a prominent position as ‘Head Chef’ for Aer Rianta in Shannon Airport.

    Patrick Nugent was the banquet manager for the event on the night and had responsibility for the party’s smooth running.

    The Event:

    Approximately (60) invited guests attended the party which was held in a building known as ‘The Barn’ on the grounds of Bunratty Folk Park. Some of the guests parked their cars in a courtyard located directly opposite to ‘The Barn’ while others utilised the public carpark located outside the Folk Park.

    A buffet meal was served on the night and entertainment was provided by a local band. At approximately 3am on 11th February 1984 the band stopped playing and guests began to leave.

    At approximately 4am, Patrick Nugent assisted William Ryan in bringing anniversary gifts out to William Ryan’s car which was parked in the courtyard outside ‘The Barn’.

    A short time later, some guests were still in the function room of ‘The Barn’ and some members of staff who were in the kitchen area of ‘The Barn’ heard a noise outside.

    A number of guests and staff members went the short distance from the Function Room and the kitchen to the courtyard area. They observed Patrick Nugent lying at the entrance door which leads to the courtyard. He had received injuries from which he later died.

    Crimecall interviewed Patrick’s brothers John and Martin. Patrick was their eldest brother, someone who they looked up to. Patrick had a great work ethic - whether it was working at home on the family farm or at Bunratty. If Patrick was alive today, he would be approaching his 64th birthday and the Nugent Family have missed out on sharing many happy family occasions with him.


    This is a fresh investigation into all the circumstances that lead to Patrick’s death.  As a result, an incident room has been established in Shannon Garda Station to investigate the matter. 

    Investigating Gardaí are conscious that the original investigation was carried out almost 40 years ago.  The investigation team are now re-examining and reviewing all available material and are utilising modern day investigative techniques. It is hoped that with advances in technology the investigation can be progressed and bring closure to the Nugent family. The investigation team are currently interviewing witnesses who attended the party.

    Garda Appeal: 

    • Are you in a position to bring closure to Patrick’s family who deserve to know what happened to their loved one?
    • Do you have any information in your possession that may assist with establishing the circumstances surrounding the death of Patrick? You may not have been able to unburden yourself until now – but with the passage of time, or a change in personal circumstances, you may have information which you were unable to share previously. We want to assure you we will treat you with compassion and sensitivity.
    • The investigation is currently focused on all those who attended the party on the night as either a guest or a member of staff. Do you now recall something that previously you were unable to share with the investigation?
    • Are you a family member or friend of anyone who attended the party? You may be able to assist the investigation? Do you have photographs which were taken on the night?
    • If you possess any information, no matter how small or insignificant you feel it may be, please give the investigation team the opportunity of assessing what it is you have to say.
    • Please contact the Incident Room - Shannon Garda Station on (061)-356000

           Garda confidential number - 1800 666111 or Crime call on 1800 40 50 60.


    Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating an attempted burglary at a business premises in an industrial estate in Dublin 15 on 25th October 2023.  On the night in question, a male travelling in a Ford Transit vehicle, registration 08D67849, accessed the building site under false pretences.  He was confronted by people working on the site.  The suspect along with 2/3 other males, then fled on foot. The Ford Transit van was recovered by Gardaí at the scene. However, it was established that the van had been recently purchased using false details.


    Description of Suspect:

    • Male
    • 25 – 27 years
    • Hair: Short, red mixed with light gold colour
    • Forehead: No folds on skin, small black spot over eye (right)
    • Eyebrows: Fair in colour
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Face: Thin shape, complexion white and red mix, no facial hair, square jaw. Dry lips - red.
    • Spoke slowly
    • Clothes: Light grey hoodie and high vis


    Gardaí in Ballymun are investigating a burglary that took place in Willow Park Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 between 4.45 and 5.45 pm on 14 November 2023.

    On the date in question the victim left her house to do some shopping. On her way back she was stopped by a man who told her she had forgotten something in the shop. She returned to the shop and discovered that nothing had been left behind.

