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23 October 2023


The Gardaí at Finglas station are investigating an assault causing harm that occurred on 13th October 2022 at approximately 10:30am on Church Street. On the date in question, the victim after leaving a nearby premises, was getting into his vehicle when two male suspects wearing high visibility bibs approached him. 

One of the male suspect’s walked behind the victim, produced a knife, which was then used to severely injure the victim’s body and face.

The two suspects then ran away entering St. Canices Church grounds where they exited onto Ballybogan Road. One of the suspects who had possession of the knife used to injure the victim, removed his high visibility bib while running.

Suspect Descriptions

Suspect 1: Early 20’s, Slim build, Navy Cap, High-Vis jacket, Black Clothing, Runners

Suspect 2: Early 20’s, Slim build, Navy Cap, High-Vis jacket, Black Clothing

Garda Appeal:

  • Were you in the Finglas area on 13th October 2022 and recall seeing this incident?
  • Do you recognise either of these men?
  • Do you recognise this vehicle? Did you see this vehicle in the weeks / days leading up to this incident? Do you know who had possession of it?
  • Anyone with information of this incident, to contact the investigation team.

Gardaí at Finglas Garda station investigating. Tel: (01) 6667500


Gardaí at Dunshaughlin Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred in the Kilmore area of Kilcock, Co. Meath, on 12th September 2023 at approximately 2:30pm.  On the date in question, a male suspect entered the driveway of the house and proceeded to look around the premises. He was joined by two more males, and all three then gained entry to the house, through the rear patio door. 

A Vauxhall Astra, with cloned registration; 08-MN-1268, then drove into the driveway of the house, while the suspects exited via a front window, carrying a gun safe which they loaded into the rear of the Astra car. The gun safe contained (5) firearms and ammunition.  Jewellery and golf memorabilia were also reported taken during the course of the burglary.


Suspect 1: Late teens / Early twenties, approximately 6ft tall, slight build, wearing a dark hoody, dark green peaked cap, navy bottoms and a striped scarf around his face.

Suspect 2: Driver, late teens / early twenties, slight build, approximately 5”10, mousy brown hair, athletic build, grey top, black bottoms.

Suspect 3: Late teens / early twenties, athletic build, 5”10 approximately in height, royal blue jacket, dark bottoms, black beanie hat and snood.

Suspect 4: Early twenties, approximately 6ft, athletic build, blue/grey bottoms, black jacket, blue face mask and blue Leinster bobble hat.

Suspect Vehicle:

  • Dark blue Vauxhall Astra, 3 door hatchback 2005 – 2008 model.
  • Cloned plates 08-MN-1268.

Garda Appeal:

  • Did you travel the Dunboyne to Summerhill Road, or where you at Mullagh Cross or the Kilmore, Kilcock area on the 12th September 2023 at approximately 2:30pm?
  • Do you recall seeing a dark metallic blue Opel Vauxhall hatchback with 4 male occupants?
  • Do you recognise this vehicle, know who has possession of it or where it is now?
  • Where you in the area and do you have dashcam footage?
  • Have you seen the Gun Cabinet/Safe, make: Cogswell & Harrison Seven, weighing 60 kilos. It may be discarded in a field or at the side of the road?
  • Have you seen or been offered any of the five firearms?
  • Miroku Double Barrel shot gun
  • CZ Pistol .22LR
  • BRNO .22LR Rifle
  • Morrison Double Barrel shot gun
  • Kreighoff Model 32 shot gun
  • Have you been offered the items of jewellery, broaches, diamond rings and golf medals
  • A large gold broach in the form of the Westmanstown Golf Club Crest with a Golf Club adorned on it
  • 2 Gold medals & chains from Westmanstown Golf Club with the inscription of ‘June 95’ & ‘September 95’
  • Chain & Bracelet Set – Rose/White/Gold
  • Gold Necklett
  • Gold Diamond Eternity Ring
  • Golf Engagement Ring with Solitaire Stone
  • Gold Ring with turquoise stone surrounded by diamonds
  • Gold Ring with a Royal Blue Stone
  • Do you recognise or know the identity of these suspects?

