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Garda Vetting Unit

Garda Vetting Procedure

When an organisation is registered with the Garda Central Vetting Unit it is entitled to receive Garda Vetting services in respect of its employees.


Garda Vetting Procedure is as follows:-

  • Personnel who are subject to Garda Vetting will receive a Garda Vetting Application Form from the registered organisation where they are seeking a position.
  • The applicant completes the application form and returns it to the Organisation. He or she must sign the form, thereby providing authorisation for the Garda Vetting process.
  • An authorised liaison person in the registered organisation sends the form on to the Garda Central Vetting Unit. 
  • Garda Vetting checks on the applicant are carried out following receipt of the application form at the Garda Central Vetting Unit.
  • A Garda Vetting disclosure is issued directly to the authorised liaison person in the registered organisation.
  • Garda Vetting will only be conducted, and relevant disclosure will only be issued to an authorised liaison person within a registered organisation for Garda Vetting, predicated on the written authorisation of an individual vetting subject to do so in a Garda Vetting application form. 
  • An individual vetting subject may obtain a copy of their Garda vetting disclosure from the authorised liaison person in the registered organisation to whom it was issued.
  • Within current disclosure policy, details of all convictions and/or prosecutions, successful or not, pending or completed, in the State or elsewhere as the case may be are disclosed to the authorised liaison person in the registered organisation. 

All decisions in respect of the suitability of applicants for positions in registered organisations for Garda vetting are the sole reponsbility of the registered organisation concerned.


The Garda Central Vetting Unit has no input into any decision made in any registered organisation in respect of the suitability of an applicant for a position within such an organisation.


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