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April 30

 Gardaí believe that this incident is connected to an aggravated burglary which occurred in the Castletroy area on the same morning of the 17th February 2013 at approximately 06.30am.

At approximately 04.50am a security man was doing his rounds at the industrial estate when he noticed a Silver Suzuki SUV parked beside a unit. As he approached he noticed that the SUV had rammed into the roller door. There were two male occupants in the SUV who were joined by a third male, who emerged from the side of the premises and got into the rear, before they drove away. The security guard recorded a partial Registration number; 02C162**. There are two digits missing at the end.

At approximately 06.30am, a man awoke to find two intruders in his bedroom. One of the raiders grabbed a laptop from his bedroom. The injured party shouted at the two males to leave his property and a struggle ensued. The injured party was pushed out into the hallway where he was stabbed a number of times with a blade by raider 1. He managed to force one of the raiders down the stairs and the second raider fled the house. A second housemate observed a Suzuki leaving the scene and observed partial Registration to be 02C****.


·         Gardaí are seeking the public’s assistance in relation to the vehicle used, a Silver Suzuki SUV, registration number 02C162**.

·         The raiders all wore dark clothing. Raider 1 was of thin build and armed with a knife. Raider 2 was broader than raider 1. Raider 3 remained in the suv at all times.

·         The suv may have been damaged during the incident, Gardaí are appealing to any person who may have repaired the vehicle, or know of its whereabouts to come forward.

Gardaí at Henry Street Garda Station are investigating                    Telephone 061 212400

Deniss Timosejevs

The Gardaí at Swords Garda Station are appealing for information in relation to the discovery of a male body found in Swords on the 2nd April 2013.

On the 2nd April 2013 a local farmer discovered a body in a field, located two miles outside Swords, Co Dublin. The following day the body was identified as that of Deniss Timosejevs, 22 years of age, originally from Latvia and who had been living in Ireland for two years. 

The day before Deniss body was found; he got in from work and went to the shops to run an errand. When he got in from the shops he changed into his favourite jacket and went off for a walk, which he liked to do most days. He left his housing estate at around 8pm. A friend of Deniss said he saw Deniss sitting on some rocks near a bus stop at the junction of Glen Ellen road and Jug Black Lane, about two minutes from his home.


• Anyone who spoke or saw Deniss on the evening of 1st April, 2013

• Where was Deniss from 8pm on 1/4/13 until his body is discovered at the farmer’s field at Balheary?

• How did Deniss’ mobile phone end up in the Ward River?

• How did Deniss end up at the field at Balheary, Swords, Co Dublin?

Gardaí at Swords Garda Station are investigating                 Telephone 01 666 4700

David Brett

The Gardaí at Kanturk Garda Station are re appealing for information in relation to the murder of David Brett of Cromogue, Drumcollogher, Co Cork.

On the 21st May 2007 the body of David Brett, a 43 year old father of three, was discovered outside Foilogohig National School in County Cork. He had been shot a number of times. Gardaí have now recovered the weapon used in the murder and want to appeal to the public for their assistance.


• Gardaí are appealing to anyone who might have information on the weapon that was used in the murder of David Brett.

• How the gun was acquired for the murder.

• How it was disposed of afterwards.

Gardaí at Kanturk Garda Station are investigating                Telephone 029 20680

The Gardaí at Sundrive Road are investigating the rape of a young woman around midnight on Valentines night last.

The woman was attacked shortly after midnight going into Friday the 15th of February on Leighlin Road in Crumlin. She had been waiting for the occupants of a house on Leighlin road to return when a man walking from the direction of Sundrive road stopped to ask her if she was locked out. He spoke with a Dublin accent.

The man entered the garden where the woman was waiting and pulled her to the side of the house where he raped her. During the attack, the woman’s phone rang, the attacker threw it away. This was at 00:02 on the 15th of February.

During the attack the woman screamed and he told her to shut up. After the attack he calmly fixed his clothes and left turning left towards Bangor road. The attack was over by 00:08.  

The man was described as being approximately 6ft. He was clean shaven with tight dark brown hair. The woman noticed he had a very prominent Adam’s apple. His lips were thin and he had a straight mouth. She believed he was in his mid 20s to early 30s and was of slim or average build.

The attacker was wearing thin black fake leather gloves and a bomber style dark coloured jacket. This was zipped up to the top of his collar under his chin. The fabric was rough and tweedy.


• The attacker may have knowledge of the area. Leighlin road would not be a usual through road to for pedestrians. Does his description and the replica of the coat and how he wore it mean anything to anyone? Do you know if any one matching this description has been acting differently either on the night of Valentines or in the weeks afterwards?

• The young woman was in the area waiting to get into the house from around 11.15 pm on Valentines night. The attack happened around 45 minutes later. Did anyone see any persons acting suspiciously around the Leighlin road / Lismore road area around this time?

• The woman had been in Wexford Street on Valentines night. She was picked up at around 11pm by a Taxi Driver who brought her to Leighlin Road. They agreed a 10€ fare. Gardaí are looking to identify this driver. This driver was not the attacker. Gardaí want to establish if he saw anything suspicious after he dropped the woman off. The Taxi federation have been cooperating with Gardaí but as of yet the identity of the driver has not been established.

Gardaí at Crumlin Garda Station are investigating           Telephone 01 666 6200

The Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are appealing for information in relation to a robbery from a Security Guard at a Supermarket, Blakestown, Dublin 15 on the 12th November 2012 at 08.10am.

The security guard arrived at the supermarket at 07.50am and collected a bag from the security office. He placed this bag in the security box. Upon leaving the store the security guard was approached by a male approximately five foot six in height, stocky in appearance and carrying a firearm. He shouted at the guard to get onto the ground. This male took possession of the security box. Another male entered the store carrying a sledge hammer and they attempted to gain access to the security office by hitting the door a number of times. They failed to gain access and fled the scene in a black Renault Megane hatchback.

The raiders headed in the direction of Huntstown, and the vehicle was recovered in Huntstown Wood a short time later.


• Gardaí are appealing for any information in relation to the above raid.

• The raiders made their escape in the direction of Huntstown, and the vehicle was later recovered in Huntstown Wood – Gardaí are appealing to any person living in these areas, who may have seen the raiders or a vehicle matching the description to come forward.

Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating       Telephone 01 666 7000