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ga - What does the Garda Cyber Crime Bureau do?

The Garda Cyber Crime Bureau (GCCB) is the national Garda unit tasked with the forensic examination of computer media seized during the course of any criminal investigations. The unit also conducts investigations into criminal offences of a significant or complex nature including network intrusions, criminal damage to data and websites belonging to Government departments, institutions and corporate entities; and online crime including frauds, harassment or child exploitation.  The unit is part of the Special Crime Operations section of An Garda Síochána and is staffed by civilian personnel and Garda members of various ranks up to Detective Superintendent. Members of the unit undergo intensive training in the area of forensic computing and cybercrime investigations, and give expert witness testimony in all types of investigations and prosecutions in court.

The primary responsibilities of the bureau are:

• Investigate or assist other Garda units or members with the investigation of cybercrime or online offences. 

• The forensic retrieval and examination of digital evidence stored on computer storage media.

• Advise and assist investigators who encounter computer networks, including the internet, during the course of their enquiries.

• Provide training and crime prevention advice to law enforcement and associated personnel and government agencies concerning cybercrime and cyber-security.

• Liaise with international law enforcement, academic and industry partners in the area of cyber forensics, cybercrime and training.

• Provide public information on current cybercrime trends and online crime prevention advice.

The bureau also operates as the liaison for international cybercrime investigations in conjunction with partners including Europol, Interpol, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Bureau personnel maintains a representation at European level on a number of cybercrime expert groups and conduct training forums for local, national and international partners in conjunction with UCD, Europol and other agencies.