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Crimecall Episodes

    Gardaí at Portlaoise Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred in a family home in Shaen, Portloaise on Tuesday 26th March 2019. 

    At approximately 9.45pm a family were at home, a mother and her children were in the sitting room watching television, while the husband was lying down in an upstairs bedroom. 

    Four masked and armed men broke into a family home through the front door. One of the suspects was armed with a sledge hammer, he threatened and assaulted the husband demanding money. He took him upstairs and ransacked a bedroom demanding money and jewellery. The suspect placed a large amount of Jewellery and a sum of money into a handbag.  The three other suspects remained with the rest of family downstairs, continuing to demand money.

    All four suspects fled from the house towards a dark coloured saloon car, possibly an Audi A5 bearing false registration number plates 151D16704


    • Gardaí are seeking information surrounding the movements of the Black Audi A5 car between the 22/03/2019 & 26/03/19.
    • Gardaí are satisfied that this car was in the Tullamore area one hour before the aggravated burglary and know that a dark coloured Audi car bearing the registration number plates 151D16704 passed through the M50 toll Northbound on the 22/03/2019 at approximately 7.20pm.
    • Gardaí are appealing to anyone, particularly gold outlets or pawn brokers who may have been offered the jewellery stolen during this incident. The jewellery is unique to the Indian Culture.
    • Property stolen during this incident and the number plates were recovered in Nurney, Co. Kildare on the 31st March 2019.

    Gardaí at Abbeyleix Garda Station are investigating tel: (057) 873 0580

    Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating a cash in transit robbery that occurred on Thursday 28th March 2019 at approximately 11.50am in a car park in Ongar Village, Blanchardstown. 

    The security driver was making a collection at a supermarket in Ongar Village. Meanwhile a gold Toyota Avensis car registration number 04D81008 was parked close to the van in a parking space. As the security guard approached the van, a man ran from the rear passenger door of the Toyota car, he was armed with a hammer and an iron bar. The security guard dropped the cash box and the suspect grabbed it and ran back towards the car. The driver of the Toyota, a black male, took off at speed and travelled towards the Allendale estate where the car was set alight. The two suspects fled from the car with the cash box. 

    Description of Suspects:

    Suspect 1 – Late 30’s early 40’s small in build and frame wearing Peaked Cap, Brown jacket, navy trousers.

    Suspect 2 – Black male wearing sunglasses and a black hat & scarf


    • This incident occurred in broad daylight in a very busy shopping area with members of the public present, Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have seen something to come forward.
    • The Toyota car was purchased on the 23rd March by a man who matches the description of the suspect in a supermarket car park in Tyrellstown. The buyer provided a false name and address to the seller.
    • Gardaí believe this car was parked in Park View House for some time before the robbery incident.
    • The car was recovered on fire at Allendale Close, Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may have seen the suspects either on foot or transferring to another car in the area at this time to come forward.

    Gardaí at Blanchardstown Garda Station are investigating tel: (01) 666 7000

    On this month’s Crimecall Sergeant Graham Kavanagh was in studio to discuss handling advice for retailers and to discuss the launch of the new €100 and €200 note. Sergeant Kavanagh offered the following advice in relation to keeping small retail premises secure:

    Launch of New €100 & €200 notes

    Also included in the piece was an item in relation to the launch of a new €100 and €200 note and how to check for counterfeit notes;

    The release of the €100 and €200 on 28 May 2019 will complete the Europa series.

    The Europa series, like the first series of euro banknotes is easy to check using the “FEEL, LOOK and TILT” method.

    (the link below provides short video clips of how to check the banknotes using feel, look, tilt)


    • Feel - Special printing processes give banknotes their unique feel. The paper should feel crisp and firm. Raised print on the edge of the banknote, large value numeral and main image can be felt on the banknote.
    • Look - Look at the banknote against the light. The portrait window and watermark as well as the security thread become visible.
    • Tilt - Tilt the banknote. The silvery stripe reveals a portrait of Europa in a transparent window and the emerald number displays an effect of the light that moves up and down.

    In addition to the security features that can be seen with the naked eye, euro banknotes also contain machine-readable security features.

    On the new €100 and €200 banknotes these features have been enhanced, and new features have been added to enable the notes to be processed and authenticated swiftly. The changeover to the new €100 and €200, the entire set of euro banknotes will continue to offer strong protection against counterfeiting. This makes euro banknotes even more secure, but also easier to check and handle. 

    Advice in relation to damaged or stained banknotes is available at www.banknotewatch.ie  

    Mary RyanGardaí at Waterford Garda Station are investigating the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of fifty four year old Mary Ryan who has not been seen since Saturday 15th December 2018.

    Mary called into see her mother at her home in the city at around 2pm on that Saturday afternoon. This was the last time her mother saw her.

    A neighbour became concerned for Mary’s wellbeing when he did not hear from her over the Christmas season and alerted her family and the Gardaí on the 14th January 2019.

