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January 25

On Monday, the 10th May 2010 at approximately 12.52am an aggravated burglary took place in The Coast Tavern public house in Laytown, Co. Meath.  It was a Sunday night and the last day of the Premier Soccer league.  The owner was cleaning up after the last customer had left by the courtesy bus from the pub.

Her husband and three children were asleep in bed.  They live in a house attached to the pub.  Three raiders climbed over a back wall and entered the back garden of the pub.  They were armed with a large knife, an axe and a shovel.  The shovel belonged to the pub and was in the back garden.  They confronted the owner who was mopping the floor and threatened her.  They demanded money and told her she would get hurt if she did not do what they said.  They brought her to the kitchen area where they put cable ties on her wrist.  They demanded the owner empty the contents of the safe.  They demanded the keys to a red Skoda Octavia vehicle registration number 06D78549 that was parked outside.  They put a blanket over the owners head.  They made their getaway in the red Skoda Octavia.  This was later recovered in a nearby estate some hours later.

Male 1 - 5”7” in height of medium build (smallest of the three raiders), armed with a large knife, unknown accent, face covered by balaclava.

Male 2 - 5”7” in height of stocky build, armed with a shovel, wearing dark clothing, face covered up with balaclava which had yellow stripes

Male 3 - 6”0” in height and well built. (Largest of the three raiders), armed with an axe.

Initially spoke to injured party with a Northern Irish accent but later spoke with a Dublin accent.  Injured party believes the northern Irish accent was put on. 

• Anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident or may have witnessed suspicious activity before or after the incident.
• Anyone who may have seen a red Skoda Octavia registration number 06D78549 in the Laytown area in the early hours of Monday the 10th of May 2010 or being abandoned in the Park Vale area of the Grangerath estate
• Anyone with information about this crime to come forward.

Gardaí at Laytown Garda Station are investigating                            Telephone 041 92827074

The Gardai at Swords Garda Station are investigating the fatal stabbing of Bart Urbaniak on the 12th December 2010.  At approximately 3.35am on this date Bart was dropped outside the Rotunda Hospital suffering from stab wounds.  He was transferred to the Mater Hospital were he underwent medical treatment.  At 3.55pm Bart Urbaniak died as a result of his injuries.

Bart Urbaniak had been socialising in a nightclub in Swords celebrating a birthday for one of his friends.  They left the venue at 2.45am and travelled by taxi to the Richmond Road. Here a passenger in a taxi travelling down the Richmond Road saw an altercation involving a group of men. This witness also stated that the Taxi driver applied the central locking system and commented on the group of men on the road.


• Anyone who was in the Richmond Road area at the time of the incident or may have witnessed any activity in the early hours of the 12th December 2010.
• The taxi driver to come forward that these people travelled with from Booterstown and dropped a fare off at Kirwin Street and then onto St. Aidans Park. The passengers remarked that this taxi driver was playing a cd with 60’s and 70’s music on it and the taxi driver stated that his daughter made this cd for him.

Gardaí at Swords Garda Station are investigating               Telephone    01 6664700

Fraudulent sale of car - John

Gardai in Santry are investigating the fraudulent sale of a Mitsubishi Pajero on the 21st May 2010.  The Pajero was stolen in Ashbourne in April.  It had a registration number 06 MH 8994.

On the day of the sale the Pajero carried a copied registration number 06 LM 1330.  The person purchasing the vehicle had a friend of his, take a picture of the seller on his mobile phone.  Gardai are looking to identify this man, who identified himself as “John”.  He has a distinct turn in his eye.  

Gardaí at the Stolen Car Unit are investigating       Telephone 01 6663323   

Jason O

The Gardai at Store Street Garda Station are appealing to the public in relation to missing person Jason O’Dea.

Jason O’Dea is missing from his accommodation at Connolly Lodge, Buckingham Street, Dublin 1 since the 29th November, 2010.

He has not been in contact with family or friends since Saturday the 29/11/10.  He has failed to contact Connolly lodge which was his last known address.  When last seen he was wearing dark jeans, a white jumper and white jacket.