    When she returned home the victim reported a burglary at her home and that a significant amount of cash had been taken.

    Suspect description

    • Male in his early 30’S
    • 5’7- 5’8 in Height
    • Thin build
    • Dublin Accent
    • Small Eyes
    • Brown Hair
    • Navy/ black Puffy Jacket


    Gardaí in Ballymun are investigating a burglary that took place in Willow Park Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 between 4.45 and 5.45 pm on 14 November 2023.

    On the date in question the victim left her house to do some shopping. On her way back she was stopped by a man who told her she had forgotten something in the shop. She returned to the shop and discovered that nothing had been left behind.

    When she returned home the victim reported a burglary at her home and that a significant amount of cash had been taken.

    Suspect Description:

    • Male in his early 30’S
    • 5’7- 5’8 in height
    • Thin build
    • Dublin accent
    • Small eyes
    • Brown hair
    • Navy/ black puffy jacket


    Gardaí in Carrigtwohill Garda Station are investigating a serious assault that took place in Tibbotstown, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, at approximately 10am on 12th November 2023.

    On the date in question the victim came across three men who claimed to be hunting foxes with their dogs on his land.  The injured party asked the men to leave his land when the first suspect hit him with a T-bar, causing two serious injuries to his head.  The second suspect subsequently hit the injured party a number of times with a shovel.  The three men then left in a black-coloured 4 x4 type vehicle.

    The victim was brought by ambulance to Cork University Hospital for treatment where he received 17 staples to his head.

    Suspects’ Descriptions:

    Suspect No. 1

    • Height - Approximately 6ft
    • Build - Lean
    • Aged in his 40’s
    • Brown top with brand name Ridgeline
    • Two dogs with him, a Jack Russell terrier and a crossbreed between a poodle and a Scottish Highland terrier white curly hair.
    • Possession of a T-Bar

    Suspect No. 2

    • Height - Approximately 5ft 5
    • Build - Medium
    • Receding hairline, grey and red in colour
    • Carried a shovel

    Suspect No. 3

    • Height - Approximately 5ft5
    • Build - Heavy
    • Red short hair



    Gardaí in Santry are investigating a Sexual Assault at Clanhugh Road, Donnycarney, Dublin 5, on the 24th of September 2023 between 9:50 and 10:05pm.

    On the date in question, the victim got off the bus and started walking home. As she turned onto Clanhugh Road, she was approached by an unknown male who tried to make conversation with her. The victim was then grabbed, but managed to free herself and continue home.

    Suspect description:

    • Aged in his 30’s
    • 5’7’’ or 5’6’’ in height
    • Wearing black clothing and a cycling helmet
    • Dark skinned and spoke with a South American accent
    • Black hair, stubble beard, thick eyebrows and carrying a food delivery bag


    Gardaí in New Ross are investigating a theft that occurred at a house in Ard Álainn, New Ross, Co. Wexford at 11:45am on Thursday 7th December 2023.

    On the date in question two male suspects travelling in a small silver van with partial reg 06 called to the victim’s house offering a gutter cleaning service. After the gutters had been cleaned, one of the male suspects was showing the victim the work done, when the second male entered the house alone.

    After the men left the victim discovered that a significant sum of money which had been placed inside envelopes had been taken from his home.

    Evo Suspect Description:

    • 5ft8 to 5ft10
    • Medium build
    • Short black hair
    • Slight Cork accent but indicated he was from Enniscorthy


    Gardaí in Midleton, Co. Cork are investigating the discovery of remains that were discovered by workers at a construction site on the Midleton to Youghal Greenway, just off the Shanty Path at Roxborough, Midleton, Co. Cork on Tuesday 5 January 2021. 

    On the date in question, workers from Cork County Council were clearing an area just off the railway which had been used as an illegal dumping ground for a number of years. This area was not accessible as a walkway and it was overgrown with shrubbery, trees and weeds.  

