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Firearms Licensing

Message For All Firearm Certificate Holders

The second major renewal phase of three (3) year firearm certificates commenced on the 1st August 2015. The majority of renewals took place at the latter end of 2015 and will continue on throughout 2016 and 2017.

Each current holder of a firearm certificate (with the exception of a Firearm Training Certificate) should receive a PRE POPULATED version of the new Firearms Renewal Form (FCR) in the post approximately three months prior to the expiry of their current certificate.  All details relevant to the current firearm certificate, including the firearm, referees, G.P, land etc will be detailed on the renewal form. Corresponding boxes will be included to facilitate any changes for example a change of referee, doctor etc.  The firearm owner can fill in the changes on the renewal form, if any, and when the form is signed it shall then be returned to the local Station for consideration by the relevant Superintendent (or Chief Superintendent if a restricted firearm application).  If there are no changes, the applicant simply signs the renewal form and brings the FCR form to his/her Garda Station for processing by An Garda Síochána.

When a decision is made to grant the renewal by the Superintendent (or Chief Superintendent), the applicant will receive a Grant Notice Letter in the post (as is currently the case with a new application) and when paid will then receive his/her new three year certificate by post. The current fee structure has not changed with each class of firearm certificate costing €80 with the exceptions of a Firearm Training Certificate and a Non Resident Firearm Certificate, both costing €40.

Please note that only the PRE POPULATED FCR form will be acceptable to An Garda Síochána when renewing a firearm certificate and each application for renewal must be accurately completed prior to returning the FCR to the Garda Station.  Finally, the Firearms Renewal Form (FCR) is only used for renewals of firearm certificates.  Any new application or substitution for a firearm certificate shall continue to be made on the FCA1 application form.

If a situation arises where a firearm certificate holder does not receive a pre populated Firearms Renewal Form (FCR) prior to the expiry of their current certificate, please immediately contact your local Garda Station.  Failure to do so may result in an individual being in possession of an unlicensed firearm.  The co-operation of all firearm certificate holders is essential in ensuring that firearm certificate renewals are properly managed and processed.  An Garda Síochána wishes to thank all firearm owners for their continued co-operation in this area.

All information regarding the requirements/information on exporting a firearm can be obtained on the Department of Justice and Equality website www.justice.ie

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