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Road haulage Enforcement Operation - 7/7/08

An Garda Siochana recognises the importance of having a vibrant and effective haulage industry.


As part of our on-going road traffic enforcement comittment An Garda Siochana intends to increase enforcement in the area of road haulage activities.

An Garda Siochana recognises the importance of having a vibrant and effective haulage industry and equally recognises that the vast majority of hauliers are respectable and reputable. 

We will significantly increase our own enforcement and also engage in Multi-Agency checkpoints with a view to identifying unlicensed haulage activity whilst at the same time ensuring least possible inconvenience for bona fide hauliers. 


During the remainder of this year we will place an increased emphasis on enforcement generally with specific emphasis on: 

(1)               Haulage from quarries etc by those who are not in conformity with legislation such as being unlicensed or otherwise in serious breach of road transport legislation.  Increased enforcement activity in this area will commence on Tuesday the 8th July, 2007. 

(2)               Hauliers entering from other jurisdictions without proper documentation etc. will be subject to increased enforcement activity at ports and border crossings which will also commence on Tuesday the 8th July, 2008.  

(3)               Illegal transportation of waste.  


In addition a series of specific "three day" operations will commence on the 15th July, 2008 and will be followed by five such operation during 2008. 

The operation on 15th July will comprise of:- Multi-Agency Checkpoints on untaxed fuel, and will also relate to:  

*       Illegal transportation of waste material.  

*       Unlicensed haulage activities.  


There will be increased monitoring enforcement of speed by lorries and buses throughout the remainder of the year. 


Garda Press Office 

7th July 2008 

Ref: 810/08