Gardaí in Dunshaughlin Garda Station investigating – (01) 8258600



Gardaí at Ballymote Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred at McDermott's Bar, Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo at approximately 3am on 22nd April 2023. On the date in question, four male suspects arrived in a black Volkswagon Touareg and parked beside McDermott's Bar. They walked around the premises before producing a ladder and placing it on a wheelie bin. One of the suspects then attempted to cut the wires to the camera and alarm systems. The alarm was successfully disabled and the four suspects gained entry to the bar and spent a significant amount of time in the premises. A substantial amount of money was reported taken during the burglary.

Suspect Vehicle:

  • Black Volkswagen Touareg SUV 2006 – 2008 model with a spoiler on the roof at the rear of the vehicle 
  • The passenger side rear wheel may have had the spare wheel fitted


  • All four men were wearing dark clothing and had face coverings 
  • One of the men was of bigger build and was wearing a Nike baseball hat with a small ‘tick’ on the left hand side

Garda Appeal:

  • Did you notice anything suspicious in the Castlebaldwin area in the weeks and days preceding April 22nd 2023?
  • Did you see a 2006 – 2008 black Volkswagen Touareg SUV in the vicinity of McDermott’s pub?
  • Do you recognise the vehicle or know who has possession of it or where it is now?
  • Do you recognise the four suspects?
  • Do you have information or can you assist the investigation in any way
  • To the driver of a red Volkswagon Golf that was in the Castlebaldwin area on that morning, who may be able to assist with the investigation

Gardaí in Ballymote Garda Station - Inv. Tel: 071-9189500


On this month’s Crimecall Detective Superintendent Sé Mc Cormack of the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau spoke about Coastal Watch, a multi-agency initiative aimed at the prevention and detection of illegal drug importation, promoting vigilance from coastal communities and the wide range of organisations and agencies that operate at sea and along our Coast and harbours.

An Garda Síochána, Revenue's Customs Service and the Irish Naval Service will further develop and strengthen each agency’s role and the complementary relationship that exists between all agencies in the fight against drug smuggling in the maritime domain. One of the aims of Coastal watch is to raise community awareness about risk indicators and previous case studies of successful drug interdictions, where information received from the public was critical to preventing drugs reaching vulnerable communities.

The purpose of the Coastal Watch is to focus the attention of the statutory and voluntary organizations along with farming groups, coastal communities, commercial and fishing industry and all those who use our seas for business and pleasure purposes on how they can assist the statutory agencies in "Keeping Drugs at Bay".

With a multi-disciplinary approach by everybody, it will ensure a formidable force is in place so that our coastline is not used for drug importation, or if it is that there are, many eyes that will report unusual activity along our coastline.

Coastal Watch has been in existence for over 30 years and has proved to be a success. However, personnel in organisations, landowners near coastline and communities change with the passage of time. Therefore, it is important to re-energising Coastal Watch through persistent, clear engagement with our coastal communities and ensuring that Coastal Watch continues to operate effectively.

Some of the risk indicators that members of the public are requested to be aware of are:

  • Suspicious activity in relation to persons or vehicles
  • Ships and yachts sighted in remote areas
  • Crew making landings in remote areas
  • Unusual objects at sea or ashore
  • Ships away from their normal shipping lanes
  • Vessels operating at night without lights
  • Packages floating in the sea, lying on the beach or hidden close to the shore.

Members of the public are requested to report any unusual activity to any of the following numbers:

Customs Drugs Watch - Confidential Freephone number 1800 295 295 

Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111 

Emergency Number 112/999 

Naval Operations Centre 021– 4864707

Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau

Operation Tombola, An Garda Síochana’s annual strategy to combat the importation, sale and use of fireworks launched on 1st October 2023. This operation seeks to create an awareness of the legislation which prevents the possession of unlicensed fireworks, but moreover to increase understanding of the harm that can arise from their use, e.g. burns, serious injuries, fires, damage to property, etc.

