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March 1

The Gardaí at Leixlip are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred in a Hotel in Leixlip, Co. Kildare on Thursday, the 20th January 2011 at 2.20am.

The night porter had just locked the front door after the last two customers left and guests in the hotel had retired for the night. He was sitting at reception when he heard a noise coming from the back of the hotel.  He went to the exit door and saw three masked men on the roof of a toilet breaking into a window.  The porter tried to close the door but one of the raiders armed with a handgun jumped off the roof and a struggle ensued between them at the exit door.

The three raiders forced their way in to the hotel and assaulted the porter.  The other two raiders were armed with knives.  They searched his pockets and stole his mobile phone and keys to his Toyota Celica vehicle registration number 95D52044 which was parked outside. They brought him to the reception area of the hotel looking for the safe. They forced the porter to crawl to the safe but he did not know the code. One of the raiders hit him on the head and pointed the gun at his head and told him to try and open the safe again. One of the raiders told the porter they would shoot him in the leg if he did not do as they said.

They spent several minutes trying to unlock the code but were unable to do so. They brought the porter into the back bar and the restaurant looking for cash. There was not much cash in the tills. They brought him back to the reception area and ordered him to help them demolish the desk. They rolled and dragged the safe out of the reception area and using the keys they had stolen earlier from the Porter reversed his car to the back door. They ripped a length of carpet from the stairs and rolled the safe along it towards the back of the car. They lifted the safe into the boot. Two of the raiders brought the porter into the back bar and tied his hands and feet with phone cable.

The car alarm on the night porters car went off and the raiders had to release him to show them how to turn it off. They placed him in a large cold room in the kitchen and left the scene in his Toyota Celica registration number 95D52044. When he was sure the raiders were gone he let himself out of the cold room and raised the alarm. The vehicle was tagged travelling northbound through the M50 Toll at 3.27 am on the 20/01/2011. The vehicle was recovered burnt out at Stockhole Lane close to Dublin Airport at 10.30am that morning.

Male 1 - 6”2” in height of thin build (tallest of the three raiders)
Blue hoody, black balaclava, grey tracksuit bottoms, Irish accent, armed a large knife.

Male 2 - 5”9” in height of thin build (smallest of the three raiders) blue jeans, grey jacket, black balaclava, Irish accent, armed with a handgun.

Male 3 - 6”0” in height and thin build, grey addidas tracksuit with darker stripes on the arms and legs, black balaclava, Irish accent, armed with a large knife. 


• Anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident and may have witnessed suspicious activity at the hotel.

• Anyone who saw the Toyota Celica registration number 95D52044 on the M50 or the Stockhole Lane areas on the 20/01/2011. A small car dark blue in colour was seen in the area moments before the car was burnt out.

• The porter’s mobile phone was found beside Springdale School on the Malahide Road.

Gardaí at Leixlip Garda Station are investigating                 Telephone 01 6667800

The Gardaí at Carrick-on-Shannon are investigating an incident of burglary and theft that occurred on Tuesday morning, the 18th January 2011between 1am and 5.36am in a marina.

At 1am that morning five raiders broke into the marina.  They gained access one hundred and fifty yards from the entrance, through a hedge and over a ten foot embankment.  The raiders trespassed through a rough terrain until they reached the marina.  The raiders broke the locks off storage sheds and gained entry to the dry dock area and stole a number of items.  They then made their way towards the floating jetties were the boats were moored.  Here they stole items from 49 boats.

The property stolen included outboard motors, sailing equipment, tools, electrical equipment including televisions, cameras and radios.  CCTV captured the raiders walking back and forth across the jetties carrying the stolen property.  Earlier in the night a taxi driver was dropping a passenger home past the marina and noticed a white truck possibly a DAF truck with a refrigerator body parked outside the marina where the raiders broke through the hedge.  He noted that it was a particularly icy night but this vehicle had no ice.


• Anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident or may have witnessed suspicious activity before or after the incident.

• Anyone who may have seen a white truck parked at the Marina in Carrick On Shannon in the early hours of Tuesday the 18th of January 2011 or in the area before or after the incident.

• Anyone who may have been offered any of the property stolen in this incident to come forward.

Gardaí at Carrick On Shannon Garda Station are investigating          Telephone 071 9650510

On the 15th  January 2011, two males knocked on door of a house in the Coolock area which was occupied at the time by a 6 year old boy and his babysitter. The child answered the door and the 2 males pushed passed him.

