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28 February 2022

Gardaí at Clontarf Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary at a private residence that occurred at Collinswood Estate, Dublin 9 at approximately 7.30pm on Sunday 5 December 2021.

On the date in question, a man returned home with his children after a weekend away. He entered the house alone and immediately heard a noise upstairs. He proceeded upstairs and approached his bedroom, he saw a man there and that the room had been ransacked. The injured party was then approached by the man holding a screwdriver, who then threatened to stab him.  

The injured party left the house ordering the male to leave. He went and stood by his car looking at the front door but nobody exited. He then heard his side gate opening and banging against the wall. The same man who had been upstairs in the house, exited and walked passed the injured party, again threatening him.  The suspect continued out the driveway and up the road. Another male then exited, limping and calling out to the first male who he called “Conor” and requested help as he suspected he had broken his leg. The first suspect came back and helped the injured man. 

The two males walked up the road, discarded the screwdriver and entered into a navy blue BMW X1. The injured man was helped into the car by another male, the driver of the BMW.  The BMW then drove off out of Collinswood Estate, turning right in the direction of Whitehall. 

Items Taken during the course of the Aggravated Burglary 

  • 1 gold man’s watch
  • Gold necklace
  • Silver and gold Citizen watch with name, date of birth and mam and dad inscribed on the back
  • Silver bracelet 

Description of Suspects: 

Suspect 1:

The first suspect is described as being in his early 20s, 5’10’’, average build. He wore dark clothing with his hood up. He wore a snood and had a black mask and gloves. He carried a screwdriver with orange, yellow and black handle, in his right hand.  He spoke with a Dublin accent.

Suspect 2:       

The second suspect is described as early 20s, approximately 5’10’’, average build, wearing dark clothing with his hood up. He had a black mask and gloves and spoke with a Dublin accent. 

Suspect 3:        

The third suspect is described as 6 ft. He wore dark clothing. 

Garda Appeal 

  • - Were you in the Collinswood Estate, Dublin on Sunday 5th December between 7 and 7.35pm. 
  • - Did you see a navy Blue BMW X1 series, arriving, driving or parked up in the estate?
  • - On leaving Collinswood Estate, this vehicle turned right onto Collins Avenue, in the direction of Whitehall, do you know where it went from here?  
  • - Did you see any of the three suspects?
  • - Do you recognise the man on the CCTV footage?
  • - Do you recognise the voice of the man on the footage?
  • - Do you have any information on a male who suffered an unexplained leg injury on or around Sunday 5 December 2021?
  • - Anyone with any information in relation to this incident please contact Gardai. 

Gardaí at Clontarf Garda Station investigating tel: (01) 666 4800


Gardaí at Ronanstown Garda Station are re-appealing for information in relation to missing person Esra Uyrun DOB: 01/03/1972 who has been missing from her home at Collinstown Grove, Clondalkin since the 23 February 2011. This year is the 11th Anniversary of her disappearance. 

Esra left her home at approximately 7.15am in a silver Renault Twingo registration number 08D23067. This vehicle was located in a car park at the bottom of Bray Head. Esra was married and had a two-year-old son at the time of her disappearance. She was 38 years old.

CCTV captured the Renault Twingo turning right from Convent Avenue onto Strand Road in Bray at approximately 8.40am on the 23rd February 2011. A Skoda car had to swerve to avoid a collision. The Renault then moved into the left hand side of the road and pulled in to allow the Skoda to overtake it. They both continued down Strand Road in the direction of Bray Head. Later that morning the silver Renault Twingo car was captured on CCTV parked at the car park at the bottom of Bray Head. There has been no activity on her bank accounts or her Facebook page since the 23rd February 2011.


Esra is described as being 5ft 3inches in height, of normal build with dark green/hazel eyes and sandy blonde highlighted hair. She has a sallow complexion. On the day Esra went missing she was wearing black leggings, a dark top, light brown boots and a green or denim jacket.


Despite a number of reported sightings, Esra still remains a missing person and the investigation remains open. Gardaí at Ronanstown are appealing for anyone with any information whatsoever to come forward. 

Gardaí at Ronanstown Garda Station investigating tel:  (01) 666 7700

Esra Uyrun

Gardaí at Trim, Co. Meath are investigating a burglary that occurred in the area of Rathmolyon on 30 November 2021. The injured party was at home at approximately 12:20pm when a male claiming to be a Detective called to his house stating that he found money nearby and he asked to inspect the injured party’s money to compare it. The male then coaxed his way into the victim’s house. As this male was looking around the injured party’s living area, a local volunteer arrived at the house in his car. Upon seeing this, the suspect immediately walked out without actually getting any property. The volunteer noticed a light coloured saloon car pulled into a layby nearby and the suspect made his way to the car and made good his escape in the direction of Rathmolyon village. 


