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January 28

The Gardaí at Sligo Garda station are investigating an aggravated Burglary that occurred at Drumiskoble, Ballisodare, Co Sligo, on Sunday, the 21st October 2018.

The male victim in this case had spent the day by attending mass in the morning time at St. Johns Church, Carraroe and afterwards driving to a local shop where he bought the Sunday paper. After spending the afternoon at a sister’s house he returned home at around 5pm, when he received a visit from another sister. She helped him light the fire and they chatted together until she left at around 7.30pm.

Later that evening shortly before 10 pm the man decided to lock the house and retire to bed for the night. A short time later as the man was sleep he was suddenly woken by three men standing over him and shouting repeatedly at him, “Where is the money? We want the money”. They were aggressive and threatening in their manner.

Two of the suspects then left the bedroom, with one remaining in the bedroom with the victim. The suspect who remained  had a small (possibly green) pencil torch with a dim light which he constantly shone in the man’s face and kept demanding money. This same suspect climbed up on the bed and put his knees against the victim’s chest and pushed the torch against his throat.

The other two suspects came back to the room, demanding money and continued to treat the victim aggressively by grabbing and pulling him. The victim put up a struggle and was then pulled from the bed, when the suspects attempted to tie him up. The suspects failed to tie the man up and then manhandled as they forced him into a bathroom. They then locked him in with a key from the outside. It is believed at this point that the men made good their escape. The victim remained locked in the bathroom until the following morning when he was discovered by a man calling to his house. A sum of cash was stolen during the course of this burglary.


  • Any person who may have travelled in the area of the M4 road from Sligo to Ballisodare/Collooney between 9pm of the 21/10/18 & 7am of the 22/10/18.
  • Any person who may have travelled in the area of the R287 road from Carrarrowe to Ballygawely/Keadue re between 9pm of the 21/10/18 & 7am of the 22/10/18 and saw any person(s)/vehicle acting suspiciously in this general area between the evening of the 21st and morning of the 22nd October 2018.
  • In the weeks before hand did any person living in the general area see or witness anything suspicious or suspicious activity by a person we would ask that you contact the programme, Sligo Garda station at (071) 9157000 or any Garda station.
  • A direct appeal to any delivery drivers/courier person who work through the night who may have travelled in this area in the course of their work. This general area has several light industrial premises/garage premises and we are aware that there is a continual flow of delivery vehicles travelling through this area especially at night.
  • If any of these vehicle had GPS abilities they would check there GPS systems to establish if they were in this area on the date in question.
  • The previous night   a person dressed in dark clothing was seen standing on the side of the roadway near the victims house around 11pm, we would appeal to that person to come forward and speak to us in order to establish can they the investigation.  
  • This incident occurred around the commencement of the game shooting season and game shooting takes place in this area, we would appeal to any persons involved in this leisure activity to contact us if they witnessed anything suspicious during this time.
  • The road network in the vicinity of the home of the injured party is also a very popular walking area and we would appeal to any walkers to come forward and speak to us if they witnessed anything unusual in the days around and prior to this incident
  • Because of the nature of this crime and events that occurred we suspect that the persons involved may have been inexperienced in a crime of such a serious nature and if one or more of them became involved unwillingly  and the descriptions of them by the injured party suggest that they are young and of light build and stature.
  • If anyone seen any persons of similar build/stature in this area in the days/weeks prior to this incident we would ask that you contact the programme, Sligo Garda station at (071) 9157000 or any Garda station.

Descriptions of Suspects:

Suspect 1

He is described as the leader of the group, had a torch, 5’7", mid length black coat, dark hair, not too long, 28-29 years of age, slim build, black rubber gloves, black balaclava, ordinary local accent

Suspects 2 & 3

5’7", slim build, 28-years old, gloves, faces covered, dark hair, ordinary local accents

Gardai at Sligo Garda Station are investigating tel: (071) 915 7000

Gardaí at Lucan Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred in Palmerstown on Friday, the 2nd November 2018.

On the day of the incident the injured party, a taxi driver, left his home to go to work at 4pm. A short time later, he took a break to collect his children, he dropped them home at 7.30pm before returning to work. A short time later he realised that he had left his phone at home so he began to make his way back to his house. His wife and children were upstairs at the time with no lights on either downstairs or in the front of the house.

At around 8.20pm a dark coloured Toyota Avensis, with its headlights on, pulled up and parked on the opposite side of the road to the injured partys house. There were 4 men in this car, one of the men got out of the car for a short time before returning to the Avensis.

