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23 November

This month Detective Inspector Mel Smyth was in studio to talk about online fraud.

With shops closed and Christmas approaching, more and more business will be conducted online. Consumers will be making purchases from individuals advertising on trading websites, from local businesses and from well-known and un-known websites based in Ireland and abroad.Businesses will be engaging with individual consumers and other businesses who often are completely unknown to them.

While the vast majority of transactions will be processed without issues, there is always the potential for fraud. Here are some things to consider for both consumers and businesses alike when shopping online: 


  • One of the principal rules is to only engage with known and trusted businesses and websites and to avoid doing business with people who are unknown and whose identity cannot be verified.
  • Think twice before sending money for a product in advance to an unknown person or entity.
  • Make the purchase using recognized payment systems or your credit card rather than direct transfers from your bank account or payment card.
  • Don’t record your card or account details on a website if you are not going to buy anything.
  • Never give away unnecessary personal data, such as your date of birth, social insurance number, password or pin numbers.
  • Read the terms and conditions and save all messages and documentation related to the purchase.
  • The higher the value of the product the more care you should take before making a purchase.   


  • Know your product: Is it a high value product? Is it easy to re-sell? Is there any history of the product being attractive to fraudsters? Identify risks associated with the product and talk to the customer about the product to test their knowledge of it
  • Know your customer: identify their name, address and eircode. If the customer is another business, look it up. Is there an address on their website? Is the address genuine? Is their email or phone number genuine? Is their account held in a different country? How do they wish to pay? What address are they using for delivery?
  • Implement safe means of payment and keep a record of transactions and have an efficient resolution process to deal with charge backs
  • Use a professional and reliable delivery systems and if in doubt don’t deliver.
  • Keep your data secure: have up to date IT systems including anti-virus software. Ensure all data is securely backed up regularly and that it is readily accessible if necessary. 

Gardaí are Bridewell Garda Station Cork are looking for information on a burglary that took place in a private residence in the Bernadette’s Way area of the city on the 10 April 2019.

The man in the picture was one of three individuals involved in a burglary where a rear patio door was damaged, a window smashed and an interior alarm system ripped from the wall.  A crowbar, screwdriver and black gloves were later recovered in a nearby bin.  


  • A male in his early 20’s,
  • Tall and with a broad build
  • A round face
  •  Wearing a black jacket and black peak cap.

Gardaí at Bridewell Garda Station, Cork are investigating on 021 4943330

Evofit - Burglary, Cork City on the 10.4.19

Gardaí at Buncrana Garda Station are investigating an incident of indecency which occurred at the Swan Park, Buncrana, Co. Donegal on the 9 August 2020 at 19.54hrs. 

The man in the picture exposed himself to a female who then alerted the Gardaí. The injured party described the suspect as being: 

  • In his late 20’s or early 30’s
  • Around 5'6” in height
  • Plain looking round face with a small nose
  • Fair skinned, clean shaven and a round / pudgy build
  • Short, thinning dark coloured hair
  • He wore a light blue t-shirt with black shorts, dark shoes and ankle socks 
  • The suspect did not act aggressively and there was nothing about his appearance or demeanour to suggest that he was not from the area. 

Gardaí at Buncrana Garda Station are investigating 074 9320540

Evofits - Indecency, Buncara, Co. Donegal on the 9.8.20

The Gardaí at Kilmainham are investigating two incidents of the Hijacking unlawful seizure of a pedal cycle.

The first of occurred at Grand Canal, Bluebell on Monday 17 August 2020 at 4.50pm (daylight).

The incident happened at the Pinch gates along the canal close to Bluebell Community Centre. The victim was cycling towards Inchicore from Kylemore Road when, at the gates, he was stopped by four males. During this incident the victim was approached by two of the group, while the other two continued walking on. 

The victim was forced from his bicycle at knife point, and his bicycle and mobile phone were subsequently stolen. The male suspects then made their escape along the canal in the direction of the Bluebell Community centre. 

