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December 20

The Gardaí at Portarlington are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred at a warehouse at Bottley lane, Portarlington, Co. Laois in the early hours of Saturday the 29th October 2011.

At approximately 2.25am the supervisor was locking up for the night, he drove towards the main gate in his jeep and got out to lock it, when a masked man armed with a large knife ran towards him and threatened him, two more masked men ran towards him and surrounded him.  They demanded to know how the CCTV was monitored and how the alarm system worked.  A fourth raider reversed the supervisor’s jeep back into the yard. A raider drove a dark coloured car, possibly a Volvo into the yard a short time after this.  The raiders brought the supervisor into the warehouse, demanding to know where the expensive items were, they specifically asked for cigarettes and alcohol.

The raiders sat the supervisor down and handcuffed him to a steel trolley. One of the raiders stayed with him while the others ransacked the warehouse.  One of the raiders used a walkie talkie to communicate to another raider and told him to bring a yellow Daf truck around.  The truck had false registration number plates 99D31421 fitted to it.  They used forklifts to move trolleys full of stock through to warehouse, the raiders loaded the truck with the goods.  It took almost forty minutes to load the truck.  One of the raiders wore camouflage clothing, he told the supervisor that one of the raiders had a gun and that he would shoot him.  When the truck was fully loaded the raiders made there getaway followed by the Volvo.


• The two trucks, a white Volvo truck registration number 03 D 22742 and the yellow Daf truck registration number 01 D 40881 were stolen from Cabinteeley, Co. Dublin on the 25th and 26th October 2011.

• Did anyone see these trucks between these dates and the 30th October 2011
• Did anyone store these trucks in a garage or warehouse unaware that they were stolen?

• Did you see these trucks refuel at a petrol station or garage?

• False Plates - Where were they made? Did anyone remember making them for someone?

• Convoy to Portarlington over the October Bank Holiday Weekend? Did you see it?

• The trucks were recovered at Boston Hill, Rathangan, Co. Kildare on Sunday the 30th October 2011. They were fitted with false registration number plates, 01 D 40313 and 99 D 31421.

Gardaí at Portarlington Garda Station are investigating                Telephone 057 8623112

The Gardaí at Naas Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred at Tesco on the Dublin Road, Clane, Co. Kildare.

On Friday, the 11th November 2011 at approximately 9.20pm, two staff members were out in the yard at the back of the premises, when two masked raiders jumped a fence and approached them.  One of the raiders was armed with a knife and the other raider had a walkie talkie.  They threatened the staff members demanding to know where the offices were.  They brought the staff members into the storeroom area where the raiders met another two members of staff, who they also threatened.  One of the staff members was the duty manager who had the keys to the office, the raiders forced him to open the door and ushered the staff into it, they forced the duty manager to open the safe, one of the raiders filled a sports bag with money, the raiders demanded the duty manager to open another safe but he was unable to do so as it was on a time lock, the raiders specifically asked for the cash pods and loaded them into the bag.

The raider with the walkie talkie used it to communicate that the raider with the bag of money was leaving the office and checked to see if it was clear for him to do so, he also demanded the CCTV hard drive, the duty manager pointed to a computer hard drive and the raider took this. He threatened the staff that he would return in five minutes and not to move or he would kill them, a short time later a member of staff discovered the four staff members on the floor and alerted the Gardaí.

On Friday, the 25th November 2011 at 5.55am a second similar raid occurred at the same Tesco shop as two members of staff were opening up. Two men burst in through the automatic front doors and threatened the staff, they were forced at knife point into the office and forced to supply the key and code to the safe. The raiders emptied the contents of the safe and also removed a grey security box from the safe containing a large quantity of cash. The raiders then tied up the staff with cable ties. One of the raiders used a walkie talkie to communicate with a third raider who was waiting in a car outside. They loaded the boot of the car with the bag of cash, a witness who drove into the carpark observed this and followed them to Barberstown Cross where they turned towards Maynooth. They were driving a 06 Black saloon car.


• The aggravated burglary occurred at 9.20pm on 11th November 2011, the night of the first leg of the Estonia V Ireland soccer match.

• Entry and exit from the premises was via Capdoo Lane, Clane.  Did anyone see a vehicle or suspicious activity on this day or on the days prior to the raid?

• CCTV footage captured the aggravated burglary, raiders wore wet clothing and the raider in green wore blue covers on his shoes and used a walkie talkie, both raiders spoke with strong Dublin accents.

• At 10.30pm at Twelfth Lock Newcastle Road, Lucan, a black saloon car stopped on the bridge and passenger got out and discarded a bag. The cash pods taken during the raid were later recovered here.

