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Aggravated Burglary, Kilcully, Cork on the 10/7/15

Aggravated Burglary, Kilcully, Cork on the 10/7/15

The Gardaí at Watercourse Road Garda Station are investigating a number of incidents that occurred in the Mayfield area of Cork City on Friday 10th July 2015.

At approximately 10.30pm, at St.Martin’s, Iona Park, Old Youghal Road, an attempted burglary occurred, the suspect was disturbed by a resident who saw a man at a door at the rear of the house. The suspect was armed with a hammer, which was reported missing from a shed at the back of this house a short time later.

At about 10.50pm a call was received at a local taxi company and a taxi was booked to collect a fare at Boyne Crescent, a short distance away. A taxi driver was dispatched and collected a man at Boyne Crescent. The man got into the rear passenger door but moved across the seats and sat directly behind the driver. He told the driver to take him to the graveyard at Kilcully. When they arrived at the cemetery, the passenger put a leather strap around the driver’s neck and attempted to choke him. He threatened him and demanded money. The driver struggled and the strap broke releasing the grip. The suspect fled from the car and ran in the direction of the graveyard.

Just across the road from the graveyard is Kilcully campsite, where local girl guides had set up tents for the night, at 11.15pm, as one of the leaders was sitting in her car talking on her mobile phone she noticed a man dressed in dark clothing attempting to get into a car parked beside her. She opened her door and confronted him and he fled. A rucksack and a mobile phone were later discovered missing from one of the tents.

A very short distance away, at Old Mallow Road, a man was at home alone settling down for the evening, he had just let his dog out to the back garden. He was in the sitting room watching television. He decided to make a cup of tea and went into the kitchen where he was confronted by a man who attacked him with a hammer. They struggled for a number of minutes in the kitchen. The suspect sprayed the injured party in the face with a substance and struck him on the head with the hammer. The suspect stole the man’s wallet and fled from the house. The suspect was captured on CCTV on this road and appeared to have something in his hand. The wallet was found on this road a short time later.


• An EVOFIT was created by the injured party where the aggravated burglary occurred at Kilcully. Can you identify this man?

• Gardaí are appealing for the taxi driver who collected a man on Old Mallow Road after the aggravated burglary occurred to come forward.

• The suspect who attacked the taxi driver at Kilcully graveyard was wearing a McKenzie bag. This bag was recovered at the campsite where the rucksack was stolen. This rucksack was recovered in the garden of the house at Old Mallow Road.

• The suspect is described at between 25 – 35 years old, stocky build, wearing dark clothing and spoke with a north side cork accent.

Contact Watercourse Road Garda Station on 021 4558260