    The workers were in the process of clearing the site with a digger on 5th January 2021 and at approximately 4.30 – 5pm they discovered the human remains.  

    An extensive Garda investigation has been led by Superintendent Adrian Gamble. A full post mortem was carried out and DNA samples obtained. Unfortunately, when set against the National DNA Database a match was not obtained. The services of the Missing Persons Unit and the Garda National Protective Services Bureau were engaged.

    Description of deceased: 

    • Remains believed to be that of a female aged approximately 70 years +
    • Height approximately 5’0 to 5’2’’ (when alive)
    • Large framed
    • Suffered from arthritis
    • Wore dentures
    • Was wearing a faded white garment on the upper body
    • Flat black shoes

    Gardaí Appeal: 

    • Someone in the community must know how the female skeletal remains came to be at this locally known “tipping point” off the Shanty Path at Roxborough, Midleton, Co. Cork.
    • An Garda Síochána are determined to formally identify the deceased and treat her with the respect and dignity that she deserves.
    • An Garda Síochána want and need to provide closure for a family that, at this early stage, remain unknown and ensure that the remains are brought to a final resting place.
    • House-to-house enquiries have been undertaken in the local area, local missing person records have been reviewed as have missing person records retained by the Garda National Missing Persons Unit.
    • Gardaí are appealing to the public for any information, no matter how small, they might have to help. 
    • As part of their renewed appeal, Gardaí have released an image of the shoe, which was discovered with the remains.


    Gardaí at Ballymun Garda Station are investigating the disappearance of forty-one-year-old Jon Jonsson, last seen Saturday 9th February 2019.

    Jon, originally from Iceland, travelled to Ireland on Friday 8th and checked into the Bonnington Hotel, where a poker tournament was taking place. On Saturday, Jon was joined by his partner, who was also attending the tournament. Jon’s partner left their bedroom on Saturday morning to get a coffee, followed shortly afterwardsby Jon, who was captured on the hotel’s CCTV in the lobby. Jon left the hotel and turned right onto the Swords road in the direction of the Airport. Jon left his passport and phone behind in the hotel room.

    A number of Operational searches which took place in North Dublin this week have yielded no further information on the whereabouts of Jon Jonsson.


    It is out of character for Mr Jonsson to go missing like this. He is a family man with young children back at home in Iceland. His partner, family and friends are extremely concerned for his safety and wellbeing and are appealing to the public for their assistance.

    The Garda investigation into the disappearance of Jon has also continued over the last 5 years. The investigation to date has created over 270 jobs/lines of enquires and numerous statements have been taken and hours of CCTV were reviewed. Despite ongoing investigations and enquiries, Jon has yet to be located and we continue to look for your help.



    Garda Appeal:

    • Jon Jonsson was last seen on the Swords Road walking in the direction of the junction with Collins Avenue, Whitehall at 11.07am on 09/02/2019.
    • The investigation team received two items of anonymous correspondence in early February 2024, the contents of which have been assessed. Are you the author or do you know the author(s) of this correspondence?
    • The Garda investigation team are continuing to appeal to the author(s) of those correspondences to make direct contact with them. Any contact will be treated with sensitivity and compassion. Your assistance could be very important.
    • Were you at the Bonnington Hotel on the night of 8th Feb and morning of 9th Feb 2019? Did you come into contact with Jon? While it is 5 years since Jon went missing, this was a high profile case and therefore you might remember being there.
    • Can you assist with this investigation? Maybe we have spoken to you previously and for whatever reason you felt unable to assist - but now feel that you can. We would like to encourage you to please do so now, no matter how insignificant you think the information you have to offer may be.


    Gardaí at Waterford Station are investigating the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Michal Piotrowski of New Ross, Co. Wexford.  Michal was last seen leaving the Waterford University Hospital area and turning left onto Dunmore Road and then onto Nursery Lane on the 19th December 2023.