• The second incident occurred at 5.55am, the raiders walked from a vehicle which pulled up on the Dublin Rd., Clane, they entered the shop via front door.

• The raiders exited the shop via the front door to an awaiting vehicle which had entered the car park , the vehicle is described as black saloon, partial registration number 06D.

• The vehicle was followed by a witness and drove in the direction of Barberstown cross, a third car, unaware of incident merged between these cars at the roundabout, the witness following the raiders overtook this car but lost them, but believes it turned right for Maynooth at Barberstown cross.

• Gardaí believe that the two incidents are linked, and are appealing to anyone who has been approached to exchange a large amount of coins.

• Gardaí would also like to emphasise that stricter security measures were introduced at the shop to insure no reoccurrence.

• Appeal for any witnesses to either crime or disposal of cash pods at the twelfth lock.


Gardaí at Naas Garda Station are investigating                  Telephone 045 884300

Conor Hickey

The Gardaí at Mountjoy Garda Station are investigating a fatal hit and run road traffic collision that occurred at approximately 5.25pm in Friday the 2nd December 2011.

Conor Hickey was crossing Fassaugh Road, when he was struck by a car, he was transferred to hospital where he was pronounced dead the following day.

Witnesses describe seeing a silver saloon car travelling at speed away from the scene in the direction of Connaught Street, CCTV footage captured a black car turning right at the junction of Shandown Crescent onto Connaught Street when a silver car travelling at high speed from Faussagh Road narrowly missed the black car at the junction as it was turning right.


• Did anyone see anything suspicious before or after the accident on that Fassaugh Road.

• Anyone who witnessed Conor Hickey being struck by the car to come forward.

• Did anyone see a silver medium sized saloon car on Fassaugh Road, travelling at speed towards Connaught Street in the direction of Phibsboro 10 minutes before and after the incident.

• A black car pulled out of shandon crescent and turned right, this car was narrowly missed by a silver salloon style car travelling at speed seconds after the accident. Gardai would like to talk to the driver of the black car, who may have seen something.

• A female captured on CCTV walking up Connught Street past Shandon Motors would have seen near collision between the speeding silver car and the black car. Gardaí would like them to contact the programme.

• Gardaí appeal to the person responsible to hand themselves in.

• Anyone with any information on this fatal hit and run road traffic collision to pick up the phone and call the programme.

• Gardaí would also like to thank the local community have been hugely helpful.

Gardaí at Mountjoy Garda Station are investigating                    Telephone  01 666 8600

Thomas McDonagh

The Gardaí at Ballymun Garda Station are investigating the fatal shooting of Thomas McDonagh, (DOB 18/04/1962) of St. Margaret’s Park Halting Site, Ballymun, Dublin 11 that occurred on Monday, the 3rd September 2011.

At approximately 9.53pm Gardaí responded to a call at the halting site in Ballymun, when they arrived at the scene they discovered Thomas McDonagh had been shot a number of times. He was transferred to hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.


• The vehicle used by the gunmen in this incident was a Black Nissan Qashqai bearing false registration number plates 09 KK 1422. The vehicle was stolen during the course of a burglary on the 18th June 2011 in Termonfeckin, Drogheda, Co. Louth.  Gardaí appeal to anyone who can offer information in relation to the manufacturing of the false registration plates to contact the programme.

• This vehicle was observed travelling southbound on the M50 motorway on the 19th June 2011 and was not observed again until the night of the murder on the 3rd September.  This car was subsequently recovered at Mayeton Drive, St. Margaret’s Road, Dublin 11.  Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of this vehicle between these dates to come forward?

• Gardaí are also looking to trace another vehicle, a black Nissan Almera registration number 02 KE     that was observed travelling southbound on the M50 motorway shortly after the murder.

• The car was subsequently recovered at Mayeton Drive, St. Margaret’s Road, Dublin 11. Did you see any suspicious activity here?

 Gardaí at Ballymun Garda Station are investigating                         Telephone 01 6664400 


The Gardaí at Buncrana Garda Station are investigating a robbery from a post office in Bridgend at 12.20pm on Wednesday, the 8th June 2011.

Two masked and armed men entered the post office. One of the raiders was armed with a handgun and held it under the counter and threatened the staff, they demanded money, the second raider was armed with a hammer and placed the money in the bag. They made their getaway in a silver Volvo car and travelled in the direction of Derry.

Member I/C Sergeant Martin Egan Buncrana Garda Station            Telephone 074 932 0540

Bus ticketOn this month’s Safety Call Sergeant Kelvin Courtney offered advice to Dublin Bus Customers in relation to the purchase of tickets as Gardaí are currently investigating the theft of a large quantity of tickets there were to be taken out of circulation.