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Longitude Festival Marlay Park 2017

Traffic Management Plan

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The basis for this Traffic Management Plan is to allow normal commuter traffic the use of the surrounds of Marlay Park and surrounding road network while accommodating the concert shuttle, coaches and pedestrians in so far as possible for an attendance of approximately 40,000 patrons on each day of the Longitude Festival.

The Concert promoters are encouraging the use of public transport in so far as possible and will issue a press release in conjunction with the Garda Press Office which will recommend concert patrons use public transport as only limited parking will be available in Marlay Park.

Marlay Park:

Marlay Park is a 121 hectares suburban public park located in Rathfarnham in Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown, Ireland. Lying about nine kilometres from Dublin city centre. The parkland comprises woodlands, ponds and walks. This park is surrounded by a wall and is bounded by three (3) roadways – Grange Road, College Road and Whitechurch Road.

There is one dedicated parking location for all of these concerts and it is located in the grounds of Marlay Park and is accessed via College Road. There is parking space for approximately 700 cars and coaches.

Bus Shuttle Service:

A Shuttle Service, operated by Marathon Coaches, shall operate from the City Centre to Marlay Park. These buses will collect patrons at Custom House Quay in the city centre prior to each of the concerts and shall return all patrons to the same location following each of the concerts. This service shall commence at 12 noon.

Marathon Coaches will travel southbound on the M50, before exiting at Junction 13. The coaches will travel down Brehon Field Road before turning left on the Grange Road and turning right onto College Road, where they will access the car park.

At the end of the concerts all of the Marathon Coaches will be parked in the same car park and will return to the city center.

Private Coaches:

All private coaches will be directed to Junction 13 on the M50, via advance signage in the form of VMS signage and M50 signage boards. Again these coaches will follow the route - coaches will travel down Brehon Field Road before turning left on the Grange Road and turning right onto College Road, where they will access the car park.

Parking of Private Cars:

The message by all stake holders is that there is limited parking available in Marlay Park for patrons attending the concerts.

To facilitate commuters there will be advance signage on the approaches to Marlay Park, with the use of VMS signage and M50 signage boards. Vehicles approaching the concert site from the M50 (Southbound) will take

• Option 1-

Junction 12 and travel along Scholarstown Road, Ballyboden Road onto Taylors Lane. At the junction with Whitechurch Road all traffic will be diverted up Whitechurch Road and then turn left onto College Road and on into car park.
• Option 2 -

Vehicles approaching the concert site from the M11/M50 Northbound will take Junction 13 exit (@ Junction 14) onto Brehon Field Road, left onto Grange Road, right onto College Road and into the car park.

Motorists travelling through the City will be directed onto the Grange Road near Rathfarnham Village, on the approach to the Grange Road / Taylor’s Lane Junction signage will direct them right onto Taylor’s Lane and left onto Whitechurch Road, eventually turning left onto College Road and on into the car park

Luas :

The Green Luas Line shall provide a service for patrons from St Stephen Green to Dundrum. Marathon Coaches shall provide a shuttle bus service from Dundrum Luas stop to the lay by opposite the National School on Stonemasons Way.  The service shall terminate between the Broadford Road roundabout and the Barton Road East roundabout.

Dublin Bus:

Dublin Bus will provide a normal bus service to Marlay Park, prior to the concerts. At the end of the concerts there shall be in the region of 30 double decker buses parked along Taylors Lane between the junctions with the Grange Road and Whitechurch Road. These double decker buses are operated by Dublin Bus and they will take patrons back towards the City Center – these buses shall stop at normal bus stops however this is dependent on the number of passengers currently on board.

In order to facilitate the new ‘traffic calming’ measures at the entrance to the festival site on Grange Road, the bus stop opposite Centra will be decommissioned for the duration of the festival. There are other bus stops within close proximity that will be available to customers.

Garda “No Parking” Cones:

To maximise the amount of roads available to safely park concert traffic, the following roads shall have Garda “No Parking” cones:-
 - Stonemason’s way from the junction with the Grange Road to the Broadford Road roundabout.
 - Residential Parking on Harold’s Grange Road
 - Taylor’s Lane at Glenmore Park
 - Grange Road

Traffic Calming on Grange Road:
In order to protect the safety of the patrons attending this festival a traffic calming system will be put in place each day of the festival. This traffic calming system will commence at the entrance to Grange Wood and continue to the traffic lights at Ballinteer St John’s.

