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September 29

False Imprisonment of a bank official and theft at a bank in Coolock


Gardaí in Balbriggan are investigating an incident that occurred on Friday the 11th September 2009. A female bank official and her husband were falsely imprisoned and subsequently a significant sum of money was taken from the bank official’s place of work in Coolock. 


At approximately 8.30am the bank official dropped her child at the Learn 2 Grow crèche in Dun Emer, Lusk, Co Dublin, a few hundred yards from her home. On the way back to her car she noticed a white van parked next to her car. When she got into her car a man with a gun got in the passenger side door. She was driven around the estate and at some stage the gunman managed to drop her house keys out of the car on Chapel Farm Road just after the junction with Spar. Gardaí believe an accomplice picked them up.


Atapproximately8.40am thevictim was circling around Chapel Farm Walk and Drive in her Gold B Class Mercedes. She was told to stop in St. McCullain’s Close cul de sac and was handed over bag and phone. After this they drove for about 8 miles through Skerries and Balbriggan killing time before returning to Dun Emer Crescent.


Sometime between 9.20 and 9.30am the victim’s husband arrived back home and was taken hostage.


At approximately 9.50am the Suspect left the victim’s car on Dun Emer Drive and walked back to Dun Emer Crescent. She was told to drive to Coolock and follow instructions. At 10.15am the victim arrived at the bank in Coolock.


Meanwhile at 9.50am the white van left the victim’s house, her husband was held hostage in the back of the van. Gardaí are appealing for witnesses who may have seen the white van between Lusk and Tallaght.


At 11.40am the Victim enters bank for the first time, she left at 11.55am. At 12.00 noon she returned looking for more money as per instructions. She left at 12.05pm and drove to Greenwood Walk via Woodies. She was instructed to leave her car and money in Greenwood Walk.


At 12.30pm the white van carrying the bank official’s husband arrived in Carrigmore estate, City West, Tallaght at 12.40pm he freed himself and raised the alarm.


Raider 1 was described as being in his early to mid 30s. He had piercing blue eyes / Brown eyebrows, short chestnut brown wavy hair. He was 5ft 10 / 6 ft and wore a black thigh length zip up jacket, black heavy cotton trousers, black baseball cap, black trousers and white runners.

The second raider was described as 5ft 10 and was average build. He wore a black bulky jacket, black woollen gloves.



Gardaí in Balbriggan are investigating -  Telephone 01 802 0510




Robbery of a Bank at Cootehill, Co. Cavan


The Gardaí at Cootehill, Co Cavan are investigating an Armed Robbery that occurred at a bank on Friday the 26th June 2009, at approximately 4.40 pm.


A Red Toyota Corolla pulled up outside of the bank. The car was bearing cloned registration plates 06 C 6580, and had blackened out windows on both sides and to the rear. There were three men involved .Two carried out the raid while a third waited in the getaway car.


The two men then exited the car and approached the bank. The first man threw a rock through one of the windows of the bank. He took a sledgehammer and broke the remaining glass from the frame. He then placed a rug on the jagged glass which he had brought to the scene.


While the first man is breaking the window, the second man stands guard outside of the bank. This man was armed with a single barrel shotgun which he pointed at a witness at one stage.


The first man then enters the bank, where he interrupted a female member of staff who was filling the banks A.T.M with cartridges. The man then places a number of cartridges in a holdall bag. He then hands a cartridge to the man outside.


The man then climbed out through the window. Both men got into the waiting car and head along Market Street in the direction of Bridge Street and the Monaghan Road. The men threw metal spikes onto the road as they travelled, puncturing the tyres of vehicles travelling behind them.


The Toyota Corolla was later found abandoned and on fire at an unoccupied cottage at an area known as Dartry on the Monaghan Road



Gardaí in Cootehill are investigating -  Telephone 049 555 2105



Murder of Raonaid Murray


Raonaid Murray’s body was found just after midnight on the 3rd/4th of September 1999 on Silchester Crescent. The 17 year old was fatally wounded following a knife attack. Gardaí investigating the murder are still appealing for the public’s assistance to find Raonaid’s killer.

Her parents make an emotional appeal for help on Crime Call.



Gardaí in Dun Laoghaire are investigating - Telephone 01 666 5000




Murder of Anthony Cannon


The Gardaí at Clondalkin are investigating the murder of Anthony Cannon that occurred at St Mary’s Avenue West /Phoenix Street Ballyfermot on Friday the 17 July 2009 at 3.30pm.This area is known locally as the ranch.


