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June 27

Keep yourself safe at night

The Gardaí at Baileboro Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred in Cornaman, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan on Thursday 11th February 2016.

At approximately 6.30pm a woman was at home alone, her husband was due home and she was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Just ten minutes later at 6.40pm the woman saw the lights from her husband’s car reversing around the back of the house. The woman heard a loud bang from the back garden and went to investigate. A man had smashed the glass panel in the back door and was attempting to get in. Her husband was being assaulted by 3 men. The woman attempted to prevent them from entering the house but was overcome by the raiders. She ran to the kitchen to get her phone to call the Gardaí but one of the raiders grabbed her and assaulted her. The raiders tied the couple up using cable ties. The raiders took the husband into another room and demanded to know where the safe was.

The woman remained in the kitchen and continued to be assaulted by the raiders. The raiders found a safe in the house but it was empty. They demanded the keys to the woman’s SUV that was parked at the front of the house. The raiders made their getaway in this vehicle and travelled in the direction of Kingscourt.

The couple received a number of injuries as a result of this aggravated burglary. The raiders were in the couple’s home for over an hour.


• Gardaí are appealing to anyone in the Cornaman area of Kinsgcourt on Thursday 11th February between 6pm and 9pm to come forward.
• The vehicle stolen was a Black Landrover Freelander registration number 07CN3857. It is still outstanding & Gardaí are appealing to anyone with information on the whereabouts of this SUV to come forward.
• Gardaí are appealing to anyone with information in relation to this aggravated burglary to come forward.

Gardaí at Baileboro Garda Station are investigating Telephone 042 9694570

Cash In Transit Robbery, Ballymun on the 26.4.

Gardaí at Ballymun Garda Statin are investigation a cash in transit robbery that occurred on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at a service station on the Ballymun Road, Dublin 9.

The cash in transit van parked in the four court of the service station for a short time before the collection was due. Shortly before at 8.30am a Silver Alfa Romeo Giulietta car registration number 12D19442 was observed driving slowly on Northwood Avenue, located close to the service station. Just before 9am the security guard began to make the collection from the service station to the van.

As the guard exited the service station making his way to the van parked on the forecourt the silver Alfa Romeo Giuletta approached the station and reversed from the Ballymun road across the forecourt towards the security guard. A man got out of the front passenger side of the Alpha car and approached the security guard, he was armed with a large knife and threatened the security guard. He stole the cash box and fled from the scene in the car.

The car then turned right onto Ballymun road and drove on the wrong side of the road before turning left at the junction of Northwood Avenue. The car was now on the correct side of the road and travelled towards the junction at St.Margaret’s Road, where it turned left.

The car continued along St.Margaret’s road until it reached the Mayeston Square Apartments and parked in an underground car park. The raiders broke open the cash box activating the alarm and the dye. They left the car park and entered the building.


• The Alfa Romeo Giulietta car registration number 12D19442 used in the robbery was stolen during a burglary from a house in Bayside, Sutton, Co. Dublin between 10pm on Tuesday 19th April and 6.30 am on Wednesday 20th April this year, approximately a week before the robbery. The car had a distinctive sticker across the top of the front and back windscreen. The sticker read “Diana loves Brian”. (The word “Loves” was replaced by a heart symbol). We are appealing to anyone that may have seen this car between these dates in the North County Dublin and wider Leinster area to come forward.

• There were a number of items of personal property in the car when it was stolen including a large amount of Canon Camera equipment including camera’s and lenses and electrical equipment including an Asus Laptop, Nexus Tablet and an Apple Ipod.

• Gardaí are appealing to anyone who was in the Santry and Ballymun area on that Tuesday morning or anyone who was in the service station at the time of the robbery to come forward.

• The raiders made their getaway in the Alpha Romeo Car and drove into an underground car park at the Mayeston Square Apartment complex. The raiders would have had to enter a code to exit this complex and Gardaí are appealing to anyone residing in the complex with information about this robbery to come forward.