  • Have you seen the suspect car,(described below), which is believed to have left and passed through Rathmolyon village in the direction of Summerhill, Co Meath at approximately 12:30pm on 30/11/2021?
  • Did you have any suspicious callers on the date in question either to your private residence or business premises?
  • There were at least three suspects in this car. Do you recall seeing the suspect car and its occupants?
  • Do you know who might be using such a car?

Description of Car:

  • Light coloured saloon car
  • 00 to 09 age range
  • WH or WW Reg plates
  • Possibly a Toyota Corolla or Nissan Almera

Description of suspect: male, mid 40’s to early 50’s, medium/stocky build with an Irish accent.  He was wearing a dark peak cap and had a blue facemask. 

Gardaí at Trim Garda Station investigating:  046-9481540


Bogus Callers / Census April 3rd 2022

On this month’s Crime Prevention segment Sergeant Kavanagh provided crime prevention advice in relation to bogus callers, as the programme features a number of bogus caller incidents from around the country.

Sergeant Kavanagh also provided information around the Census Enumerators who will be calling at our homes shortly in advance of Census 2022 on Sunday 3 April 2022. 

With regards to bogus callers we advise you to keep control, consider this security check:

  • Are you expecting callers? If not look out the window to see the caller(s), make a note of theirs or their vehicle’s description.
  • Have you a viewer fitted in your door? You are safer behind a closed door.
  • Have you a door chain / limiter fitted and the chain/ limiter on? If you must open the door, use the limiter. Consider installing a video doorbell which links to your mobile phone, that way you don’t have to open the door to speak to the caller.
  • If you are going to open your door to callers, ensure your back door is locked before you do.
  • If you are going to engage, ask for ID – a genuine caller won’t mind.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to tell the caller to write their contact details down for you so you can make an appointment with them when you are comfortable and have decided to do so.
  • Use recommended trades people, avoid using the services of cold callers.
  • The basic rule is if you don’t know the person at your door, you shouldn’t let them in.
  • If anxious contact your local Gardaí. 

If you think you have become a victim to this type of crime what should you do? 

  • Never be embarrassed or ashamed to contact the Gardaí.  Do so immediately. 
  • Write down all you can remember about what happened to include descriptions of the persons, their clothing, any peculiarities or distinguishing features and any vehicles used by them.  Keep safely any documents they may have given you.
  • For those people who may have elderly or vulnerable neighbours or friends, be a good neighbour and advise them of these possible scams.  If you suspect that bogus callers or trades people are in your area and appear suspicious or are working in a vulnerable neighbour’s home – never hesitate in contacting the Gardaí immediately.  
  • Genuine trades’ people will not be offended by any enquiries the Gardaí may make and, indeed, usually welcome them.

Ask your local Garda station about ‘bogus caller cards’ or download it from the Garda website. For people who feel particularly vulnerable these cards advise that the front door should not be open to cold callers. Apply the chain or door limiter and hand the caller the card, see below. Do not enter into a conversation with the caller.  As stated above genuine callers will leave their details on the card. 

Sergeant Kavanagh advised that from 2 March 2022 until 6 May 2022 Census Enumerators will be calling to deliver and collect Census 2022 forms.   See below for information regarding the Census 2022. 

About Census 2022

The advice given above in relation to bogus callers is very important particularly as census enumerators will be calling to our homes shortly. Publicity around these callers will increase following the Crimecall programme. Whilst we should expect these enumerators to call to our homes we must still remain vigilant to bogus callers. The information below will assist you to identify genuine callers.

  • The Census is a detailed account of Ireland's population. The census will take place on Sunday, 3 April 2022. The Census provides vital information for planning public services such as health, education and housing and other essential services in our communities.
  • Over 5,000 census enumerators will deliver census forms to every home in Ireland beginning on 2nd March 2022.  They will continue to deliver forms right up to census date.
  • Everyone in Ireland in the country on census night must be included on a census form.
  • Census enumerators will wear a yellow high viz jacket with 'Census' on the front and 'Census Enumerator' on the back.  They will carry as Central Statistics Office satchel and will have an ID badge.  Please ask to see their ID when they call.
  • They have instructions to remain outside your home.
  • Census enumerators will return to every home after Census night to collect the completed Census forms. They will do this until 6th May 2022.
  • The Census is carried out by the Central Statistics office (CSO). As well as Census HQ staff, the CSO employ over 5,000 temporary field staff to help run the census. Your personal Information is secure and protected by law.  All who work on the census are Officers of Statistics which means that they are legally bound to protect your Information. 
  • Assistance and advice is available on the website www.census.ie
  • You can reach the census team at the helpline number 0818 2022 04 or email census2022@cso.ie or complete a query form on the website.
  • Preliminary census results will be released in June and the full set of Census results will be available from March/April of 2023. Census forms are securely stored for 100 years after which they will be made available to the public. There is a unique new feature on the Census forms in 2022 called a time capsule which is an area on the back of the census form where people can voluntarily write a message to the future.  This will not be seen until 2122.


