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January 26

 The Gardaí at Enfield are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at a filling station located at the village of Clonard.

At approximately 7am  on Monday 11th January 2010 two males entered the garage. One male was carrying a side by side double barrelled sawn off shotgun. Both men were dressed in dark clothing and wore balaclavas.

They forced staff and two delivery men into a store room and locked same. They then demanded the keys to the safe from the staff.

The raider’s then stole a large quantity of cash from the safe. It is not known what type of transport was used.

Description of Raiders:

1st male approx. 5ft 8”, slim build wearing black hoodie, black addidas runners and bottoms with a white stripe. He spoke with a Dublin accent.

2nd male approx. 5ft 4”, medium build and wearing all black clothing and white trainers. He also spoke with a Dublin accent.

Gardaí at Enfield Investigating   Telephone 046 954 1002

Gardaí in Whitehall are investigating an armed robbery that took place at a Bank on the Swords Road, in Whitehall in Dublin at around 10:50am on the 18th of January last.

Two armed raiders entered the bank. One of the men carried what appeared to be a small handgun and the other a full size shotgun. The raiders failed to get any money from the bank staff; however during the raid one of the raiders in a particularly aggressive act threatened a customer by putting a handgun to their head and grabbing their throat. Another customer in the bank was eight months pregnant, thankfully she was unharmed.

The raiders fled to their get away vehicle, a navy Toyota Corolla saloon. It had been stolen from Lusk on the 14th of January. The car bore the original registration plate to the front, 96WW3854, however on the rear the number plate read 98D11859. This number was stolen from a different car.

The car was driven from the bank to Enaville Road in North Strand where it was abandoned and recovered by Gardaí at 11:35am. A witness observed the car travelling down Gracepark Road and left onto Richmond Road. Gardaí are appealing for witnesses who may have seen the car that morning or indeed seen the raiders abandon the car on Enaville Road, just of Poplar Road in North Strand.

Gardaí at Whitehall Investigating   Telephone 01 666 4500

Gardaí are aware of a number of incidents where bogus callers are calling to the homes of elderly people in the general Dublin area in recent weeks.


Superintendent Sean Ward of Fitzgibbon Street is appealing for information into several of these incidents, in which, these callers represent themselves as employees of Local Authorities indicating that they need to check Gas/ Power / Water supplies etc.  While the elderly person is preoccupied with one of the callers, a second person will enter the house and steal property (Cash & Jewellery)


To date, four such crimes against the elderly have been committed and are  been actively investigated by Gardaí attached to Fitzgibbon Street Garda  Station.  There have been two other suspected attempts, there maybe other similar crimes/attempts but may not have been reported.  The aforementioned crimes have occurred over a one month period – month of December/early January and the offender(s) typically target old people.  The crimes occur between 9am – 12md and 6pm – 10pm – no later nor earlier.


Occasionally one lone culprit may present himself at the door – more often there are two persons involved – the first suspect will engage the householder, while the second suspect will commit the crime – completely oblivious to the unsuspecting injured party.  The descriptions are at variance. However a common physical description is as follows -first offender; 5’5’’ – 5’10’’ tall, slim build, 24-26yrs of age, fat face, clean shaven and well groomed with fair short hair, Dublin accent, dark clothing and well spoken – comes across very amenable.  The second offender is described as being smaller than first offender with dark hair, 21 years, he maybe drug addict.


Suspects purport to be from Dublin Corporation and express a need to check pipes – this is the common means of entry. In other cases, lone suspect asserts that a flood has occurred in some other location and again, there is a sudden need to check pipes.

In one case violence has been used.

No direction of travel or mode of transport.

The areas affected were Thomas Clarke House, Annesley Avenue, Ballybough Road, Richmond Street North.


Advice to Homeowners with regard to Bogus Callers


• Home occupiers are asked to request the bona fida of all callers to their homes, to check with the organisation they allege to represent.

• Genuine callers/traders have no problem in providing photographic identification and organisational details. 

• Never solely rely on the accuracy of the information being proffered. Verify the information yourself. Keep a list of local authority or service provider’s telephone numbers nearby.

• Never engage with persons who insist on cash payment for services offered.

• Never leave strangers, even bona fide workers, unsupervised in your home

• In cases where the home occupier is in any doubt they should contact their local Gardaí immediately.

• Neighbours and family friends are asked to be vigilant in this regard and remind the elderly and those living alone of the dangers that these people pose.


Advice on Bogus Traders/ Callers is available on the Garda website www.garda.ie in the Crime Prevention section.   


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The Gardaí at Santry are investigating the false imprisonment of the post office manager of the post office located at the Omni Centre Shopping complex Santry, Dublin.