Anthony Cannon was 27 years old and lived at Robert Street, Dublin with his father and mother.


The deceased went to the area to what he believed was to attend a meeting at the nearby Ruby Finnegan’s pub. When he got there he was approached by a gunman who had travelled there on a motorbike. The gunman at the time of approaching the deceased was not wearing his helmet. He pursued the victim firing a number of shots.


The victim ran a short distance away but was shot and died at the scene. The gunman ran back down St Mary’s avenue .He then put on his helmet, mounted the motorbike and headed towards Con Colbert Road and the city centre.



Gardaí in Clondalkin are investigatingTelephone 01 666 7600



Murder of Pierce Reid


The Gardaí at Clondalkin are investigating the Murder of Pierce Reid who was fatally shot on Friday 7th August 2009 at 9.50 pm. The shooting occurred at his home at Lealand Close, Clondalkin, Dublin.


The deceased was 25 years old and leaved behind a partner and young child. The victim was in the front garden of his house when a gunmetal grey BMW 5 series, registration 08 D 26305 drove into the cul de sac.


The front seat passenger then alighted from the car and began firing from a handgun at the victim. Pierce Reid attempted to escape, but was fatally wounded two gardens away from his own.


The gunman then got back into the car which then reversed before mounting the kerb. It then drove across a green area (not named), which is opposite the scene. The then joined Lealand rd.


The gateway car was then found at Lindsfarne Park, Clondalkin. An Attempt was made to burn the car which was quickly extinguished by locals. This car was stolen from the Lucan area on 21/7/09.The original registration plates were on the car when it was located.

It is unknown where the culprits went from here.


Gardaí in Clondalkin are investigating - Telephone 01 666 7600



Murder of Eugenia Bratis                            

Gardaí in Cabra are investigating the murder of Eugenia Bratis whose body found in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on 05.08.09. She was from Timisoara in Romania. She died as a result of stab wounds. Eugenia begged in Dublin on O'Connell Bridge and Camden Street. Did you know Eugenia Bratis or anyone who knew her?  Or Where in Dublin did Eugenia live?


Gardaí in Blanchardstown are investigatingTelephone 01 666 7000



Male Suicide Victim, Drogheda, Co. Louth


Day: Wednesday

Date: 8 October 2008


Place:   Drogheda


Details: Gardaí in Drogheda are trying to identify a male suicide victim. The man is a white male, possibly in his 40’s. He is approximately 5’ 6” and well built. He weighs approximately 75 – 80kgs. He had black hair receding from the forehead and thinning at the crown. He had one day’s growth of facial hair. He also had hazel eyes with a tint if grey, a hairy chest and stomach. The male also carried diabetic apparatus.  


Gardaí in Drogheda are investigating - Telephone 041 987 4200




Renewed Appeal to Identify This Male whose remains were found on Rosses Point Beach, Sligo on 16/6/09




Brief Outline of Circumstances


On 16th June 2009 the body of the above was discovered at Rosses Point Beach, Sligo wearing a dark t-shirt, light blue striped swimming togs and dark coloured underwear.   

The male checked into Sligo City Hotel on 12th June 2009 giving the name Peter Bergman of Ainsterrst 15, 4472 Wien.  He checked out on 15th June 2009.  Enquiries now show that this male arrived at Ulster bus, Derry at 2:30pm on 12th June 2009 and boarded a bus for Sligo at 4pm that same day.  To date this male remains unidentified.




Sex:  Male

Age:  Approx 50-70 years

Height:  5’10½”

Hair:  Short Grey Hair Neatly groomed

Build:  Slim

Skin Colour:  Tan

Eye Colour:  Blue

Eyebrows:  Dark



Clothing Linked to Deceased:


·                    Black Soft Leather Jacket – C&A Brand

·                    Navy Chino Trousers – C&A Brand, Size 50

·                    Pair of Black Shoes – Finn Comfort, Size 44

·                    Black Leather Belt – Keywest

·                    Tommy Hilfiger Sleeveless Sweater – Size Medium

·                    Navy Woollen Socks

·                    Dark T-Shirt

·                    Light Blue Striped Swimming Togs

·                    Dark Underwear


Other Personal Effects:


·                    Quartz Water Resistant Black Watch

·                    55mg Aspirin Tablets – Made in Bayer

·                    Hansaplast Plasters

·                    €140 cash

·                    3 Blank Pieces of Writing Paper

·                    Tissues – Soft Sicher,  Taschentocher

·                    Soap – Hotel Care


Additional Information


There is evidence to suggest that the deceased suffered from various forms of cancer:

Teeth – Teeth well maintained, had work carried out on teeth – Bridging, Root Canals and Crowning possibly in last 10 years.  Has full gold tooth on upper back right side of mouth and small silver filling along gum of tooth on lower left side.