    Crimecall interviewed Michal’s daughter Ewa and granddaughter Klaudia who spoke about the upset Michal’s disappearance has had on their family. Michal is without his medication and the family are very concerned for his wellbeing. 

    Extensive searches have been carried out by An Garda Síochána, the Marine Search and Rescue and the Coast Guard.

    Garda Appeal

    • Were you in the Waterford University Hospital vicinity at the time Michal was last seen and do you recall seeing him?
    • Were you in the Waterford City area at the time of Michal’s disappearance?
    • Have a look at Michal’s photo - Do you recall seeing a male matching his description?  Michal may also have changed appearance / changed looks.
    • If you were in the area at the time – Do you have dash cam footage?


    • Approximately 5’6” height
    • Approximately 65 kg weight
    • Short Grey/Black hair (may be longer now)
    • Green eyes
    • White skin
    • Speaks in a Polish / English accent
    • Has missing teeth
    • Last seen wearing a large tan coloured jacket, dark trousers, black shoes and had a black coloured satchel.


    The Gardaí at Gort Station are investigating all the circumstances of the death of Emer O'Loughlin (23 years) at Ballybornagh, Tubber, Co. Clare.

    On the 8th April 2005, human remains were discovered in a mobile home close to where Emer lived with her boyfriend. The mobile home which belonged to a man named John Griffin had been completely destroyed by fire - the human remains discovered inside were later identified as being Emer O’Loughlin’s.

    On the 19th May 2010, investigating Gardaí exhumed Emer’s remains, which were then removed to Galway University Hospital where forensic anthropology tests were conducted. The tests indicated that Emer had died a violent death, and as a result the investigation was upgraded to that of murder.

    Investigating Gardaí are hopeful that the public can assist with efforts to trace John Griffin, formerly of the Mervue area of Galway City. Gardaí believe that John Griffin may have information that will assist them and are eager to interview him as part of the investigation.  

    Garda Appeal:

    • Do you have any information that may assist with the investigation? We may have spoken to you previously and due to the passage of time you may now feel better placed to assist with the investigation.
    • Have you seen or spoken to John Griffin at the time and / or in the intervening years?  AKA Fozzie Griffin
    • Do you know the current whereabouts of John Griffin?
    • Emer’s family are still struggling to come to terms with her loss and are asking for your assistance in order to bring them closure. If you believe you may be in a position to bring closure and get justice for them, we would like to hear from you.  Be assured you will be treated with sensitivity and compassion by the investigation team.
    • Gardaí are of the belief that John Griffin is still alive and at the time of his disappearance he was assisted by a person or persons unknown in leaving the island of Inis Mór.
    • AGS have never received a Missing Person report in respect of John Griffin. Extensive searches were conducted along the coastline following the finding of his clothing, however he has never been sighted nor has his body ever been recovered.

    Description of John Griffin

    • Height – 180cm (5 ft. 11in)
    • Age – 56
    • Build – Slight
    • Accent – Local
    • Other – Bald on top of head. Often sported a beard, which he shaved off on occasion. Known by many by his nickname “Fozzie”.
    • Tattoo - throat area – described as an Egyptian “eye of Horus”.


    An Garda Síochána are conducting a review of the investigation into the murder of Liam Murray. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Liam Murray’s murder. On Friday the 20th of March 2009 Liam (42 years) was discovered deceased at his home in Rockbrook Cottages, Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham Dublin 16. A Post Mortem later confirmed he died as a result of gunshot injury. Gardaí are making a direct appeal for information to assist the investigation surrounding the circumstances of his death.

    Rockbrook Cottages are located on the Edmonstown Road in close proximity to the Merry Ploughboy Public House. Liam Murray was known amongst his friends as “Blackie” due to the fact he was mechanic, a reference to the colour of his hands. He was described as 5ft 10in in height, stocky build, with short, dark brown, curly hair.

