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14 November 2022


Gardaí at New Ross station are investigating a burglary and impersonation of a Garda member at Gusserane, New Ross, Co.Wexford and are seeking to identify persons bearing a resemblance to the above EvoFIT.   

On 3 October 2022 at approximately 10.20am the above suspect called to the home of the injured party. He stated he was a guard and produced what the injured party believed to be a Garda identification card. The man stated he was carrying out enquiries in relation to a previous theft and wanted to check notes. The injured party produced a quantity of cash which the male took from her stating that he would return it later.  

Description of suspect:

  • - Aged in his 50s
  • - Approximately 6ft tall
  • - Broad build, clean shaven with grey and black hair 
  • - He had an Irish accent and was wearing navy trousers and a raincoat 
  • - Believed to be travelling in a black car (no make, model or reg. obtained) 

Gardaí New Ross Garda Station- Investigating-Tel: (051) 426 030


Gardaí at Dundrum are investigating a sexual offence and robbery and are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the above suspect. The incident occurred on the Glebe Road, Kilternan, Co Dublin, shortly before 11pm on Tuesday,  6 September 2022.

The victim was walking home when she was approached by a man who pushed her against a fence during the incident. The victim then struggled free and ran for help. She had her handbag over her shoulder at the time and when she got home she realised that her phone and wallet were missing. 

Description of Suspect: 

  • - 5’ 6’’ in height
  • - Slim build
  • - Dark complexion
  • - Wearing a baseball cap and trimmed beard 

Gardaí at Dundrum Garda Station - Investigating - Tel: (01) 666 5600

Gardaí in Navan are looking for assistance in locating the whereabouts of missing person Mark Duffy (43).

Mark was last seen on 3 October 2022 of this year. On the morning of the date in question Mark collected a social welfare payment at a post office in the Johnstown Shopping Centre, Navan at 10:50am.

Later on that day at approximately 14:45pm Mark was seen at a Centra shop on Commons Road, Navan, which is the last confirmed sighting of Mark.

Mark was subsequently reported missing on October 13th by a family member who became concerned when she hadn’t heard from him. A Garda investigation was launched and it was established that there had been no sightings of Mark since October 3rd, nor had his phone been used and he had not left the country.

Gardaí subsequently conducted searches of the Navan and River Boyne area but there have been no sightings of Mark or evidence of his whereabouts. 

Description of Mark:

  • - 5ft 8in height
  • - Medium build
  • - Blue eyes
  • - Brown hair
  • - Tattoos on the inside of both forearms of his children’s names
  • - Walks with noticeable limp
  • - Was wearing dark clothing with a cream hoody underneath, the hood of which was outside his jacket.

Garda Appeal: 

  • - Did you see or speak to Mark on October 3rd or in the days leading up to it?
  • - Mark was last seen on CCTV at the Commons Road shortly before 2:45pm.  Were you in the area around this time? Do you know where he went after here?
  • - It is thought that Mark may have walked along the railway tracks on the outskirts of Navan near to Tara Mines after leaving Commons Road.  Gardaí are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who may have seen Mark at this location?
  • - If you think you may have seen Mark or that you may be able to assist the investigation, Gardaí would appreciate your assistance.
  • - Appeal to Mark himself, to make contact with the Gardaí or a member of his family. 

Gardaí at Navan Garda Station investigating. Tel: 046-9036100


This month on Crimecall Detective Inspector Mel Smyth of The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau promoted the golden rules of online shopping.

In the lead up to Christmas and in particular the Black Friday sales promotion period, An Garda Síochána are supporting Europol’s online fraud prevention campaign which encourages safe online shopping by customers and provides fraud prevention advice to online retailers / eCommerce businesses. 


More and more businesses are using the internet as the primary channel to sell goods and services. Whilst convenient for both the consumer and retailer it also presents opportunities for fraudsters who can use the anonymous nature of the internet to rip off consumers or target retailers who do not have the necessary defences in place to protect themselves.

There was a total of €22 million in credit and debit cards fraud losses on Irish consumers in 2020, according to the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI).

