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May 21

The Gardaí at Tuam are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred on the evening of Friday 22nd March last, at the parochial house at Caherlistrane, Co Galway.

It was the evening of the Ireland versus Sweden World Cup qualifier and the parish priest was at home watching it on television. During the game he heard a commotion outside his house. When the priest went out to check on the noise he was confronted by four men in balaclavas. One of the raiders was armed with a metal bar and he threatened the priest before he and another raider pushed the priest back into the sitting room while the other two raiders searched the house. The raider with the iron bar was very agitated and kept demanding gold.

They searched the priest’s jacket and he emptied his pockets, giving them a small amount of cash. The raiders demanded to know where the safe was kept. The priest brought them to the safe in the house. The safe was empty as it was not in use. They pushed the priest into the kitchen where they threatened him again. They then brought him back to the sitting room where he was thrown to the ground. They demanded he hand over his mobile phone and when they discovered his wallet they took all the cash from it and then tied him up.

When the raiders could find nothing else in the house, they left, but the raider in the blue shirt went back into the room and threatened the priest again. After a time the priest made his way to a neighbour’s house where he raised the alarm.

Description of Raiders:

1. Male, medium stocky build, approx 5’10”, had a Cork accent wearing a black balaclava / Ski Mask Type and a blue tracksuit top – (This male appeared to be in charge, he did all the talking).

2. Male, thin build, dressed in black, possibly early twenties.

He was carrying a metal object.

All males were wearing gloves and balaclavas

3/4 No description


• On the night of Friday the 22nd March 2013 – bearing in mind Ireland were playing Sweden did you see anything or anyone of note in the immediate vicinity of the scene of this crime at Caherlistrane, Headford, Co. Galway.

• On the evening of the 22nd of March 2013, or the days preceding it did you see any cars or other type of transport which you thought unusual

Gardaí at Tuam Garda Station are investigating           Telephone 093 70840

The Gardaí at Rathmines are investigating an attempted robbery that occurred shortly after 9am on Tuesday 30/04/13 as the female victim was leaving her home in Rathgar, South Dublin. The woman was approached by a male who appeared to have been hiding in her garden. This man ran at her and punched her around the head, causing her to fall to the ground. He then attempted to steal from the woman. The woman’s
screams were heard by two men who came to her aid.

The suspect then fled empty handed onto Highfield Road and ran towards Fairfield Park where he was picked up by a waiting car. The car was described by witnesses as a light coloured saloon car with partial registration number: 0 (possibly D or G) 4481. The car was last seen turning down Neville Road, Rathgar.

The woman was taken to hospital following the incident. She sustained bruising to her face and hand and was discharged later that day.

The incident was captured by CCTV and the suspect can be seen running across the Rathgar road on the CCTV from a passing bus.

Description of Suspects:

Suspect no 1 (attacker)

• 5' 8'' to 6'

• Age 20's

• Slim build

• Snowboarding hat with bobble and earflaps

• Black wind sheater jacket

• Navy tracksuit bottoms with white stripes down each leg

• Black or Navy blue trainer with white trim around the soles

Suspect no 2 (driver)

• Age 40's

• Light brown and Grey curly hair


• Possible identification of the suspect from the clothing he wore as seen in the CCTV footage (in particular the unusual hat) and the CD Fit.

• Identification of the car that was used from the description and partial registration number.

• Members of the public are asked to place the description of the men together with the car used in an attempt to identify those responsible.

• An appeal for witnesses as the incident occurred on a busy road at a time when persons were going to work, school etc.

• Anyone with information in relation to this crime no matter how insignificant they believe it to be to make contact.

Gardaí at Rathmines Garda Station are investigating                      Telephone 01 6666700

On May's Crime Prevention segment Sergeant Alan Roughneen was in studio to offer Crime Prevention advice on the safe storage of car keys in the home.

The fishing of keys through letterboxes and windows accounts for In 1 in 5 reported cases of car keys stolen from the home.

Sergeant Alan Roughneen also discussed the Supporting Safer Communities Campaign. This campaign will take place on 28th May – 4th June 2013. This initiative, gives An Garda Síochána, an opportunity to further pledge its’ commitment, to enhance and develop policing in partnership with our communities, in order to promote and support safer communities.

Ford Focus hatchback 5 door metallic Grey

The Gardaí at Gort are investigating a fatal hit and run traffic collision that occurred on Friday 16th November 2012 at 7.30 pm approx. The victim Gerry Keane was fatally injured as he crossed the Gort to Galway road.

Gerry had intended going to Ardrahan to a Public house for the evening. Gerry was struck by a vehicle on the N18, moments after he had been dropped off by a family member at the car park opposite the pub. Gerry was removed from the scene by ambulance to University Hospital Galway where he subsequently died from his injuries the following day.

The Garda Crimecall appeal includes a reconstruction of the events on the night in question and Gerry’s brother makes an appeal on behalf of the family.


• The focus on the appeal concentrates on a Ford Focus hatchback 5 door metallic Grey (2005 - 2008). This is the car Gardaí believe is the offending vehicle.

• Gardaí believe that the focus was damaged and are anxious to talk to anyone that may have repaired a similar vehicle in the days and weeks following the collision.

