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Facial Identification Unit

The Facial Identification Unit based at the Garda Photographic Section, Technical Bureau. Garda Headquarters have introduced a new system called Evo-Fit. An Evo-FIT composite is also referred to as a police sketch, photo-fit or CD-FIT. The Facial Identification Unit will interview victims and witnesses of crime and under the guidance of this person produce a composite which is a likeness of the suspect. This new system provides more realistic facial images, there is a much higher identification rate, it has a considerably larger profile of acceptable witnesses – the system works more on recognition rather than recall and there is a significantly improved array of tools which can alter age, weight, personality (Pleasantness, honesty, healthiness etc.). There is a wider and more accurate selection of databases. An Evo-FIT should always be considered in every investigation where a victim or witness of a crime has seen the suspect’s face and would be able to recognise that face again.