    Investigations have shown that Liam spent a large part of St. Patrick’s Day 2009 in the Headline Bar on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin 8, before making his way towards his home at Rockbrook Cottages at around 6:20pm.

    On that day Liam was driving a black Mitsubishi Pajero. The last known contact with Liam was on that same evening 17th of March 2009.

    There has been an extensive investigation, with close to 2000 lines of enquiry to date.

    We are very grateful for all those who have come forward and assisted with the investigation and provided information during the intervening years. However, we are appealing for assistance from the public with regard to the ongoing investigation. It is never too late to come forward and help bring closure for Liam’s family.

    Garda Appeal:

    • Any person who met, spoke or had any interaction with Liam Murray leading up to the discovery of his body on the 20th of March 2009.
    • Did you speak to Liam on that St. Patrick’s Day or notice any activity around his home between St. Patrick’s Day and Friday the 20th of March 2009?
    • Did you have interactions through the motor trade where Liam worked prior to St. Patrick’s Day?
    • Gardaí believe that there are still persons who have information on Liam’s murder who haven’t yet spoken to Gardaí or may have spoken to Gardaí but were not in a position to disclose all the information known to them.
    • We are appealing to these persons, 15 years later, to please speak to our investigative team. Liam’s death will have been a talking point over the years and you may hold that critical piece of information. Liam’s family remain devastated by his untimely death and are still struggling to come to terms with their loss.
    • The primary focus of this investigation is the victim, Liam Murray and his family. The investigation team are seeking to gather all available information /evidence to bring this matter to a positive conclusion.
    • I would urge persons with any information in relation to this murder investigation to please contact the investigation team at Terenure Garda Station 01 6666400, Crimecall 1800405060, local Garda Station or the Garda Confidential line 1800666111.

    We together with his family are appealing for your help. Please be assured that any assistance will be treated with sensitivity and compassion.


    Gardaí at Mallow Garda Station continue to investigate all the circumstances surrounding the death of thirty-six-year-old Peter Murphy, whose remains were found on Saturday, February 7th 2015, at a rented property at Shanavoher, Bweeng, Mallow, Co. Cork.

    At approximately 1.10pm, Mallow Gardaí received a call that there was broken glass outside the front door of the property. Gardaí attending the scene discovered Peter’s remains located in the house. A subsequent post mortem examination revealed that he had died as a result of having received serious injuries.

    Peter maintained regular contact with his family and a close circle of friends - speaking with members of his family a number of times during the course of any day. Thursday, the 5th February 2015 was no different as Gardaí have established that the last contact Peter had with family and friends was on this date.

    At 11.30am on Saturday 7th, a person walking past the house noticed broken glass in front of the hall door. Contact was made with the landlord who on inspection discovered Peter’s remains and notified Gardaí.


    Garda Appeal:

    • We are very grateful for all those who have come forward and assisted with the investigation and provided information during the intervening years. However, we still require your help, and it is never too late to come forward and help bring closure for Peter’s family. Please be assured that any assistance will be treated with sensitivity and compassion.
    • The focus of our appeal is to a specific small circle of people who have information that can assist with this murder investigation.
    • We together with Peter’s family are appealing to those individuals to look into their conscience and unburden themselves of whatever information they may have - no matter how small or insignificant they might believe it to be.
    • We believe that the key to progressing this investigation remains within the local community. Peter’s death will have been a talking point over the years and you may hold that critical piece of information.
    • Peter’s family remain devastated by this terrible crime and are still struggling to come to terms with his death. We together with Peter’s family are appealing for your help. It has been 9 years since and during that time your relationships, associations, loyalties may have changed. You may not now be constrained by the set of circumstances that existed for you back in 2015, and therefore feel better placed to unburden yourself.


    Cycling has become a popular mode of transport in Ireland for both leisure activities and for commuting to work, school & college. Most of the large cities throughout the country have responded to this increase by installing bicycle rental schemes and providing cycle lanes. 