    Mary is described as very tall and slim, almost six foot in height and walks with a long confident stride. She has black/brown short cropped hair. She has a particular style of dress and often wears leggings and army style boots with a polo neck jumper. She also wears a headband similar to that of a tennis player.

    Mary is a private individual and generally keeps to herself and does not readily engage with others. Mary doesn’t drive and does not own a mobile phone.

    Mary’s mother and daughter and the Gardaí are extremely concerned for her wellbeing and safety.

    Gardaí at Waterford Garda Station are investigating tel:  (051) 305 300

    Murder of David LynchGardaí at Lucan Garda Station are investigating the fatal shooting of forty two year old David Lynch who was fatally injured on Friday 1st March 2019 at approximately 2.15pm at Foxdene Avenue, Balgaddy, Co. Dublin.

    An extensive Murder investigation was launched, Gardaí have established that there was three vehicles involved in the murder of David Lynch.

    Gardaí believe the suspects were travelling in a white Peugeot Partner Van registration number 141D6118 when David Lynch was shot. This vehicle was recovered on fire at Buirg an Rí Glen, Balgaddy a few moments after the shooting. This van was advertised for sale online and was purchased on Tuesday 18th May 2018. The buyer provided false details when purchasing the van.

    The suspects transferred to a grey Toyota Avensis car registration number 12KE576. This car was recovered on fire at Paddocks View, Lucan, Co. Dublin a short time later. This car was stolen in Celbridge, Co. Kildare on the 14th February 2019.

    From here, the suspects transferred to a black Opel Insignia registration number 10D1760, two persons ran from Paddocks View onto Dodsborough Road where the Opel Insignia was parked. This vehicle travelled through Lucan village towards the N4. This vehicle has not yet been located. This car was advertised for sale online and was purchased on Tuesday 18th May 2018. The buyer provided false details.

    Gardaí at Lucan Garda Station are investigating tel:  (01) 666 7300

    Giedre Raguckaite

    Gardaí in Dundalk Garda Station are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and murder of twenty-nine-year-old Geidre Raguckaite, who is missing since Thursday 24th May 2018.

    Gardaí believe she moved out of her rented accommodation at College Heights, Dundalk on the 23rd May.

    Gardaí are anxious to hear from anyone who may have engaged with Geidre or provided her with permanent or temporary accommodation from the 24th to the 29th May.

    Gardaí are satisfied that Geidre was in the Laytown area of Co. Meath on the night of the 29th May 2018. It is also established that Geidre's last known contact with her family was on the evening of the 29th May 2018 when she spoke to her Father and told him she was out socialising.

    Gardaí are also appealing to anyone who may be in a position to assist the investigation with information as to who Geidre was with on the night of the 29th May and who may know what happened to Geidre that night.

    Geidre is described as approximately 1.67meters in height of thin build, with blonde hair, pale complexion and green Eyes.

    Gardaí at Dundalk Garda Station are investigating tel: (042) 938 8400

    Assistant Commissioner Pat Leahy was be in studio to discuss the recent murders of twenty two year old Sean Little and Jordan Davis who were fatally injured in separate incidents in Dublin’s Northside this week. 

    Assistant Commissioner Leahy will make appeals in relation to these incidents and will offer advice to the public in an attempt to reassure the public.

    Press release seeking witness to fatal shooting in Darndale on the 22/5/19

    Press release for fatal shooting at Rowans Little Balbriggan on the 21/5/19

    On this month’s Programme Crimecall went on patrol with Garda Derek Cloughley and Garda Adrian Corcoran with a focus on unaccompanied learner permit holders, amongst other offences.

    The message Gardaí want to convey to the public is that while it has always been the case for many years that learner drivers cannot drive unaccompanied, (and must display L plates front and rear), that now there is a power to impound the vehicle since 21st December 2018.

    The owner can also be prosecuted, (if different from driver), if they knowingly allow the vehicle to be driven by an unaccompanied learner.  

    The message is clearly not getting through to some, as over 1,100 vehicles have been detained nationwide. In addition to the vehicle being impounded, which costs an initial €125 to release, plus €35 per day – the driver faces penalty points and a fine – so the consequences are significant.

    There is no real excuse for not progressing to full licence status. The RSA have informed us that the average wait time is now 7.6 weeks, and there are now over 150 testers and 54 test centres.

    There are also some who will renew their learner permit holder for many years, in some cases because they don’t turn up at the driving test deliberately. That whole area of multiple learner permit issuing is being re-examined by the RSA. One of our recent social media posts was of a driver who had a learner permit for 15 years!

    This is all about safety, and helping inexperienced drivers progress to full licence status. An Garda Síochána are actively focused on protecting learner drivers and all other road users that share the road with them.

    Learner drivers have been involved in fatal road traffic collisions, and in some cases they have been unaccompanied.