Gardaí at Store Street Garda Station are investigating         Telephone 01 6668000

The Gardai at Finglas Garda Station are investigating the double murder of Mark Noonan and Glen Murphy that occurred on Tuesday, the 23rd November 2010 at approximately 23.42hrs at Tesco Clearwater Service Station, Finglas, Dublin 11.  Both men travelled to the service station in Mark’s Toyota Avensis car registration number 05 D 86211.  A BMW saloon vehicle registration number 06 D 13665 pulled into the forecourt of the service station and a number of shots were discharged from the vehicle wounding and killing both men who died at the scene. 

The BMW drove out of the service station and travelled onto the Finglas Dual Carriage way.  They travelled onto the M50 and exited at the M50/M1 Junction.  They travelled up the M1 and drove through the M1 Toll Plaza at Drogheda, Co. Meath.  Moments after the incident two girls ran into Tesco Shopping centre located beside the service station.  Gardai believe these girls may have witnessed the incident.

The two men had spent their day in and around the Finglas and Blanchardstown area, travelling in Marks car.  At 23.25hrs the two men drove to the Tesco Shopping Centre car park.  They went into the shopping centre and spent several minutes walking through the aisles.  At the same time a male wearing a bright orange jacket, tracksuit bottoms and a blue hat walks in ahead of them.  This male is on his mobile phone and walks halfway down an aisle. The two injured party’s enquire about purchasing cigarettes and state they will go the garage for them.  They leave Tesco and return to their vehicle and drive to the service station.


• Anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident or may have witnessed suspicious activity before or after the incident.
• The male in the orange jacket on his mobile phone in Tesco Shopping Centre.
• The two girls who entered the Tesco Shopping Centre moments after the incident and the male who picked them up.
• The BMW involved in this incident was observed in the Warrenpoint area of Co. Down in the days prior to this incident. If anyone observed this vehicle in this area.

Gardaí at Finglas Garda Station are investigating               Telephone    01 6667500

The Gardai at Dundalk Garda Station are investigating the murder of eighteen year old Niall Dorr.  On Wednesday the 13th October 2010 at approximately 9.06pm Niall Dorr was involved in an altercation with a group of five men on Castle Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth. 

He was seriously assaulted during this altercation.  A passing motorist who witnessed the incident flagged down a patrol car in the area and informed them of the incident he had witnessed.  The Gardai arrived at the scene and discovered Niall Dorr lying on the ground with injuries to his head and body.  He was taken by ambulance to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda were his condition deteriorated and he was pronounced dead in the afternoon of the 14th October 2010.

Niall Dorr had an interview for the Irish Army on the morning of Wednesday, the 13th October 2010 in Dublin.  He travelled to Dublin by bus the previous night with his mother and they stayed in a hotel.  The interview went well and Niall commented on this on his Facebook page.  He returned to Dundalk that afternoon and met up with two of his friends.  They hung around the town for a few hours.  They walked up Castle Road area to the junction of Mill Street and Seatown.  Here they met a group of five men and an altercation ensued.  This spilled out onto the road and back down Castle Road.  Niall Dorr was discovered lying on the ground with the right hand side of his body partially under a parked car. He was naked from the waist up.


• Anyone who was in the area of Castle Road or Mill Street and Seatown junction at the time of the incident.
• Saint Gerard’s Novena mass was on in a Church nearby and there was a lot of traffic in the area.
• Anyone with information regarding the Murder of Niall Dorr to come forward and to be dealt with in confidence.

Gardaí at Dundalk Garda Station are investigating                                          Telephone 042 9388400

Fraud Feature advising members of the public in relation to a fraud scam which purports to be from a recognised Spanish lottery.  The feature is based on a real life case where the victim received a letter indicating that he had won €625,000.  However He was then instructed to pay several thousand Euro to a Spanish back account to facilitate the transfer of the money to his account.  He made several transactions to this account between March 2007 and August 2009 when the victim finally realised that he had been defrauded.  The feature hopes to highlight how professional and intelligent people have been caught out by this elaborate scam and aims to prevent further attempts to defraud innocent people.

Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation                                        Telephone 01 6663776