    Cycling - can be dangerous. As a cyclist, you are one of the most vulnerable road users and all cyclists must take personal responsibility for their and others safety while out on the roads.

    Last year (43) cyclists were issued with a fixed penalty notice for cycling past a red traffic light. A total of (18) cyclists were prosecuted for riding a bicycle without due care and attention. As a vulnerable road user, these offences can lead to serious injury or death. Last year (7) cyclists lost their lives on our roads.

    Tips for Safe Cycling:

    • Keep your bicycle road worthy – check tyres and chain. Make sure lights and bell are fitted and in working order
    • Wear a helmet
    • Use correct hand signals
    • Don’t wear headphones or use you phone while cycling
    • Think ahead, be observant
    • Use cycle tracks where provided
    • Wear high visibility clothing
    • Be aware of blind spot areas on larger vehicles
    • Be aware of cycling offences

    Cycling Offences:


     Description of Offence:

    Fixed Charge


    No front lamp or rear lamp lit during lighting-up hours on a pedal cycle.



    Cyclist driving a pedal cycle without reasonable consideration.



    Cyclist failing to stop for a School Warden sign.



    Cyclist proceeding past traffic lights when the red lamp is illuminated.



    Cyclist proceeding beyond a stop line, barrier or half barrier at a railway level crossing, swing bridge or lifting bridge, when the red lamps are flashing.



    Cyclist proceeding into a pedestrianised street or area.



    Cyclist proceeding past cycle traffic lights when red lamp is lit.


    Tips for Motorists:

    • Keep a look out for cyclists, especially at junctions.
    • Keep your distance when passing a cyclist.
    • Check your mirrors before opening the car door.
    • Be patient.
    • Do not block the cycle box at junctions.

    Driving a vehicle is one of the most dangerous activities we will do on a regular basis. It is of paramount importance that drivers take personal responsibility to ensure their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and that they are familiar with the controls of the car.

    It is not enough that your car has a valid NCT disc on the windscreen. A vehicle needs to be serviced in line with manufacturer’s recommendations in between roadworthiness tests as well. It’s your legal obligation to do so. Unfortunately, some motorists continue to think that once their car passes the NCT it doesn’t need to be serviced until the next test or until a warning light comes on.

    Obviously, it is not expected of drivers to have an intricate knowledge of the internal workings of the vehicle, however below is a list of things that drivers do need to be aware of and check at regular intervals:


    Tyres are the only point of contact between you and the road so it is vital that they are maintained correctly. You should regularly check each tyre for:

    • Defects such as bulges, sidewall tears, exposed wire or penetration damage
    • Tyre thread depth. The legal limit is 1.6mm but it is recommended that they are changed at 3mm

    It is an offence to drive a vehicle in a public place with a tyre thread depth of less than 1.6mm. A Fixed Penalty Notice of €80 and 2 penalty points can be issued.


    Drivers should do a walk around of their vehicle regularly to ensure all lights are working correctly. If any lights are faulty, the bulbs should be replaced immediately as it is an offence to drive a vehicle on a public road with faulty lights.

    Since 1st November 2014, all vehicles sold in the EU must be fitted with Day Running Lights or DRL’s. DRL’s are only to the front and the rear of the vehicle is not illuminated. While this is a good safety initiative, it has created a problem with drivers failing to turn on their dipped headlights during the hours of darkness. Drivers need to ensure they activate their dipped headlights during dusk, darkness and adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or snow, to ensure the vehicles tail lights are illuminated and they have sufficient light to the front.


    Engine oil

    As all drivers should be aware, oil is crucial for an engine to function properly. While this should be checked by a mechanic during a vehicle’s routine service, it is good practice to check your car’s oil level on a regular basis, particularly before setting off on long journeys or taking your car overseas.