They brought the child and babysitter into the front room and produced a gun, asking the child where the key to the safe was. They threatened to shoot him if he did not tell. The child replied that his dad had the key. The child and babysitter were tied up with cable ties and gagged with tape duct while the raiders broke down the door of the parent’s bedroom to gain access to the safe. They left the scene leaving the injured parties still tied up.

Gardaí at Coolock Station are investigating               Telephone 01 6664200

Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation (G.B.F.I.) will highlight details of a scam that is currently active in the Irish marketplace.  Irish consumers are receiving telephone calls from persons claiming to be from Microsoft, or working on behalf of Microsoft, to tell them they have a virus on their computer.
Details of the Scam:
Consumers are cold called from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and told there is a problem with their computer and offered help to solve the computer problems.
Once the caller has gained the consumer’s trust, they ask consumers to log onto a website to download a file to help solve the problem.
They then ask for credit card details for a package which will fix the virus. They also potentially attempt to steal from the person by accessing personal information on their computer. In addition to gaining access to your personal details, they can also infect your computer with damaging viruses and spyware.


Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation                                           Telephone 01 6663776

The Gardaí at Kilmainham Garda Station are investigating the disappearance of James Kenny McDonagh (Dob - 16/06/1982) from Islandbridge Court, Kilmainham, Dublin 8.

James Kenny McDonagh is 28 years old and a father of one.  He has been missing since the 27th October 2010.

At approximately 1.23pm James left a friend’s apartment in the Parkwest area near to Ballyfermot and Cherryorchard area. He was driving a wine coloured Mazda 6 vehicle registration number 02D68758 which was on loan from a garage as he was having trouble with his own car.  James was also using two crutches as an aid to an injury he sustained to his left leg some months earlier.

Between 3.30pm and 4pm on the 27th October 2010 a woman who knew James saw him driving in the Bluebell area, he travelled onto the Naas Road where the witness and James were stopped at a red traffic light. They had a short conversation and James informed the woman that he was going to meet a man about purchasing a jeep. The woman turned left onto Walkinstown Avenue and James continued straight out the Naas Road. This was the last sighting of James.

That evening at 7.50pm the Mazda James was driving was found burnt out at a lay bye on Newcastle Road near the old Pollyhops Pub.  A witness reported that shortly before James’s car was discovered she was travelling along the Nangor Road and turned left onto the Newcastle Road when a silver car - possibly a BMW pulled out from a closed entrance to the Pollyhops Pub and drove behind her.  The witness recounted that another dark saloon vehicle was parked at the bus stop and when she drove past this vehicle the headlights came on and it drove out behind the silver car.   The witness stated that she travelled out in the direction of the Peamount Hospital and turned right into the hospital and the two vehicles continued straight.


• Anyone who was in the area of Bluebell and Newcastle and who might have seen James in the wine Mazda registration number 02D68758.

• Anyone who witnessed suspicious activity in the lay bye on the Newcastle Road or who saw the Mazda on fire.

• The driver’s of the silver vehicle and the dark saloon vehicle who were in the area of Newcastle when James’s car was alight.

• Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of James Kenny McDonagh to come forward and to be dealt with in confidence.

Gardaí at Kilmainham Garda Station are investigating                     Telephone 01 6669700

Robert (Garvan) Milligan

The Gardaí at Navan Garda Station are appealing to the public in relation to missing person Robert (Garvan) Milligan (D.O.B 11/07/1975) who was reported missing from his home on the 15th November 2010 by his sister.

The last sighting of him was on the 16th November 2011. He was captured on CCTV is a shop on Longwood, Co. Meath using the ATM and purchasing a bottle of cola at 6.04pm. From here he went to a pub in Broadford, Co. Kildare where he met friends and left there at 12.45am on the 16th November 2010. He was seen in his vehicle registration number 98D17890, a green Suzuki Baleno in the car park of this public house.

On the 16th November 2010 his mobile phone was pinged in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. Robert (Garvan) Milligan socialises on a regular basis in Broadford, Co. Kildare, Boyle and Strokestown in Co. Roscommon.

In the days prior to his disappearance on the 12th November, 2010 he socialised in a Public House in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon and stayed overnight at this premises in the living quarters where he remained until the 14th November 2010 when he left at approximately 10am. He arrived in Broadford, Co. Kildare and went to a Public House in the area during the evening of 14th and remained there socialising before travelling to his home in Wilkinstown, Navan afterwards. 

Gardai at Navan Garda Station are investigating                                        Telephone 046 9079930