As Christmas approaches Consumers and eCommerce merchants will be particularly active online over the next few weeks While the vast majority of transactions will be processed without issues, there is always the potential for fraud. Consumers will be making purchases from individuals advertising on trading websites, from local businesses and from well-known and un-known websites based in Ireland and abroad. Businesses will be engaging with individual consumers and other businesses who often are completely unknown to them. An Garda Síochána and Europol advise consumers and online retailers to adhere to the following online shopping fraud prevention advice: 

Consumer advice:

  • - One of the principal rules is to only engage with known and trusted businesses and websites and avoid doing business with people who are unknown and whose identity cannot be verified!
  • - Be wary when a product is being offered for sale at a price well below market value. Fraudsters will have a well-rehearsed story to explain the low price, don’t fall for it!
  • - Think twice before sending money for a product in advance to an unknown person or entity. Carry out checks first!
  • - Make the purchase using recognized payment systems or your credit card rather than direct transfers from your bank account or payment card!
  • - Don’t record your card or account details on a website if you are not going to buy anything!
  • - Never give away unnecessary personal data, such as your date of birth, social insurance number, password or pin numbers!
  • - Read the terms and conditions and save all messages and documentation related to the purchase.
  • - The higher the value of the product the more care you should take before making a purchase.   

 Business owner advice:

  • - Know your product: is it a high value product? Is it easy to re-sell? Is there any history of product being attractive to fraudsters? Can you identify risks associated with the product? Talk to the customer about the product to test their knowledge of it
  • - Know your customer: identify their name, address and eircode. If the customer is another business, research it. Is their address / email / phone number genuine? Is their account held in a different country? How do they wish to pay? What address are they using for delivery?
  • - Implement safe means of payment: talk to your acquirer about safe means of payment. Use 3d secure payment services. Keep a record of transactions for reference in the event of charge backs. Have an efficient resolution process to deal with charge back.
  • - Use a professional and reliable delivery system: check the delivery address. Only allow re-routing to known customers. Have signature to confirm delivery. If in doubt don’t deliver.
  • - Keep your data secure: have up to date IT systems including anti-virus software. Ensure all data is securely backed up very regularly and that it is readily accessible if necessary. Be GDPR compliant.  

Information provided by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau

On this month’s Crimecall Garda Adrian Corcoran was in studio to discuss Railway Level Crossing safety: 

  • ▪ Since January 2022, there have been 73 traffic incidents at level crossings around the country.
  • ▪ While Ireland has not recorded a level crossing fatality in 12 years, numerous near misses have been reported.
  • ▪ The majority of incidents at level crossings occur in Dublin. These included incidents at crossings on Lansdowne Road, Serpentine Avenue, Sandymount Avenue, Sutton, and Bray.
  • ▪ Across the country there are 909 manned, unmanned, and automated level crossings on the Iarnród Éireann network, down from a total of about 2,000 or so in the year 2000.



A railway level crossing is an intersection where a road or path crosses a railway track. There are four types of railway crossings in operation in Ireland. These include:

  • Unattended railway crossing with gates,
  • Attended railway crossing with gates,
  • Automated railway crossing with road traffic lights only,
  • Automated railway crossing with barriers and flashing red lights.





Drivers - what you must do 

  • Slow down when approaching the railway crossing
  • Be prepared to stop if necessary
  • Obey the rules for traffic lights
  • If gates are closed, wait until all gates have been opened before moving off
  • Don’t drive onto the railway until you can see enough free space on the other side
  • Don’t blindly follow a vehicle across the railway crossing
  • If you hear the alarm and have already entered the crossing, move through as quickly as possible
  • Wait for all lights to go out and the barriers to rise before driving on 

Pedestrians and Cyclists crossing the railway 

  • When approaching the railway, pedestrians and cyclists should always remember to stop, look and listen
  • Pedestrians and cyclists on seeing an approaching train should wait and never run or cycle across the line in front of the train
  • Children of primary school age, especially with bicycles, should never be allowed to cross the railway alone


There are a number of fixed charge penalty notices in relation to railway level crossing offences. The penalties are a fine of up to €160 and up to 5 penalty points on your driving licence.  

Pedestrians and cyclists who commit Railway level crossing offences are dealt with by way of a court summons.


