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The Human Trafficking Investigation and Co-ordination Unit

The Human Trafficking Investigation and Co-ordination Unit (HTICU) operates within An Garda Síochána to combat human trafficking. The unit engages in wide consultation with a number of agencies including Customs, State Agencies such as the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU), the Health Service Executive (HSE), the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA), and NGOs such as Ruhama, the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland (MRCI), the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI), the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) and Doras Liumni.

The unit’s role includes the following:

  • Assuming national responsibility for policy development, the co-ordination and implementation of policing methods and the management and co-ordination of investigations within the unit and with divisions throughout the country.
  • Providing advice, support and, where necessary, operational assistance to investigations undertaken at District level.
  • Working in partnership with Operation Quest in the investigation of trafficking in human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation.
  • Delivery of training and awareness to An Garda Síochána on all aspects of trafficking in human beings.

Training for members of An Garda Síochána 

The training of our members  in this field is a vital component in combating the crimes of human trafficking.  This crime carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

National and International Conferences expose participants to best practices, roundtables, discussions, workshops and seminars to raise awareness of human trafficking.  Interpol and Europol are specifically pertinent to training for Gardai regarding human trafficking

Please click on the below links to find out more information on our key partners:

Department of Justice and Equality

The Blue Blindfold campaign

Ireland is a member of a G6 European Human Trafficking initiative designed to make the EU a more hostile environment for criminals engaged in the trafficking of human beings. There are five other countries involved in this initiative – UK, Poland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

The purpose of the Blue Blindfold campaign is to raise public awareness of what Human Trafficking is, to discourage demand for the services of victims of sexual and labour exploitation and to help to establish the actual incidence of Human Trafficking in Ireland. 

The Blue Blindfold has a dedicated website (www.blueblindfold.gov.ie) which is provided to encourage people to report suspicions relating to prostitution, brothels and suspected victims of Human Trafficking

All emails are treated anonymously and with strict confidentiality - blueblindfold@garda.ie.