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Crime Prevention – Personal Safety, Vehicle and Bike Security

On this month’s Crimecall, Sergeant Graham Kavanagh was in studio to discuss personal safety, vehicle and bike security, as we all begin to enjoy Summer 2022. With more movement and people getting out and about we traditionally see criminals taking opportunities to commit crime. We can all greatly reduce these opportunities together by taking some steps. 

In total, just over €36 million in value was stolen in Theft from Vehicle incidents from 2016 – 2020. The average reported value of property stolen per incident is approximately €660.  The average value of cash stolen from vehicles per incident is approximately €330. 

Between 2012 and 2021 an average of 5,993 bikes were stolen per year in Ireland. 

Recovery rates are low. Around 90% of bikes stolen in 2021 are still recorded as stolen.

Almost 3,597 bikes were reported stolen in Dublin in 2021 - 70% of all bike thefts in 2021 occurred in Dublin. 

1,603 bikes were stolen in Dublin City Centre in 2021 – that’s almost one third of all bike thefts nationally 

Twice as many bikes are stolen in summer than in winter 

The peak months for bike theft are July, August, September and October 

Two thirds of bikes are stolen from public places such as on the street or in a car park, while one third are from residential locations such as from a house, garden or shed 

Personal Safety when out and about 

  • - Plan your route beforehand to minimise checking maps on the street.
  • - Mind your belongings when in crowded areas. Use a bag with a strap that goes around your neck and diagonally across your body.
  • - Keep to populated areas and avoid deserted streets at night.
  • - Don’t bring attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewellery or leaving belongings exposed.
  • - Be aware of your surroundings, walk purposefully and confidently.
  • - Avoid taking short-cuts through deserted areas particularly after dark.
  • - If you are travelling to a remote area inform somebody where you are going.
  • - Camp in approved sites only-never pitch a tent in open spaces or public areas. 

Mind your money 

  • - Store any excess cash and other valuables in the safe in your accommodation.
  • - Do not carry all your money in the one place. If travelling as a couple or in a group divide the money between you.
  • - Don’t carry more money with you than you intend to spend during the day.
  • - If you have to carry excess cash or valuables use a discreet money belt inside your clothing.
  • - Be alert when withdrawing money from cash machines. 

Car Safety 

  • - Become familiar with your route before you start the trip.
  • - If you have rented a car, make sure it is in good working order. Learn how all the windows, door locks and other equipment work before you leave the rental premises.
  • - Keep car doors locked while you are driving.
  • - Don’t leave luggage or valuables visible inside a parked car.
  • - Don’t leave luggage attached to a roof rack.
  • - When visiting city centre areas, park your car in a secure car park and retain the parking ticket on your person.
  • - Always lock your car when leaving it unattended, even for brief periods.
  • - At night, park in well-lit areas.
  • - When checking into your accommodation, always ask about secure car parking. 

Theft from Cars

We are advising the public to take care of their property when parking in remote, unguarded locations:

  • - Leave your valuables at home where possible.
  • - Choose your parking spot carefully. Well maintained and well-lit car parks are best.
  • - Avoid areas with evidence of break ins, such as broken glass or anti-social behaviour.
  • - Do not park illegally or obstruct vehicles.

When leaving your car:

  • - Take your keys.
  • - Secure and conceal valuable property.
  • - Leave the empty glove box open.
  • - Make sure all doors, windows are locked, and car is alarmed.
  • - Report suspicious activity and crimes to 999/112. 

When is it happening?

  • - Over the last 5 years, 60% of theft from car incidents, associated with outdoor activities such as coastal and scenic areas, were reported in summer (April – Sept).
  • - The majority of thefts from cars in coastal and scenic locations occur on the weekends between 2pm and 7pm.

What’s taken?

  • - The average value of cash stolen from vehicles per incident is approximately €330.
  • - Jewellery/Trophies were the highest value objects stolen.
  • - Tools accounted for the highest total amount of value stolen.