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26 April 2021

On this month’s Crime Prevention segment Sergeant Graham Kavanagh offered burglary prevention advice, with a focus on the potential impact that the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions may have. A year on from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic Graham explained that many property crimes have reduced due to a lack of opportunity. Graham reminded viewers of the elements required to commit a crime and encouraged the public to be vigilant by implementing the following burglary prevention advice: 

The three elements required for a crime to occur:

  • A suitable environment / location
  • A motivated offender
  • A lack of a capable guardian / Victim

Crime-TriangleWithout any one of these elements a crime cannot occur. It is clear that because more of us are at home during the pandemic the environment to commit a crime was not suitable for burglars.

Conversely as the restrictions are lifted in the coming months we will be leaving our homes for longer periods. The opportunities for burglars will increase as they too can travel further distances. They will be looking for easy opportunities and properties that appear unoccupied and unsecure will be targeted. 

The burglary prevention advice as always is:

  1. Secure all doors and windows
  2. Light up your home and use timer switches when out
  3. Store keys safely and away from windows & letterboxes
  4. Record details of valuables and don’t keep large cash amounts at home
  5. Use your alarm, even when at home
  6. Be alert to online and telephone scams and do not share personal or financial data 

Homeowners are encouraged to check their homes for any security deficiencies using the checklist challenge audit.

Crime Prevention advice on securing your home is available here

Gardaí at Bridewell Garda Station Cork are looking for information in relation to a burglary at a private residence in the Bernadette’s Way area of the city on the 10 April 2019.

The man in the picture was one of three individuals involved in the burglary where a rear patio door was damaged, a window smashed and an interior alarm system ripped from the wall. A crowbar, screwdriver and black gloves were later recovered in a nearby bin.


• A male in his early 20’s,
• Tall and with a broad build
• A round face
• Wearing a black jacket and black peak cap.

Gardaí at Anglesea Garda Station investigating. Tel: 021-4522000


Gardaí at Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow are investigating a case of trespassing that occurred at a private residence at Kiladreenan at approximately 6pm on 2 December 2020.

During the course of this crime a suspect entered the injured party’s premises without permission and was approached by a family member.  At this point the suspect quickly left the scene in a Pajero-type jeep that was waiting nearby.

Description of Suspect:

In addition to the Evofit the suspect is described as 5' 10" in height with brown hair, stocky build, wearing dark jeans, and dark v-neck jumper with a black polo shirt underneath. 

Gardaí at Newtownmountkennedy Garda Station investigating. Tel: 01-2819222


Murder-of-Paul-Gallagher-2014Gardaí at Navan Garda Station are investigating the Murder of twenty-six year old Paul Gallagher who was fatally injured at a field at Ballymacan, Slane, Co. Meath on Monday the 28 July 2014. 

Paul and another man travelled towards Dundalk on the M1 motorway earlier in the day, sometime after 4pm. The other man was driving his red Volkswagen golf car and Paul was a passenger. They travelled through the M1 Toll Bridge at Drogheda and may have exited the motorway at junction 14.

Paul met someone at the hard shoulder and they spoke for a short time. He got back into the car and they drove onto the M1 Southbound motorway. They were seen at the Applegreen services at Castlebellingham. They had no change for the toll bridge so they exited the M1 at Drogheda. Paul directed the other man down a number of country roads. They travelled under the bridge at Oldbridge, towards Slane. They came to a farmhouse at Ballymacan. Paul got out and seemed slightly apprehensive. He got back into the car and directed the other man to return home. They stopped at the Brink Service Station in Slane and travelled on a number of country roads back to Dublin. Paul returned home.

At around 10.30pm, Paul contacted this other man again and asked him to drive him back to Drogheda. They returned to the farm at Ballymacan where they may have been joined by two other men. Paul and the other man became separated. Moments later shots were heard and Paul’s body was discovered in a field two days later. 

