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I’ve arrived at the scene of an accident. What’s the best thing to do?


  • Do remain calm.
  • Do switch off the engine and apply the handbrake.
  • Do use a reflective advance-warning triangle if available, except on a motorway.
  • Do switch on hazard lights and parking lights.
  • Do make sure you are safe as your try to help others.
  • Do make sure others are safe.
  • Do keep injured people warm by placing blankets, rugs or coats around them.
  • Do organise bystanders to warn oncoming traffic from both directions if this has already not been done. Be careful at night by giving people giving help are visible by wearing reflective armbands or bright torches or carrying lit torches.
  • Do call for help. Contact the emergency services on 999 or 112.


  • Don‘t Panic. Assess the situation before taking action.
  • Don’t stay at the scene if there are enough people helping and keeping it under control.
  • Don’t get injured yourself – park your vehicle safely out of the way.
  • Don’t move an injured person unless there is a risk of fire or of the vehicle turning over.
  • Don‘t attempt to lift a car off an injured person without getting help.
  • Don‘t remove helmets from motorcyclists. Neck injuries are common in motorcycle collisions, and any attempt by inexperienced people to remove the helmet may leave the injured person paralysed from the neck down.
  • Don‘t allow anyone to smoke at, or close to, the scene.
  • Don‘t give an injured person anything to eat or drink at the scene.

For more information, check out the Road Safety Authority’s ‘Rules of the Road’   here.