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“Don’t be hasty, get across safely”

An Garda Síochána launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign for August Bank Holiday Weekend.


An Garda Síochána and Dublin Bus have joined forces this August Bank Holiday Weekend to raise awareness of safety among pedestrians. Posters with advice for pedestrians will be placed adjacent to the exits in all Dublin Bus vehicles, warning bus passengers: “Don’t be hasty, get across safely”.


343 pedestrians were killed on Irish roads between 2004 and 2008. This accounts for 20% of fatalities over the period and makes pedestrians the second most vulnerable group of road users, after vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers). 38% of the pedestrians who died in the period were over 60 years of age.


The figures for the Dublin region show that the proportion of fatalities accounted for by pedestrians was 35%, compared to the national average of 20%. In Dublin, over 3 of the 5 years, the number of pedestrian fatalities equalled or exceeded the number of fatalities for both vehicle drivers and passengers combined.


To date in 2009, a total of 23 pedestrians have been killed on Irish roads, which equates to 16.2% of fatalities. However, in the Dublin Metropolitan Region this proportion stands at exactly one third.


The posters, which feature the message “Don’t be hasty, get across safely”, will appear inside Dublin Bus vehicles for a two week period. Dublin Bus provides half a million passenger journeys per day.


Assistant Commissioner for the Dublin Metropolitan Region, Al McHugh, commented: “An Garda Síochána is appealing to pedestrians to consider their safety when alighting from buses and trams. People should make use of pedestrian crossings and wait until the “green man” is showing before crossing the road. We are pleased to work closely with Dublin Bus on this important safety initiative.”


He added: “Pedestrians represent a significant risk category on Irish roads and the figures for Dublin show that one third of fatalities this year were pedestrians. We hope that these posters will help to raise awareness among pedestrians of the need to be aware of their safety at all times when out and about. Older pedestrians are at greater risk and we are appealing to people to consider wearing a high visibility jacket if they feel vulnerable.”


An Garda Síochána offers the following advice to pedestrians:


õUse a pedestrian crossing where available, and only cross the road when the “green man” is showing.

õWhen exiting from buses or Luas trams, wait until the bus / tram has moved off before crossing the road.

õIf there is no pedestrian crossing available, pause for a moment and check that there are no vehicles approaching. If there are vehicles approaching, take an extra moment to ensure that the vehicle is not travelling quicker than you think. If in doubt, wait till the vehicle has passed. Continue to look as you cross the road, and keep a look out for approaching vehicles.

õUnder no circumstances should you attempt to cross the road in the vicinity of a truck or other large vehicle, as there is a possibility the driver may not see you. There are blind spots near such vehicles which can limit the driver’s view of you. If you can’t see the driver – the driver can’t see you. 

õConsider wearing a high visibility vest, particularly if you use the road when there is poor visibility or if you feel vulnerable as a pedestrian. 


The posters show that 22 pedestrians have lost their lives on Irish roads this year. This was correct as of 17/7/09 date.  However, since the posters were prepared, another pedestrian has lost their life on our roads.


Garda Press Office.
19:15 hrs 27/7/09