During September and October Community Policing Gardaí visited schools and spoke to children in relation to the dangers associated with fireworks and bonfires.

Parents and guardians, particularly those with young children, should also be aware of the great dangers associated with bonfires and fireworks, many of which can be unintentional. In

Guidelines on how to remain safe during Hallowe’en:

  • Never consume intoxicants when near a bonfire
  • Make sure children stand at a safe distance
  • Keep everyone well back from the display/fire
  • Never use illegal fireworks. If there are fireworks nearby, never return to a lit firework. Wait 20 minutes and place it in a bucket of water.
  • Never handle or throw fireworks
  • Please report any illegal use or sale of fireworks to your local Garda Station

Large public festivals can be a great way for people to enjoy fireworks and we would encourage people to attend organised, legal firework and bonfire displays during Hallowe’en.


Gardaí in Santry are investigating a Sexual Assault at Clanhugh Road, Donnycarney, Dublin 5, on the 24th of September 2023 between 9.50 and 10.05 pm.

On the date in question the victim got off the bus and started walking home. As she turned onto Clanhugh Road she was approached by an unknown male who tried to make conversation with her. The victim was then grabbed but managed to free herself and continue home.

Suspect description:

  • Aged in his 30’s
  • 5’7’’ or 5’6’’ in height
  • Wearing black clothing and a cycling helmet
  • Dark skinned and spoke with a foreign accent
  • Black hair, stubbly beard, thick eyebrows and carrying a food delivery bag 

Gardaí at Santry Garda Station, investigating tel: (01) 666 4000


Gardaí at Gort, Co. Galway are investigating an incident of trespass on the 15th of July 2023 at 1.50 pm at Derreen, Gort.

On the date in question the above male suspect was discovered looking in the front window of a house, by the occupant. The suspect said that he was looking for Tuam and then left the scene in a black BMW GT with two other males.

Suspect description:

  • Stocky build
  • Around 5’8’’ in height
  • Pale skin
  • Aged in his 50’s

Gardaí at Gort Garda Station investigating - Tel: (091) 636 400

To date in 2023 there has been 39 pedestrians killed on Irish Roads.  That number is significantly higher than this time last year when the number of pedestrians killed on our roads was 24. This is a worrying trend which we don’t want to continue. As winter approaches and evenings are getting darker, we would ask pedestrians to take the following steps to make themselves safer;

  • Stop, look and listen
  • Don’t try to cross the road between parked cars   
  • If possible, cross at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights
  • Never cross at a bend
  • If there is a footpath use it
  • If there is no footpath, walk/run/jog on the right hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic and keeping as close as possible to the side of the road
  • Walk no more than two abreast and if the road is narrow or there is heavy traffic, walk in single file

As a pedestrian, you are one of the most vulnerable road users. So it’s important that you practice good road safety and take personal responsibility in keeping yourself and others safe on our roads.

More than two thirds of fatal pedestrian collisions happen at night. Although you can hear a car coming and see its lights, the driver may not see you, and certainly won’t hear you.

To protect yourself make sure you;

  • Always wear a pair of reflective armbands, high-visibility belt or other reflective or fluorescent clothing which will help you to be seen from a distance
  • Carry a torch on country roads

Hi-Viz clothing works by distinguishing the wearer from the visual clutter by means of being brighter through fluorescence, or by increasing night time visibility through the use of reflective stripes and markings.

Hi-Viz clothing is a passive safety measure, which is shown in lab studies to increase the distance at which a person or object is noticed by an observer.

Walking to School

Research shows that children under (12) should not cross roads on their own. They cannot decide how far away a car is or how fast it is going. They should be taken to school by a responsible adult.