• At some stage here the box was cut open with an angle grinder and the money was removed. The alarm on the box was activated and as a result the money was covered with dye. 

• The raiders used a code to enter the main building from the underground car park. They went up to the ground level of the building and exited through the normal door where a waiting car took them from the area.  This car had a Taxi symbol on the side but had no taxi plate. The car may have been a Toyota Avensis. 

• The first raider is described as five foot five to five foot seven inches in height of stocky build with a Dublin accent and about thirty years of age. He wore a black tracksuit top with a zip, blue tracksuit bottoms, runners and a red scarf that partially covered his face. He was armed with an eight inch kitchen knife.

• The second raider was described at five foot five to five foot six inches in height with a skinny face & a dark complexion and twenty to twenty five years of age. He wore a black woolly hat with a dark hood pulled up over his hat.

• Gardaí believe that dyed money may be in circulation in the North Dublin area and are urging anyone that has come across it to come forward.
Gardaí at Ballymun Garda Station are investigating Telephone 01 6664400

On this month’s Crime Prevention segment Sergeant Kelvin Courtney was in studio to offer advice to the public in relation to home security for the holiday period.

The key Crime Prevention message is “You’ve planned your summer holiday, now plan your home security”. Holiday Security advice is available here.

Although Burglaries have decreased significantly, burglary levels remain high during the summer months. Burglary can occur at any time during the day/night.

Unsecured entry points are more likely to be targeted during the summer than during the winter months, lock doors and windows when leaving the house and lock doors even when at home. This goes for both the front and rear of the property. Burglary through an unsecured entry point may also have implications for insurance coverage.

Burglars are more likely to steal property during the summer months, possibly because they have more time once entering the property – ensure the alarm is working and switched on when the house is vacant and at night when the home is occupied.

Keep in mind that having a restricted view of the property from the outside (hedging, walls etc) can act as a promoter and not a deterrent to a burglar – the Burglar is less likely to be seen.

When going on holidays make the home looks occupied – ask neighbours to clear the mail from post-boxes, cut the front lawn and park a car in the driveway of possible, open and close curtains when necessary. Use timer switches for lights.

Store away ladders/ tools etc. Put a good lock on sheds and chain valuable equipment. Residents should consider putting in tamper proof locks on rear doors and windows

Burglars target CRAVED items – keep the most expensive jewellery hidden from view, never keep large amounts of cash in the home and do not leave CRAVED electronic items (laptops, smart phones) in obvious places when the residence is unoccupied or overnight.

If recovered, Gardaí can have difficulty tracing the owner of the property – make a record of valuable items and include photographs, serial numbers etc, mark the property with your Eircode.

Keep car keys away from the front door. There were at least 250 incidents where car keys were fished in 2015 across the full year.

Join a Neighbourhood watch Scheme (2,407 with 341,000 members) / Community Alert Scheme (1406 with 385,120 members) / Text alert scheme (930 with 163822 members)

Publish your social media pictures when you get home!


In October 1986, in a Dublin suburb, Philip Cairns, a thirteen-year-old boy went missing. It was lunch time and Philip had left his new school, Coláiste Éanna, at 12.50pm and walked the short distance to his home at Ballyroan road, Rathfarnham.

The walk home usually took him less than 15 minutes. Philip arrived home at one o’clock. His grandmother had his lunch waiting for him. After lunch he had a few minutes to spare before heading back to school - so he did his homework and swapped his books for his afternoon classes. At 1.30, he gathered up his schoolbag and left his house to return to school.

That was the last his Gran, his Mother and Father, his brother and sisters ever saw of Philip.

Philip left his home in Ballyroan Road in Rathfarnham to return to Coláiste Éanna. But he never made it back to the school. Despite extensive investigations, which are ongoing, no trace of Philip has yet been found. Six days after Philip’s disappearance, his schoolbag was found in a laneway near the school. This laneway links Ann Devlin Road and Ann Devlin Drive. Some of Philip’s books were missing from the bag.

