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28 September 2020

On this month’s Crimecall Detective Superintendent Micheal Cryan of the Garda Economic Crime Bureau was in studio advising the public on a recent scam involving online loan applications.

As part of this scam the borrower will be asked to provide an advanced fee or alternatively to cover the cost of insurance on the loan being applied for.

Detective Superintendent Cryan highlighted the red flags that the public should be aware of in relation to these types of loans:

  • The ease with which the loan is required. It will usually be an unsecured loan with no guarantor required.
  • The borrower may be invited to borrow more than the amount originally applied for.
  • The people targeted for these types of scams are usually vulnerable and unable to get a loan from other financial institutions.
  • These scams are usually initiated through an internet search and an entering of personal details such as name and phone number that will result in the borrower receiving a phone call in a matter of minutes.
  • The borrower will then be put under pressure to pay the advanced fee and will be told that there are time limits to the offer

Borrowers are encouraged to check the central bank website for lists of regulated companies. It is worth noting that if the company is not regulated then the borrower will have no recourse for refund.  

Detective Superintendent Cryan asked members of the public to always be aware when receiving unsolicited phone calls, emails, text or other communication that leads to a request for personal or banking information.

On this month’s Crimecall, Sergeant Graham Kavanagh was in studio to offer advice on securing bicycles and also providing advice regarding the theft of dogs. Over the summer months, we noticed significant increases in two particular crime types, namely bike theft and dog theft.

An Garda Síochána is reminding cyclists to take extra precautions in keeping their bicycles safe by locking them in the most secure way possible. The majority of bicycles are stolen from roads, streets and carparks, however increases in bicycle thefts from residential or domestic settings are more prominent in 2020, particularly from gardens, sheds, apartment complexes and houses. So far this year there have been 3,800 reported bicycle thefts, with An Garda Síochána recovering approximately 1,800 bicycles. Many cannot be returned to their owners as their serial numbers are not recorded. Only one in five bike owners were able to provide their bicycle frame / serial number to Gardaí when they reported their bike as stolen.

Sergeant Graham Kavanagh says that a rising demand for both Dogs and Bicycles in a COVID19 landscape has driven an increase in these types of thefts.

Gardaí are appealing to the public to take extra crime prevention measures when it comes to caring for your pet, particularly high-value breeds of dogs.

Gardaí at Rathmines Garda Station are investigating a burglary that occurred in Beechwood Park, Rathmines at around 17.00 on 18 August 2020. The injured party was in her kitchen when she observed a male in the hallway. There was an attempt made to remove some of the victim’s property. The victim confronted the man who became abusive before leaving in a small red car. No property was taken.


Male 30s or early 40s
Short brown hair with side burns
Approx. 5'" in height
Unshaven with dark stubble
Thin face
Flat accent, possible midlands but not a Dublin accent
Military green knee length jacket with a cord at the bottom
Green coloured peak cap
Blue jeans
Grey runners

Gardaí at Rathmines Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 6700

EVOFIT - burglary that occurred in Beechwood Park, Rathmines, Dublin on the 18.8.20

Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating a robbery from the person that took place in Tyrellstown on 20 July 2020.

The injured party was walking home at around 11.30pm when he became the victim of a Robbery, during which he was assaulted with what is believed to have been either a steel rod or pipe and also threatened with a 6” knife. The victim was knocked to the ground. The suspects had come from Tyrellstown Playground at Park Boulevard. 

The victim continued to be assaulted and repeated demands were made of him to hand over his money. 

The victim did not have his wallet on him, but his keys and phone were taken instead. The victim was chased further down the road at which point a knife was produced and struggle ensued causing one of the suspects to bleed from the nose. During the struggle the victim managed to remove the mask of one the suspects. The two suspects then ran away on Park Boulevard towards Mount Eustace estate.

Description of suspect 1:

White with blue eyes
Short light brown hair with a receding hairline
Approx. 5’9’’
Wearing a black hoodie and black face mask
Aged 30 -35 years
Square face
Eastern European accent

Description of suspect 2:           

White skin
Approx. 6 feet tall 
Aged late 20’s
Black Hoodie and face mask
Eastern European accent

Garda Appeal:

  • Gardaí are looking for people who may have been in the vicinity of Park Boulevard in Tyrellstown between 11pm and midnight on 20 July 2020.
  • The Gardaí are looking for witnesses to this robbery.
  • Did anyone notice the 2 men, as described, hanging around the vicinity of Tyrellstown Playground / Mount Eustace estate between 11pm and midnight on 20 July 2020?
  • Do you recognise the man described in the Evofit? 

Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 7000

EVOFIT - robbery from the person that took place in Tyrellstown, Co Dublin on the 20.7.20

The Gardaí at Salthill Garda Station are investigating the disappearance of thirty three year old Barbara Walsh from Rusheenamanagh, Carna, Co. Galway who is missing from her home since 22 June 1985.

Barbara was married and was a mother to six children. She was at home in Carna, with her husband and six young children, ranging in age from 16 years old to just 7 months. There was a small gathering of family and friends in the house and the last sighing of Barbara was in the early hours of the 22 June 1985.

She was never seen or heard from again. An extensive Garda Investigation was launched and remains live and active.

Barbara’s family are appealing for information in relation to their Mother’s disappearance after thirty years.