Another one of the men then left the car and entered the victim’s house through the front door. The two other men soon followed him while a fourth man, in the drivers seat, drove up the street, did a U-turn and parked outside the victims next door neighbour’s house.

While the suspects rummaged around the downstairs of the house the victim returned home in order to get his phone. He saw some movement in the house but assumed that it was his family. While inside he was suddenly grabbed around his neck by one of the suspects, who held a knife to his neck.

The other two suspects appeared in the doorway of the living room. One of them had a hammer in his hand. All three suspects were wearing hoods. The suspect released his grip from the victim’s neck and all three men fled from the scene. They took a laptop and some cash. The men got into the Avensis with one of them sitting in the open boot. The getaway car drove off in the direction of Kennelsfort Road.

Description of Suspects:

Suspect 1

Brown hair
Thin/gaunt build with dark clothing
Hood up, gloves and holding a knife

Suspect 2

Dark clothing
Approximately 5’10
Hood up, holding a hammer

Suspect 3

Dark clothing with hood up


  • The four suspects were driving a dark coloured Toyota Avensis. Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have seen this vehicle in the Palmerstown area on the night in question to please come forward.
  • While leaving the scene the boot of the car was open with one of the suspects sitting in the boot of the car. Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have seen something like this on the night in question to please come forward.
  • This incident occurred at about 8.25pm on Friday the 2nd November 2018. Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have been in the Woodfarm Acres estate in Palmerstown around that time and noticed anything suspicious get in contact.

Gardaí at Lucan Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 7300

The Gardaí at Carrick-on-Shannon are investigating an Arson that occurred at the Shannon Key West Hotel on the 10th January 2019. The fire at the hotel was deliberate and started sometime between 7pm and 7.40pm on the 10th Jan 2019. The emergency services were contacted shortly after 7.40pm by a security Guard who was on duty in the hotel at the time of the fire.

Gardaí believe that the Hotel was forcibly entered by damaging a widow on the down floor area on the Dromod side of the Hotel. The Hotel is located just West of the Village of Roosky Co. Leitrim and it is situated on the old N4 Road which runs between Roosky Village and Dromod Village. We also know that on the day of the fire there were a number of work men operating in the Hotel. The last workman left the hotel at approx. 6pm on the evening of the 10th.


  • Any witnesses who travelled this area along the Old N4 between Roosky village and Dromod on the evening of the 10th Jan 2019 between 7pm and 7.45pm.
  • Anyone who travelled the road which runs from the N4 just past the Hotel on the Dromod side to Bornacoola and further onto Fox’s of Tooman. This road is known locally as the Bog road again between the hours of 7pm and 7.45pm
  • Any witnesses who in the days leading up to the fire may have noticed anything unusual or suspicious in the general area of the Hotel or Roosky village itself.
  • Anyone who has information about the fire but one reason or another have not come forward and who now wish to do so, they can contact the Crimecall number  or to any Garda station or the Garda Confidential line 1800 666 111
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Public who have come forward to date and who have helped us with our enquires.

Gardaí at Carrick-On-Shannon Garda Station are investigating tel: 071-96-50510

Evofit - Swords January 2019 CrimecallGardaí at Swords Garda Station are investigating an assault incident that occurred on the Brackenstown Road, Swords, Co. Dublin on the 1st January 2019, at 19.00hrs.

The incident occurred while a group of young teenagers, were walking along the road. A car pulled up beside them and the passenger in the vehicle rolled down his window in order to talk to the group. The suspect asked for directions and one young person from the group answered him, the suspect then produced a Taser and attempted to use it on the injured party.

The passenger did not make contact with the injured party and the vehicle sped off in the direction of Swords. The only description that the injured party could provide of the vehicle was that it was a navy saloon. The suspect is described as having dark hair and spoke with a Dublin accent.

Gardaí at Swords Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 4700


Evofit - Kildare January 2019 CrimecallGardaí at Kildare Garda Station are investigating a robbery incident that occurred on Grey Abbey Street in Kildare on Friday 28th December 2018.

On that Friday evening, at around 19.30 the injured party was walking to the bus station on her way home when she encountered a group of four males.

As she walked past this group, one of the males grabbed her handbag. When she refused to let go another of the males pushed her against a wall causing her to bang her face.

The male in the EVOFIT then grabbed her handbag and the group ran away. Only two of the males were involved in the robbery.

Suspect 1 (as per Evofit) – initially grabbed the injured party’s handbag and then made away with same. He was wearing a hoodie with a tiger image similar to the one provided printed on it.

Suspect 2 – is described as approximately 5’6’’ tall, around 19 years old and wearing a black hoodie.