Description of property stolen:

  • The bicycle is very distinctive as you can see from the photograph. It was an electric ‘Fiddo’ bicycle, and what was even more distinctive was that the electric aspect of the bicycle was disconnected.

electric ‘Fiddo’ bicycle,

  • The mobile phone was an Oppo F7 IMEI Number 869603035470658 – this is not a very common phone.

Oppo F7 phone

  • Description of Suspects:

Suspect no (1):  Late teens to early twenties, 5  5” – 5 6” in height, wore a black puffa style jacket.

Suspect no (2): Late teens to early twenties, 5 8” – 5 9” in height, wore a red puffa style jacket, carried a knife.

Suspects (3) and (4): Late teens to early twenties, wore dark clothing. 

The second crime occurred on Sunday 23 August 2020, shortly after 1.10pm, at the same location.

The victim was cycling along the canal walkway from the Tyrconnell road in the direction of Clondalkin. As he approached the pinch gates on the walkway his pathway was blocked by a group of male suspects. The gates are located close to the Bluebell Community Centre. 

Two of the suspects then approached the victim, while the other three members of the group continue to walk on along the cycle track. 

One suspect is believed to have had possession of a weapon, described as a pole in shape. During the course of the incident the victim was hit with the weapon, causing him to fall off his bicycle. The bicycle was then forcibly removed from the victim and the suspects made their way from the scene in the direction of the Bluebell Community Centre. 

Description of Bicycle:

Bike Specification:

Cube Attain Pro Disc 700c Road Bike 2019 - White/Red in Large frame size

Bike rims are now all black decals removed

No saddle bag was on the bike at the time

Handlebar ends are black (red in picture)

Cube Attain Pro Disc 700c Road Bike 2019

Description of Suspects: All appear to have been in their late teens. The two main suspects were wearing black puffy jackets with hoods up, leggings and scarf. Of the remaining three, one wore an orange jacket, while another wore a burgundy jacket.


  • Gardaí believe there are people in the community who know the identity of the suspects involved and would ask them to come forward with information.
  • The property stolen was distinctive, especially the Fiddo electric bicycle, cube bicycle and the Oppo phone – did anyone come into possession of these items in the intervening period?
  • This incident occurred in broad daylight in an area with a heavy footfall – are there any witnesses who may have more information or can provide better descriptions of the culprits?
  • Gardaí know that the suspects went towards Bluebell Community Centre after the crimes but would like to know if anyone saw them after that. Is there any saved dash cam footage from the dates 17 August and 23 August, 16.30hrs – 17.30hrs & 13.00hrs – 14.00hrs respectively.
  • Gardaí believe they may have stored the stolen bicycles in a nearby location to avoid being caught in possession immediately after the crime – does anyone know where they may have stored this property, or where is this property now?

Gardaí at Kevin Street Garda Station are investigating on 01 6669400

Gardaí at Pearse Street Garda Station are renewing their appeal to the public in tracing the whereabouts of Trevor Deely who was last captured on CCTV passing the Bank of Ireland ATM machine on Haddington Road, at approximately 4.14 a.m. on the 8 December 2000. 

On the 8 December 2000, following his Christmas party, Trevor called to his place of work to collect an umbrella for his journey home.

CCTV footage from the last sightings of Trevor Deely has been digitally enhanced. The CCTV footage captures a male dressed in black outside the rear entrance of Bank of Ireland, Asset Management Offices on Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2 between 3am and 3.34am, prior to Trevor Deely arriving. 

At 3.34am, moments before Trevor approaches his place of work this male steps out onto the footpath and follows Trevor Deely to the back gate of Bank of Ireland, Asset Management before conversing with him at 3.35am.

Trevor was last captured on CCTV passing the Bank of Ireland ATM machine on Haddington Road at approximately 4.14.21am on the 8 December 2000. 

Gardaí believe that the male acting suspiciously outside of Trevor’s place of work is the same male that is seen passing the Bank of Ireland ATM on Haddington Road at 4.14.55am, 34 seconds after Trevor Deely that morning.

