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Ireland’s 1st Mainline Motorway Average Speed Camera Safety System

The safety cameras go operational on the M7 motorway in Tipperary – between Junction 26 and Junction 27 – in both directions (eastbound and westbound) from 7 am on Monday, 25th April 2022

Motorists detected driving in excess of the 120km/h motorway speed limit are liable to prosecution.

Prosecution = a Fixed Charge Notice fine of €80 + 3 penalty points

Further details of the Fixed Charge Notice system are on www.garda.ie

The Pilot scheme:

• Before - motorists' compliance with the 120km/h motorway speed limit was below 70%.

• During - motorists' compliance with the 120km/h motorway speed limit rose to below 90%.

Analysis of traffic data by Transport Infrastructure Ireland shows:

• Typically, motorists speed on low traffic volume sections of the motorway network throughout the country - speed + rain or hail showers = increased risk of serious accidents.

• Motorists are not adequately altering their speeds in response to adverse weather conditions (e.g., heavy rain or low road temperatures).

What is an Average Speed Camera Safety System:

A fixed speed camera captures a vehicle’s speed at a fixed point on the road, average speed camera systems track a vehicle’s speed over a set distance.

The average speed camera safety system monitors a driver’s average speed while driving between fixed points between Junction 26 and Junction 27 – in both directions (eastbound and westbound) on the M7 motorway.

If a vehicle is detected above the posted motorway speed limit 120km/h speed limit the driver will be in violation and enforcement penalties will apply.

Once the average speed safety camera enforcement system determines that a vehicle has exceeded the speed limit, it will automatically create a record of the detection which will then be transmitted to An Garda Síochána for action.

Drivers using this section of the M7 motorway, J26 – J27, will notice large yellow poles with cameras. These poles will support the average speed camera safety system.

Average speed is recorded between two camera positions, the enforcement zone, covering all lanes therefore switching lanes will have no effect on average speed monitoring. The system will not have flashing lights or other operational indications, but it will be monitoring at all times.