On the morning of Friday the 27th November at 7.40am the post mistress left her house in the Beaumont area to go to work. An Express taxi people carrier was waiting outside. The vehicle involved is possibly a Nissan Qashqai. The office manager assumed this was the taxi she had booked.

As soon as she entered the taxi, she was threatened with a silver hand gun and was forced to hand over her house keys, her phone and her bag. There was a second man in the taxi.

The vehicle then drove onto the Beaumont Road, near to the main entrance to Beaumont hospital. As the raiders drove they issued instructions to the post mistress as to what they wanted her to do when they arrived at the post office.

The vehicle continued on its journey to the Omni; however it managed to avoid the main roads by weaving through some of the nearby housing estates. The taxi sign believed to have been fitted to the bogus taxi was located in the garden of a house at Coolrua Drive, Beaumont. The sign had been stolen from a taxi in the Ardlea Road, Artane area between the 28/9/09and 29/9/09.

When the post office manager arrived at the Omni shopping centre she alerted one of the security guards as to what was happening. Gardaí arrived at the Omni shopping centre having been alerted by security. The raiders failed to get any money.

Description of first raider (see photofit):

Dark brown hair, sallow skin, strong Dublin accent, tattoo on forearm. He wore jeans and a white polo shirt. There is a photo composite below of this raider.


Gardaí at Santry Investigating   Telephone 01 666 4000

Missing Person - Anna Larkina

50 year old Anna Larkina is missing since 15th November 2009 from the Navan area. When last seen she was wearing a cream coat, jeans or tracksuit bottoms.

She was only recently living in Johnstown in Navan having lived for several years in Dunboyne.

She is described as being 5’3” in height and 11st. She has brown hair and brown eyes. 

Gardaí at Navan Investigating   Telephone 046 907 9930




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Deirdre O’Flaherty at Kinnego Bay on the 11/1/09

At 10.40am on Sunday the 11th January 2009 at Kinnego Bay, Moville, Co. Donegal the abandoned Silver BMW X5 Jeep Reg. No. ADZ-100 of Deirdre O’Flaherty (nee Donnelly) DOB; 16/3/1962 was found on the beach.

An extensive search of the area has failed to locate Deirdre O’Flaherty and she remains missing to this date.

Deirdre O’Flaherty is married and has 3 Children. She is a medical Doctor and she worked for the Western Urgent Care Out of Hours service based in Derry. She practiced under her maiden name, Deirdre Donnelly.

Gardaí at Buncrana Investigating   Telephone 074 932 0504

Missing Person – Imelda Keenan

The Gardaí in Waterford are investigating the disappearance of Imelda Keenan who was reported missing by her brother Edward from the town on Tuesday the 4th January 1994.

Imelda was originally from Mountmellick, Co Laois. She had initially gone to stay with one of her brothers in Cobh, Co Cork, but left it after as short while when she went to stay with two other brothers in Waterford City.

Imelda soon settled down in Waterford and after a short time she moved in with her boyfriend Mark Wall. Both lived in an apartment in the town which was located on William Street. Imelda attended the Central Technical Institute in Waterford where she undertook a computer course for a short period.

On Monday 3rd January 1994 Imelda told Mark that she was going to the post office. Imelda left the flat at 1.30pm and walked down William Street onto Lombard Street. The last definite sighting of Imelda is at this time when she was seen crossing the road by a local doctor’s secretary who knew her well. The secretary and a friend observed Imelda crossing the road at the corner of the Tower Hotel and Lombard Street.

There have been no further positive sightings of Imelda, despite a lengthy Garda investigation into her disappearance which has continued up until this day.

Gardaí at Waterford Investigating    Telephone 051 305 300

The Gardaí at Coolock are looking for the public's assistance in relation to the murder of 29 year old John Paul Joyce. He was a native of Coolock having lived with his family at a halting site at Grove Lane, just off the Malahide road. He was the father of two children a girl of 6 and an 18 month old baby boy.

John Paul Joyce was last seen shortly after 7pm on Thursday 7th January 2010 after leaving a house on Ferrycarrig Road, Coolock, where he had been staying with his fiancée.

When he failed to return within a short period of time, his fiancée then reported him missing to the Gardaí.

Mr Joyce’s body was subsequently discovered at 1.30 pm on Saturday the 9th January by a member of the public at Dunbro Lane, St Margaret’s, Co Dublin, close to Dublin Airport.

Gardaí are appealing to anyone with information or anyone who may have been in the vicinity of the Ferrycarrig /Glin areas of Coolock at or prior to 7pm to come forward in confidence.

Gardaí at Coolock Investigating   Telephone 01 666 4200