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Aggravated Burglary at Highfield, Swords, Co Dublin.

The Gardaí in Swords are investigating an Aggravated Burglary that occurred at Highfield estate Swords on the 13th August 2010.

At Approximately 10pm a businessman arrived home to a house at the Highfield estate. His wife and four children were present. The man ate his dinner in the main sitting room and began watching T.V. After a while he fell asleep and was awoken at 12.05 am by three intruders who were standing over him.

The men were armed with a handgun, hammer and knife. Two of the man are believed to be Asian and the third |Irish. The intruder with the hammer stood guard over him, while the other two moved through the house.

One of the Asian intruders entered the second sitting room located off the Hallway. There were two daughters of the businessman in there watching T.V and relaxing. The man was armed with a knife and shouted at the two girls in Mandarin. He then spoke in English when he realised that they could not understand him.

The third man believed to be Irish, spoke with a Dublin accent. He was armed with a handgun went upstairs were he was met by a third daughter who had come to the landing to investigate the commotion. He attempted to grab the girl and take her downstairs, but she refused to go without her mother.

The gunman accompanied by the daughter went to the mother’s bedroom. As they entered the bedroom the businessman’s wife was shouting out the window while attempting to call the guards. The gunman pointed the gun at her and told her to get off the phone. He then demanded money and was giving a bag of two Euro coin by the daughter. He wasn’t satisfied with this and wanted paper money. He was then given sterling from the wife’s purse.

The gunman attempted to take the women downstairs. A scuffle ensued between all three during the course of which the daughter succeeded in activating the panic alarm and pulling off his balaclava. He then struck her with the butt of the gun causing injury to her head. He then left taking the coin and paper money.

All three raiders ran from the house, chased by the businessman, who observed them flee to awaiting getaway car in the adjoining Ballintrane estate.

Gardaí at Swords Investigating  Telephone 01 666 4700