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Ballymun Assault on the 24/9/10.

Two teenage girls were assaulted in a vicious attack in broad daylight in the Joseph Plunkett Tower at Ballymun, Dublin on 24 September 2010.

The attacks happened around 6.15pm in Ballymun's remaining original tower block.  A teenager, visiting a friend in the tower, was attacked from behind as she walked down the stairs.  She was hit more than once with an object and fell onto the concrete. 

Another teenager, hearing screams saw the injured girl fall headfirst down the staircase. She ran to help her.  As she bent over her the attacker struck her over the head too before he fled.

The 16-year-old and 15-year old were hospitalized after the assault.  One of them sustained serious head injuries. At first there were fears the teenager might have a permanent brain injury but she has recovered.  She has however been left with permanent scarring to her face and head.

Gardaí at Ballymun Investigating                                                  Telephone  01 666 4400