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ga - How would I recognise a victim?

This usually involves a combination of indicators. Human trafficking is an underground crime and therefore it can be difficult to readily identify trafficked persons. There are a number of reasons why trafficked persons may not ask for help.  They may be physically trapped or constantly guarded.  They may fear retaliation against themselves or against their family, or they may feel ashamed, embarrassed or that they are somehow responsible for their own exploitation. However, there are some common indicators that may alert you to the fact that this person may be a victim.

It is often said that victims of Human Trafficking are “hidden in plain sight”. This means that these people are there in front of us, visible to us but often we don’t see that they are victims of human trafficking.Trafficked persons can be found in different places, often linked to their type of exploitation, including urban and rural locations, ranging from the most remote areas to residential and city centre locations. In Ireland experience has shown that potential victims of human trafficking may be found in the following areas:  agriculture, grow houses, domestic servitude, restaurants, nightclubs, factories, streets, public transport, street corners, traffic lights etc for begging, brothels, escort agencies, massage parlours and/or private houses or apartments.