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Senior management expenses

The Garda Commissioner is responsible for the general direction, management and control of An Garda Síochána. She/he is supported by 2 Deputy Commissioners, a Chief Administration Officer, 10 Assistant Commissioners, 3 Executive Directors and the Chief Medical Officer. 

Currently a number of Assistant Commissioner positions are vacant. These vacancies include four key regional operational commands namely the Northern, Western, Southern and Dublin Metropolitan Regions. To ensure the required operational and strategic control, good management, leadership and governance of these regions the Commissioner has designated the remaining Assistant Commissioners with two, and in cases three, regional commands. The additional operational responsibility results in an increased workload, long distance travel and periods of time away from their permanent bases. This situation has pertained for a number of years and is reflected in the claims for travel and expenses of Assistant Commissioners.

N.B – All expenses are recorded under an Assistant Commissioner’s permanent posting.

To ensure that the statutory and administrative requirements for the use of public funds are complied with, Senior Management Expenses are processed and paid in line with Department of Public Expenditure & Reform Provisions & Guidelines and in compliance with the Expenses Regulations and Procedures governing An Garda Síochána as well as being subject to Internal and External audits.

Domestic subsistence & travel

Domestic subsistence and travel can be driven by operational demands at any given time at regional & national level. In addition, senior management are frequently required to attend various governance boards, management meetings and public forums.

Foreign travel

Out-of-State travel is under taken by senior management for the purposes for crime investigation, immigration matters, exchange of information with external police forces and agencies abroad, conferences and training courses connected with advancement in policing methods & techniques, safeguarding State security and other security-based purposes.

Official entertainment

This expenditure relates to refunds for refreshments and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Assistant Commissioners. These expenses are payable in respect of fully-vouched claims subject to annual limits. These expenses can arise from a requirement of senior management to facilitate official business meetings often at short notice where refreshments are provided to attendees.


Expenditure under training for senior management includes refund of fees for courses undertaken, conference fees and refunds of membership fees of professional and policing bodies.

Purchase of publications

This expenditure includes refunds for the purchase of publications associated with training courses undertaken by senior management, legislative material and other publications associated with operational policing, policing research, leadership and governance and oversight. 

Management Expenses By Year