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ga - What will happen when the Gardaí arrive?

An Garda Síochána recognises the emotional and physical pain that victims of sexual crime and child abuse may be suffering. This suffering can often be to such an extent that victims feels that they cannot report the crime to An Garda Síochána. We acknowledge this difficulty for victims, but we would encourage all victims of sexual crime and child abuse to make a complaint to An Garda Síochána to ensure that, where possible, the perpetrator is made accountable.

You can be assured that:

  • It is the duty of An Garda Síochána to investigate fully all reports of sexual crime and child abuse, without exception. Your report will be treated seriously.
  • Gardaí are trained to investigate your report in a compassionate, sensitive and professional manner. Ever effort will be made to have a Garda of the gender of your choice allocated to the investigation.
  • The rights of all parties involved in the investigation will be vindicated. Victims will be dealt with in accordance with EY Directive 29/2012 for Victims of Crime, Irish legislation and the Garda Síochana Victims Charter.
  • Complaints of sexual crime and child abuse are recorded on the Garda Síochana PULSE computer system but access is restricted to personnel involved in the investigation and supervisors.
  • You will be given the contact details of the investigating Garda and kept updated on the progress of the Garda investigation on a regular basis. You will be provided with the PULSE Incident Number relating to your complaint.
  • You will be provided with details of available support services relevant to the crime that you report.
  • You will be accompanied by a solicitor and/or another person of your choice when engaging with An Garda Síochána. You may also be provided with other special protective measures such as specially trained interviewers and/or an interpreter, depending on your circumstances.
  • An Garda Síochána will communicate and work with the Child and Family Agency where any child protection concerns arise.
  • When the investigation is complete, an investigation file must be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions.