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Crime Prevention

Bogus Callers / Census April 3rd 2022

On this month’s Crime Prevention segment Sergeant Kavanagh provided crime prevention advice in relation to bogus callers, as the programme features a number of bogus caller incidents from around the country.

Sergeant Kavanagh also provided information around the Census Enumerators who will be calling at our homes shortly in advance of Census 2022 on Sunday 3 April 2022. 

With regards to bogus callers we advise you to keep control, consider this security check:

  • Are you expecting callers? If not look out the window to see the caller(s), make a note of theirs or their vehicle’s description.
  • Have you a viewer fitted in your door? You are safer behind a closed door.
  • Have you a door chain / limiter fitted and the chain/ limiter on? If you must open the door, use the limiter. Consider installing a video doorbell which links to your mobile phone, that way you don’t have to open the door to speak to the caller.
  • If you are going to open your door to callers, ensure your back door is locked before you do.
  • If you are going to engage, ask for ID – a genuine caller won’t mind.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to tell the caller to write their contact details down for you so you can make an appointment with them when you are comfortable and have decided to do so.
  • Use recommended trades people, avoid using the services of cold callers.
  • The basic rule is if you don’t know the person at your door, you shouldn’t let them in.
  • If anxious contact your local Gardaí. 

If you think you have become a victim to this type of crime what should you do? 

  • Never be embarrassed or ashamed to contact the Gardaí.  Do so immediately. 
  • Write down all you can remember about what happened to include descriptions of the persons, their clothing, any peculiarities or distinguishing features and any vehicles used by them.  Keep safely any documents they may have given you.
  • For those people who may have elderly or vulnerable neighbours or friends, be a good neighbour and advise them of these possible scams.  If you suspect that bogus callers or trades people are in your area and appear suspicious or are working in a vulnerable neighbour’s home – never hesitate in contacting the Gardaí immediately.  
  • Genuine trades’ people will not be offended by any enquiries the Gardaí may make and, indeed, usually welcome them.

Ask your local Garda station about ‘bogus caller cards’ or download it from the Garda website. For people who feel particularly vulnerable these cards advise that the front door should not be open to cold callers. Apply the chain or door limiter and hand the caller the card, see below. Do not enter into a conversation with the caller.  As stated above genuine callers will leave their details on the card. 

Sergeant Kavanagh advised that from 2 March 2022 until 6 May 2022 Census Enumerators will be calling to deliver and collect Census 2022 forms.   See below for information regarding the Census 2022. 

About Census 2022

The advice given above in relation to bogus callers is very important particularly as census enumerators will be calling to our homes shortly. Publicity around these callers will increase following the Crimecall programme. Whilst we should expect these enumerators to call to our homes we must still remain vigilant to bogus callers. The information below will assist you to identify genuine callers.

  • The Census is a detailed account of Ireland's population. The census will take place on Sunday, 3 April 2022. The Census provides vital information for planning public services such as health, education and housing and other essential services in our communities.
  • Over 5,000 census enumerators will deliver census forms to every home in Ireland beginning on 2nd March 2022.  They will continue to deliver forms right up to census date.
  • Everyone in Ireland in the country on census night must be included on a census form.
  • Census enumerators will wear a yellow high viz jacket with 'Census' on the front and 'Census Enumerator' on the back.  They will carry as Central Statistics Office satchel and will have an ID badge.  Please ask to see their ID when they call.
  • They have instructions to remain outside your home.
  • Census enumerators will return to every home after Census night to collect the completed Census forms. They will do this until 6th May 2022.
  • The Census is carried out by the Central Statistics office (CSO). As well as Census HQ staff, the CSO employ over 5,000 temporary field staff to help run the census. Your personal Information is secure and protected by law.  All who work on the census are Officers of Statistics which means that they are legally bound to protect your Information. 
  • Assistance and advice is available on the website www.census.ie
  • You can reach the census team at the helpline number 0818 2022 04 or email census2022@cso.ie or complete a query form on the website.
  • Preliminary census results will be released in June and the full set of Census results will be available from March/April of 2023. Census forms are securely stored for 100 years after which they will be made available to the public. There is a unique new feature on the Census forms in 2022 called a time capsule which is an area on the back of the census form where people can voluntarily write a message to the future.  This will not be seen until 2122.