The Investigation Team at Pearse Street Garda Station have continued to investigate Trevor’s disappearance and make the following appeal: 

  • This December marks twenty years since the disappearance of Trevor.
  • The depth of the loss endured by the Deely family is as raw today as it was in December 2000.  There has been no reprieve or sense of peace for the family.
  • The last confirmed sighting of Trevor was at 4.14am on the 8 December 2000.  He was captured on CCTV footage on Haddington Road at this time.  Also captured on this footage is an unknown male.  This footage has been widely circulated since 2017,  yet we have been unable to establish the identity of the male in the footage who appears to wait at the gates of the Bank of Ireland, Asset Management Offices on Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2  - Trevor’s place of work – for in excess of 34mins.
  • This area of Dublin 2, particularly around the canal is an area where people would have socialised in 2000.  Trevor’s disappearance was so well documented in 2000 that there is no doubt that people frequenting this area at that time would have been aware of this case.
  • Gardaí are appealing to people who were around the canal area that night to come forward and make contact. Gardaí know that people were on the canal and in that general area on the 7th/8th of December who have declined to speak with the investigation team. For whatever reason they chose not to engage with the investigation in 2000 so we are appealing for them to make contact now.
  • All persons that come forward will be dealt with sensitively.  There is no blame or shame for not coming forward sooner. Gardaí believe that the key to discovering what happened to Trevor lies in information held by people who socialised in that area.  No matter how insignificant they may feel their information is– it could be the detail that we are seeking.
  • Crimestoppers have pledged an award of €100,000 for information which significantly assists the investigation into the disappearance of Trevor Deely. 

Gardaí at Pearse Street Garda Station are investigating on 01 6669000

Trevor Deely - Hat

The Gardaí at Mayorstone Garda Station are investigating the murder of Lee Slattery, 25 years. Lee grew up on Monabraher Road in Ballynanty on the northside of Limerick City. He was a popular young man in the community from a well-respected family. 

Lee was found buried in a shallow grave on Monday 31/5/2010 near a wooded area on the grounds of Delmege House. Delmege House is a derelict manor house on an 80 acre site on Knocklisheen Road adjacent to Moyross on the outskirts of Limerick City. The area is known locally as “The Dallies”. Lee had been missing for a number of days. 

On the previous Thursday evening, Lee had visited a friend’s apartment in Limerick city centre and returned to the Ballynanty area shortly before midnight. There are several sightings of Lee shortly afterwards, he was last seen alive by a friend at 1.50 am on 28/5/2010. The last sighting of Lee on CCTV is at 2.05 am on 28/5/2010 cycling on Knocklisheen Road in the direction of “The Dallies”. Gardaí are satisfied that Lee was lured to this location. 

Lee’s murder is being fully reviewed by Detectives from Mayorstone Garda Station. Gardaí have uncovered a number of new leads in recent months which are currently being pursued and they are satisfied that there are people that were living in the Ballynanty and Moyross areas at the time that have information that is critical to the investigation team. 


  • Gardaí are appealing for people to come forward and co-operate especially in relation to the movements of the people involved in Lee’s murder at the critical time.
  • There may have been people in the community that were afraid to come forward at the time but with the passage of time and possible changes in allegiances and relationships Gardaí are now hoping that it will be possible for these people to come forward.

Gardaí at Mayorstone Garda Station are investigating on 061 456980

Murder of Lee Slattery

Gardaí at Ashbourne Garda Station are investigating the murder of Richard Carberry that occurred on the night of 4 November 2019 in Bettystown,Co Meath.
On the night in question Richard had arrived in Dublin Airport at 10.30pm following a short trip abroad.

He then drove home from the airport to his home in Bettystown after dropping off a friend at a pub carpark, at Swords Road, Cloghran,Dublin,at approx. 11.15pm. Richard drove hos own car a black 141 Audi Q3, with a 141 registration.

Meanwhile a Peugeot Bipper van, (08D 124410), with black and white stripes, had parked outside Richard’s home in Bettystown.

