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Garda Youth Diversion Office

As Superintendent in charge of the Garda Youth Diversion Office it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Garda Youth Diversion Web Page.

The Garda Youth Diversion Office at the Garda Bureau of Community Engagement is the national office for the management and implementation of the Diversion Programme.

The Diversion Programme offers young people who accept responsibility for their offending behaviour the opportunity of a Caution instead of going to Court. The caution is administered by a JLO and a period of supervision may be included.

In addition, where other needs are identified, the young person will be referred to a Garda Youth Diversion Project (if one is available in their area), other clubs or projects in their community, or where the young person is out of school, arrangements can be made to link them into Youth Reach or other support services that will assist the young person and/or his or her family.

The aim being that the young person gets appropriate support and he or she does not continue to get involved in offending behaviour.

The intended outcome of the Programme is to divert young people from committing further offences.

The Garda Youth Diversion Office has responsibility for four offices listed below, all of which focus on young people.

Garda Youth Diversion Office which includes promotion and implementation of Restorative Practices.

Garda Youth Diversion Projects Office.

Garda Schools Programme Office.

Garda Age Card Office

Please take time to browse the pages to follow which provide further details of the functions of these offices.

Garda Schools Programme