Don’t allow your child to cross the road between parked cars. This is very dangerous as a driver will not be able to see your child. Show your child how to cross the road by example. Choose safe places to cross and explain the reasons why to your child i.e. footbridges, zebra or pelican crossings or with a school warden.


Uncontrolled crossing places


Generally uncontrolled crossing places (courtesy crossings) are designated shared areas of the road. They are coloured, slightly raised or patterned cobbled sections of road, and drivers should be aware of the potential dangers of pedestrians approaching or crossing on them.

It is also important to point out that pedestrians do not have an automatic right of way when using these crossings. Pedestrians need to be alert and aware that traffic may suddenly approach from either direction. Pedestrians should only enter uncontrolled crossing places ensuring that all traffic is aware of their presence if crossing the road. This differs from Pedestrian lights and Pelican crossings where traffic will have a red light meaning pedestrians will have right of way.

A Zebra crossing is identified by black and white ‘zebra’ road markings and a flashing amber beacon. Pedestrians claim priority at a crossing by putting a foot on road and waiting until it is safe to cross.


  • Ensure you stick to the speed limits
  • Be extra vigilant when approaching junctions or pedestrian crossings. People may be in dark clothing making them harder to see at night
  • Eliminate all distractions from inside your car so that you can concentrate on your driving
  • Take care when entering or exiting driveways, especially if you are reversing out onto the road
  • Ensure your headlights are working and not obscured by dust or dirt
  • Take extra care when passing schools, especially in morning and evening when children and parents are walking to and from school. Be extra cautious for children who may appear from between parked vehicles

When a pedestrian is hit by a car at 50kph, they have a 50% chance of living. But when hit at 60kph, the chance of living drops to just 10%.

Pedestrian Fatalities Survey

A recent survey on pedestrian death showed the following;

  • Older pedestrians are a particularly vulnerable group
  • October – January is a high risk period for pedestrian fatalities, as are weekends (12-5am)
  • The majority of pedestrian fatalities take place in darkness, with very low levels of high-visibility clothing being worn
  • The majority of pedestrian fatalities take place on urban roads
  • A third of pedestrians were crossing the road, and (1) in (5) had failed to observe
  • (1) in (2) pedestrian fatalities were confirmed to have consumed alcohol

Half of culpable drivers failed to observe before the fatal pedestrian collision, a quarter of culpable drivers were speeding


The Gardaí at Togher station are investigating the unlawful discharge of a firearm at the Wilton Court area of Cork City on Thursday May 12th 2023.

At 5.15am the victim left a house in the area and walked a short distance to where his car was parked off the Wilton Court/ Sarsfield Road area. As the man arrived at the car park he noticed a silver Mazda, (4) door saloon facing him, with its headlights on. Gardaí believe there were at least two suspects in the car.

As the victim was close to the Mazda it drove towards him at speed. At this point a male suspect alighted from the rear driver’s door producing a handgun. Almost immediately the firearm was discharged in the direction of the victim injuring him in the stomach area.

The male suspect then returned to the Mazda which then left the scene. The victim managed to get to his car and drove to Cork University hospital where he received medical attention.

Suspect car route:

  • Wilton Court / Summerstown Road onto Glasheen Road.
  • Wilton Roundabout onto Bishopstown Road.
  • Bandon Road Roundabout towards Bandon Road.
  • Continues on the Bandon Road – passes the Viaduct towards Ballinhassig.

Garda Appeal:

  • Were you in the Wilton Court/ Summerstown Road area during the early hours of Thursday May 12th?
  • Did you see the silver Mazda in the Wilton area either that morning or since?
  • Do you recognise the car?
  • Do you think you may know where this car is now?
  • Do you know the identity of the suspects?
  • Have you any information in relation to the handgun used?
  • Can you assist in anyway with this investigation?

Gardaí in Togher Garda station investigating - Tel: 021-4947120