It is so important that anyone who knows how Philip’s bag came to be in the laneway makes contact.
Gardaí at Rathfarnham Garda Station  are investigating Telephone 01 6666500

Distraction Burglary, Raheen, Limerick

The Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station are investigating a distraction burglary that occurred on Wednesday 30th December 2015 at Raheen Gardens, Raheen, Co. Limerick.

A woman was at home alone in Raheen Gardens when a man called to the house purporting to be from an electricity company and requested to read the electricity meter in the woman’s home. The woman agreed to this and allowed the man into her home to check the meter. The man engaged the woman in conversation for a short time. The woman then saw a second unknown man leaving the house and became alerted, both men then fled from the house. The woman discovered a sum of cash missing from her purse which was in an upstairs bedroom.

Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station are investigating Telephone 061214340

Michael Anthony Lynch

Gardaí at Clones Garda Station are appealing for information in relation to missing person Michael Anthony Lynch, (DOB 01/08/1947) who has not been seen since Sunday 6th January 2002.

At this time of his disappearance Michael was described at five foot eleven inches in height of medium build, with grey hair (receding). He was possibly wearing a sports jacket and was in possession of a Mitsubishi Galant registration number TIL 4670.

Gardaí at Clones Garda Station are investigating Telephone 04751028

The Gardaí at Monaghan Garda Station are investigating a fatal hit and run collision that occurred on the 26th of June 2011.

In the early hours of Sunday the 26th of June 2011 Fintan Traynor, who was just twenty years old, was killed when a car struck him as he walked home to Lemgare Road, Co. Monaghan. This road links the village of Clontibret and Annyalla with Derrynoose and Keady, Co. Armagh.

Fintan had attended a family reunion on Saturday the 25th of June with family members from Australia who returned for a four week holiday. Fintan and his cousin Ciaran travelled to Castleblayney where they met up with more friends and continued to socialise in the town. Just before 2am Fintan and his cousin Ciaran were walking along the main street in Castleblayney and stopped to talk to a cab driver who gave them a lift home to their uncle’s house in Annayalla where Ciaran was staying. They said goodnight and Fintan left to walk the 3 kilometres to his own home. This would have taken just thirty minutes. About one kilometre up the road, a neighbours CCTV camera shows a figure passing at 2.41am.

Early on the Sunday morning, Fintan’s uncle who had travelled from Australia took an early morning walk with his wife down the quiet country road towards Lemgare Road. They came across the body of Fintan lying on the road. He had been struck by a car.


• Gardaí are appealing to the owner/driver of the offending vehicle which now know to be an Audi A.4 car to come forward.

• Gardaí are appealing to the driver of the car which travelled from Tasson (Murphys Cross) towards Lemgare at 3.31a.m. on 26th June, 2011 to come forward.

• Gardaí are appealing to garages & vehicle repair workshops/suppliers of car parts on both sides of the border to come forward and assist in the investigation.

• Gardaí are appealing to any other persons who were socialising in the area at this time or who travelled through this area on the morning of the 26th June to come forward.

• The road where the collision occurred is not widely used by the public and Gardaí believe that there may be some people locally who might have valuable information and have not yet come forward. They may have noticed a car of this description which was damaged or some person whose mood swings or behaviour which may have may changed. The person involved may have confided to some close friend or family member about the accident.

Gardaí at Monaghan Garda Station are investigating Telephone 04777200


On this month’s traffic segment, Garda Derek Cloughley was in studio to offer advice to the public in relation to remaining safe on the roads during the holiday period.

Garda Cloughley gave a breakdown of the fatalities on the roads for the first six months of the year. The advice focused on the summer being a high risk period as a result of people travelling in unfamiliar surroundings, an increase in the use of agricultural vehicles and motorcycles on our roads. This coupled with people being generally off their guard while on holiday can result in an increase of collisions during this period.