Gardaí at Fermoy are seeking the public’s assistance to identify the person in the above EvoFIT in relation to a burglary at Corrin View, Fermoy, Co. Cork on the 26 January 2022.

On the date in question a female suspect entered the victim’s garden and informed her that she had lost her cat. While the victim helped look for her cat a second suspect entered the victim’s house. During the burglary items of jewellery were removed, one of which was the ring featured in the above picture. 

Description of suspect: 

The female is described as mid-30’s with sallow skin, medium build and average height 

Gardaí at Fermoy Garda Station, Investigating, Tel: (025) 82100


Gardaí at Blessington investigating an incident of robbery at Old Ballymore Road, Blessington, Co. Wicklow on the 16th of December 2021, are seeking to identify persons bearing a resemblance to the EvoFIT featured above.

The injured parties, two young males, were walking at Old Ballymore Road, Blessington when a vehicle approached, the occupants alighted and approached the victims.

They were then threatened at knife point, before a Canada Goose jacket, iPhone, Airpods and a debit card were taken from them.

Suspect vehicle: Dark Toyota hatchback with a 07 registration. 

Description of suspects:Suspect 1:  Slim / medium build, 5’8” in height, wearing a blue north face jacket with grey Nike hoodie underneath and with a faint moustache

Suspect 2: Slim build, 5’10” in height, wearing a black Canadian goose jacket

Gardaí at Blessington Garda Station, investigating Tel: (045) 865 202


On 17 November 2021, Brian Kinsella was reported missing, to Waterford Gardaí. Brian is missing from his home in Gracedieu Heights, Waterford. He left his house at 9:15am saying he was going to a phone shop in Waterford City center. It is known he walked into Waterford City where he was seen on CCTV walking past St Dominic’s Credit Union and Geraghty’s Tyre shop at 10:15am. This is the last known sighting of Brian. 

Description of Brian:  6ft, slim build, brown hair, brown eyes and he had a short beard. He wore glasses. When last seen he was wearing a light blue rain jacket, black Adidas tracksuit bottoms with a white stripe on the side, black runners with a white sole and a black baseball cap. 

Extensive searches have been carried out over the past number of months in the area of Bilberry, Waterford and also the River Suir and Waterford Greenway.  

The following persons / organisations have been involved:

  • - Garda Helicopter
  • - Garda Water Unit
  • - Coast Guard
  • - Rescue 117
  • - Marine Search and Rescue
  • - River Rescue
  • - Civil Defence
  • - Mallow Search and Rescue
  • - Local Volunteers
  • - Family & Friends


  • Did you have any contact with Brian either prior to or since he has gone missing?
  • Have you seen Brian since he was reported missing?
  • Where you in the area of Bilberry/Waterford Greenway on the date in question seen him or anyone matching his description? 

Gardaí at Waterford Garda Station investigating. Tel: 051-305300


On the 21 February 2022 John Redmond (33 years) was reported missing by his father to Gardaí at Howth Garda Station. John’s father reported him missing after receiving a phone call from a concerned member of the public who, while out walking on the Cliff Walk near the Martello Tower, Sutton, discovered John’s backpack with a jacket, mobile phone and personal items beside a small sandy cove near Drumlech point. 

Gardaí believe that John left his home at Drimnagh earlier that morning (circa 8am) stating he was travelling to the city center. Gardaí have established that John travelled by public transport to Sutton, Co Dublin, where later in the morning at Sutton Cross a man matching John’s description is seen on CCTV shortly after 11.20am.   

This man can then be seen leaving the shop alone on foot and walking out of the carpark onto the Howth Road. His direction of travel from here is unknown. It is believed that this male may have also visited a coffee shop at Sutton Cross. 

Extensive coastal searches have been carried out by the Coast Guard and the RNLI. Gardaí have carried out enquires with hospitals, canvassed for CCTV, and made a media appeal. Unfortunately John has not been located to date. 

John’s partner, parents and family are very concerned for his welfare and are seeking the public’s assistance in any way possible, and are encouraging them to call with any piece of information no matter how small. 