    Under the bonnet of a car, there are a number of containers for different fluids such as power steering fluid, coolant, windscreen wash etc. These are all clearly marked and will have minimum and maximum levels marked on the containers as appropriate. It is good practice to visually check these levels regularly.

    Windscreen Wipers

    Windscreen Wipers typically last between 1 to 2 years depending on frequency of use. If your wipers are not performing as they should, don’t wait until the next service to change them.

    Safety Kit

    It is highly recommended that you carry the following in your vehicle:

    • High visibility vest
    • A working torch
    • A hazard warning triangle
    • De-icing equipment (for glass and door locks)
    • First aid kit


    Warning Lights

    Don’t ignore dashboard warning lights. If a warning is present, as a general rule, yellow lights mean ‘check as soon as possible’, red means ‘stop vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so’.

    Some common examples are:


    The Garda Active Mobility Project began as a pilot in December 2017 in Limerick and was headed up by then Chief Superintendent Dave Sheahan. The project involved the rollout of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile phones with access to Garda systems that could be accessed from the roadside.The device scans the registration plates and automatically returns relevant data. The device can also scan a driving licence and automatically return real time information on the roadside to the Garda. This has proved successful in identifying false or forged driving licences and disqualified drivers.


    The pilot was a huge success and AGS have now rolled out almost 11,800 mobility devices to operational members across the country. Gardaí now have access to a range of information on the Garda PULSE system in the palm of their hands which include the following:


    Traffic App

    With the Traffic App, a Garda can type or scan the registration of the car and the app will instantly provide information about the tax, insurance, NCT,advice if there are any Garda or Police Service of Northern Ireland warnings and whether the vehicle is stolen. Gardaí can also view all incidents that the vehicle is linked to, such as traffic collisions or crimes.


    Person Search

    With the person search app, Gardaí can instantly check for all information about a person on the PULSE system, including any warnings or warrants. This is very helpful for the safety of Gardaí as well as apprehending persons who are wanted on warrant by the Courts.


    Insurance App

    The most recent addition to the Mobility Device is the Insurance database in the Traffic App. When a member enters a vehicle registration number into the Traffic App, the app will search the insurance database for the insurance policy attached to that vehicle. We can now see the policy number, policy holder details and named driver details for the policy. We can also see if the policy was cancelled and, of course, if a car has no insurance. This has led to a significant increase in the detection of people driving without insurance. There was a 25% increase in vehicles being detained for no insurance during the first two weeks of the new App.

    Since the 16th November 2023, The Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) are providing An Garda Síochána with motor insurance information on a daily basis, so the information on the Traffic App is updated every 24 hours. This technology advancement and collaboration with the MIBI and insurance companies and brokers is a game changer in tackling this problem.


    Future Developments

    The Mobility Team in Garda Headquarters continue to work to develop new Apps and improve existing ones to equip operational members of An Garda Síochána with cutting edge technology to detect and fight crime. It is hoped that the traffic app will include more information on driving licences and fleet insurance policies in the not too distant future which will greatly assist Roads Policing.


    Gardaí at Navan Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred on Monday 26th June 2023 shortly before 11pm in Kilberry, on the outskirts of Navan, Co. Meath.  On the night in question, two male suspects were seen running from St. John The Baptist Church carpark towards Kilberry crossroads and into Kilberry Pub and Kitchen. The males produced weapons and demanded phones and wallets from customers in the pub. One of the males then forced a member of staff to empty the contents of the till before bringing them to a back office and taking the contents of the safe. The two men then left the pub and ran back in the direction of the Church.

    Garda Appeal

    • To the local community – Do you have any information about this crime?
    • Can you identify the suspects from the CCTV? One of the suspects is believed to have spoken with a local accent.
    • Did you see the suspects’ silver saloon car? Were you in the Kilberry area on 26th June 2023, or have you CCTV or dashcam footage at or near the area? The investigation team would welcome the opportunity to examine it.