Gardaí in Sligo are investigating - Telephone 071 9157070




Missing Man Crumlin       


Gardaí in Crumlin are seeking the public's assistance in discovering the whereabouts of a 47 year old man known as Velerius Poppovas (it's possible that this name may be an alias).

Velerius was last seen at his address at Ballymount Road Lower, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 on 18th March 2009. He is described as being 5'5", of strong build with grey hair, blue eyes and a dark moustache. It is not known what he was wearing at the time of his disappearance.

Gardaí in Crumlin are investigating - Telephone 01 666 6200.





Community Safety Week


Following a very successful community safety week, focusing on older people in the community, Chief Superintendent John Harnett will give some helpful crime prevention advice.


Traffic Feature


Jim McAllister will discuss traffic problems which affect older people in our communities. He will also have the up to date figures on road fatalities on our roads.


Property Recovered at Cahir Garda Station

A large amount of property has been recovered by Gardai at Cahir.

Among the items recovered are a Honda welder, Honda Wacker, Honda Power washer, a Belling electric oven and hob, a Whirlpool washing machine, an Ifor Williams Trailer and a Stanley Stove.

If you wish to know further details about the property contact Cahir Garda Station on 052 45631

Quoting reference number 5599793

Recovered Chalice

This Chalice was found in Ballymacormack Cemetery in Co. Longford on the 4th of January 2009. 

It has the inscription on the bottom stating the following:

“To Longwood in Memory of the Bird Family, Brockenina, 1923” 

The chalice is stamped gold and has a symbol of a cross on the bottom ring along with red rubies on the top of the cup.

Contact Longford Garda Station on 043 50571  

Quoting reference number 5530355

This Paolo Soprani Accordion which is around 70 years old was stolen from Tinahealy on the 16th of March 2009. 

If you have any information as to its whereabouts contact Arklow Garda Station on 0402 32304

Quoting reference number 5739517

Stolen Antique Clock

This clock is an 8 daywind up, pendulum clock.  It is approximately 150 years old and is a family heirloom.

It was stolen during a burglary at a house in Scartaglen, Co. Kerry on the 12th of July last.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this clock contact Castleisland Garda Station on 066 714 1204

Quoting reference number 6057042

Stolen Property from Rathgar in Dublin.

A large amount of property was taken from a dwelling in Rathgar on the 19th of July last.

Among the Items stolen was a black and silver Nokia Internet Tablet as seen across. It is 80cm x 60cm x 20cm in size. It has no sim card and has a touch screen.

A Pioneer amplifier, an orange Eino watch and a Tokyo Bay watch was also stolen.

If you have any information regarding this stolen property contact Rathmines Garda Station on 01 666 6700

Quoting reference number 6071322

Theft of 3 Kayaks at Poulaphouca Ballymore Eustace, Co Kildare

Spinal Injuries Ireland had 3 kayaks stolen from them between the 13th and 20th of June last.

The Kayaks were a Red/Orange Perception Carolina, a Yellow Perception Carolina and a Green Perception Acadia.

Each Kayak has a stainless steel bolt at the front and rear of the cockpit for the user to stabilise them in the water.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of these kayaks contact Naas Garda Station 045 884342

Quoting reference number: 5969796


This Abbey County Dorset Caravan was stolen from Greenore, Co. Louth on the morning of the 4th of February last.

It is cream and white in colour with green trims.  There is a Heiki make sunroof on the caravan.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this caravan contact Carlingford Garda Station 042 937 3102

Quoting reference number 5610324


Theft of Road Crash Barriers.

Gardai in Dunshaughlin are investigating the theft of hundreds of metres of Road Crash Barriers taken from the M3 over bridge at Roestown, near Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath over the 29th to the 31st of August.

The load stolen consists of 4 metre length beams. These beams are professionally assembled and would have taken up to an hour and a half, using heavy lifting equipment to disassemble them.

The beams have a unique marking on them, as seen circled in the picture across. Each beam weighs 50kg. They were also taken with each nut and bolt, which would suggest they would be likely to be reassembled at another location.

Telephone Dunshaughlin Garda Station on 01 825 9192

Quoting reference number 6197962