Garda Appeal: 

  • Did you see Paul Gallagher and another man earlier in the day on Monday the 28 July at Junction 14 on the hard shoulder of the M1, and/or in the general area?
  • Were you in the Tullyallen area of Drogheda and did you see any suspicious activity?
  • Were you in the Ballymacan area on this night and did you see any suspicious activity?
  • Were you the driver of a Subaru car that was in the area on the Monday night, 28th July 2014, or did anyone witness this vehicle in the vicinity on that night or at any other time in the days leading up to the 28th July 2014?
  • Do you have any information in relation to the murder of Paul Gallagher that may assist the investigation? 

Gardaí at Navan Garda Station investigating. Tel: 046-9036100

Murder-of-Stephen-LynchThe Gardaí at Tallaght Garda Station are investigating the murder of Stephen Lynch, which occurred at Brookview Close, Tallaght, Dublin 24 on Thursday 13 April 2017.  

Stephen Lynch got a lift from a friend to Brookview Close, where he got out of his friend’s vehicle. He walked up to a silver Ford Focus hatchback and engaged in a conversation with the three people that were sitting in the car, through the front passenger window. There was some shouting heard and then the Ford Focus proceeded to drive over Stephen. Stephen died from his injuries at the scene. 

The occupants of the Ford Focus got out of the car, abandoned it, and ran from the scene.  This vehicle was recovered by Gardaí and has been preserved. One of the suspects ran down Brookview Close onto Brookview Park and towards Brookdfield Road. This suspect was not seen after this. The other two suspects took a left turn off Brookview Close and headed towards Brookview Avenue. They were then chased by some of the residents of Brookview Close.  One of these suspects was tripped up by a resident.  This suspect fell and cut his hand but got up and continued running onto Brookview Avenue.  

There is currently a Crimestoppers Appeal seeking information.

Crimestoppers---Murder-of-Stephen-LynchDescriptions of Suspects: 

One of the suspects involved is described as being a tanned male, approximately 5ft 8 inches, think with black hair and wearing a green or navy rain jacket. 

A second suspect is described as being very thin with a gaunt face, dark brown hair and wearing a red Bubble jacket. 

Garda Appeal:

  • This is a live investigation and while some progress has been (including a number of arrests) more evidence is required to bring the suspects to justice.
  • We are making a direct appeal to whoever is suspected of involvement or people who know who was involved, in Stephen’s murder.
  • It may be the case with the passage of time or change in circumstances, people who felt they could not come forward previously may now feel more comfortable in doing so.
  • People who do wish to come forward will be treated sensitively. 

Gardaí at Tallaght Garda Station, investigating. Tel: 01-6666000

Murder-of-William-DelaneyGardaí at Portlaoise Garda Station are investigating the murder of fifty-six year old William Delaney who went missing on 30 January 2019.

William was a Tipperary native who lived in Portlaoise where he had a large family. On the morning of the day in question he left Portlaoise General Hospital where he had been receiving treatment. It was established that William collected his welfare payments at Portlaoise Post Office after leaving the hospital.

The last confirmed sighting of William was at approximately 3pm on the 30 January 2019 in Monasterevin Co. Kildare where he called to visit a relative who lived in the area. The relation wasn’t at home but William was spotted outside the premises which is situated on the old Cork-Dublin Road directly opposite a local landmark known as the Hazel Hotel. William was then reported missing by his family on 6 March 2019.

In June 2019 Gardaí received information that William Delaney had been killed and that his body had been buried at a location in Laois. A comprehensive search was conducted in the area surrounding the Rock of Dunamaise but no remains were discovered.

Crimestoppers are now launching an appeal for information on the murder of William Delaney.


  • Gardaí are appealing for anyone who has any information on the disappearance and murder of William Delaney.
  • Did you see William on the days leading up to his disappearance?
  • Were you in the Monasterevin area on the date in question and did you see William?
  • Gardaí believe that people are withholding information on the murder of William Delaney. They hope that with the passing of time these people will now be able to come forward and offer whatever information they have. 

Gardaí Portlaoise Garda Station investigating. Tel: 057-8674100

Gardaí at Clondalkin Garda Station are investigating a robbery that occurred at an eating establishment at the Nangor Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 on 17 January 2021.

At approximately 19:39 on the night in question a white Volkswagon Golf registration 141-SO-909, pulled into a retail park and two suspects were seen exiting the vehicle and entering an eating establishment. 