Gardaí at Kildare Garda Station are investigating tel: +353 45 527730

Missing person - Dylan KeoghGardaí at Clontarf Garda Station are investigating the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of eighteen year old Dylan Keogh who has been missing from his home since the 10th January 2019.  Dylan has no access to money or a phone.  His family are extremely concerned for his safety.  Dylan outlined to his family that he was going away for a week and not to worry.  He has not returned and on leaving the house he took a black racer bicycle and a black puma school bag with clothes.

Gardaí attached to Clontarf Garda Station are investigating Dylan’s disappearance.  As a result of their enquiries, there was a confirmed sighting of Dylan on the Clontarf Road on the 10th January 2019 at approximately 10:30pm. 

The Investigation Team have now recovered Dylan’s bicycle which was located on Dollymount Beach (near the wooden beach).  This bicycle was found on the 14th January 2019.

Dylan’s black puma bag was also recovered on Dollymount Beach (near the wooden bridge) and was located on the 11th January 2019.  The bag had been on the sand and in an area that the tide had come in on.

When Dylan was last seen he was wearing a navy bruce lee “onesie” black runners and a blue bandana on his head.  His last known sighting was on the slipway on the Coast Road, Clontarf, opposite Dublin Bus.  He had been in the water and the time was approximately 10pm. 

Dylan Keogh frequented the Clontarf Area and would be known to people in this area.  He would regularly cycle from Ballymun to this area and swim in the sea.


  • The Investigation Team at Clontarf Garda Station are seeking to speak with
  • Any person who may have seen Dylan Keogh since the 10th January 2019.
  • Any person who observed Dylan Keogh’s bicycle on Dollymount Beach
  • Any person who observed Dylan Keogh’s bag left on Dollymount Beach.
  • Any person who has information as to where Dylan Keogh might be.

Gardaí at Clontarf Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 4800

Michael Anthony LynchGardaí at Clones Garda Station are re-appealing for information in relation to missing person Tony Lynch (DOB: 01/08/1947) who has been missing from his home in Fermanagh St, Clones, Co. Monaghan since Sunday, 6th January 2002.

Tony had moved to his home on Fermanagh Street just two months before he went missing and is known to have frequented The Hibernian Hotel in Clones during this time. He was seen in the Hibernian Hotel bar (now closed) on the day before he went missing.

At the time of his disappearance Tony was 14/15 stone in weight. He had a receding hair line turning grey, a ruddy complexion, was generally clean shaven and had a round face.  He is described as being softly spoken and inoffensive.  On the day he went missing he was believed to be wearing a dark green leather type jacket, navy jumper, check shirt and black shoes. 

He was working as digger driver for a drainage company at the time.  He was last observed outside O’Grady’s shop on Fermanagh St, Clones on the 6th of January 2002 at 2pm and has not been sighted since. His family became worried when he failed to show up for work that week and he was reported missing on Wednesday January 9th.

Upon investigation it was found that he didn’t appear to bring any of his personal belongings with him but his vehicle a White Mitsubishi Galant registration number,  TIL4670 was also missing.  To date Tony Lynch nor his vehicle have been traced. 


  • It is 17 years since Tony went missing and his family are still waiting anxiously for information regarding his disappearance.
  • Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have seen Tony’s car – white Mitsubishi Galant TIL 4670 – to please come forward.
  • Living close to the border Tony may have made his way into Northern Ireland and possibly further afield. Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have encountered a person matching Tony’s description since 2002 to please come forward. 
  • Tony was proficient in the use of heavy machinery. Gardaí are interested to know if anyone in the construction industry employed any person matching Tony’s description. 
  • Tony Lynch would now be 70 yrs. of age. Gardaí are appealing to anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to please come forward in order to provide solace and comfort to Tony’s family. 

Gardaí at Clones Garda Station are investigating tel: +3534751028

Murder of David NunanGardaí at Henry Street Garda Station are re-appealing for information in relation to the murder of David Nunan (DOB: 28.08.80) whose body was discovered on the 28th October 2005.

On the day in question a farmer was tending to his cattle near a laneway at Fairyhill, Parteen, Co. Clare, when he noticed the body of a young man lying up against a high gate at the back of a private house. Gardaí attended the scene where they found the body of David Nunan. A murder investigation was launched and an incident room was opened at Mayorstone Garda Station. Deputy State Pathologist Dr. Michael Curtis, together with a full team from the Garda Technical Bureau, was requested and attended at the scene.

An examination of the body of David Nunan suggested bullet wounds as being the principal contributory factor to the cause of death and later confirmed this to be the case.

