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I'm concerned that my child has been exploited online. What should I do?

An Garda Síochána encourages the public to report suspected illegal content encountered on the Internet to www.hotline.ie so that Industry and Law Enforcement may know about it and act swiftly against it. Reporting to the Hotline is not a substitute for notifying An Garda Síochána. 

Hotline.ie is an anonymous service to internet users who accidentally uncover illegal content on the Internet, particularly child sexual abuse material. Hotline.ie acts like a filter for An Garda Síochána providing qualified reports (with quality technical information) to initiate the “Notice and Take Down” procedure for the removal by the relevant ISP of the illegal / harmful content from the Internet and the ISP may preserve forensic evidence for investigation by police. Effectively Hotline.ie assists An Garda Síochána make the best use of its resources by focusing only on investigating qualified reports of Online Child Sexual Abuse Material.

There is no other civilian or police hotline specifically for the purpose of reporting suspected illegal content on the Internet in Ireland other than Hotline.ie.

Note: Urgent situations where persons may be in immediate danger should always be reported to An Garda Síochána directly.