The first suspect was armed with chisel and the second suspect carried a crutch.  The two suspects entered the eating establishment. Suspect (1) jumped over the counter and threatened the staff members.  Suspect (2) jumped onto the counter and waived his crutch in a threatening manner towards the staff. 

Suspect (1) then took the two cash tills and passed them to the second suspect. They both exited the eating establishment and left in a white Volkswagen Golf. CCTV footage from Dublin Bus shows their vehicle being involved in a collision at a roundabout at the junction of the Nangor Road and Fonthill Road. The two males left the car and ran towards the Bawnogue area, and then Alpine Heights estate, Clondalkin. One of the suspects dropped one of the tills at a green area in the Alpine Heights estate which was subsequently recovered by Gardaí. The second till remains outstanding. 

Description of Suspects: 

The first suspect (male):

was armed with a chisel which he held in his right hand. He is described as wearing a black jacket, light grey tracksuit bottoms, a light grey hoodie underneath his coat with the hood up. He wore a black peaked baseball cap underneath the hood, dark coloured gloves, a white mask and black runners with white on the soles. He was thought to be aged in his 20’s, with what’s reported to be a strong Dublin accent. 

The second suspect (male):

 was carrying a crutch in his right hand and a shopping bag in his left hand. He was wearing a maroon coloured hooded jacket with white strings. There was a white logo on the left arm of his jacket. He also wore dark coloured tracksuit bottoms, navy runners with white laces, a black hat, black mask and black gloves.  He appeared the older of the two suspects, possibly aged in his 30’s. 

Gardai Appeal:

  • Anyone in the area of the Nangor Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 on the evening of 17 January 2021 between the hours of 7.20pm and 7.40pm and who saw anything suspicious or untoward to come forward and assist An Garda Síochána with this investigation.
  • Anyone with any information in connection with the white Volkswagen Golf 141-SO-909 to come forward – this car was taken during the course of a Burglary of a dwelling in the Tallaght area on the 15 January 2021. The car left the scene of the Robbery at KFC and collided at the junction of the Nangor Road and Fonthill Road while escaping. We would appeal to anyone with any information on this vehicle and its whereabouts during the period between when it was stolen and used during this robbery.  
  • Anyone who can provide any information as to the identity of the two men involved or any information that may progress the investigation.
  • Anyone with any information, in relation to the preparation and knowledge acquired by the suspects in the days and weeks prior to the commission of this crime, to come forward and assist An Garda Síochána with their enquiries. 

Gardaí at Clondalkin Garda Station, investigating.  Tel: 01-6667600


On this month’s Crimecall Garda Adrian Corcoran and Garda Lyn Connaugton of the Roads Policing unit highlighted the dangers of “distracted driving”.

The Crimecall team filmed on location with Garda Lyn Connaughton who is a trained Forensic Collision Investigator. Lyn talked about her experience of attending scenes of serious injury collisions some of which have resulted in fatalities.

Dublin Fire Brigade were on hand to illustrate and raise awareness about the serious consequences these collisions have on victims and their families. 

In the first two months of 2021 Gardaí issued 3041 fines to drivers for holding a mobile phone while driving. Now while this is down 39% on the same period last year this figure is still worryingly high when you consider we were in stage (5) lockdown for the duration of this period meaning greatly reduced volumes of traffic on our roads. 

Adrian gave the following key advice

Drivers on mobile phones continue to be a huge problem on our roads. Statistics show that making a call makes a driver four times more likely to be involved in a collision and texting makes a driver 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision. Research shows that if you drive and use your mobile phone (hand-held or hands-free) it will hinder your driving in different ways. It makes it harder for you to:

  • Keep in lane
  • Drive at the right speed
  • Keep a good distance from the car in front
  • Judge safe gaps in traffic 

Driver distraction is a diversion of attention away from activities critical for safe driving toward a competing activity. It is estimated that driver distraction could play a role in 20-30% of all road collisions in this country. 

Garda Corcoran also highlighted the other potential distractions to drivers including having children in the car and using satellite navigation systems. Finally Garda Corcoran outlined the penalties for anyone caught driving in a distracted manner.