Gardaí at Blanchardstown are investigating the unlawful killing of Adnan Asic during the early hours of Saturday 22 October 2022.  Adnan was a Bosnian man living in Ireland for over 30 years.  He attended an event in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre area and shortly after 2.15am left with a friend, to return home,

He was seen on CCTV walking past Starbucks Café and the Crown Plaza hotel, in the direction of the Blanchardstown slip road.  He was later found with serious injuries at the junction of the Old Navan Road and Blanchardstown Road North and was pronounced dead at Connolly Memorial Hospital. Gardaí are now conducting a murder investigation as a result of the State Pathologist report. 

Garda Appeal: 

  • Any person who observed Adnan and his friend in the vicinity of the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in the early hours of the 22 October 2022
  • Did you see or talk to Adnan or his friend from the time he left a social event at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre until Adnan was discovered lying in the road at the junction of the Old Navan Road and Blanchardstown Road North.
  • Were you in the vicinity and / or did you observe Adnan standing at the junction.
  • We are appealing to all road users who may have travelled through this junction which is close to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Mulhuddart Village and Corduff and it also leads onto the N3.  Do you recall passing through this junction?
  • Gardaí are aware that a male pedestrian who was walking from the Corduff direction along Blanchardstown Road North towards the junction where Adnan was found in and around this time.  Was this you or do you know who this person is? Can you come forward to help us with our enquiries?
  • We are also aware that a car travelled down the Old Navan Road from the direction of where Adnan was found and this vehicle travelled into Mulhuddart Village before it turned right up Church Road.  Was this you or do you know who this person is? Can you come forward to help us with our enquiries?
  • We are aware that numerous taxis were in the area at the time, some of whom have come forward and we are appealing for Taxi Drivers in this area who have yet to contact us, to do so now. 
  • Gardaí would like to thank the wider Blanchardstown Community for the assistance they have provided to date with this investigation.
  • Gardaí require the public's assistance and are appealing to anyone with information to contact them, no matter how small or insignificant they believe the information to be. Many times it is the smallest piece of information that is the most important and relevant. 

Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station Investigating. Tel: 01-6667000


The Gardaí at Cabra Garda Station are investigating the murder of thirty three year old Darren Kearns, fatally wounded in the car park of a public house on Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7 on Wednesday 30 December 2015.

Darren and his wife had decided to go for an early evening meal and left their home at Ashtown in Dublin at approximately 3.30pm. Darren drove his wife’s car, a two door white Fiat 500. They had tried a couple of restaurants in and around the area, but they were closed. Their journey took them along Collins Avenue, Drumcondra where they decided to turn around outside Dublin City University and drive to a restaurant at Finglas which was also closed.

They then went to a service station at Clearwater Shopping Centre in Finglas where Darren purchased petrol and after leaving decided to try a well-known Chinese restaurant next to Cumiskey’s Public House on Blackhouse Avenue. They arrived at approximately 4.45pm and after their meal left just after 5.30pm. As Darren’s wife drove towards the exit a light coloured green BMW M 5 Series entered the car park from the Baggot Road entrance and blocked their way. At this point Darren was fatally wounded as a result of being shot.

The BMW exited onto Baggot Road and then turned left onto Blackhorse Avenue. It then drove at speed to Regal Park, where it turned left before being abandoned and set alight.

A man left the same laneway and ran to a waiting car. This car had its lights off and turned right onto Blackhorse Avenue, travelling at speed. It then turned right onto Skreen road and entered the Navan road.

 Garda appeal:

  • Do you remember seeing the couple and/or the white fiat 500 from the time they left their home at Ashtown until they arrived at the pub? It may be that you have not spoken to Gardaí but now feel better placed to do so?
  • Where was the BMW between 28 October and 30 December 2015? Did you see it at any point at Cumiskeys or prior to its arrival? Did you see it at Regal Park being abandoned or the male suspect running to a waiting car? Can you assist the investigation with regard to the second car that was waiting there?
  • Did you see the second car that left Regal Park at speed and drove without headlights, turning right from Blackhorse Avenue onto Skreen Road? Where did this car go after it turned onto the Navan Road?
  • Gardaí believe that there are still people with information in the Cabra community who have never come forward; they appeal to those people to do so now. 

Description of suspect car:

  • BMW M 5 series 4 door
  • Light green,
  • Registration number 04D35151.
  • Car purchased on the 28 October 2015 using false details. 

Cabra Garda Station investigating, tel: 01-6667400