David was playing videogames with a friend at his home at O’Malley Park when he received a phone call at about 2am.  Having finished speaking on the phone David informed his friend that he was going for a spin in a car.     

A Wine Toyota Carina is suspected of having collected David at his home in O Malley Park and to having driven from Southill to Moyross and again from Moyross in the direction of Parteen where the murder occurred.


Gardaí are appealing for any information which will help establish what happened to David Nunan and who is responsible for his murder. 

Gardaí are appealing for any information in respect of the driver of the Wine Toyota Carina car and any other persons that may have been in this car.

Gardaí are appealing for information in relation to anyone who saw/met or had any dealings with David Nunan in the days leading up to the murder to come forward.

Gardaí are appealing for anyone who may not have come forward previously due to worry or fear to make contact with Gardaí at Mayorstone Garda station at 061 456980 or Henry street at 061 212400.

Gardaí at Henry Street Garda Station are investigating tel: (061) 212 400

Missing person - Reece CullenGardaí at Tallaght Garda Station continue to appeal for information in relation to the murder of sixteen year old Reece Cullen that occurred in Tallaght on Thursday, the 5th January 2017.

On the day in question at approximately 3pm an emergency call was made to Ambulance services in relation to a stabbing incident that had occurred at Kilclare Crescent, Tallaght, Dublin Fire Brigade sought assistance from Gardaí and on arrival they met two males with the victim Reece Cullen on the ground having suffered a stab wound to the chest. The ambulance conveyed the injured party to Tallaght hospital and a short time later the scene was cordoned off. Medical assistance was rendered but to no avail. Reece Cullen succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at Tallaght hospital at 3.57pm. Reece died of a single stab wound to the chest. 

On the day of his murder Reece had attended Youth Reach and was at the time of the incident, on his way home. The cul-de-sac where he was stabbed was sealed off for forensic examination following the fatal incident and a full Garda investigation was launched. In the subsequent investigation a number of statements were taken, CCTV footage of the area was harvested and a knife thought to be used in the murder was found nearby. 

Reece was murdered in a residential area in the middle of the day. Gardaí believe that there are people out there with information that could help them in their investigation. 


  • This is a live and active investigation and while some progress has been made (including a number of arrests) more evidence is required to bring the perpetrator to justice.
  • Gardaí are making a direct appeal to the person responsible or people who know who was involved in the killing of Reece.
  • It may be the case with the passage of time or change in circumstances, people who felt they could not come forward previously may now feel more comfortable in doing so. People who do wish to come forward will be treated sensitively.

Gardaí at Tallaght Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 6000


On this month’s Crimecall Garda Derek Cloughley was in studio to discuss what happened on our roads in 2018, highlighting some important trends. It was the safest year on record however there was a significant rise in pedestrian fatalities.

In addition, he gave a summary of the Christmas and New Year road safety campaign and some startling incidents. He also gave an overview of what Roads Policing will focus on in 2019.

Superintendent Gerry Curley of Dundalk Garda Station was in studio to discuss the problem of illegal dumping that mainly involves industrial waste, taken by hauliers from industrial sites and dumped illegally on the roadside or on land sometimes with the permission of landholders. Some sites are effected by dumping of Diesel Sludge, Tyres, Animal waste and building waste, involving toxic materials.

Superintendent Curley explained that Illegal Dumping is a serious problem which has the potential to cause serious harm and that there is cross border and inter-agency co-operation.  Companies and Individuals are reminded of their responsibilities under the law to ensure the lawful removal and disposal of waste. It is not sufficient for them to simply supply a licensed haulage company to remove the waste, they must ensure that it is properly disposed of and should have receipts for each stage of the process. They are liable to prosecution and the substantial penalties contained in this legislation if they fail to do so. The registered owner of vehicles along with the driver is criminally liable and the person in charge of land along with those working there are criminally liable.


  • Seeking the support of the public in providing information about the source of illegal waste, the companies and individuals involved and any illegal sites in operation or which they suspect to be used for such activity.
    Want to know the particulars of the persons, vehicles and companies involved in the transporting and dumping the waste illegally.
  • In particular, information regarding the origin of industrial waste, which is clearly coming from building sites throughout the country.
  • The location of diesel laundering plants where the sludge originates.
  • Ask the public to note the vehicle registration and any branding of vehicles involved.
  • Reports should be made to the:

         Local Authority, the EPA 24 hour Hotline 1800 365 123 or any Garda Station.

  • Where people witness illegal dumping taking place (in circumstances where the offenders could be intercepted) they should report the matter immediately to their Local Garda Station

Gardaí at Dundalk Garda Station are investigating tel: (042) 938 8400