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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Garda Reserve?

The Garda Reserve consists of voluntary unpaid members, drawn from the community to assist the existing Service. Garda Reserve members have limited Garda powers while on duty. They perform policing duties as determined by the Commissioner under the supervision of, and accompanied by, full time Gardaí. The role of the Garda Reserve is to provide local patrols and participate in crime prevention initiatives targeted at specific local problem areas. Reserve Gardaí will be involved in policing major incidents and events, and in providing other operational support to full time Gardaí.

What are the duties of a Garda Reserve?

The Garda Commissioner has determined that the duties of a Garda Reserve member shall include the following: a) Station duty, other than the care and custody of prisoners b) Station orderly c) Communications Room duty, to include monitoring CCTV d) Foot patrol, accompanied by a member of the full-time Garda service e) Static security duty f) Road Traffic checkpoint duties, accompanied by a full-time member g) Issue of FCPS notices where offences are detected h) Serving summonses i) Duty at the outer cordon of major events such as festivals and major sporting events j) Assisting in the event of accidents, fires and major emergencies k) Giving evidence in court l) Community / neighbourhood policing.

What are the benefits of volunteering as a Garda Reserve?

As a Garda Reserve you will learn new skills, gain front-line policing experience and give back to local communities, all while being part of a great team.

How do I apply to be a Garda Reserve?

To apply for the Garda Reserve please go to www.publicjobs.ie .

Are there any benefits from being a member of the Garda Reserve if I am making an application to become a full-time member of An Garda Síochána?

Yes, however, the criteria outlined in S.I. No. 470 of 2013, Garda Síochána (Admissions and Appointments) Regulations still apply to applicants who are members of the Garda Reserve. A Garda Reserve stream was established in 2015. Members of the Garda Reserve who meet the requirements can apply through this stream. To avail of this option, members must have completed their probationary period, performed satisfactory service and served a minimum of 120 hours per year for two of the previous four years.

Are Garda Reserves reimbursed for any expenses they incur while on duty?

Garda Reserve members will be reimbursed by the Commissioner for any expenses incurred by them in attending courts, tribunals or other legal proceedings outside of their hours of duty.

Do Garda Reserves receive payment for their services?

Garda Reserves are volunteers; however they can apply for an allowance if they serve 208 hours per annum. The allowance is currently €1,000 per annum.

What happens if I do not complete the required training?

The Garda Commissioner may not appoint a person as a Reserve Garda if they have not completed the prescribed training.

Will I be based/working at my local Garda Station?

There is a general policy in place where Garda Reserve members are not assigned duties in his or her immediate neighbourhood.

Do I perform duty on my own?

Currently, all Garda Reserves are required to be accompanied by a full member of An Garda Síochána while on duty.

Will I have a fixed timetable or do I volunteer my time as and when it allows?

Garda Reserves are volunteers and should arrange with their District Officer (Superintendent) or Inspector authorised on their behalf, a timetable that suits both parties.

Can I choose to work at certain events, such as football matches, concerts, and festivals?

This will vary from station to station.

Is there a probationary period after training?

Yes. Once training is complete a Garda Reserve will be under probation for two years from the date they are appointed.

Can I apply for a transfer from my current station?

Garda Reserve members can apply for a transfer to another station the same as full-time members of An Garda Síochána.

Can a person who is a member of a voluntary police force in another jurisdiction transfer directly into the Garda Reserve?

No, there is no internal process for this. Members of reserve or auxiliary police forces from other jurisdictions must go through the normal recruitment process.

What are the age requirements for joining the Garda Reserve?

Persons wishing to join the Garda Reserve must be between 18 and 60 years when they commence the prescribed training.

What is the retirement age from the Garda Reserve?

The compulsory retirement age is 65 years.

What kind of law enforcement powers do I have as a Garda Reserve?

Powers include the enforcement of the Road Traffic Act and sections of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Acts and Criminal Law Act. Reserve members may also make a summons application to the Courts for any offence detected in the above Acts.

What is the recruitment process for the Garda Reserve?

The recruitment process can be found in the “Notes for Candidates” when applying for the Garda Reserve at www.publicjobs.ie .

Will I have to sit an exam to join the Garda Reserve?

Yes. There is an online exam as part of the recruitment process.

Will my current occupation prevent me from becoming a Garda Reserve?

The Garda Commissioner may not admit as a Garda Reserve trainee or appoint as a Garda Reserve member any person who:

a) holds a designated certificate, licence or permit, the granting of which may be opposed by An Garda Síochána;

b) is a member of the Defence Forces;

c) is an officer of the court;

d) is an officer of the probation and welfare service;

e) is a bailiff;

f) is a prison officer;

g) is a practising barrister or a practising solicitor;

h) for reward or personal gain, manages or conducts, or assists in the management or conducting of, a concern or premises which is required by law to be operated under a licence, permit or certificate, the grant of which may be opposed by An Garda Síochána;

i) provides a security service within the meaning of the Private Security Services Act 2004;

j) serves summonses as a spare time activity;

k) is employed in any occupation or holds any appointment or position which, in the opinion of the Garda Commissioner, may cause a conflict of interest with the proper discharge of the duties of a Garda Reserve member.