  • Have you seen or heard from John either before or since he went missing?
  • Do you recall seeing John Last Monday 21 February in the Drimnagh or City Center area?
  • Where you in the Sutton area between between 11am and 11.40 am or in the Vicinity of Martello Tower, Cliff Walk, Drumlech Point later that afternoon.
  • Do you recall seeing a person as described below, with the backpack and jacket seen in the photos? 
  • Description:

             33 years old 

             5’10” in Height

             Medium Build

             Short Brown Hair, with beard

             Blue Eyes               

  • Clothing:

             Navy Jacket

             Red Jumper

             Black Jeans

             Black Boots

             Carrying a Backpack 

Gardaí at Howth Garda Station, Investigating tel: 01-6664900


On this month’s Crimecall Garda Adrian Corcoran was in studio to deliver a road safety message in relation to motorway driving. Every day in Ireland, thousands of commuters are using our growing motorway network. All major cities in Ireland are now connected by motorway. Although motorways are statistically the safest way of moving large volumes of traffic, there are still risks to drivers who use them. The higher speeds on motorways mean that things can happen very quickly – a moment’s lapse of concentration could have severe consequences.  Adrian discussed the different categories that are not permitted while using the motorway. 

You must not enter a motorway if: 

  • You are a learner driver or do not hold a full licence for the category of vehicle you are driving;
  • Your vehicle cannot travel at a speed of at least 50 km per hour;
  • Your vehicle has an engine capacity of 50cc or less;
  • Your vehicle does not have inflated tyres;
  • You are walking, cycling or moving animals;
  • You drive a motorised wheelchair. 

Motorway Speed Limit 

 The maximum speed limit on a motorway is 120km per hour unless:

  • - There are signs stating another speed limit, for example, warning signals to highlight road works, or
  • - You are driving a vehicle that is subject to a lower limit such as a bus or truck. 

Lane Discipline

The basic principle is that you should always drive in the left lane (lane 1) unless you need to overtake a slower vehicle or vehicles, or unless the lane is blocked. Once you have finished overtaking, move from the right lane (lane 2) back into the left lane as soon as it is safe to do so. On a three lane motorway, there is an extra overtaking lane (lane 3), but you should still keep left as much as possible i.e. don’t drive in the right lane if the middle lane (lane 2) is empty, or in the middle lane if the left lane is empty.

When changing lanes, you should only move one lane at a time, treating each one as an individual manoeuvre. Never drive straight across a lane to get to the next one. You should only pass a slower vehicle on the right ensuring to keep the vehicle you are overtaking to your left, unless traffic is moving in slow queues and the traffic queue on your right is travelling more slowly than you are. Passing on the left in normal traffic flow is known as undertaking and can be very dangerous.

Do not use the outside lane if you are driving:

  • A goods vehicle with a design gross weight of more than 3,500 kilogrammes such as a lorry or heavy goods vehicle (HGV);
  • A passenger vehicle with seating for more than eight passengers such as a bus; or
  • A vehicle towing a trailer, horsebox or caravan.

When driving on a Motorway

Over the past number of years, we have had a number of serious incidents caused by vehicles driving the wrong way on a motorway.

Take care when joining a motorway to ensure you are travelling in the correct direction, especially if you are in an unfamiliar location.

You must drive ahead. You are not allowed to turn or reverse. It is an offence to drive against the flow of traffic on a motorway. 

If you find yourself driving against the flow of traffic, pull in immediately to the hard shoulder and stop. Contact the Gardai by dialling 999. Do not attempt to turn your vehicle. Wait for help in a safe place. If you see somebody driving in the wrong direction call 999 immediately.       

If you miss your exit continue to the next exit and come back on the other side of the motorway. Never attempt to reverse back against the flow of traffic.

If you take the wrong exit continue moving ahead where you can re-join the motorway, never attempt to reverse back to the motorway.

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Leave a bigger gap when you are driving on wet or icy roads or in fog.

You must not drive on the hard shoulder as it is an offence to do so and you could get penalty points.

Do not stop or park on the motorway except in an emergency or when you are told to do so by the emergency services or Gardai. If you breakdown move your vehicle to the hard shoulder where possible. Call the Gardai noting that they will require information about your location. You and all passengers should then wait for help on the embankment side of the motorway well behind the crash barrier.  

Toll Plazas

When approaching a toll, reduce your speed appropriately. Always leave a safe gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. All toll roads in Ireland, with the exception of the M50 eFlow barrier-free tolling system, are managed by a conventional barrier operated toll plaza. For these toll roads, the toll payment options are;

  • Manual lanes with a toll booth attendant;
  • Automatic coin machine lanes;
  • Payment by electronic toll tag.

If you enter an incorrect lane at the toll plaza do not reverse against the flow of traffic on the motorway. Continue moving forward and press the help button at the booth and an attendant will assist you. If using the automatic coin machine lane have your coins ready prior to entering the motorway.

When you are leaving a motorway

You will normally leave the motorway by a slip road to your left. You should watch out for the signs below that let you know that you are getting near your exit. Move safely into the left-hand lane or lane 1 well before reaching your exit.


Motorway driving offences and penalty points