On arriving home Richard got out of his car and was approached by an unknown man holding a gun. The suspect shot Richard a number of times and then fled away in the van which was parked nearby.

The van was abandoned and set alight and the suspect then got into a blue Ford Fiesta.
This Fiesta left Eastham Road and travelled west on Colpe Road through Donnacarney village towards Southgate shopping centre. It then travelled south on the N1 through Julianstown, continued to the Naul village and finally to Ballyboughal where the car was abandoned in a field at around 12.15am and set alight.


• Did you have contact with Richard Carberry on the 04/11/2019?
• Did you observe the two vehicles connected with the murder in the Bettystown area in the lead up to Richards’s murder?
• Did you see the Ford Fiesta in the Ballyboughal area following the murder?
• Did you see a male on foot in the Ballyboughal area on the 05/11/2019?
• The persons that were involved in the murder of Mr Carberry, were missing from their homes on the nights of 04/11/2019 from 6pm – 02:00 am. Their behaviour at the time of the murder may be out of character. Any information will be dealt with sensitively by Gardaí or can contact can be made using the Garda Confidential line.

Gardaí at Ashbourne Garda Station are investigating on 01 8010600

Gardaí at Mountjoy Garda Station are investigating a sexual offence that occurred at Mountjoy Square Park in the early hours of Sunday 25 August 2019.

The victim was staying in accommodation on Talbot Street, she left her accommodation for a short time to go to a nearby shop. The victim was returning to her accommodation, crossing the road at the traffic lights at the junction of Talbot Street and Gardiner Street when two men approached her and engaged her in conversation. The three of them went to a shop before walking towards Mountjoy Square Park where the young woman was the victim of a sexual offence.


  • This was a serious sexual offence on a young woman who just happened to be passing by that location in Dublin City Centre on the night of Saturday 24th August into Sunday 25th August, 2019. Gardaí acknowledge that since the last broadcasting of the reconstruction on Crimecall there has been significant progress from an investigative point of view, however the matter remains under investigation. 
  • The focus of our appeal centres on the second man that accompanies the victim along the routes shown and ultimately to the scene of the offence at Mountjoy Square Park.

Description of Suspected Offender:

  • Smaller than 5’10
  • Blue eyes and sallow skin
  • Short, straight dark hair
  • Facial hair (not groomed)
  • Average build
  • Baggy jeans
  • Approx. 30 yrs old
  • Do you have any information about the men that were loitering on Gardiner Street/ Talbot Street on the night in question, and in particular the second man as described above? This man spoke very little, but may have had a foreign accent?
  • Did you remember seeing the victim making a purchase of alcohol in and around the Parnell Street area on the night in question?
  • Did you hear or see the men along with the victim in and around the environs of Mountjoy Square when the Sexual Offence occurred (i.e 00.45 - 01.33) on the Sunday morning. 

Gardaí at Mountjoy Garda Station are investigating on 01 6668600

On this month's Crimecall Garda Adrian Corcoran was in the studio to discuss pedestrian and driver safety. Garda Corcoran discussed the worrying trend that has seen 27 fatalities on Irish roads, which accounts for 20% of all fatalities. 

Garda Corcoran explained that the restrictions that Covid has placed on public transport capacity, sports activities, has led to greater numbers of pedestrians on our roads. Furthermore Garda Corcoran explained that two thirds of fatal pedestrians occur at night and highlighted the need to be highly visible to other road users. 

Garda Corcoran offered advice to drivers as to how they can reduce the fatalities on our roads and emphasised how road safety is a collective responsibility. 

Garda Corcoran informed the public of An Garda Siochana's Christmas and New year Enforcement Operation 2020, due to commence on the 1 December 2020 and continue through to the new year. 

Finally Garda Corcoran offered advice to the public in relation to the Government response to the Covid 19 Community call forum. The forum works with local forum and state agencies, community and voluntary groups to provide support or services to vulnerable persons. 

Details can be found at www.gov.ie/communitycall.Calls will also be directed to a national phone number 0818222024.