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View Safety Camera Locations

An extensive analysis of collisions on the road network where speed was a contributory factor has been completed. The following sections of road, as set out on the map, were identified as having a significant proportion of collisions whereby, in the opinion of the investigating Garda, a safe speed was exceeded.

There are now 1,031 sections of road identified as speed enforcement zones effective from the 27th May 2016.

Ongoing surveys will be conducted to ensure that these sections of roads continue to represent locations where speeding is happening. The map will be updated accordingly.

List of 355 zones effective from 27 May 2016

Total list of all 1,031 active zones effective from 27 May 2016

Location of these roads on map

(Blue lines are new locations, red lines are existing locations, green lines are removed locations)

Direct link to KMZ file for Google Maps