The system will be designed and installed by a traffic management company at the request of DunLaoghaire Rathdown Council. This company will also have responsibility for ensuring that sufficient space is provided to allow the patron egress from the site without fear of crushing. This space will be created by deconstructing a number of barriers prior to the end of the festival.

Dedicated Gardai will be assigned to the ‘crossing point’ in this traffic calming system. Members on duty in this area will ensure the safety of patrons while crossing the road.

The calming system will consist of suitable barriers separating the pathway and the roadway. Barriers will also form a single line segregating both lanes of traffic and will be of such strength that will not permit vehicles to cross lanes or enter the pedestrian pathway.

There will be no right turn from the Grange Road into the Centra Car Park for the duration of the traffic management plan.




Barriers shall be provided by the concert promoters and dropped at the following locations for use by the Gardai when the Garda Traffic Management Plan is implemented:

- Entrance to the Hermitage Estate.
-Entrance to the Eden Estate.
- Entrance to Marley Grange Estate.
 -Entrance to Grange Wood.
 -Entrance to Marley Wood.
 -Entrance to Llewellyn Estate.
 -Entrance to Marley Court South.
 - Entrance to Dargle View.
 - Entrance to La Touché Court.
 - Entrance to Pine Valley Estate.
 - Entrance to the College Road car park.
 -Junction of Taylor’s Lane / Whitechurch Road
 - Junction of Taylor’s Lane / Grange Road
 -Junction of Stonemason’s Way / Grange Road
 -Junction of Grange Road @ Ballinteer St John’s GAA (2 sets)
- Broadford Road Roundabout
 - Barton Road East Roundabout

Traffic Restrictions:

There shall be no road closures in place prior to or during the concert. Traffic restrictions will be limited to patrons attending the concert in private cars and coaches. Vehicular entry to residential estates will be restricted to issued Permit Holders where applicable.

At approximately 10.15pm prior to the end of the concert traffic diversions shall be put in place. This time may be changed in order to ensure patron safety. These restrictions are listed hereunder:-


1. Road Closures –
At 10.15pm the Grange Road will be closed to all vehicular traffic between the junction of Grange Road / Taylor’s Lane and Ballinteer Avenue/Brehon Field Road. No vehicular traffic will be permitted on this stretch of the Grange Road during the period of the closure.  Diversions shall be put in place at the Ballinteer Avenue/Brehon Field Road junction.

At this location ‘box barriers’ will be constructed by members at this location, to ensure that vehicular traffic will not be able to breach this closure, thus ensuring the safety of pedestrians.

At 10.15pm the College Road shall be closed from the junctions at Whitechurch Road and the Kellystown Road / Grange Road to permit private cars, private coaches and shuttle coach service to exit the main concert car park.

At 9.15pm Taylor’s Lane will be closed to traffic to facilitate the stacking of Dublin bus coaches.  All traffic approaching Taylor’s Lane/Whitechurch Road junction from the direction of Scholarstown Road shall be diverted down Whitechurch Road towards Nutgrove Avenue.  All traffic approaching the Grange Road/Taylor’s Lane junction shall be diverted down Taylor’s Lane.

At 10.15pm vehicular traffic on Stonemasons Way travelling towards Grange Road will be diverted at the roundabout at Broadford Road roundabout. (Traffic travelling from Nutgrove Way will be diverted onto Barton Road East. Traffic travelling across Broadford Road from Ballinteer will be diverted down Stonemason Way towards Nutgrove)

Concert Staff Parking: 
The public car park in Marlay Park will be utilized for concert staff car parking. Access to this car park is via Whitechurch Road onto College Road.



Disabled Parking:

Disability parking will be at College Road car park.
People seeking parking in this area must be in possession of a valid disability parking (Festival Republic) permit in order to pass the barriers.

V.I.P. Parking:
V.I.P. parking will be at College Road car park.

Parent Pick Up:

All parents/guardians will be directed to collect patrons at the end of the concert at SuperValu on Ballinteer Avenue.

Taxi Collection:

Taxis wishing to collect patrons from the concert will be available at Our Lady’s School on Ballinteer Avenue.


Patrons entering the concert site will have two (2) separate points of entry, depending on their mode of transport to the site :-

1. Patrons Walking to Concert:
 Entry will be off the Grange Road. (Across From Centra)

2. Patrons Driving or Arriving by Coach / Shuttle Bus:
 Entry will be through the official car park. (at College Road)