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ga - Meet another member of the Garda Reserve

Reserve Garda Fiona Kelly at her day job (inset) and on duty

Reserve Garda Fiona Kelly is 26 years-old and her area of full-time employment is in education where she has been working for the past seven years. Fiona is currently completing a BA Degree in Business and Management part-time. Reserve Garda Kelly is based in Pearse Street Garda Station in Dublin's City centre since October 2006. Here are some of her thoughts on joining the Garda Reserve.

It’s always something I had a huge interest in. I wasn't in a position to join the full-time service, so joining the Garda Reserve and working alongside a full-time member carrying out his or her operational duties gave me an insight into what the role would be like. I would consider myself a people person with good communication skills and I like to interact with the public on a daily basis. I felt my contribution would provide support to the full-time members. Garda reservists improve visible policing and can also contribute to reducing incidents of public order and anti-social behaviour in the division. The Garda Reserve also builds on community engagement by reflecting the needs and priorities of the people from the area.

The course runs over a phased period of time with emphasis on law/legal and human rights lectures, with an element of physical training at the college in Templemore. Then a period of work experience follows at a station where you are tutored and observed by a full-time member of the service. I have gained a considerable amount from this programme and a greater insight into the many problems that are prevalent in today's society. I would hope that as a member of the Garda Reserve, I can assist and support the full-time Gardaí in any way possible in their ever-difficult role today.