    Suspect Descriptions:

    Suspect 1:

    • 40’s  
    • 5’ 7’’ - 5’ 8’’ 
    • Stocky
    • Balaclava  
    • North Face hoodie  
    • Black tracksuit bottoms
    • Iron bar

    Suspect 2: 

    • 20s / 30s  
    • 6’ 6’’ - 6’ 7” 
    • Slim build 
    • Black face covering 
    • Black Kappa top  
    • Machete  


    Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating the unauthorised taking of a grey Toyota Rav4, registration 211-D-5559 from the Luttrellstown, Dublin 15 area at some stage between 9:30pm on 21st February and 5:40am on 22nd February 2024. 

    The Roads Policing Unit based at Delvin, Co. Westmeath were subsequently conducting a speed check on the N4 Westbound at Junction 14, The Downs, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath and came across this vehicle travelling at a speed of 184km in a 100km zone.  The Toyota Rav4 continued for approximately 20km at high speed on the N4 to a location called Leny. The car then turned and drove back towards Mullingar.  The vehicle subsequently drove eastbound on the westbound lane on the N4 from Junction 17 and exited at Junction 16 going the wrong way up the ramp and turning right into Mullingar Town.

    Garda Appeal:

    • Were you in the Luttrellstown, Dublin 15 area on the night of the 21st into the morning of the 22nd February 2024? Did you notice anyone acting suspicious in the area?
    • Gardaí at Delvin Roads Policing Unit have described both the driver of the vehicle and the passenger as black males. Do you recall seeing a grey Rav4 211-D-5559 on the N4 on the 25th February driving at speed?
    • Do you recall seeing this vehicle driving eastbound on the westbound lane on the N4?  Did you see this vehicle exiting the entrance of the N4 at junction 16 and turning in the direction of Mullingar Town?  Do you have dashcam footage?
    • Do you have information on the current whereabouts of this vehicle, or the identity of either suspects - please contact Gardaí.


    The Gardaí at Salthill Garda Station are appealing for information in relation to the discovery of human remains at 158 Upper Salthill on the 17th April 2002.

    The owner of this property was carrying out excavation work in the back garden and discovered human remains wrapped up in a sleeping bag buried in a shallow grave. There were also a number of items of clothing including, boots, jewellery and hair ties in the sleeping bag.

    A full examination of the scene was carried out and a post mortem on the remains. An investigation was launched with Gardaí establishing that this property was used as a squat over the years by a number of people. Their enquiries led them to a man known as “Dave”, who busked around Galway, particularly on Shop Street, an area known locally as “the four corners”. He played guitar and tin whistle. He always had his pet collie dog with him.

    Gardaí believe Dave was originally from the United Kingdom and the last known sighting of him was in 1999. Gardaí believe he was buried at 158 Upper Salthill almost two years before his remains were discovered. Gardaí also believe he may have been known as “Dave Rawson” or “Dave Tang”, but are unsure if that was his real name.


    • Can you assist with identifying Dave?
    • Were you living in Galway back in 1999 when it is believed Dave Tang died? Did you know him or any of his friends / associates?
    • Housemates described him making phone calls to family in England, possibly in the Exeter area, using numbers in his black notebook.  There was also information connecting him to the Tunbridge Wells and Cornwall areas of Southern England.
    • His dog licence was registered under the name ‘Dave Rawson’ – unfortunately this may not have been his real name and hasn’t yielded any positive results.
    • If you feel that you can assist Gardaí after all these years, please get in touch. We would like to assure you that you will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.

    Description of Dave:

    • He was a well-established figure on the busking scene in Galway, often playing the guitar in and around Lynch’s Castle on Shop Street.
    • He was very recognisable – carried around a black notebook and wore bangles on his wrists – he had a sort of ‘New Age’ appearance/style of dress.
    • Collie dog he would walk on a blue nylon rope and wore Northridge boots.
    • He was a very good musician – It is thought he may have been classically trained and well-educated.