• Gardaí are making a direct appeal to the driver to contact them.

• Members of the public who can assist the investigation in anyway are asked to make contact.

Gardaí at Gort Garda Station are investigating                  Telephone 091 636400

Bobby Ryan

Gardaí in Tipperary Garda Station are investigating the murder of Bobby Ryan of Boherlahan, Co. Tipperary.

On Tuesday 30th April 2013 a farmer discovered a body located at the rear of a house at Fawnagowan, Bansha Road, Tipperary. The body has subsequently been identified as Bobby Ryan.

Bobby Ryan had been reported missing on Friday 3rd June 2011 by relatives. Bobby Ryan left his home on Thursday night 2nd June 2011 to visit a friend at Fawnagowan, Bansha Road, Tipperary. The following morning Friday 3rd June he failed to turn up for work at Kilough Quarry near Thurles, Co. Tipperary. His colleagues then contacted his son and daughter.

Gardaí at Tipperary Town were notified at approximately 2pm. At 2.30pm Mr Ryan's Silver coloured Citroen van was discovered parked at a car park at Kilshane Woods, Bansha, Tipperary, which is an amenity area for walkers using the local woodlands.

A murder investigation commenced on the discovery of Mr Ryan’s body and Gardaí are making a fresh appeal for information.

Appeal Points:

• Movements of Motor van 07 TS 4692, Grey Citroen Despatch from Thursday 2/6/2011 until discovered at Kilshane Woods, Bansha, Tipperary on the afternoon of Friday 3/6/2011 at approximately 2pm.

• Any sightings of any persons or indeed any other vehicle in or around the vehicle at Kilshane Woods?

• Sighting of a silver medium size van with a person sitting in the front of it at 6.45 am on the Friday morning. Did you see this van? Was it Bobby’s van or indeed was it you?

• Any sightings of Bobby from the Thursday evening when he leaves home until he went to the farmhouse at Fawnagowan.

• Any sightings of persons or vehicles in or around the farmhouse at Fawnagowan shortly after 6.30 pm Thursday 2/6/11 until 2pm on Friday 2/6/11.

Gardaí in Tipperary Garda Station are investigating             Telephone 062 80670

What is the problem?

In recent times there has been a noticeable increase in thefts from churches and religious residences and physical violence against clergy, religious and voluntary workers.

What can we do?

• Be aware that you have in your care the most attractive property to a potential thief ie money.

• Have an awareness of the danger that you place yourself and others in through lack of security.

• Take sensible and reasonable steps to protect yourself and others as well as the property in your care and control.

• Don’t publicise your valuables held, security precautions or losses

General Security:

• External lighting acts as an excellent deterrent to the criminal. Consider installing lighting automatically controlled by photo-electric switches in vulnerable areas.

• Ensure that all perimeter fences and walls are maintained and doors and gates are locked and secured.

• All external doors should be of substantial construction (solid wood or metal) with secure frame and fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock.

• Fit a security quality chain/door limiter and wide angle door viewer to the front door of residences.

• All vulnerable accessible windows should be fitted with security quality locks.

• Always keep cash in a safe or strong room – never in cabinets, boxes or other receptacles.

• Keep an inventory of valuables in the church or residence using video recording or colour photographs and property marking techniques.

• Sound, like light, acts as an excellent deterrent to the criminal. Consider installation by a reputable security company of a burglar alarm system with connection to a central monitoring station.

• Never leave keys hanging around.

• Cut back shrubbery from around entrances to avoid concealment of persons.

Alarm Systems

• Should be installed and maintained by a reputable security company with connection to a central monitoring station.

• Panic units should be located in the sacristy, at front door of the residence and in bedrooms used by residents. Consider a portable panic unit for those on duty, especially in the silent hours.


Cash Security

• Cash security must be given high priority, be conscious of the potential risk of violence by a thief and don’t do anything to expose yourself or others to such danger.

• Never keep large amounts overnight if possible.

• Money should always be counted and transported by an able-bodied person. Don’t forget that they young, the aged and women are particularly vulnerable.

• Money should be counted by a minimum of three persons.

• Always keep cash in a safe or strong room – never in cabinets, boxes or other receptacles.

• All safes should be fitted to the floor.

• Safes should preferably be fitted with a time locking mechanism.

• If you need to lodge money at irregular intervals consider a safe with a deposit facility.

• Always remove the key to a separate room.

• Wherever money is kept and counted e.g. sacristy should be secure.

• Access should be of solid constructions, opening outwards, and fitted with at least one 5 lever mortice deadlock.

• Fit a security quality door chain door limiter and wide angle viewer to the door(s).

• Windows should have expanded metal grills fitted internally.

• A telephone in the room is advisable to enable help to be summoned, if necessary.

• Transport money to the bank as soon as possible after receipt.

• If possible travel at different hours and a different route each time.

• Be vigilant at the time of loading into or out of car.

• Transport money with a companion, if possible, sharing the cash between you.

• Offertory boxes should, wherever possible, be metal wall boxes with a flush fitting metal front. The box should be firmly bolted and grouted into the masonry.