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What subjects are taught and what is the programme structure in the Garda College?

What subjects are taught and what is the programme structure in the Garda College?

The Trainee Garda/Probationer programme is the bedrock of the organisation learning development strategy, the foundations on which all other learning in the organisation is built on. 

The Trainee Garda/Probationer training programme is delivered over 104 weeks leading to a BA in Applied Policing. The initial period of 34 weeks which includes two weeks leave comprises a block period at the Garda College. The training assignment will be for a period of 32 weeks or for such shorter or extended periods as the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána may determine. The remainder of training takes place predominately at selected Garda Divisions with specific periods of tuition built in and annual leave included at specific times. The programme will be delivered using a problem based learning approach. For the duration of the programme and beyond, trainees enter a contract of employment with An Garda Síochána.


Training is divided into three phases;

Phase I:

Phase I is 34 weeks including two weeks leave.

During Phase I of the training the Trainee Gardaí will reside at the Garda College, Templemore. Co. Tipperary - Monday to Friday inclusive. They will receive a training allowance of €184 per week. Trainee Gardaí will sign a Training Contract that will be valid for the period of their Phase I training. This training period may be extended for longer periods as the Garda Commissioner so directs. On successful completion of Phase I training the Trainee Garda will be attested and will progress to Phase II of their training. The Trainee Garda will now be a Probationer Garda and will be appointed as a member of An Garda Síochána.


Phase II:

Phase II is 34 weeks in total.

Phase II will be an operational phase where the newly appointed Probationer Garda will commence training in the operational field at a designated Garda Station. He/she will work alongside a Garda assigned to assist them. The Probationer Garda will be on a permanent contract of employment and pay.


Phase III:

Phase III is completely autonomous. In this phase of the training, the Probationer Garda will work independently.


 The modules studied during the two-year training programme are:

  • Foundations of Policing including Irish
  • Professional Competence I
  • Crime & Incident Policing I
  • Policing with Communities I
  • Road Traffic Policing I
  • Station Roles and Responsibilities I
  • Officer and Public Safety
  • Professional Competence II
  • Crime / Incident Policing II
  • Policing with Communities II
  • Road Traffic Policing II
  • Station Roles and Responsibilities II
  • Professional Competence III
  • Law and Procedures
  • Policing with Communities III

Academic and Professional Assessment 

Throughout the programme Trainee Gardaí/Probationers shall be subject to academic examinations and professional assessments. Participation in all examination subjects and professional assessments is mandatory. The Irish language and Physical Fitness are mandatory parts of the various modules and programme. Trainee Gardaí/Probationers are required to pass all examinations and assessments during their respective phases in order to progress to the conclusion of the programme. Any person seeking accommodations in respect of learning or other issues must declare same immediately upon arrival at the Garda College to commence Phase 1 training. Examples of Accommodations sought include Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.