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Vetting Process Information 16/3/22

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 provide a statutory basis for the vetting of persons carrying out “relevant work or activities” with children or vulnerable persons.

The Act stipulates that a “relevant organisation” shall not permit any person to undertake relevant work or activities on behalf of the organisation, unless that organisation receives a Vetting Disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of that person.

Garda Vetting is conducted on behalf of “relevant organisations” who have been registered with The Garda National Vetting Bureau and is not conducted for individual persons on a personal basis.

If you are seeking employment or intending to volunteer with an organisation which conducts “relevant work or activities” as set out in the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012/2016, you may be asked to make an application to be vetted.

What is the process for Vetting?

Step 1

The vetting subject manually completes and forwards to the “Relevant Organisation” a vetting Invitation Form (obtained from the Relevant Organisation) and provides their proof of identity.

Step 2

The “Relevant Organisation” validates proof of identity and sends the vetting subject an e-mail with a link attached inviting him/her to complete a Vetting Application Form.

Step 3

The vetting subject completes a Vetting Application Form online and submits it to the “Relevant Organisation”.

Step 4

The “Relevant Organisation” reviews the Vetting Application Form and submits it to the Garda National Vetting Bureau.

Step 5

The Garda National Vetting Bureau receives the Vetting Application, processes it and forwards a Vetting Disclosure to the “Relevant Organisation”.

Step 6

The “Relevant Organisation” reviews the Vetting Disclosure and as soon as is practicable provides a copy of the Disclosure to the vetting subject. The Relevant Organisation uses the Vetting Disclosure to make a safer recruitment decision.

The Garda National Vetting Bureau is not involved in the Vetting procedure during steps 1 – 4. 

Please ensure that you provide timely and accurate information during steps 1-4 to expedite the vetting process.

Once it receives a valid Vetting Application Form (at Step 5) The Garda National Vetting Bureau will process the vast majority of Vetting Applications within 10/12 Working Days.

On some occasions, this Turnaround time may take longer as some applications will require further enquiries to be conducted.


More information on vetting can be found at the website of the Garda National Vetting Bureau at https://garda.ie/en/about-us/organised-serious-crime/garda-national-vetting-bureau-gnvb-/ or on the An Garda Síochána website at https://garda.ie/en/about-us/online-services/garda-vetting/garda-vetting.html