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January 27

Aggravated Burglary, Howth, Dublin on the 13/12/13

Gardaí in Howth are investigating an aggravated burglary that took place at Casana View last December the 13th, at about 9.15am.

Two men knocked on the door of a house in Howth, County Dublin.  Inside a woman was with her eight-year-old daughter, who was home from school sick.

When the woman opened the door, two men forced their way in. Two more of the gang who had been hiding at the back of the house also barged in.

The gang of four tied up the woman and her eight-year-old daughter, threatened them with a crowbar and demanded money.  They spent around 20 minutes in the house. They took substantial amount of money and jewellery.

They made their getaway in the family car, a 07 Honda CRV, which was later found abandoned in a car park at the harbour in Howth.  The raiders told the mother and child that they had broken in to all the houses on the road and tied up the occupants. In fear for her child and her neighbours’ safety the mother managed to free herself and raise the alarm.

Gardaí at Howth Garda Station are investigating                      Telephone:  01 666 4900

Gardaí at Dundrum are investigating an armed robbery at a pub in Stepaside on Monday 6th January.

A Dublin publican in the Stepaside area was the victim of an armed robbery.  As he left his premises and walked through the pub car park to his car an armed raider got out the rear passenger door of a silver Mitzubishi SUV, 98D78028.  He threatened the publican with a handgun and ordered him to hand over the items he was carrying.  As the publican did so many of the items he was carrying dropped to the ground.

The raider fled with some items but failed to take any cash which was presumably what he intended to do.  The silver SUV left at speed, it was being driven by another person.  It travelled down Kilgobbin Road and was abandoned at Kilgobbin Lane.  The gunman was described as being 6’1” tall, slight build, wearing a grey tracksuit and grey balaclava. He had a Dublin accent.  The Mitsubishi had been bought 2 weeks previously and a false name and address were given.

Gardaí at Dundrum Garda Station are investigating          Telephone: 01 666 5600

On this months Crime Prevention segment Sergeant Alan Roughneen was in studio to discuss burglaries where car keys are taken and bogus callers.  Sergeant Roughneen gave some Crime Prevention tips on ways to prevent bogus callers getting into your home.

Anthony Cantillon

Anthony Cantillon was last seen by his sister Theresa on the 25th January 1976 at 4.45 in the evening.  He said he was heading out for a short walk. No one has seen him since.

Anthony was one of nine; he was living in the house he grew up in on Crecora Avenue, Limerick.  He was 30-years old, 5’8” medium build and had red hair.  He was described by his family as a quiet and shy man.  His identification, post office book and cheque book were left untouched. 

At the time of his disappearance the area around Rosbrien in Limerick where he used to walk often was extensively searched. National appeals on’Garda Patrol’ and the Sunday World failed to garner any information as to his whereabouts.

Investigators are releasing an age progression photograph which has been developed using photographs of Anthony Cantillon and his family to show how Anthony might look today. His niece Frances appeals for information on Crimecall.                          

Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station are investigating                  Telephone: 061 214340

On-line Car Scam

This scam involves buying cars with forged Bank Drafts and then selling the cars on for cash.

An innocent driver is tricked into acting as a courier for the fraudster, delivering the cars and forged bank draft and collecting the cash.

The fraudster targets cars being sold on the Internet.  He contacts the sellers, questions them about the car and agrees a price.  He usually arranges to see the car on a Thursday or Friday.  During what can be lengthy negotiations, he gets the seller to agree to accept a bank draft, he then phones before the agreed meeting, to explain he can’t come himself and is sending his driver.  His driver meets the seller of the car, checks the car and hands over the bank draft.  The bank draft is a counterfeit, but by the time the innocent seller discovers, the fraudster can’t be traced.

In the meantime the fraudster has advertised the car for sale on another site.  The asking price is usually considerably lower than its value.  His drivers’ meets the potential buyer with the car and collects the cash.  At no point does the fraudster come face to face with the driver, the buyers or sellers of the cars.

We reconstruct the case of how one innocent driver was duped into working for the fraudster and feature a picture of an as yet unidentified intermediary partaking in the scam.

The identity is sought of the above male in connection with an ongoing fraud investigation in which vehicle are purchased through unsuspecting third parties with forged bank drafts.  This individual has handed over a number of bank drafts and accepted cash in return. 

He is described as male, mid 40’s, with a turn in his left eye, and has a strong Dublin accent.  He travels by taxi to meet injured parties.

Gardaí at the Stolen Motor Vehicle Investigation Unit are investigating    Telephone: 01 666 3320 / 25

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust model

Gardaí at Pearse Street Garda Station are investigating a theft from a person which occurred on Adelaide Road, Dublin 2 on the 6th July 2013 between the hours of 03.00am and 03.15am.

The injured party was walking home on Adelaide Road heading for Charlemount Street after a night out with friends when a male came up from behind him and began making conversation with him.  The man subsequently took the injured parties arm and placed it around his shoulder as if to be holding him arm in arm.  He then threw the injured party to the ground whilst still holding his arm and proceeded to take his watch from his wrist. The suspect fled from the scene and made his escape via Peters Place.

Description of Watch:

The watch is a Rolex and is valued at over €6000.  It is described as a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust model in stainless steel with white precious metal bezel serial no 60/z203622.  Model No 116234.  It bares no engravings or markings however it might have been offered for sale to someone around this time.

Gardaí at Pearse Street Garda Station are investigating               Telephone: 01 666 9000

On this month’s traffic segment Garda Derek Cloughley was in studio to focus on human errors on the road.  In 2013, we ended up with 190 fatalities, the first increase year on year since 2006.  The vast majority of collisions, and therefore injuries or fatalities are caused by some kind of human error, whether by one or a number of people and also whether totally accidental or somewhat deliberate.