  • Subsequent AGS Investigations have confirmed that Barbara did not emigrate to Australia and a reported sighting of a woman out walking near Carna in the early hours of Sat 22nd June 1985 was not Barbara.
  • An Garda Síochána in Galway will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Barbara’s disappearance.
  • Carna is a close-knit Gaeltacht community and we believe there are people in that community who may have information that can help our investigation.
  • We are conscious that we now live in a very different era to 1985 and perhaps now with that passage of time, people may feel more comfortable sharing that information with us.
  • We are appealing to the Carna community, and to those who may have lived locally at the time, who may know something - no matter what that information might be, and no matter how small - to please make contact with Gardaí.
  • Do you have information that you are unknowingly holding onto that may assist the investigation?

Gardaí at Salthill Garda Station are investigating tel: (091) 514 720

Missing Person - Barbara Walsh

The Gardaí at Blackrock are investigating a robbery that occurred at Fairyhill, Newtown Park Avenue, Blackrock on the 27th July 2020 at approximately 6 pm. The women was walking along a footpath at the Fairyhill housing estate when she became the victim of a robbery. As the women walked along she noticed a man on the opposite side of the road, which she acknowledged by nodding at him. Moments later the women heard footsteps approaching her from behind and felt pressure around her neck. 

The victim then felt her handbag being grabbed and as a result she fell to the ground causing an injury to her shoulder. The suspect then ran away in the direction of Newtown Park Avenue. The woman contacted the emergency services for assistance.

Description of suspect:

20 – 30 years
5 8” -5 9” height
Stocky/muscular build
Red face
Reddish brown hair
Clean shaven 


Light coloured jumper with long sleeves
Possibly wearing jeans 

Garda Appeal:

  • Were you in the vicinity of Newtown Park Avenue / Fairyhill estate between 5.30pm and 6pm on Monday July 27th and did you see anything suspicious?
  • Did you see a man matching the suspect’s description?
  • Did you see this man in the company of anyone else?
  • Did you see any suspicious vehicles in the area at the time or before the crime took place?
  • Do you recognize the man described in the Evo-fit?
  • Were you driving in the area and do you have dashcam footage? 

Gardaí at Blackrock Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 5200

Robbery from the person, Blackrock, Co. Dublin on 27.7.20

The number of cyclists on our roads has soared since the first Covid restrictions last March. Over the past few months the National Transport Authority has allocated €55 million to improve road infrastructure throughout the country in response.

We went on patrol with Garda Gavin Fleet to Blackrock, Dublin to see some of the changes that have been made.

Superintendent Eddie Golden was in studio to give advice not just to cyclists, but to all road users in terms of using the new road system safely.

Superintendent Golden focused on the changes to our road conditions during the last six months, with roads becoming busier with cyclists, coupled with the evenings getting darker earlier and worsening weather conditions for the winter months ahead.

He made reference to collisions involving cyclists during the previous three years. These included; fatalities, serious collisions and those involving large vehicles.

Finally, Superintendent Golden emphasised the need to be aware of pedestrians over the coming months, especially in relation to the new road layouts and as always the need to be visible and in particular be careful when crossing the road.

Gardaí at Rathmines are investigating the unexplained death of John Hannigan (49) that occurred on 20 February 2020 at 6.45pm. 

John Hannigan had been admitted to St James Hospital on the Friday 3 January 2020 following his discovery in the hallway of his residence at Grosvenor Road, Rathmines Dublin 6, sometime around 6pm. 

John Hannigan was found in a collapsed state by another resident, at which time an ambulance was called and he was conveyed to St James Hospital. Initially John Hannigan was treated on the assumption that his injuries were as a result of a fall.

However, on the 21st February the Gardaí at Rathmines after receiving a report of his death, commenced preliminary enquiries into the circumstances. 

The investigation is focused on whether the injuries received are as a result of a fall, as initially suspected, or an assault. 

Movements of John Hannigan 

The Garda investigation has established that at 1.30 pm on the 3rd January 2020 John travelled to Balally, Sandyford, Dublin 18, where he briefly met a family member. Unfortunately, Gardaí have failed to identify witnesses who may be in a position to provide an account of Mr. Hannigan’s movements between when he left his father until he was discovered in an unconscious state at his residence, at 6.30pm. 

Garda Appeal:

  • We appealed to the public to help piece together John's movements following the New Year, the 1st, 2nd & 3rd January 2020.
  • Did he ring in the New Year with anyone?
  • Did anyone see or speak to him in the days leading up to the 3 January 2020?
  • We were especially anxious to speak to anyone that came in contact with John on the 3 January 2020. 

We know John was at his address at 9am on this Friday morning and that he travelled to Balally for 1.30pm approximately.

Did anyone see him during this time or come into contact with him? We know that John left Balally after a short interaction with a family member.  There is approximately a 5 hour period before John was discovered in the hallway of his accommodation shortly after 6pm on the 3rd January 2020.

Did someone see John during this time?

It has been suggested that John may have visited a local bar in Rathmines for a short period of time?

Were you in this bar? Do you recall seeing John in there or who he was with on the 3rd January 2020?

Any small piece of information that someone might have can help in piecing together what happened to John and how he sustained the injuries he did. 

Gardaí at Rathmines Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 6700